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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Sybian with Friends Ch. 02

group jeninflorida 2018-01-11

Come with me as we should clean up." Shannon knew that the guys were homophobes and would freak when their own cum started to leak out of the girls. With all the touching and rubbing both Bob and Taylor became rock hard and the girls enjoyed feeling the men. sure each girl would "accidently" rub their lover cock and loved feeling how wet they were, but the girls knew that at this point in time all that the guys cared about was achieving an orgasm. Both Taylor and Bob started to fill the others girl with his cum, and each gave one last hard slam to make sure that their lover went over the edge.

The Golfers & the Bachelotte Party

group SurfinRadically 2018-01-11

We had just finished our meals when one guy came back from the rest room and said the bar was full of girls having a bachelorette party. As I was standing by the dance floor I noticed Suzanne and Anne talking in the corner. I told Anne that was good, I saw Suzanne look at her and she ask her how was she going to get them off. Anne reached under Suzanne's mini and proceeded to strip her of the tight pink lace. Anne handed me the undies, then reached up and kissed me, I sucked her tongue and licked her lips feeling to heat roll from her tongue. Anne, Roxy and the other girls were getting into it on the dance floor now.

Ethan's Plane Ride

group jallen944 2018-01-11

Ethan thankfully took both, and noticed that the black-haired young woman's head turned when she realized someone was sitting not far behind her. Ethan spread the blue blanket over himself and, as he was laying his head against the small pillow, saw the young woman turn to look at him. Tricia lifted her hips a bit to make her pussy more accessible, and Ethan obliged her by pushing his tongue past her wet lips into her pussy. Ethan held each of her thighs spread in his hands and drew back his hips so she could aim the head of his cock at her cunt. She spread her cunt lips apart with one hand touched the head right to the exposed pink area.


More Dutch & Rosa Ch. 01

group Paris Waterman 2018-01-11

Molly opened her mouth wide and covered Rosa's entire pussy; and although writhing from the intense pleasure this provided, Rosa never lost sight of her own objective and used both thumbs to spread his ass cheeks and drove her serpentine tongue into his steamy, sweaty asshole. She gave him an erotic laugh and lay back on the bed, spread her knees and thrust her hips in the air as she fiddled with the new toy, the fingers of one hand spreading her labia apart as she slid the pink egg even deeper into the recesses of her coral colored cunt.


Pearls and Pussies

group Green_Gem 2018-01-11

Jayne slid two fingers deep inside Kim and immediately felt the ridged walls of Kim’s hot pussy gripping them. “God, this is so fucking erotic Steve, fingering her cunt like this, feeling you inside her,” Jayne moaned, as she watched the lewd display of carnal lust before them. Kim began a deep sucking action pulling Jayne’s clit into her mouth and nibbling it with her teeth, while Jayne gurgled and trembled with pleasure. Steve stretched out as Kim and Jayne placed their lips on each side of his cock and slowly began to slide their hot eager tongues over his swollen shaft. Kim moved her mouth up the shaft and Jayne, using her tongue, transferred Steve’s cock head from her hot mouth to Kim’s warm and waiting one.


Fire and Ice

group Untameable_Guy 2018-01-11

We walked into the garage and started making out with hands going into jackets and into snow pants and then the garage door opened and we managed to get hands back to ourselves just about the time her father started to pull in. What's worse is that it is going to keep snowing." Amy said with her hands wrapped up tight around her making sure not to touch me. Amy just laughed harder, but I was a bit embarrassed by this and just burst out, "Just sledding Julie!" My face just got redder and redder damning me further. We talked back and forth for a little bit and then Amy and her started talking about some friends and things going on that I had no idea about.


Lip Sink

group Madam-Cecilia 2018-01-11

Rachael here is good but I am going to need some nice hard cock before we are done," she purred into my ear as her tongue reached out and flicked the lobe back and forth. Toby pulled me close and drown out my objections with deep French kisses and Rachael went back to nibbling. I couldn't see with Toby kissing me like she was but from her reaction I could tell when Rachael made it to the top of her thigh. I was watching Toby's hips rock back and forth when I looked up to see the two girls lip locked once again. I was glad Rachael had her mouth occupied or the whole bar would have known what was going on in the ladies' room.

Kass's Gangbang Fantasy Fulfilled

group rogo46 2018-01-11

About then, Kassy returns and two young guys come ask her to dance, she begs off. Several guys cut in and things seem to get tense on the dance floor, so I come out and take your hand & begin to lead you away. I hear things like, "Great tits.", "Ohh...a shaved pussy!", "I'm going to fuck her brains out." and one guy (probably the redhead) says, "The slut looks ready." You take the head of my cock in your mouth and create suction and alternate licking that I really enjoy as Jimmy fucks in & out of your pussy. I direct Ronnie to take his place between your legs, Jon to move to your head & let the redhead, Thomas, come to your right breast.


