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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

D'Orgasmic Chronicles Ch. 04

group Liquor69 2018-01-10

Gary laughed, "Fuck yes; I have actually lost sleep wondering what is coming next. "Mark and Gary told us to tease the fucking crap out of these guys. Cherry had to look several times to make sure she wasn't making love to Mark. She felt the love and the passion from this man and she knew she was in the arms of a man who, like Mark, would never hurt her in any way at all. Mark walked into the cabana and the two men began to make love to her in ways she had never experienced in her life. Gary massaged her back and her ass cheeks as Mark slid into her tight, wonderful pussy. She looked at Gary's cock sliding into her lips and she felt Mark loving her dearly.


The Coed Circle Jerk

group oldhippie1949 2018-01-10

This memory took place a long time ago and our mores have changed so much that the story might be alien to some but back in a 1967 freshman dorm, it was not so easy to get men and women together for open sex discussions. "I don't know if I even want to try oral sex," said Ben. Ladies, sit back and spread your vaginas wide open so the boys can look at the parts we've been talking about." The boys all leaned forward and inspected the different pussies. Vickie said, "I want to taste this." She dropped to her knees and opened her mouth. To all of our surprise, Sally sat up and kissed her on the mouth tasting some of the cum.


Black Betty

group unclehans 2018-01-10

As a result, Rob and John both lost their trousers, I lost my shirt, Mary her Bra so that her huge tits hung down unsupported, and Jane, who still wore just her dress having taken off her lingerie inside in previous rounds, stood on her chair slipped the straps off her shoulders and dropped it to her ankles, showing us what a great toned body she had with a pair of small perky tits and her light brown écu trimmed into a neat brazillian. Rob and Carol were still fucking in my bed, Pete was waiting for his wife to finish with me, proud that he'd managed to give good orgasms to three of the women and whisked Rita off home as soon as she was dressed for her turn, leaving Jane and I to entertain ourselves while we waiting for our partners to finish.


Tales from Frank's: The Brothers

group Kaneda_Shinaro 2018-01-10

Frank made sure that every single member of staff, from the guys in the back to those waiting tables, were exactly the kind of person to being in his new target audience: we're all relatively young - late-teens to early twenties (except for Amanda, but she still looks like she could pass for my sister) - with easy smiles. I couldn't get the image of Mitchell and Jackson high-fiving above me out of my head...imagine licking one rock-hard rod whilst another pistons into me...imagine... Now came the real question: did I get dressed again only to have the brothers strip me, or did I go marching into their room wearing nothing but a pair of knee-high socks? Jackson placed his strong hands on the top of my head, his fingers entwining in the wet strands.


Room Service

group unblest 2018-01-10

You walked over and began to kiss me, your tongue sliding into my mouth as you pushed me back into you the room. You quickly took me into your mouth, continuing your earlier endeavors from the car and I groaned. I groaned again as you finally slid away from me, leaving me hard and unfinished once again. You gazed down upon her beautiful, clean shaven pussy and grinned, sliding your tongue inside her just seconds before following with your fingers. When her orgasm finally subsided, you looked up at her and grinned, sliding up to kiss her again. Soon enough, with me hammering away into her as she fucked you with her tongue and fingers, you both climaxed, you for the first time that night and her second.

Five Souls Erotic Delight

group Purscock 2018-01-10

Jacob in the leather chair with his jeans and shorts pulled to his knees revealing his small but very erect cut penis, hard in his hand, slowly stroking as he peered at Stephanie's nude frame on the futon, watching also Alex and John, both ushering Janet onto the room, excited that she could see him and his very hard erection being slowly stroked by him. With that action by Stephanie, Janet's heart beat even quicker than before, her small breasts growing hard her nipples, and her pussy feeling warm in her panties, looking at Stephanie naked with legs spread open showing her moist vagina, black pubic hair, with swollen labia which glistened with moisture.

Adventures of Peter and Louise - A Memory from Pet

group Coolcouplegreece 2018-01-10

Louise then sat up from the sofa and without warning announces their video is really “hot” by saying “ we are swingers and we love sharing couples and playing with big cocks and pussy, I love getting fucked by Peter and a guy with a large cock, while licking out some pussy.” Louise looks at Sandra, and Sandra admits that both she and John had discussed sharing. Louise not having cum stood over John, wanking herself, sperm dripping from her thighs, while Sandra continued stroking at Louise 's arsehole, whispering in her ear “come on you sexy bitch ...I so want to see you cum” she kept her hot chatter going until she came in a final intense rush.

