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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Finnish Lifeguard Ch. 01

group johnnieblue44 2018-01-11

Kim made a point of bending over at the hip, turning her gorgeous ass right in front of the lifeguard, as she covered her lounge chair's back and arms with three blankets, which served as a visual block to anyone on the other end of the pool, much to the daddies' dismay, I'm certain. Again, Martina nodded, and almost absent-mindedly, hopped down from her stand, her own tight little ass now plainly visible to me for the first time, and reached into a bin and grabbed a handful of towels and delivered them to Kim, who was now making an exaggerated production of getting comfortable on her chair, arranging and rearranging the blankets, and pulling the chair even closer to Martina's own chair.



group Chef Jeff 2018-01-11

Amy said, "Why don't you do a little striptease for us?" Lonni responded by grabbing the bottom of her red shirt and peeling it off, revealing a delightful blend of tannish skin sparked with a lacy red bra. Lonnie had started licking my anus, and when she inserted her tongue into my ass, I began to shoot into Amy's mouth. "Let's get a three-way orgasm going right now." Amy began to grind her pussy into my face, rubbing her clit furiously. "I've never had a cock in my ass before," she said, "and since I've got you right where I want you, I think I'm going to see what you feel like up there." She put the head of my dick right at her anus, and very slowly pushed down on me.

My weekend fuck with mommy pt2 (When my aunt came

group dr-d 2018-01-11

I laid my mom on her back and began to drive my dick deep in her gut fucking her harder than she’s ever been fucked before…and as I was doing that my aunt began to ride my moms face while she looked at me fuck my mom then I took one of my aunts big black tits into my mouth and began to suck on her chocolate nipples and bite on them making her moan in scream from both the pleasure and pain …while I kept drilling my mom harder and harder between both of their wet cunts smothering my dick and just the thought of fucking my own mother the past two days now fucking my aunt I was ready to explode … but I had an idea…


group sweetceltic 2018-01-11

Drew raised his head and looked into my eyes as I felt warm fingers spreading my thighs and caressing the outer lips of my wet pussy. don't think about anything, just go with what you feel." He began kissing my breasts again, still whispering softly to me, as I felt Scott's fingers part my lips and his warm tongue lick me slowly from top to bottom. Suddenly I felt his whole body tense up as his hands tangled in my hair, forcing his cock all the way to the back of my throat as he spurted shot after shot of hot cum into my mouth. Drew knelt on the bed behind me, running his fingers lightly up and down my slit, from where Scott's cock joined my body, to my ass.

Adventure Camping

group adel5000 2018-01-11

The four of them were now in this lake alone, Emma being fucked by two cocks and getting her nipples sucked and clit rubbed by Stu. It was a stunning sight and amazing experience. John and Steve both pulled their cocks from Emma and guided her to the bank by her hands. The sun was dropping behind the trees and Emma’s wet tanned body looked amazing, her back arched to take in Stuart’s length and her mouth full, swapping between John and Steve’s cocks. The instant Steve had pushed his cock inside Emma he started to fuck her hard. John continued to fuck his filthy wife and when he came he f***ed his length deep inside her, rubbing against her cervix, filling her with yet more come.

Sweet and Spicy Horny Toads Ch. 04

group TxRad 2018-01-11

Karen's head continued to move as Sue opened her legs slightly. Now I know," she said between licks and kisses as she lapped up the sticky fluids covering Sue's sex and thighs. As she moved back, Sue grabbed her by the back of the head and kissed her like a wild woman. We just lay there for a long time, Karen and I smiling at each other and stroking Sue softly. Sue blew again, stuck out her incredible long tongue, and shyly took a small lick at Karen's clit. I released Karen's feet to the ground and moved down along side her so I could stroke and pet her, alternating between kissing her and watching Sue's feast.


Tuscan Twilight Ch. 05

group sr71plt 2018-01-11

I am thinking of how good this feels, how wonderful it is to be in control and to have a man doing my bidding for a change—being of some use to me without taking all of the time—as I rock back and forth on Giovanni's rock-hard member on the pavilion divan. And then, when I think of the American stranger and my grandfather together last night with all of the shackles the old Conte imposes on me, I have a flash of anger and descend on Giovanni's other nipple. Giovanni's hands come, first to cup, the flowing blond hair of the stranger as they kiss, and then behind my back to the American's beating breast.

Wife and I Get a Roommate Ch. 06

group tonyl65 2018-01-11

Carol reached around with her right hand and grabbed Laura's other tit, that wasn't being sucked by David, and started to tweak the nipple. Laura was starting to go crazy and I could see her pussy juices dripping down David's balls "Oh god what the fuck I can't hold back, you're going to make me cum." Laura shoved her pussy down hard on David's cock shoving my face into his balls "Oh GOD YES, YES LICK ME, PINCH MY NIPPLES, OH YES!!!!". Laura looked at David "You heard her she needs cleaning; now get that hot little tongue down there and lick Carol's pussy." Laura looked past me at David "Well David tell me you like all this sex, sucking cock, fucking a guy, and eating and fucking pussy?"


