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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Last Boy Scout Ch. 04

group Tx Tall Tales 2018-01-10

I could see that Julie had her hand between Shannon's legs, and Lisa was playing with her tits. Teri surprised me for the umpteenth time tonight by leaning over Shannon and kissing her softly. The girls pulled me to the ground, gathering around, and then Shannon was between my legs, holding my cock in her hand, looking at it. Shannon leaned over and ran her hand down Teri's bare back, all the way to her sweet little ass. She grinned and brought her lips to mine, kissing me warmly, our tongues playing, while I fucked Shannon. I turned and kissed Lisa, for a long, long time almost missing it when Shannon's moans started rising.


Beach Weekend

group jeninflorida 2018-01-10

Sara smiled then pulled her bikini top to the side exposing her firm breasts, "My nipples are too big and I have a hard time concealing them. As I worked on the snacks with my back to her, Sara reached under my arm and grabbed my left tit and said, "I still can't believe you want to get your nipples pierced. As the night progressed, I knew it was only a matter of time until the guys would start pushing "the girls to get naked." This always seemed to happen when the four of us were together. While we were stripping, Sara kept reaching over and teasing my nipples right in front of the guys.

Sharon's Threesome Ch. 03

group SharonMWF 2018-01-10

I walked back to where they were sitting, and, standing between them took Colin's cock in my left hand and my husband's in my right. While Colin was starting to finger me, I felt my husband move to straddle me and put his hard cock between my tits. I thought to myself as Colin thrusts continued, "God, I love the way he fucks me." "I wish my husband fucked me like this, this guy is a great fuck." "True, Colin's cock is magnificent, and he is a great fuck, but you really don't know anything about him." I stopped thinking and concentrated on the pleasure Colin was driving deep into me with each full and deep thrust.


Linda's Porn Debut Ch. 1

group mainahh 2018-01-10

I could feel his cock against my ass and I was a little embarrassed thinking that everyone was watching me but as I looked around everyone on the crowded dance floor seemed to be doing much more erotic things. I turned around and Chris stood up right next to me pulled out his cock in his hand laughing and said "oh yeah Prove it baby". I couldn't believe what I did next...I reached out and grabbed it and said, "It's so cute" They all laughed at Chris and I saw his look of total embarrassment and I felt a little bad. So I grabbed Chris' cock and started jerking faster and faster...he said "Open your mouth!!

Spring Break Ch. 03

group mdiver 2018-01-10

I'm sure I could hear Cathy in the ecstasy of an orgasm as I moved over to observe Linda, Shirley and Mike. Like the other group, Shirley was in a doggie style as she licked Linda's pussy and Mike fucked her from behind. Not only was Shirley licking and sucking but she was fucking Linda's cunt with her fingers. "Speaking of fun, I would like to get you hard and feel you cum in my cunt," said Linda as she moved my hands up to squeeze her breast. I looked over to the other group and my lovely wife had Bill's cock in her mouth giving him a very nice bj while Carl was eating Cathy's pussy.

First Time Bi

group overseas 2018-01-10

We all got on the elevator when Sandra said, "Let's go to my suite and talk dirty!" Sandra had connived her way into a suite while Shane and I had 'regular' rooms. Sandra pulled her mouth away from Shane's cock and said, "No David, I want to see yours too. All the girls at the office talk about how big you must be, come on, show me." she said this as she continued to stroke Shane's cock. Shane's hands were stroking my soapy cock while Sandra played with my balls and put her fingers in my ass. Sandra said, "Get on the sofa David." She and Shane got on their knees. Sandra was stroking Shane's cock and ramming fingers her up his ass.


Banging The Babysitter Ch. 02

group SXY_Hot_Mamma 2018-01-10

Misha turned to Dave and he held her face in his hands as he kissed her and they passed the smoke between the two of them. I found her ass cheeks and held them in my palms, I pulled her to me and slid my cock between her pussy lips. She smiled up at me as Dave pounded away into her, her body bouncing up and down, and she took my cock into her mouth. Dave stopped fucking Misha, and she pushed me away, my cock sliding out between her tits. Dave held open Misha's thighs as his tongue licked up and down her slit and then she bucked her hips, pulling them up as she began to cum on his face.


Miami Heat

group smj54ap 2018-01-10

When I mentioned to Lee that April neglected to tell me he was a lifeguard, he said she was the jealous type and was aware that we were close friends in high school. When I asked about Lee's weight loss and transformation, he explained that after high school he went on a diet and exercise regimen at his father's gym and followed it religiously. Maria worked as a lifeguard at the busy water slides and when I got to work that day I told her in a panicky voice about my weight gain. Maria's strong arms lifted me toward her and I kissed her face and neck with a light touch.


