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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Cocksucking The True Beginning

group bioralpleaser 2018-01-11

I have been sucking men's cocks for nearly 40 years k** was getting his cock sucked by a guy in his had never seen someone suck like this older guy was new friend's candid talk about cocks, cum and Ginger Lynn worshipping Tom Byron's cock with her mouth normal guys like us just need to cum more than woman Tom, but he didn't suck me until I came, Derek got up my head and slowly pulled it to Derek's cock and guided Derek's cock to my mouth with his other hand as he cum he left his cock in my throat and relaxed for a few that she witnessed my first time sucking a man's cock

Two for Love, Four for Lust Ch. 05

group dchapleaux 2018-01-11

You look over at me as I turn to watch, "Morning, love, did we wake you?" I smile, and move over to kiss, suck, and nibble one of Sandra's breasts to show I am not at all upset about being woken up. Pushed by the sight of Sandra's orgasm taking over her body, Tim starts thrusting into you harder and faster, making you moan as well. I lay back and let her slide my cock into her pussy, making her hiss and moan, nearly reaching orgasm after the playing, sucking, and nibbling we both did. You immediately begin licking and sucking and nibbling at her pussy, while Tim fills you with his cock, sliding it hard and rough into you until he explodes, filling you up with his cum.

The River

group JenniferO1 2018-01-11

When the last waves finally passed, the guys pulled away from my breasts and Steve told Brian that they should get the rest of the lotion on me before I burned up. It was like a fantasy come to life, lying outside on a hot, beautiful, sunny day; naked, with 2 good looking guys making love to me and telling me how beautiful I was. He tried to pull out of my mouth telling me he couldn't hold it, he was going to come, but I held onto his hips and felt the head of his dick swell just as he let go, shooting his load down my throat.


Lucy's Party Ch. 01

group mjar65 2018-01-11

I always thought I was good looking and Master has helped me feel even more proud of my body so I felt good to know he was turned on by me. Over on the side I saw my Master smiling and I just knew he wanted to see me suck the handsome guy's cock. It was such an amazing feeling to take a new cock and to suck on a stranger as my Master watched and the other guys stood close by. Just as I got my lips around the new cock I took a quick glance and saw my Master on the other side of the table with a big smile.


Horny Holiday

group AliBobCat 2018-01-11

She stopped licking me and I heard Dan moan, so I took the end of Branner's cock in my mouth and sucked it, rubbing his shaft and squeezing his balls with one hand as I continued to finger Denise with the other. Branner laid down on the edge of the bed the other side of me and Denise got up and laid down the other side of Dan. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply, wondering if anyone was going to say anything and if so what it would be. Denise was hard down on Dan's cock, rolling her hips back and forth, so I reached out and placed my finger beneath her clit, helping her get the best stimulation.

Daniel and Carrie's Adventures Ch. 04

group shakenmartini55 2018-01-11

Carrie kept teasing Daniel by rubbing her hard nipples and letting her robe slide open letting him get peeks of her nipples and almost a glance at her pussy. Gwen's dress was so short that when she leaned forward to hug Daniel, his fingers touched the bare flesh of her ass. Gwen let the bottom of her dress slid up her thighs so that Daniel could look at her bare, smooth pussy lips. Carrie and Mitch broke their kiss and turned toward Gwen and Daniel. Carrie moved her head from side to side as Daniel started talking, "You two have involved us like we were life long friends from the minute we met a week ago and we've loved every minute of it.


Tutor Gets Tutored

group inconspicuous_fem 2018-01-11

Then, he asked how to say I want to fuck your wet juicy pussy. At the door, Kyle stopped me and said that he wanted some of my tutoring too. I was fingering my self, when I felt Kyle push me away from his cock. His said I was a damn good cock sucker, but he wanted more. Kyle came over to my face and shoved his cock back into my mouth. Just then, Kyle pulled away from my mouth and Matt pulled out of my pussy. I was moving up and down when I realized that Matt was pressing his cock against my ass hole. I could feel Kyle getting ready to cum too, so I got off him and started to suck him off again.

Learning to Let Go

group BlueEyes36D 2018-01-11

Scott continued to work on my pussy, pushing his hands up my legs making them stick up in the air. I grabbed his hair and drove his tongue hard on my pussy and moaned loudly as the wave came over me. As I began to dream about Jim's cock, I felt Scott's head enter me. I felt my hand fall away from Jim's cock as I was in a state of orgasm. Unable to concentrate, I pulled my mouth away from Scott's cock and gasped for air as my pussy was drilled. Jim reached down and grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled hard. I wrapped my arms around Scott's ass, pulling his cock deep into my throat.