Students Seduce the Teacher

group hotjohn1234 2018-01-11

Well this time John did notice the girls more as bent over he could see down Lisa’s sweater to the nice mounds inside the white bra and then the open blouse of Tina let him see a light blue bra and the beginning of some very sweet breasts. As Tina asked about the flower she had picked Lisa did the same thing and John had gotten another show of young breast and this time Lisa’s nipples were hard and really protruding. John could only smile as he now had two cute little girls wearing some of his old short and he was holding their knickers. John looked at the two girls in his old shorts and the thoughts that went through his head were going to get him in trouble.

Mrs. Giggles' Gang Shag

group Boxlicker101 2018-01-11

For tactical reasons, I undressed slowly and, as I had advised them, so did Belegon and Hugo Sam. None of us were the least bit turned on by Mrs. Giggles's nakedness but, as we watched Honey and Raven exposing their beautiful, voluptuous bodies, the effect was what it would be on any straight man who was not blind. Although Belegon had an unobstructed view of Honey's beautiful face and body, he had an even better view of Raven's ass as it moved atop Mrs. Giggles face. Raven stayed where she was although she later told us how Mrs. Giggles had stopped eating her pussy and had started rolling her head from side to side.


My Birthday Treat

group tomfpa 2018-01-11

While they mutually masturbated each other, my wife said, "Bob dear, this is fun and we could take it to the conclusion we reached in the bathroom for hubby's sake, but what I REALLY want is to feel your beautiful cock inside my wet pussy. "Don't move yet; I've never had a cock this big inside me and I want to feel you filling me up." They trembled together for several moments and I again held my breath until she released him and he began to build up a rhythm, flexing his butt and legs as he pulled almost all of the way out only to drive it home again and again and again.


The Changing of the Prude

group Scribler 2018-01-11

I then started to pounded my meat to her and she loved every minute of it, fucking back to me on each stroke till she tensed up and came with a groin clamping her ass hole like a vise on my cock pulling my cum from me into her ass. Tatem said " Pam wanted to know what we did last night if we had sex I told her we did then she kiddingly asked if I was going to in move with you I told I was which I think surprised her for a second then she asked if you had a nice cock I said yes and she said I always new he would "


Remember the Summer

group Jonathanx 2018-01-11

All of us, because Mark too is there, the stranger Nadia flirted with, the man she wanted to use to trigger that aggression in me again, the pawn in a game that has now gone so far off the tracks none of us now know where it is going. I watch him in the dim light as he stands next to the couch, fucking my girlfriend's mouth as I bury my face in her cunt lips, licking and sucking and drinking her elixir. I remember now the veranda and the open window at dawn, the dark blue sky and the slight cool breeze, lapping at the curtain.

Bhua cum from UK

group buddynanak 2018-01-11

Ajay said if she is going to stay here then we has to stop having sex with Nalni and her son Raja. I introduce Nalni and Raja to Bhua and said they are like a f****y. Nalni said I was wet too looking at bhua,s body. Raja said he like foreign ladies they are good fuck. I asked again then Nalni said he has fucked few foreign ladies. They lady on our table said why dont we join your Bhua and dance. At that time DJ said every one go for it free for all.One guy came over and took Bhua away. Bhua got on knees and started to suck AJ,s cock in front of other people.

Designated Driver

group egbdf5280 2018-01-11

She glanced to the back to see that her friend was talking and not paying attention and pulled a nipple out and started playing with it seductively. Her friend said, "Didn't anyone tell you not to bring anything to a party unless you were going to share?" and then leaned over the seat, kissed my wife and plunged her tongue deep in her mouth to try and get a taste. While they were kissing, the friend reached over to milk some more pre-cum off my cock and then slipped her own covered finger in her and my wife's mouth where their tongues fought for who could get the most. As she watched her friend plunge fingers in her pussy she looked at me and said, "Let's go home.

College Stud Ch. 02: Stud or Faggot?

group Strangesub 2018-01-11

"AHHHmmmmm," Pam moaned as Dick covered her mouth with his, sticking his tongue into her and pressing his hard cock against her wet cunt. The whole world was a blaze of sensations - Pam's cunt, the smells and taste and feel, with Dick's legs rubbing against my naked back, his hands brushing the top of my head while he fondled Pam's tits as Pam's naked body writhed back and forth, sucking his hard prick. "Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, aahh, uh," panted Pam in bliss, her mouth slobbering on my hard meat, as Dick and I both worked on her cunt, his hot tool plunging in and out, my mouth sucking and licking her trembling clit. "UHHHhhh," Dick groaned as he fucked her hot cunt hard and fast, my tongue continuing to hit his cock and balls.


f***ed into Submission

group d4david 2018-01-11

(He wasn't as long as Charlie's Uncle Harry, Horse Dick Harry, but just as huge.) Joey and John snatched the covers from me and f***ed me to my stomach, I begged them 'I can't take nothing that big on my stomach, you'll tear me apart,' John said 'you're not only gonna take it in your ass like this but anyway we want you to get it, got it.' He shot a massive load of man juice deep in my butt so much so that it lubed one of my inner sphincter muscle opening and Joey's huge head popped through it.

