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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Diary of Roxy Sanders Ch. 03

group -Sadie26- 2018-01-10

As my tits fell forward, bouncing just a bit, David slowly lifted his hips, pulling his dick out and pushing it against my wet panties. His cock was so warm and felt so fucking good buried inside my sloppy wet pussy. "Have you licked her pussy yet, son?" Bill asked, reaching inside his pants and pulling out his cock, too. David grabbed my long hair and used it to piston my mouth up and down, making my lips, tongue and tonsils rape his cock. I screamed and hummed around David's cock as I came, then yanked my fingers from his ass and rubbed his juices on his naked nipples, making them hard and sticky.

The presentation

group optimuspr1me 2018-01-10

She checked to see if the buttons of her suspender belt didn’t show through the black material of the skirt… nope, she’d get away with that… The outfit was finished off with a pair of black patent 4-inch heels and seamed stockings. And she felt hands all over her backside, and her tits, fingers probing her mouth. Neil was sat back in his office chair, 8 inches of cock pointing skyward, an evil grin on his face. She soon straddled him lowering her cunt onto his cock, forcing her tits into his face. She took one in each hand and had two rubbed in her face, her tongue lapping greedily at their swollen heads. She took a cock between her tits, guys took turns at doing her over the table.

The Corruption of Katherine Pt. 04

group RiteofSpring 2018-01-10

Katherine seemed to find his deep, calm voice and touch quite reassuring, for which I was grateful, and so she allowed Reverend Petersen to take her arm and lead her forward between the rows of church members. After several more steps, he stopped and the members again chanted, "We reveal her." Katherine's eyes opened wide as she felt the snaps on her bra band disengaged and her bra gently pulled forward away from her breasts and down her arms. With the audience now revealed, it was time for Reverend Petersen to take centre stage and initiate proceedings on Katherine's naked body. The Reverend Petersen now turned to his audience, who were leaning forward in anticipation of enjoying the sacrifice of Katherine's naked body on the Fellowship's Altar of Lust.


Any Chance We Could Ch. 29

group Reindeer58 2018-01-10

Just shy of two-thirty Katrina and Ashley arrived home, embraced Mary Claire and Veronica and went looking for the pearl panty package. Veronica briefly put her arm around Grace's waist as they were walking and noticed there was a flash of jealously across Mary Claire's face. "Ashley and Katrina need white sling-back pumps for our wedding, Grace needs a pair of strappy heels, more than likely gold for a new ball gown, and Mary Claire needs ... At that moment while she was temporarily frozen looking up Veronica's skirt the other salesclerk came over from the register and asked Sharon "Need help?" Mom this is Veronica, Ashley, Mary Claire, Katrina who are three of her four daughters and Grace Powers."


Tearing Down the Walls

group HerLittlePiggy 2018-01-10

The blonde coed ground her well fucked pussy against my face as my beautiful girl friend knelt behind her and eased a big strap on dildo into her cunt. Mandy pulled the strap on from the blonde's pussy and told me to suck my juices from her girl cock. ''Mmmm, yes mistress I would love to suck on a girl cock while you fuck my ass,'' I moaned as she increased her pace. ''Maybe we can get another girl to share and she can use a girl cock on your pretty mouth while I fuck your sissy asshole, would you like that piggy?'' Mandy asked. Mandy wrapped her hands around my throat and squeezed as she thrust her big well lubricated girl cock into my virgin asshole hard and fast.

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

group junehaines 2018-01-10

Then the hot wetness of lips and tongue toyed with my nipples making me wiggle with pleasure. The gentle hands maneuvering this cold metal did so slowly as the broadness spread my lips far apart. If this was a dream, the sensations were so very real and I didn't want them to stop. My arms were then hooked to restraints located somewhere on the side on the bed, so that I was on my back with my legs spread apart but my knees bent up – ready for an entrance. The heat was rising from deep within my legs, up through my stomach, to the tips of my clamped nipples. I could still feel the sensation and tenderness of my breasts as my husband's chest brushed against and pulled at the clamps.

A Double-D Desk Romp Ch. 02

group Jonny Cakes 2018-01-10

“Yeah, he slid his hard cock between my big titties until he shot his load all over them.” I couldn’t believe that Sharon was talking to Tammy like this. Did you pull it out of her cleavage and jerk it off all over her face, or cum between her tits while you fucked them”, asked Tammy who was now really fingering her pussy. Sharon knelt next to her and started to suck Tammy’s big titties, coating them with her spit “That’s it you slut, make my tits nice and wet for Jonny’s boner to slide between.” Come one, slide that hard, slippery boner between these big jugs.” Tammy then looked over to Sharon and they started to make out as I fucked her tits.

