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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Poker Party

group Ray_man_NY 2018-01-12

Jim was married to a beautiful wife, Sharon. My wife was on her knees blowing Mark, and Jim was eating her pussy. Sharon and Gladys began going at it as soon as we entered the bedroom. Sharon was licking her clit and Jim was stuffing his 8 inch dick deep in my wife's pussy. She got on her knees and sucked mark while she stroked my dick. My concentration was broke when Jim announced he was going to come, immediately all three girls surrounded him, My wife was first to his dick as her lips went around it, He came and she swallowed it all not leaving any for the other cum hungry ladies.

The Bachelorette Soiree

group NymphWriter 2018-01-12

Graham carried Delaney's petite frame to a small grotto where Randolph was sitting on the edge of the pool and Maria was sitting in the water, sucking his cock. Maria stroked Delaney's pussy under the water while Graham played with her nipples and whispered in her ear, "That's right baby, suck his cock for me." Both men spread the ladies legs wide and began licking their pussies, Graham enjoying Maria's, Randolph having Delaney's. Graham pounded Delaney's pussy with a fiery passion, aroused by watching her suck Randolph's cock. Maria and Randolph returned to the water, kissing passionately as Graham set Delaney on a chaise lounge nearby. With a last hug and a kiss on the cheek, the two friends walked down the aisle where Graham and Randolph were waiting, wearing navy blue suits.

My Roommates New Ex-Girlfriend Part 2

group 2018-01-12

The next day, I was getting ready when I heard Zach yell from the living room, "Hey Red, what time did that bitch leave yesterday?" Trying not to reveal too much about what had occurred after he left I responded as I went into the room, "A few minutes after you did, why?" Hearing the sarcasm in his voice he replied "I just wanted to make sure you werent fucking after I went to work." Laughing at him I replied back to him "Nah." then grabbed my keys and left to get in my car.

Her Hunger Ch. 03

group soflabbwlvr 2018-01-12

Lisette held the door open for Craig as he pushed his cart out of the elevator car. Lisette managed to open her mouth and catch the rest of his ejaculation as she closed her lips around the head of Craig's spurting cock. The feeling of Lisette's smooth thighs squeezing his shaft and her slick pussy lips sliding back and forth was the best sensation he had ever felt in his life. Stepping out of her panties, Lisette broke away from Craig, stood next to him at the vanity, and bent herself at the waist so that her face and chest were flush with the counter top. Ten minutes and one small orgasm later, Lisette realized that Craig was not returning with another cock.


Our Big Boy Toy

group patdown 2018-01-12

As we watched Lance walk to the pool through the window I hugged my wife from behind pushing her against the counter bumping into her big butt and said, "He is one fine looking young piece of beef Honey. I reached down for his big dick as our lips parted and said, "Let's go see what Elaine thinks of this development." He got my meaning, smiled and with Lance in front of me we walked over to my wife, me getting a feel of Lance's beefy butt on the way. Elaine's eyes got wide as she smiled and said, "Good god Lance let's not waste any time, get in the house so we can put that man spike to work."

Share and Share Alike

group joetgm 2018-01-12

Josh suddenly lifts his body so that he is at a right angle to you and places your legs around his waist; his hands cup your petite breasts and he begins to thrust harder against you, simulating hard sex; his cock running down from your belly button down to your clit as he thrusts. As I watched you pick your next dare, I run my hands over Jenny's body, slowly pulling her dress down to reveal her small but beautiful breasts. I suddenly pulled Jenny away, but we fall back onto the floor; Jenny's skirt rode up and our secret fucking was revealed to Josh, just as my cock slipped out of her tight pussy.

Student Teacher's a Team Player

group GraniteBob 2018-01-12

The other hand had pulled her undergarments to the side to allow better access to her portal and she felt her ooze rubbing off the fingers and wetly onto the material of her clothes as the fingers slid past on the outstroke only to slide quickly back inside her to reload themselves with her slimy essence. "I've been wanting to do this for a long time, baby," the muscular black man said as Mike positioned himself between her legs for his shot as sloppy seconds. Jackie was lost in the passion of the moment she felt another orgasm building as the black man's cock drilled in and out of her and his coarse pubic hair tickled the delicate nub of her clit.


The Twins

group harding 2018-01-12

Rick had turned eighteen July 3rd - I hoped him arriving a day before the celebrations wasn't a sign he always came too soon - but I had needed to wait until the start of August for Garry to reach the same milestone. I wasn't really dirty from gardening, just my hands, but it seemed a good enough excuse so I climbed the stairs and turned on the shower in the master bedroom, stepped out of my shorts, pulled my top over my head and then studied myself in the full length mirror. Garry's long hair stuck against his face and back, the line of hair along his belly and into his shorts darker than Rick's, but both boys chests were smooth and hairless.