Harry Potter and the patil twins

group dgoodall1701 2018-01-11

Padma and Parvati stood at attention as they waited for their boss to come in. “We came as soon as we got the note” Padma said “Yes, but since you two work close together I knew that your s****r wouldn’t let you dawdle” the boss said smiling Neither Parvati or Padma said a thing on this The dildo inside Padma was moving in and out of her in fast and hard movements and not to mention it was vibrating also making the poor girl moan controllably. The boss wasn’t satisfied with just the ass screwing and conjured another dildo the same size as the one that was still in Padma and shoved into Parvati’s willing cunt.

A Romp in the Woods

group FrLuke 2018-01-11

He came and stood beside us and it took only a slight turn of Alex's head for his cock to be in exactly the right position to slip between her lips. I took up Gary's previous position and watched over his shoulder as his hard cock found, opened and entered Alex's willing pussy. Gary fucked Alex slowly, pushing right into her, holding for a moment before gently withdrawing only to enter her again. Alex, no doubt wondering why Gary's cock had paused in servicing her, looked round and realised what was going on. We held each other close like this for a time until Alex fell forward, disengaging herself from Gary's Cock.

Any Chance We Could Ch. 47

group Reindeer58 2018-01-11

When Jack learned that Carol had invited Mary Claire to ride to the airport with them a slight frown momentarily flitted across his face and was gone within a second but not before both women noticed. It was more my insecurity and unfounded fears...and in that regard I was threatened by him." He paused and looked at Carol and then continued, "I came to realize that just as I had a closer relationship with one special lover and enjoyed being with her as much as I could, that my feelings for such a woman did not mean I loved my wife any less. When Carol blushed Jack looked towards Mary Claire and then continued, "My feelings dissipated when I affirmed afresh that my relationship and marriage with my wife was more than secure.


Just a Night on the Beach

group CTreader 2018-01-11

Next thing I know I'm standing inches away from the naked woman...her nipples are hard and her breath is quick. I then start to lick his hard full balls up to her pussy and clit over and over until I feel him throbbing into her waiting cunt, her clit matching his throbs almost exactly, both of them groaning in unison as I eagerly lick their cum at the source. The three of us lay for a while, catching our breath until I finally say it's time for me to go...I gather my towel and discarded clothes and head back to the borrowed beach house, not before thanking my mystery stress-relievers.

Sweet and Spicy Horny Toads Ch. 12

group TxRad 2018-01-11

Sue went to put the potato salad in the refrigerator as I leaned on the counter and watched Karen mix barbecue sauce. As she moved away, Sue grabbed Karen's head and stuffed her left breast in Karen's mouth. My, how times are a changing," Sue said running her hands over her wet breasts and nipples. Karen's mouth replaced hers, sliding her lips up and down the shaft, going a little farther each time. Sue's sauce smeared sex mopped my face as Karen's mouth descended over my shaft. You're soaking wet," Sue said as she started in cleaning up Karen's sloppy sex. Dear, in a nut shell the idea Sue and I have been kicking around is sex," Karen said.

Sex Education Class

group DariusTDK 2018-01-11

The teacher, a Mr. Hall, who the boys called sir, asked me to remove the robe and stand by the bed. After I'd finished with all six, the teacher asked me to suck the boy who'd cum once again so that he could use the experience to demonstrate to the boys how, with the right stimulus, it was possible for me to get him really stiff again. Mr. Hall explained, after we'd both recovered somewhat, that he had pulled out so that the boys could see the amount of cum (he called it ejaculate) and made some reference to fertility and sperm penetrating ova, but I thought he was just looking for an excuse to justify fucking me himself.

3 In Hong Kong

group Contrasting 2018-01-11

The drinks came and Ting pulled me onto the dance floor, leaving her purse on the table with Anna who patted it to let Ting know she'd watch it. I don't know what I was thinking but when Anna jiggled her tits at me, I wanted to do something to keep up so I reached down and cupped Ting's little ass and squeezed it. I know because the next song was fast but Ting pulled me onto the floor and plastered her little body against me and kissed me like she was second in a contest she refused to lose. I saw him open his door and stare at the retreating women, well, I bet it was Anna's incredible ass that held the man's eyes.