Brenda And Bobby Ch. 2

group Ribot 2018-01-10

Bobby had a huge hard on right away, and when Nancy saw it emerge from his underpants her eyes got even bigger. Bobby could take me without one while I was nursing, but I didn't want him getting Nancy pregnant or give her an excuse not to fuck him. "Oh, Oh!", Nancy cried as she strained against him cumming with Bobby's cock all the way in. "O.K. Nancy, what have we learned from what Bobby said?" I asked. Nancy fumbled with the condom, but finally got it over Bobby's still hard cock. "I'd really want to jerk you off, Bobby, it it's O.K. with you.", Nancy repeated as she began to vigorously stroke him.


Unexpected Guests

group blackstallion21 2018-01-10

Amanda's hands found Steph's nipples and they started pinching and rubbing while Stephanie's mouth was full of another girl's tongue. I also felt Stephanie breathing faster, and by this time, Amanda had also started rubbing herself again while she knelt beside the bed. That is until Amanda got close to her orgasm, stood up, rubbed her pussy a couple times, and expelled streams of lady cum all over my girlfriend and me. Amanda, Steph, and I fucked a couple more times before Stephanie and I went our separate ways, (for different reasons) but I'll never forget any of the times that we got together.

Katrina, Christine, and Me

group DennisTheFirst 2018-01-10

She admitted she didn’t know much about sex and said she’d never given a proper blow job – at least not to the “finish.” I watched my limp penis sprout into a rock-hard erection as Katrina began kissing and caressing my cock. Her friend Christine, meanwhile, hadn’t been at the swinger’s get-togethers, but she’d heard the stories, so while she might have looked shocked at Katrina’s behavior at first, she wasn’t completely taken aback. When I finished, I pulled out of her and she sat up, saying she wanted to watch my cum ooze out of her (something she’d never done before). Knowing how Christine seemed to take her marching orders from Katrina, I knew she wouldn’t be calling me anytime soon.


group 2018-01-10

Yes, I moan You start to kiss me all over my body. I going to cum, don’t stop baby don’t stop. I want you to wear this blindfold so you can experienced all the wonderful feelings I have in store for you. As he kisses me, I feel hands on my body that aren’t his. As this stranger is pumping me, I feel someone’s else lips on my breasts. Next she stops and she puts her pussy on my lips and I am now having to eat this strange woman out. I want to cum so bad that my body is quivering. They know I want to cum, because they see my hand sliding down to my pussy.

Desert Heat Pt 4

group jdwhitings 2018-01-10

Ginger was unusually quiet and I was wondering if she was having second thoughts or perhaps feelings of guilt about what happened last night at the lake with Bill and Olga. Before heading back to the trailer, I took Ginger in my arms, looked her in the eyes and asked her why she was so quiet and if it had anything to do with last night. Then he asked both Olga and Ginger if one of them went topless because of the heat, would the other one be willing to do the same. Getting into bed, Ginger asked me what I thought about Bill’s question about both her and Olga going topless together.

My Dirty Ex and Her Husband

group 2018-01-10

If I wrote about all the times we sucked, fucked, screwed and made love, I would have finally written a masterpiece, dripping with passion and the juices of our bodies. Thomas sucked the first one I sucked when the guy came into the neighboring booth. Who knows who the guy is but he came in Thomas’ mouth. I told Thomas to fuck her hard. While he was over there the guy fucked me in the ass. Thomas fucked her some more and then ate her out real good. Then the guy started fucking me doggy and I ate the woman out while using the bigger dildo that I have on her.

The Monster Ch. 04

group Happy Husband 2018-01-10

She insisted on coming with me and I figured that if you liked fucking my pussy that you’d enjoy hers too!” I reached down and put my hand on his pants and felt his quickly rising cock. “Here, let me help.” Sharon was in front of us with her hands between my legs, fingering the base of his cock. I didn’t have much time to enjoy the moment as Sharon pulled away and said “My turn!” Craig smiled and softly said, “Well, it’s like you girls and Roger’s big dick! Then Shawn said “I’m getting ready to cum!” Sharon pulled her head away and stroked him. He pushed it all the way in and it felt like he was trying to fuck my ass as he stroked it in and out.


My Wife is Always One Up on Me

group jocular_guy 2018-01-10

Instead, they wondered if my wife was wearing a bra, when she would lean down to show them, what color were her panties, if she were attached, and if so, would she let them under her skirt anyway. I saw my wife's legs begin to press harder into the floor as the man from behind steadied her ass in the air so he could continue pounding into her, his hips slapping into her ass cheeks. With only my wife and me in the room, she said, "Let's go honey." I stood up, had a little trouble walking with an erection, but left the party holding the coats in front of me.

Dispatches from the Front Line Ch. 02

group txstanford 2018-01-10

David said he and Laura had spent so much time in that Italian village place, he thought she was looking to trade him in for a gondolier. Laura put at end to it all, turning to David and saying: 'If you dare for one moment say Kate and I would be more comfortable on a bed than a dais. We'd got our usual menfolk back, and they were quiet, and gentle, and the smiles they shared with Laura and I were exactly that: not leers, not grins, not the stupid signalling of hot-faced adolescents but the considered and considerate calm of guys mature enough to know just how far their wives had travelled, and to be grateful to have them home.