Damien's Delight

group GRGrayson 2018-01-10

This was not the case today as Cherie and Chrystal double teamed his dick, Damien savouring the sensation of two tongues licking his cock at once. "I'm glad you like them," she replied as she lifted her hips slightly so she could pull her skirt from her hips with free hand, Damien also helping a little so that it dropped lightly to the ground. Still sucking his nipples in turn, she glided one hand down to Damien's belt and with dexterity, undid his belt, button and fly, and pushing downward allowed them to drop to the ground, wrestling his hard dick out of his underpants before taking a firm grip.


group freddybgood 2018-01-10

The jacuzzi tub has always been one of my favourite places, a place just to hang out and enjoy the movement of the warm water as my cock floats to the top, sometimes a place to meet a lady and get close to her, sometimes a place to get hot and sweaty rubbing a pussy as my cock is played with and sucked. My thumb was pressing lightly against her open hole and within a few minutes the resistance that I could feel gave way to the inviting wetness of her pussy juices flowing from her cunt. For a little while I just enjoyed the view of her pink pussy spread open wide and welcoming me, surrounded by a sea of black curls, thrusting my cock into her hungry mouth as she played with my balls.

Nicki's Mini Pt. 02

group nickitaylor 2018-01-10

It was best when it was just like that first time with Nigel-when I could wind down the window, and let the wind catch my hair on a warm evening and just go where the roads took me. "Let me guess," said smiler as I got off the phone, "You want a lift back to your car now." I felt hands on my boobs-kneading them, grabbing them; two others grabbed my ankles and pulled my legs up and apart, leaving my pussy totally exposed (albeit with a couple of Kev's fingers deep inside me). Holy crap-the whole thing had happened in less that five minutes from me seeing the headlights in the distance to me getting fucked by God knows how many blokes in the back of a rugby club minibus.


My Sexual Bucket List :)

group 21Laura 2018-01-10

A guy would be able to say he lost his virginity and took mine at the same time - and vice versa :) If this is too difficult to organise, I will still strike this off my list later in the year for definite - and I will also try to be his first in front of my cheering pals :) I think this experience could also be perceived as sluttish and whorish :) But it would not be five strange cocks - it would be five guys I already know and I would hope to be able to control some of the action myself.

The Apt Ch. 02

group timjac2 2018-01-10

She then stood up on the bed and took off her jeans and panties and stood there in all her glory, as she stood there I could see small beads of juice starting to form on her lower lips, and I wanted to taste them immediately upon seeing them. Shauna said that she wanted to control how fast I got in, and she slowly pushed up against me stopping when she felt that she had to. In the meanwhile, Shauna and I were getting a show, as Lisa and Monica were starting to kiss and fondle each other on the other side of the bed. Just for fun, I reached behind Lisa and started to finger her cunt, and it wasn't long and her juices,were flowing.

I Double Dog Dare You!

group zimabean 2018-01-10

Wilma and I were pretty horny and I was thinking of calling it a night and going home and fucking Troy and going to sl**p. Troy then said "I double dog dare you" followed by "strip down naked and swim in the pool and then fuck all these guys!" I looked at Wilma who was already taking off her clothes and I then removed mine and we went to the pool and jumped in. Fred and Troy did fuck a couple of the girls and then the older d***k ladies. Troy and Fred are going to keep in touch with those boys and we all want to have another party real soon.


group DreamOn 2018-01-10

this was a vision of all visions, a feeling of all feelings as my thumb and finger almost touched with the just the soft skin of your sex keeping them parted...then you uttered those three words...”fuck my ass”...I moved behind you slowly, keeping up all finger and thumb movement, then wetting your ass some more with your own juices, I briefly dipped my cock inside your pussy before bringing out my cum-soaked member...I positioned it at your ass and you pushed back against me...this time it slipped in easily, the head cleared your opening and without moving forward you slid back further and harder against me, in one slow motion stroke you took the length of my cock inside your ass...your head and shoulders fell against the arm of the sofa and your gorgeous curvaceous ass sacrificed itself so magnificently to my cock.

Anna's Adventure Ch. 03

group loveking 2018-01-10

He then continued, "Anna, as you now know, this room is equipped with many video cameras and at this very moment all of the audience in the bar are watching the large screen eagerly awaiting your preparation." As the master spoke he reached for the remote and the large screen in the room was suddenly filled with an image of Anna standing by the bed with Jasmine and Jenny. The master moved so that he was standing directly by her head and gripped the nipple clamp cords, one in each hand, and said, "Anna I am now going to slowly push my cock into your mouth.