Use What You Got

group LiquidLisa 2018-01-12

There have been plenty of times when I would come downstairs for dinner after a tryst with Leon and have cum dripping out my pussy or ass or even have his cum in my hair. I kissed Leon first; who immediately began to tongue me down with his hands grabbing my ass, and I kissed Paul, who was a little more reserved and shy. Paul stepped away for a moment as Leon leaned in and began pounding my pussy with his big black cock. I got up slowly letting his cock slide out of my ass and ran to open the door. I slowly slid off of Paul's dick, leaving his cock drenched with my ass juice and walked over to Leon.

Irkutsk Ch. 24

group Wanda_5 2018-01-12

I passed on the favour, lightly touching my fingertips in the same place on the lady on my right, and soon after I knew this was happening to everyone in the room. My breasts, my cheeks (those on my face), my lips (ditto), my thighs, my buttocks and especially deep, deep inside me I was feeling loved, used, together; as if I was sharing not only the expression of lust, but the ultimate trust and togetherness. Nadezna looked up at Hana plaintively and then confusedly, as I barked at her "Hands by your sides!" She know those words hadn't been Hana's, and even though they were coming out of my mouth she didn't think I was the author.


What Happens at The Cabin Ch. 01

group tnfireman 2018-01-12

When I got to the top of the road, it was pretty dark, and I was in such a rush to get to the cabin before the coyotes came out that I didn't register the jacked up truck sitting about a hundred feet from the trail that makes up the last quarter mile of the hike. Half way up the trail I started to notice that the smell of smoke was getting stronger and the banging was a constant rhythm. I quietly set my pack and gun down by the tree closest to the porch and sneak around to one of the windows to try to get a look at who is there and what's going on.

The Black Glove Society

group Flashlight7.5 2018-01-12

"Well, how is your sex life, Susan?" Roxanne asked, looking over the tops of her round glasses. "But if we take all that offered sex, and by the way, where the hell are these offers 'cause I sure haven't heard any," Roxanne said, "If we take these guys up on these offers, then we're branded as sluts. Patty's fingers pitter-patted on her thighs, and Roxanne was looking for where Paul kept his comic books. "Wait a minute," Donna said and wagged a finger at Paul. "I'll ask the fucking questions," Patty said and yanked her shirt up over her head. Her face became a white mess as Roxanne held a fistful of Susan's hair and forced her to lick at Patty's belly and Paul's cock.


Threesome At A Swing Club

group FifthAngel 2018-01-12

I found Sandi and Clay in the public party room kissing and feeling each other up. As I fucked her she continued to suck on clays cock. Clay was now crouched over Sandi's head with his cock in her mouth. So we traded places, he slipped his cock into Sandi's very wet cunt and I fed her my hard cock to suck on. Her mouth felt great on my cock and watching Clay spread her legs and fuck her was great too. She continue to suck and lick at Clay's cock while I fucked her. After minutes of fucking her I asked Clay if he wanted to fuck her, he readily agreed and withdrew his cock from her mouth.

Business Ethics...Or Something Like

group MadisonMadness 2018-01-12

They were a bit rowdy and rudely talking while I was lecturing, so when I got to the part about "listening" as an important business skill, I singled them out to the crowd saying, "If those young men were more committed to learning they would be paying more attention." Just then, a tall lean Frat boy stood up and apologized to me and the crowd and said, "We were just distracted by're too beautiful to be a lecturer on business" I stammered a bit about "sexism in the workplace" and quickly admonished them that good business does not have a physical shell, its what you know and what you do.

Alaska Bound

group faustbear 2018-01-12

The woman picks up a pattern and hands it to Jackie, who merely shrugs and says, "I don't know anything about patterns, but it seemed like a good way to start a conversation." Jackie looks over and gets a nice shot of Nikki, sitting back on the bed spread eagle, two fingers inside her pussy, and her other hand furiously rubbing her clit again. Before I can protest, she grabs me and shoves my head back into Nikki's pussy and slides below me to take me into her mouth...I can feel the walls of her throat as she takes me in deep, then contracting to suck me on the way out.

The Hostess: Alternate Version

group Reshbod 2018-01-12

I have tea, water, soft drinks, just grab whatever." I got dressed and went back to the living room and sat with Roger for a couple of minutes before I heard a knock at the door. Part of me felt a little weird about it, but another part found it quite thrilling, thinking, 'I really need to find a guy soon.' They continued to talk and look for about twenty minutes before the men were ready for some cards. I was now standing completely exposed front of four much older men; one rubbing my shoulders and kissing my neck, one licking and sucking my breasts, while another hand was on my moist pussy massaging my lips and slowly inserting a finger further and further.