All This Useless Beauty

group sandj 2018-01-10

I'd like to say that I kissed her every chance I got, and that the kissing eventually turned that corner from a performance to an impulse and that this time when I told her how I felt, she didn't get that deflating look in her eyes again, a mixture of feeling flattered and regretting that she would have to break my heart. I don't know how long it was before I turned to look behind me and saw Bryan leaving and C__ making her way toward me, visibly shaken. "There," she said, "that looks about right." And with a small laugh that made me quiver, she turned away and walked out of the room.


The Queen

group Irishqt1980 2018-01-10

“You like my codpiece your Majesty, such an insatiable bitch you are,” he hissed thrusting with all his might, he tugged her head back and kissed her hard on the mouth, she bit his lower lip and licked it as he whimpered, she hissed loudly as she clenched her thighs, tightening the walls of her garden around the lads shaft, “by the gods you are exquisite your Majesty,” he grunted again and released his seed into her. He gave me a taste of what your garden would be like by letting me into his forbidden hole, does this disgust you my Queen?” William’s mouth moved lower he tongued her naked mound and brought the fingers that had been in her garden to his lips and sucked, “Blessed Virgin you are sweet,” he stood and stared down at the Queen, “I want you to myself, clear the room,” he hissed.

Paradise Ch. 02

group Thring 2018-01-10

"Your turn now, Lover." Zoe picks up the towel beside her and begins to roughly rub my wet body down; paying special attention to drying the parts she loves the best after rubbing me from head to foot. Zoe looks at me with a cat that ate the canary grin and sits in the chair across the table from me to lean back in the sun with her pretty, firm tits pointing her nipples up to the sky to sigh, "Amazing, Paradise is simply amazing Baby." She looks at me in wonder at what I have just gladly done for her and smiles and shakes her head at her own audacity for asking.


Cum Bath

group Archer2050 2018-01-10

They didn't look like brothers when you looked them in the face, and while both men were in great shape, Troy was well over six feet with a hard body, but Bryce was only a couple inches taller than Claire's 5'5", and he wasn't just well-built--he was put together like a rock. As she thought about it, oblivious to the conversation around her, Claire absent-mindedly laid her hand in Troy's crotch, feeling his big, soft penis under his pants. They only had to wait a few seconds before Bryce, with a fat, eight-inch cock and the biggest balls Claire had ever seen joined them, nude, in the middle of the living room. That feeling only intensified when she felt Bryce pull her panties to the side and slid his impossibly fat cock head into her pussy.


Wild Night

group TheCocaColaMan 2018-01-10

She looked shock and I told her again "Strip!" She got up from her chair and slowly began taking off her shirt and jeans, leaving her in her white bra and thong. A very naked, submissive Whitney was on her knees sucking my nice hard cock as I sat on the couch and very naked, horny Amy was standing on the couch, straddling me. As Whitney sucked my nice hard cock, I grabbed Amy still pink ass cheeks and I licked her nice, tight, wet, blonde pussy. After doing so, I grabbed an exhausted Whitney by her auburn hair and said "Be a good little bitch and clean up the mess on Amy's ass" She slowly began lick up my cum on Amy and even licked her blonde pussy clean.

24hr Hall Pass

group Lamplight69 2018-01-10

I sent Sam several texts before I went to bed, and just assumed that she was having a good time with Anie. Anie hooked up with a hot black guy minutes after we got there, and left me alone at the bar. I got so turned on I started playing with myself, and before I knew what was happening the hot black guy Anie fucked earlier had his huge cock deep inside my pussy and was fucking me so hard and fast my legs gave out from the orgasm's. I got on the bed and took off my pants, and grabbed his cock guiding him inside me. So on my 24hr hall pass I fucked 24 different guys, took 21 loads of cum in my pussy and made $900.

A Bargain At Any Price Ch. 03

group aquamarine77 2018-01-10

A man would fill my awaiting pussy, by then aching and sore but still craving more spunk, and then they would come around to my face so I could clean their cocks off with my mouth. Satisfied that every man in the room had drained themselves inside me and completely exhausted, I collapsed into the cum-piss-puddle (which was more like an ocean by now) as Alex pulled out of me and his spunk dribbled out of my raw asshole. I found a box of douche with a note from Alex - "Wouldn't want your boyfriend to suspect anything" - and I was glad to have it, although it was with much regret that I washed away all that delicious spunk.

Hong Kong Gang Bang

group girdleman2 2018-01-10

Carina was handed over to Mandy Tse, a tough middle aged women who was a madam employed by Leung for such events. The madam, Mandy, allowed them all to get a feel and give Carina a taste of what a gang bang involved before intervening to stop the scene getting out of control. Most of the youths were really clumsy and came quickly, helped by Carina who knew how to use her pussy muscles to squeeze the come quickly from a cock to get it over with as soon as possible. There was a cheer from the other youths as Simon lowered his shorts to expose his massive erection as Mandy gave Carina a pussy wash.