My First Orgy Continues

group Raine1964 2018-01-10

Kyle was still pumping my mouth fast and hard but pulled out to let Steve share my mouth with him. Every time Steve entered my open and eager mouth, I could taste my own cum on his cock. She had turned over as Wayne entered her from behind, and she bent down to me and licked and sucked every drop of cum from my face and mouth. Kyle and Steve were both spent for the moment, but Deanna didn't waste any time to crawl up over my face and ride my tongue. Bill's bulging cock stroked my insides in rapid rhythm until a few short moments later he pulled out of my pussy and shot his load all over my belly simultaneously as Wayne shot his thick load on Christy's ass.


group 2018-01-10

John was usually good for three good cum loaded fucks and Pam loved sucking the cum put of Sadi's ass and cunt. When he had Pam's pussy well whipped and red and swollen he then shoved his cock in her and fucked her hard as she kept her tongue in Sadi's wet cum soaked cunt. She loved watching him suck a guys cock and swallow the cum as she did the other guy then they both got on their hands and knees as the two guys ass fucked them. They shoved a cock in her cunt and in her ass and double fucked her hard as they pulled and pinched her huge tits.

Ladies' Lingerie

group splodger 2018-01-10

As John did this Colette began to play with her nipples and clearly would have done the same to her clit if it had not been for the expert hand of Lindsey smoothly and rapidly removing her cunt hair with practiced strokes of her razor. "Happy to oblige, my dear." Was all he could reply as he reached for the camera and began to film as Colette ran her tongue down Lindsey's body, over her bra where she pulled first one, then the next nipple out and gently sucked on them. Colette opened her friend's vaginal lips, moving to one side to allow John to film how very wet the inside was, then placed first one, then two fingers inside and began to run her tongue over the pink and very swollen clit.


Helping a Friend

group FriskyVirgin 2018-01-10

"Hun, a 6 inch is fine but if you are going to suck Peter I better let you know he is a 8." Sam informed me. I watched as Peter's cum fall on my breasts, Sam now licking it. Sam then went back to my clit, Peter now on his knees behind me, moving his penis forwards and backwards. Peter slowly took his penis out of me, Sam at the ready to take it from there on. Once I caught mine, I went over to Peter and sat between his legs, stroking his penis to make it erect. As the water was getting cold, we got out of the bath, dried each other down, Peter still beating his penis and we fell asleep on the bed.


Bi sub used by bikers and Dom.

group subcumslut 2018-01-10

Fuck man not so rough," but my horniness was having an effect and after a good blast of poppers,( that were pushed under my left nostril while someone held my right one closed), I felt myself begin to float away on a cloud of lust. I was only half aware of a big pair of hands leaning on my windpipe as a huge cock with a prince Albert f***ed its way into my tender and hot man pussy. I felt him position himself between my spread legs and with one hard thrust, push the head of his engorged ten inches past my tight ring. Eager mouths licked and slurped at my jizz as it erupted but Dave just laughed, picked up my legs, one in each hand, and continued with his hard, determined fucking.

The Plumber wanted paying

group maturemancock 2018-01-10

Donna had the plumber cornered in the conservatory, they were talking and she had her arm d****d across his shoulders, she took him by the hand and sat on the settee, as he sat down she hitched up her skirt a little as he looked her straight in the eye, she bent forward and kissed him. Minutes later I knew she was coming again so I said to the plumber “Rub her clit” as he reached down as I pounded her pussy he rubbed her and sure enough Donna let go of him as she screamed out her second climax. The plumber was groaning as was I, I pulled out and went up to where Donna was she grabbed me and inserted me straight in her mouth as she wanked the other guy off, sure enough he groaned and pumped his seed all over her tits.

Cam Couples

group ck3891 2018-01-10

Andy kept the camera trained on Mel's face as his penis went in and out, her mouth keeping steady light suction. Trained on the lovers, Em slowly circled the bed to capture Mel in profile astride his head, one hand holding her loose hair, the other resting on Andy's. Em drank in the deliberate display, from Andy's wide-spread legs and heavy balls beneath the steely shaft that was sinking into Mel; from her cunt lips, displaced and pushed aside by his cock, to the visible hood over her clit; up over the taut stomach and small flushed tits, topped with darker nipples pointing skyward; to her ecstatic face, eyes captivated by the camera.


Hawaiian Wedding part 2

group triphammer73 2018-01-10

When I got to the room and knocked Mark let me in dressed only in a hotel robe and I sat on a chair opposite him on the bed and we shot the breeze for a couple of minutes listening to Lex humming away in the bathroom. Lex undid my jeans and pushed me down on the chair and bent over and started sucking my dick, and when it was hard she turned her back to me and faced Mark as she sat on my lap and let my dick enter her wet come filled pussy. “Never thought you would be getting my sloppy seconds b*o” Mark commented as I brought his fiance to orgasm again and at this point she was in almost continuous climax as I grabbed her hair and pulled back to get a couple of fingers on her clit.

My First Cum Swap

group maxxxdalite 2018-01-10

She then put the head of my dick in her mouth, like a lollipop and started to flick my tip with her tongue. I grabbed her hips and really started fucking her, her moans were muffled by the dick in her mouth but I could tell she was really enjoying herself. Her husband took my place and she started sucking her juices off my cock. She sat up and looked at me, mouth full of cum, and motioned to let her known when I was ready. She put my dick in her mouth and I could feel his cum around my dick, it turned me on and pushed me over the edge. I drove home, still tasting the cum in my mouth when I got home.