Adventures of Kathryn

group amber_now26 2018-01-11

Kathryn felt the tip of a vibrator touch her freshly shaved mound and as Michael turned up the power she could feel the balls inside of her ricocheting off the walls of her pussy. "Straddle her chest, Roxanne," Jacqueline said, and the younger woman climbed on top of Kathryn, rubbing her stiff clit against one clamped nipple and then the other. Michael slipped his cock away from her clit and Kathryn waited breathlessly for him to remove the balls from her pussy and fuck her. Roxanne leaned forward and put her hands on Kathryn's thighs, parting them wider so she and Jacqueline and Terry could wach Michael's cock glide in and out of her tight asshole.

Hotel Story

group nsymserotica 2018-01-11

(I learned the next morning that the guy on there jacked off all night listening to us, and remember how you fingered yourself in the car when I told you about that on the drive home?) My cock slipped out of your slick pussy and shot one last burst of cum against your ass and hands. I stroked your clit in time with John's cock thrusting into your mouth, and his hands rubbing your breasts and nipples in circles. She sucked greedily at my fingers and moaned, "Oh that's good." She pushed your legs open with a little force, her hands gripping your thighs, and Rachel dove into you with her tongue.

The Slut Wife - Chapter 15

group 2018-01-11

“Don’t act surprised, Mrs. Smith, I am sure you have had many large men like Harada inside you” Mr. Sugimoto said. Harada then grabbed me by the hair again and lowered my head to the ground were the cum had splattered and barked at me another order and I knew what he wanted, so I opened my mouth and licked the cum off of the floor! The man fucking me was pumping hard and before long he pulled and, stroking his cock, came on my tummy. He pumped me for a few minutes then pulled out and, moving to my face he said “suck my cock baita, suck it from the dirtiest part of your body!” and I couldn’t help not to suck it.

Mary's Gangbang Daydream Ch. 04

group loveking 2018-01-11

That last time, she felt completely different, boldly spreading her thighs wide and following Richard's instruction to let him see her with at least two fingers pushed inside her wet cunt! The girl with her finger inside Mary was looking thoughtful as she said to the other waitress, "I think we will get at least ten in here!" Mary was not sure what Ken meant by "finish" but before she could ask the waitresses came over and said, "before we can allow you gentlemen to finish we must check that all the fruit has been eaten!" As they all watched Mary felt something cold touch the moist lips of her pussy, she looked down just in time to see the waitress had a metal speculum in her hand.

Episode 60 - Jenny meets Richard

group dasx2 2018-01-11

Jenny crossed and uncrossed her legs, letting the short denim skirt rise up to expose a good slice of bare thigh and buttock to see if he preferred tits or ass. Richard’s cock filled her hands and mouth, she was starting to taste pre-cum leaking from the tip as she pumped it hard – Jenny loved the feel and texture of rock-hard black cock flesh. Richard had roughly pulled a towel over his lap and Jenny’s head in a crude attempt to disguise their blatant cock-sucking on the swimming pool benches. Jenny was creaming; struggled out of her short denim skirt, pulled the damp thong aside and settled her dripping cunt on Richard’s face: “Eat me, big boy”.

Ten Good Reasons to go to College

group apmadox 2018-01-11

"Hot dogs on the house for the Condors," Don said, continuing to glare at Sarah and then turning to smile magnanimously at his guests. Mari was nowhere to be seen, and Sarah was surprised that her friend had not come back to the front counter after all the guys had picked up their shoes. Sarah stood up and broke the kiss, pulling Steve's shirt off and baring his smooth, solid chest. Steve moaned, his hand guiding the back of Sarah's head. Hector, Omar and a guy Sarah did not recognize stood around Mari's head. As Sarah held Steve's cock, pulling it up to suck on his testicles, she was surprised to feel it stirring.


Italian Lessons

group JeanDauvere 2018-01-11

I was shocked at what was happening but Christy didn’t bat an eyelid, she simply moved to Margeurite, slid her hand into the blouse to raise the nipple and lowering her head suckled gently upon it. Margeurite stood now and lifted her into a standing position I swung around to be sitting on the edge of the table and my arms wound around Christy, my right hand falling naturally onto her left breast as Margeurite had done earlier and my left just covering her pussy, we sat for a short while whilst she came down from her orgasm and I realised that she was still impaled on my cock.

How I met Betty

group orvelle 2018-01-10

I laid me on my back so Betty could sit over my dick and move up and down while suckin Leif who stood between. at the same time was Leif Cummin in her mouth wich he not have expected but Betty drank up all his Cum and swallowed. After drawn out my dick from her I said to Leif Bring me the cup you drank coffe from. Betty then began push with her ass muscle and soon almost all my cum in her ass was in that Cup. Betty grabbed the cup and said to Leif and Me. I bring atoast for you my horny Stallions cheers and then she drank all cum and swallowed it with a pleasant sound.