Another Saturday Night Pt. 02

group MrsYoung 2018-01-11

I was butt-naked and balls deep riding my lover's cock riding like the wind and unawares of the insidious plot being hatched against my purity. My pussy squeezed tighter and started to drip down his cock. I heard myself moan and felt myself start panting. I was going to fucking explode it was only a matter of seconds. He finally reached my tight little asshole and I groaned, I grunted, and he forced the tip of his finger inside my poor puckering little hole and I fucking exploded. His hot cum feeling like a hose went off deep in my pussy and the combination of everything crescendoed caused me to fucking explode. When I was finally able to focus I looked into my lovers eyes and started giggling.

My First Double Header Ch. 02

group fendelle 2018-01-11

Now that I was feeling so daring, I decided to go for it and so I leaned across Patty and put my lips over the head of Roger's cock. As he began to feed me his semi-soft penis, Patty drew herself over my groin and with one hand, she fed my dick into her sweet pussy. I pulled Roger's cock away and gasped, "I'm cumming...I'm going to cum...uh...uh...oooooo." Patty vagina began to squeeze as I exploded into her. Roger and I are going to convert our shower at home to a setup like this." She was standing in front of me offering me a glass of deep maroon wine. "Here, let me help you, Stew." Roger leaned over and began inhaling me soft little thing into his mouth.

Time Limit

group Anothername_9 2018-01-11

Either he didn't come at all (for sometimes he was busy pleasuring Maddy, following her instructional commands and beaming at her as she enjoyed his attentions) or -- no matter how they were fucking or attending to each others' wet warm lusts, no matter how close they were, coupled by lips, tongues, or genitalia --he broke free from all else, to still transport into a frenzied state of legs and arms shaking, waving, ass wagging, barking and coming while rolling on the floor or bucking on the bed, as Maddy watched bug-eyed and easily rose to peak once more, doing herself insanely to try to meet him in his intense world of red-faced spunk-shooting body quaking solitary passion.


I Couldn't Believe

group lickmydivinepussy 2018-01-11

Rick appeared first extending a hand, introducing himself to John, then embracing me, planting a kiss on my neck as he did and also causing my dress to rise enough that I'm certain Joseph and John both got a good flash of bare asscheeks. Rick started to pump again but at this point I guess it was too much for him and right there in front of me I watched as his balls pulsed and he shot his load into John's mouth, grasping the base of his shaft with his hand as he withdrew it enough that I could watch as he spurted the last couple blasts of creamy goo. As Joseph blew his wad Rick held his mouth a good six inches away so that John and I were able to clearly see the half dozen bursts of semen spurt forth.


Our First Time

group cunt.licker 2018-01-11

I turned to Rachel and said, "If you think you'd like free love, why don't we have George come in and you can show him your tits. Again, Rachel surprised me with "Why don't you find out for yourself." George was already moving his had toward her left tit as soon as she started talking. I looked at Rachel as George left the room and asked "How far is this going to go?" Tina came around to my side of the bed and George got on Rachel's side. George went straight for Rachel's pussy, licking and sucking and going to town. I pushed Tina off me and was going to push George off as well when Rachel said, "Oh come on.

Barbeque Foursome

group nightjack 2018-01-11

My cock was semi hard again and Jenny was beginning to massage it for me as I was kissing Sophie's young breast. I could feel the hardness of Tom next to me s he leant over me to kiss Jenny and caress Sophie, then he moved so that I could straighten out and squeeze Jenny's full soft round breasts. My hand caressed her breasts, feeling their softness and malleability, gently I started to massage her left nipple between my forefinger & thumb. I moved across to give the right breast similar attention, her right arm now also moved across as if to hold me in place, then Sophie moved her arms so that her hands gently pressed on my shoulders, encouraging me to move down her body.


She's Incredible. Or Insane. Ch. 01

group tevyus 2018-01-11

When she puts my cock into her face, she makes me as hard as she wants to -- hard as wood, hard as concrete, hard as unobtanium -- I'm at her mercy. She plays me like a violin (insert your own skin flute joke here.) She can give me 30 solid minutes of ecstasy but keep me on the fiery edge of a cum. But." The next words came out in a rush: "We really care about each other, and we want to make sure that any guy who dates one of us is, well, good enough to be with our friend. If Bev thought this was a good idea, if she WANTED me to get naked with her friends, who was I to question?


MMMMF - I Watched Her Gang Bang

group mwm69writer 2018-01-11

Jan was sucking No3 and gasping for breath as he slowly pushed his long hard cock a little deeper into he wet mouth. It was hard to moan now as her mouth was full of cock, No3 was close, he was going to cum at the same time. Jan slowly calmed down and continued sucking until he was too sensitive and withdrew his large wet and now tender cock from Jan's open mouth and as he did she pushed the remaining sperm from her lips and let it gush over the side of her face and cheeks. As 2 withdrew his cock Jan let his cum dribble from her mouth and lips but immediately No4 stepped into position and began wanking his long cock in Jan's face.