Nathan Stokes, Pornstar Ch. 02

group Dallas_X 2018-01-10

Elle gently nudged Jenny's arm, "he looks awake to me." Nathan quickly shut his eyes in embarrassment. Jenny looked back down the aisle at Elle, as Nathan took her hand to guide her to her seat. "You know pornstars," Nathan grinned, "we're not very good at acting." The couple shared a devious look as Jenny's tiny fingers meshed together with his, and the tension she had felt before dissipated. Nathan smiled warmly, leaning in for a kiss, "that's my girl." He slowly re-entered her soaking wet pussy, their sexual juices overflowing and running down Jenny's sensitive ass, as she breathed out a quiet moan. fill me," Jenny moaned softly into their kiss, feeling content as the warmth of Nathans semen began to fill her pussy.


In the Dressing Room

group CheriSM 2018-01-10

As I walked to the dressing rooms, I passed two men who were sitting and waiting for their wives or girlfriends. The corset negligee was facing them and they glanced at it then watched me walk into the dressing room. Back in the dressing room I slide the jeans down my hips and gently rub my hand over my pussy. The other man tells me "You look good enough to fuck." I could come right now just from his words. I turn to look at him and ask, "Then what are you waiting for?" I am walking backward toward my dressing room while I crook my finger at them indicating that they should follow me.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 41

group SteveWallace 2018-01-09

If Sean comes, Cindy or I will be sure he's taken care of in a hot sexual way." As I got a glass of wine and wolfed down a sandwich Elsa made for me, she told me about the talk that Greg had started with her that Sean had joined. Sean said, "I've met Kim, Greg's wife. He told me Pam was ready to play any role we wanted so long as she got lots of Greg's cock. "I told her to go for it, and that I had some fresh pussy I wanted to try, meaning Kim. I wouldn't have said that two months ago either, although I did have my fantasies. We were still kissing when Greg escorted Sean and Pam into the kitchen.


The Trophy Wife Ch. 03

group Gary_Alexander_2 2018-01-09

Jamie had done a wonderful job eating out my pussy the night before: he'd made me cum twice, which no man had ever done before, and left me wanting and needing more. Ellie suddenly spit Jamie's cock out of her mouth: for his own safety, because she began cumming violently. Jamie looked like he was in great distress, his hard, wet cock just sticking out in front of him, probably just seconds from cumming. I'd had Jamie's cock in my mouth twice over the past 24 hours; but only for a few seconds each time, and I'd never tasted his cum. A couple of minutes passed, and then Ellie took her mouth from my pussy and said "You two finish one another off.

My Birthday Treat

group love24x 2018-01-09

Your back arches off the table and you cry out loudly as I begin to fuck you, pushing my cock as far into you eager body as I can, my balls bouncing against your arse while she carries on licking you, her tongue working on your clit as I slide my thick cock in and out of you, stretching your delicate lips wide and making you even more sensitive to her flicking tongue. With my face buried between your thighs I taste your beautiful little cunt, opening your lips with my tongue and sucking your stiff clit into my mouth, the creamy wetness of your orgasm running from your succulent hole down over my chin as I watch her push the thick realistic looking dildo into her soaking wet cunt.

Awakening Pt. 02

group AliasAl 2018-01-09

However throughout the day she sat there or walked around topless and I couldn't keep my eyes off looking at her perfect body staring at those tits, except when I tried to check out her fanny to see if it was bald…the bikini material hardly covered her big lips!! Standing and listening to the sound again got my crutch wet and the thought of seeing Graces fantastic body, tits and cunny and Franks huge cock was an option I couldn't resist. Fill me, fuck me Harvey, fill me.' She continued bouncing and riding the cock as I moved into the doorway to get a better looked and I was so turned on that I put my hand into my bikini bottoms and started rubbing my clit.


Any Cock Will Do Ch. 2

group Dakota Ryan 2018-01-09

"Chuck come over here and let her suck your cock like she did mine and if she does real good I might let her have another inch of mine." Jim said with a smile. Jim rocked back and forth driving Kelly wild with desire, she slipped Chucks cock out of her mouth long enough to beg for more. Kelly sucked harder and drove her tongue around inside Vickie's pussy as her orgasm flowed sweet cum all around her tongue. Jim being a man of his word drove his cock deep inside Kelly's pussy just as Vickie went over the edge. Chuck screamed he was cumin and filled Vickie's mouth with cum, just as Jim's cock shot its hot load deep inside Kelly.

Delivery Surprise

group ECHoney 2018-01-09

Hi my name is Vicki and besides flashing one of my favorite things is ordering things to be delivered like pizza, Chinese food or when I know UPS or FED EX I would answer the door wearing nothing but a towel. As my finger slid between her wet pink lips I started kissing her neck and working my way to her breasts letting my tongue circle her nipples before suckling on them. I reached back with my free hand and smeared his cum over my rosebud and slipped 2 fingers inside my ass and began fucking myself. She got down on the floor between our legs and watched as his cock spread my ass and slowly slid inside me.