Work Colleagues Ch. 01

group fitasfook 2018-01-10

Jackie stood up and ran her finger down Heathers arse cheeks and slowly tickled Heathers bum hole and Ian stood in front of her, cupped her right tit and squeezed it and kissed her hard and long pushing his tongue into her mouth and sucking on her tongue. Jackie then moved out from under her and whispered to Ian that Heather had agreed he could fuck her arse - his eyes widened and she thought he was going to come there and then at the thought of it, but he slowly eased his cock out of her cunt and stood back for a few seconds to try and stop himself from coming.

Meeting the Neighbors Ch. 2

group BoyBlue 2018-01-10

When Don & Karen arrived, Lisa and Frank showed them into the den where Christina & I were lying on the couch. As I sucked Don's cock, Christina put her head under Karen's skirt and started licking her out. "We're going to fuck your ass just like Don and Frank fucked your boyfriend's," Karen said, pulling on the strapon Lisa had used on me previously. Fuck my ASS!" The dildo slid easily into her anus, and Karen started fucking her steadily as Christina lapped away at Lisa's cunt. This time, though, Lisa lay down so that Christina could ride her cowgirl style while she licked and fingered Karen to a satisfying climax.

While John is Away Ch. 04

group P3Driver 2018-01-10

When he had his fingers shoved up in my pussy, it was so fucking hot but I really wanted to feel his thick cock stretching my cunt as he pounded me from behind. I want them to hold me by hair and fuck my mouth, pulling me off one and having the other fill my mouth with his cock, going back and forth until I swallow both of their cum. As we pass his assistant he asks her to call for a car to pick us up in the front of the building and tells her that he will be coming back to the office later but she needn't stay.


Last Call

group zurk 2018-01-10

Muscle guy pulled his huge rod out of her pussy and offered it to me. The feeling was unreal as muscle guys cock head began to swell even bigger indicating he was about to cum. As I bathed in her love juice I felt muscle guys hand on my cock. I stood, turned and began to feel muscle guys entire body. As I furiously pumped my cock with my hand I turned to muscle guy and began coating his tongue with my massive load of creamy white gold. I continued to fist my cock, and as my orgasm subsided, muscle guy stood up and aimed his massive cock at black girls' messy pussy.

My aunt, my Mom and Me

group adel5000 2018-01-10

and half-heartedly, finished my homework, and started to zone out checked for smell. Hers had no smell at all. "Sorry, Aunt Heather, I was just, ummmm, warming my hands." Aunt Heather's breathing grew quicker, and since I had control of her Just as the door I started by pressing my face hard into my Aunt's crotch. front door slamming. "Well, s*s, there are two things you can do," Aunt Heather said "That's for certain," Mom replied, but her voice trailed off as "Why not ask him if he wants you to join," Aunt Heather said, winking full dress that went from her shoulders to her ankles. For some reason, maybe The reason her voice was I felt myself guided into a warm heaven.

The Party Crash Girls Ch.01

group Archer2050 2018-01-10

Penny had deep blue eyes, long blonde hair, and her face very closely resembled Kendra's. Kendra was silent, thinking, but it seemed like her thoughts were less on whether or not she should go back to Ed, and more on how to get Penny off her back about it. As much as she hated this guy, Penny had to admit that feeling his dick grow under her hand was making her wet. God, it looked good, Penny thought, and she licked her lips, then dropped her hand between her legs and fingered her clit. Oh my fucking God!" Ed screamed out and threw his head back for an instant, then looked back down to make sure he didn't miss seeing his cum spray all over Penny's breasts.


Mrs. Fantasy

group Mrs_Cumming 2018-01-10

I can hear the friction of hand against cloth and the guys are rubbing at themselves and I quickly suck my husband's cock into my mouth, kneeling in front of him and sticking my ass out with my legs open wide so I can slip my own hand into my panties to use my slick pussy juice to rub my clit. I spread my legs wide to rick in front of me and lower myself onto my husband cock while I slip my pussy juice laden fingers into my mouth to suck them clean. I hear a deep moan and look forward in time to see rick collapse forward onto one hand and deeply pull at his cock with the other, spewing a large load forward onto the carpet and clenching his teeth through his orgasm.

A Threesome for Yvette

group libidinal 2018-01-10

"Hungry for cock, huh?" I gasped, nearly breathless now, as I licked my lips and then opened my mouth wide and clamped my lips around the bulbous cockhead, sucking Raul as Steve twisted the shaft in his hand, stroking the steel hard penis as I devoured it. As he slid his sleek body between my open legs, Steve took Raul's massive cock in his hand and guided it into my pussy. The pitch of my arousal by now was so intense that my hand trembled as I took hold of Raul's magnificent cock, its girth so thick I couldn't get my hand completely around it, the shaft so erect it felt almost metallically hard, like a length of steel tubing, but alive, SO alive!