Drunken Trashley

group searching4soul 2018-01-11

I snapped a quick picture as the guy grabbed his dick, and put one hand on Ashley's hip. She let loose a slew of swear words and a lot of, "I'm cumming dear lord I'm fucking cumming!" When he got to the end of his dick he grabbed hold of her hips real tight and said through the wall, "I hope you're ready for this bitch!" He started fucking her ass like there was no tomorrow; she grabbed a hold of me for support as he fucked her silly. "Call her up and ask her if she wants her ass fucked again," he said, "I was going to leave them hanging up in here, but you look like you need a little action."

Wild Dance

group BACarter 2018-01-11

"Let's see some more kissing ...that was hot!" Terry snaked his tongue into my mouth kissing me as Tina rubbed her hand all over my silk covered ass. They broke their kiss with Tina looking down at me, "You like that cock?" Terry was still rubbing it against my face. "That dick looks good in your mouth, nasty boy." She looked up at Terry, "Fuck his mouth baby...I want to watch you fuck his mouth." Terry started off gently rocking his hips back and forth seesawing his cock past my lips. Terry smiled down at me and said, "Looks like she was right..." Then he started fucking my mouth a little harder while I steadied myself by holding on to his hips.


Amber Butterfly Ch. 06

group Longshadow 2018-01-11

"Johnson hasn't touched me in over two weeks!" Amber moaned to her friend Diana on her cell phone. While Rich and Amber were dancing, Mike pulled Johnson aside. Amber watched as Cinnabar said something to the young man she was dancing with, and then walked over to where Amber, Rich and Mike were sitting. Cinnabar went to get more drinks, and Amber relaxed as she felt Ron's arm over her shoulders. "Come on, let's dance again" Cinnabar said, taking Amber's hand and pulling her to her feet. Cinnabar slipped her hand under the top of Amber's dress and pulled it down to her hips. Cinnabar swung her around, and the dress gave up the ghost and slipped the rest of the way down her legs, and Amber stumbled and fell backward on the bed.


My story (about my young neighbour and everything.

group Saskia1959 2018-01-11

When he came back we ate and washed up together and then watched TV until half past eleven and then we crawled into bed like it was something we do every evening and eventually I came a few more times that night and Stephan as well and the next morning we took a shower together and we had breakfast and then he went and I asked him what he wanted for dinner that evening and then I went shopping and that evening Stephan rang my doorbell again and again I opened the door in my nightie and so it went pretty much his whole vacation and oh yes, Joris and Marcel also came along a few times and not just them, because Stephan has many more friends ...

On the balcony

group chasin_tuna 2018-01-11

I raise your skirt above your hips, baring your beautiful ass to the night air, then drop to my knees and start kissing and gently biting your ass. I grip your hips and push my cock deep into your wet pussy. I fuck into you hard, deep and fast, gripping your hips, telling you how wonderful you feel. One after another, some of the party goers head out to the balcony and take turns fucking you as I watch from a chair in the living room. They grip your hips and pull you onto their cocks and fuck you furiously, not so much thinking about you as just wanting to get their nut off, to fill a beautiful young woman with their cum.


group erinluvsjay04 2018-01-11

I opened my eyes for a moment, looked around almost as if to check to make sure I was alone, and then split my pussy lips so I could rub on my clit. I grabbed a hold of her face and returned the kiss, my hands slowly making their way down her back and towards her luscious ass. I felt her hand reach inside my robe and grab my tit, tugging at my nipple. With one hand I reached up and shoved her back on the bed and ripped her thighs open to reveal her sopping wet hole. I grabbed her thighs and pulled her towards the very edge of the bed and then planted my face under her pussy, my tongue slammed back in her hole.


In an Ideal World

group Eosphorus 2018-01-11

Diane definitely wanted me if that kiss was any indication, and I thought Allison felt the same way. Diane reached down and gently caressed my balls as Allison kept stroking the shaft of my cock. Diane began kissing my neck and nibbling my earlobe while I enjoyed Allison's lips and tongue. Allison took her mouth off my cock and pointed it towards Diane. As Diane's head slid back and forth on my cock, Allison undid the front of her blouse and let if fall to the carpet. I began thrusting upwards harder into Diane, still licking Allison's clit the whole time. Diane lay next to me, her hand on my chest as she watched Allison riding my cock.


The Idea Ch. 03

group niteowl2003 2018-01-11

"We are here tonight to film a ladies fantasy, so if you do not want to end up on film I suggest you leave now!" "When we start filming I may ask for volunteers to come up and tease the lady, She will not object for she is my slut slave" "if I ask you to fuck her, it will only be if you put on a condom, which you will find over there on that small table!" I continued "Please be honest, as I said this is being filmed, is there anyone here with a prick longer than 12 inches?" From the back of the crowd, a coloured man stepped forward.