Inviting Mark

group its_rcc 2018-01-12

The wine had flowed and Ginny was feeling good, and when Mark reached under the table to put his hand on her knee, she found herself smiling and didn't pull away. It was dark and the carpark was fairly empty, the only streetlight a good distance away, and after Ollie and Mark had shaken hands and Mark turned to Ginny, she was just drunk and horny enough to pull him close and plant a soft, wet lingering kiss on his lips. Ginny reached back her own hand and grabbed roughly at Ollie's jean covered butt, thrusting her crotch forward into his fingers, trying to make harder contact, but Ollie pulled his fingers away gently, and she felt him smile against her neck.


Pool Time Ch. 02

group kandie 2018-01-12

Kandy got so aroused that she went searching for John, what she needed now was his hot, hard, cock inside her. As he probed her wet pussy, Kandy placed her lips around the head of John's throbbing cock then slowly worked her tongue around his cock until she engulfed it all the way. He pulled her close, looked into Kandy's green eyes and admitted, "Rex is certainly in for one hell of a blowjob!" John tried his best to calm her down, but knew that all she wanted and needed was Rex's lips, fingers and cock. Rex slid in closer and told John, "You support her shoulders because I'm dying to fuck Kandy's hot cunt!"

The Guest Room Ch. 05

group AlexanderHuntington 2018-01-12

The thought of Henri and Corentin fucking her best friend had made Axelle wet every time she had thought about it. Axelle came home from work, got ready, put on a black dress as well, and they left for a fancy restaurant in downtown Marseille. Corentin stepped forward: "Happy birthday, Michèle." He kissed her on the mouth, grabbed her hands, and put them on his cock. Michèle took the cock out of her mouth - it was the bartender's - and said: "Merci, ma belle." She said, and she embraced in a long, passionate kiss with Axelle, who was still riding Henri's cock. While the two girls were making out, the muscular guy's shorter friend grabbed Michèle by the hips and thrust his cock into her pussy.

Chance Encounter

group SoNaughty 2018-01-12

I waited there for that amount of time and the tow truck finally showed up and they towed my truck and me to their shop and said I was going to have to get a cab home cause they did not have any vehicles to loan out till tomorrow and could I come back then. I really started squirming and I guess I let out a moan and they both looked over at me and then the cab driver pulled over and stopped the fare from going any more and Shaw paid him. As Lin would almost pull out of my pussy and Shaw would enter my ass I felt like I had a fantastic rhythm going to get me to cum again and I did.

The Beach

group Jailor 2018-01-12

I looked back at Sam and watched him slowly stroke his throbbing cock, staring in stunned but eager anticipation at my sudden forwardness. I took Sam’s place, guiding my cock into Tina’s mouth as I told him to go fuck her wet pussy. She looked him in the eyes, wrapped her legs around his back, drawing his cock all the way inside her and whispered huskily, “Suck it.” Sam began thrusting harder and harder into Tina’s pussy as he began sucking my cock in earnest, licking it and sucking it like he was born to do it. Mmmmm you suck as good as Tina, Sam. You must have wanted to be a cock-sucker for a long time. Sam began pounding her pussy even harder, making Tina lose my cock from her mouth.

A Day at the Gym

group synn14 2018-01-11

As I got off the treadmill and began walking towards the women's locker room the older man was staring at me, almost in what seemed to be a dream like trance. But it still stayed where it was because I was pressed up against Ken. I felt someone's lips on my neck, and his body pressed against me so that I could feel his erection against my ass cheek. Keith let my nipple escape his mouth and said, "Let me find out." While looking at me biting my lower lip, he reached between my legs too. "Fuck, I got to pull out," Kyle said as his cock slid out of my cunt. Ken really started banging me now, so I had to let go of Kyle's cock and put my hand back down to keep my balance.

Accidental Peep Show

group Sawj 2018-01-11

Micheal starts to undo the jean buttons and zip, and slides a hand into her panties, a slight moan escapes her as I presume he managed to get a finger into her, after a few minutes of this, Micheal pulls his cock out of her mouth, saliva dropping onto the bed, he twists her around so he is now between her legs and he reaches under and pulls her jeans and panties off in one motion, throwing them to the floor next to Ian, who is still erect, but this time with his hand down his pants, slowly moving.

Plain Jane & Nerd Jim Grow Up Ch. 12

group maxicue 2018-01-11

By the end of the slow song, Vic steered Jamal and Jim steered Robyn to the same area of the dance floor, on the edge where their table was near. Still mesmerized by Jamal's body, occasionally closing her eyes when she glanced down at his busy package and imagined it was her instead of Robyn feeling it, Vic was glued to the action before her, barely noticing the state of nakedness she was soon reaching. Then Jim and Robyn sat together, their backs against the wall, their naked torsos touching, their fingers touching breasts and fondling the hot wet space between their thighs, feeling the swelling, sustaining it, as they watched the young strong handsome black man fuck the beautiful middle aged white woman.