Foursome Frolic

group Aphreya 2018-01-10

'He still has his trousers on Evie' she whispered 'his cock isn't in your face, yet.' She nibbled Eve's earlobe and then licked and nibbled her way down the column of her throat whilst freeing Corgan from his jeans with a twist of her wrist. Karri flashed a smile at Corgan while his hands delved into Eve's bra and started to tease her nipples. Eve's hands were ghosting up and down Karri's legs as she eagerly licked and sucked on Corgan's dick. Corgan was groaning with pleasure into Karri's mouth and running playful hands over Eve's boobs. Eve started to slide her hands up and under Karri's little skirt.

Toilet fuck in Edinburgh, held by strippers

group 2018-01-10

My boyfriend looked somewhat perplexed at my long absence, 'What kept you', he queried, I lifted my drink then pointed to the girl gyrating on the bar, his eyes lite up, 'That's your underwear', he said excitedly, and he sat open-mouthed and started at the petite blond, who stared back, not that I was caring, no the boy whose cum was on my lips and in my pussy was telling his friends about me, and as they looked in my general direction, I smiled to them and raised my glass, two more of these large drinks, and I will need to go to the bathroom again, those bitched in there 'Aint seen nothing yet'.

Si, Senor!

group kinkybiitchx 2018-01-10

Away from all the people." Both men followed her, the handsome, 29 year old Ruben struggling to hide his amusement at his pretty lover's lust for a middle aged man, and Ivo in disbelief that he was being asked to compete, sorry, share, with such an Adonis. He moved away and Ivo instantly took his place, fucking Tatyana as hard as he could while licking Ruben's thick, sticky cum from her tits. Ruben looked into Tatyana's eyes as he fucked the other man's throat, clearly fantasizing that she was the one sucking his beautiful Latin cock. Ruben came inside Ivo's mouth, and as soon as Tatyana realised this she told him to swallow. "Si, Senor Morales" said Ivo. Ruben smiled and got dressed and left the room without another word, only a lingering kiss on Tatyana's lips.

Private Duty

group submissive_nurse 2018-01-10

"No problem," Kelli said, "we'll get him hosed down good tonight." Lynn held back a giggle at the stern look from the day charge nurse and went on to reassure her that they had everything under control and to go on home. You could use a little excitement in your life." Kelli jokingly teased her friend, laughing when she saw Lynn's face turn pink. "You go," Kelli said, "you'll see what I mean." Lynn rolled her eyes and headed down the hall toward the man's room. He just needed to use the urinal." Lynn's face was very red, and she couldn't meet Kelli's eyes. It was time for Mark's bed bath, and Lynn went to the linen closet and gathered the things she knew she'd need.


Stories from Reform School Slut Confessions

group oralTcmlvr 2018-01-10

They stuck the lens in my face, so I moaned like I've seen on the porno movies. Without wasting one second, he positioned his cock over my face. "Hey Pete, how many cocks you reckon she can take?" Ricky asked. Ricky ran out of the room and came back with a margarita glass the size of an oil pan on a 1970 Camaro. "You just hold this right here and open your mouth," he said, shoving the glass into my chest. "Mmmm, hmmm," I said with his cock in my lips. The cum was starting to drip into the margarita glass. When the last guy squeezed the last bit of jizz on my face, th+ose boys formed a circle around me.


group Pencil_sharpene 2018-01-10

Connor held Rachel's hand and guided her up off the floor. Connor gently held Rachel's left foot and slipped the shoe onto her, clicking the lock in place. Two men would meet Connor in the bar they had been to the previous night; the place where they first encountered Rachel. It was simple; they would go with him, drop their trousers, Rachel would suck and stroke their cocks until they were satisfied. Connor jealously guarded Rachel's pierced nipples against the cocks. More importantly its taught fabric made it almost impossible to get a strange hand inside to stroke her pussy, unlike the way he had watched the cocks push their hands up under the short denim mini skirt.


group RandyOleFool 2018-01-10

I stand somewhat unsteadily, nervously waiting in front of him, this is the first time either of us have really touched and we're both noticeably uncomfortable with the situation, but after a brief delay he deftly pulls at the waste band of my boxers, just allowing my still hard dick to slip back inside the fly and then he smoothly drops my shorts to the floor with almost no further contact. She starts to hum a little stripper tune as she slowly wiggles David's shorts down, working them over his semi-hard cock, working them back and forth, riding against his growing erection, then over his thighs, pausing for just a moment, continuing below his knees.

May & Deke Ch. 06

group BlueByrd 2018-01-10

The only access to the island is by boat, and Jim and Barbara arrive in their classic lap-strake sea skiff to pick up Deke and May just shortly after 11 AM at the public dock. As Deke and May, despite childhood summers at the seashore, had never dug soft-shell clams, Jim imparts a painstaking elementary lecture on locating their lairs near embedded rocks and about being alert to the tell-tale holes, which emit salt water geysers at one's step. To be dried, Barbara has stood, arms out and legs spread like a snow angel, for Deke to rub the thirsty towel over her lush body, pausing to express his appreciation with enveloping kisses -- her nipples, belly button, ass, neck and mouth.