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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Naked Sara's Ch. 01: The Outlaws

group MLG52 2018-01-09

Let's have a good look at your ass and your cunt!" The men laughed at Sanchez' crude torment. Sanchez then grabbed my arm and pulled me around behind Ma. She still had her butt cheeks pulled wide apart, and I was looking directly at her asshole and pussy lips, which showed a little wetness. Sara, reach down and pull those big pussy lips apart so the boys get to look deep inside." I had never before given much thought to the birthing process; it wasn't something Ma or Pa ever talked about. The next man had a surprise planned for Ma. From where I was standing, it looked like he got the tip of his dick wet in her dripping pussy.


Sharing My Girlfriend

group Mr_Boston 2018-01-09

One of the things we enjoyed was playing card games like strip poker with a choice of clothing off or a sexual task to the loser of a particular hand. One night about 11pm we were drinking and playing strip poker, I had just won a hand and was trying to think of a fun task for her because she only had a thong left on for clothing. We went inside and Rich sat down in the kitchen where he could watch Ken & Bev fucking in the living room. Bev was riding Ken cowgirl style and I went and told Rich to get naked and surprise her by putting his cock in her face. By the time Ken came back from the bathroom she was kneeling down giving Rich head while he sat at the kitchen table.

Biker Threesome

group shmily 2018-01-09

I stopped stroking Shadow's cock and just held his throbbing meat in my hand, telling him I was so wet it felt like I had soaked through my jeans. I once again took Shadow's cock into my mouth and continued to suck and tease him with my tongue. About that time Shadow shot a load of cum into my mouth as Bones brought me to orgasm; my pussy was dripping wet. "Well I want your pussy before he gets to it!" Shadow said looking over at Bones, releasing me and heading towards his bike! He was quickly coming to that point of no return when Bones moaned and grabbed my hips, plunging into me one last time as he shot his cum deep inside my ass.

Out for a run part 7

group 2018-01-09

Before I continue, let me describe myself, I have a distinct look – 51 years old, 5 feet 5 inches tall, 145 pounds, Hispanic with darker skin, brunet hair – shoulder length, mouth that loves to suck cock and has acquired the taste for cum, breast size 36D with mouthful size nipples that love attention and are extremely sensitive, abdomen not fat, but enough cushion for some good pushing, dark well maintained pussy hair – no shaving here, pussy that loves action – tight and warm, very toned legs from jogging, flat butt that has just lately started to enjoy anal sex – the flat butt leads to great penetration without needing to move the checks away, and I enjoy being naked, but have a shy side.

Any Chance We Could Ch. 25

group Reindeer58 2018-01-09

"I think these changes might add another $15,000, so can you set up an account at a title company for $800,000 that I can draw on as materials are brought on site and for weekly labor billings?" he asked before adding, "The last twelve percent'll be withheld until you return and sign-off on the work." If I gave you $21,765 minus 12.75 percent, how much would you take off?' The secretary thought for a moment and replied 'everything but my earrings.'" Veronica was looking Dave right in the eye as she told the story. "Oh, come on, you looked at his crotch more than once, it kind of took your breath away when he fondled your tits with his eyes, and you intimated you'd like him to see you in just your earrings," I said laughing.


First Night

group Lexie Lawless 2018-01-09

The woman that Anne recognized to be Candy now dropped to one knee and pushed Sally back against the shower wall. Sally’s head rolled around on the tile shower wall as Candy finger fucked her and savagely ate her pussy. Almost as if in self defense, Anne watched in amazement as Sally’s foot raised up off of the floor and began pressing against Candy’s pussy. She could feel cocks sliding across her mouth, slipping in and out of her pussy, women’s hands massaging her clit, nipples running across her mouth. When she thought she couldn’t stand it anymore, she felt a long finger slip up inside her pussy, joining the cock as it rammed in and out of her.

The Girl Who Couldn't Say No Ch. 02

group Lionheart72 2018-01-09

The blonde took a deep breath and then said, in a rush, "Some bastards stole my clothes and I need to get to the bathroom to clean up and then could I borrow your shirt so I can get out here and I'll give it back I promise but please help." Ally laughed as Frank scrubbed his hand over his mouth, looking slightly green. With a deep breath, Ally started to lick Frank's cock, tasting his salty pre-cum and musky flavor. Frank pulled eagerly on her head and Ally moved low, taking the tapered tip between her lips. Frank gave a ragged grunt, pushing himself deeper into her face before slowly pulling his cock from between her lips.

A Ladies Night for Alice

group jbarb 2018-01-09

She was an attractive 30ish woman who had black hair, dark eyes and a dark tanned skin, which set off the white strapless body-hugging sheath dress she was wearing. Alice didn't know about the others but she was already feeling a little light headed from the couple of glassfuls she drank while driving in the limo. Another girl called Pat who looked stunning in a tube strapless blue floral dress and a bodice cut so low that it barely contained her breast, shouted," Listen, I hear the other girls arriving. During the film Alice heard the following comments: "look at them getting off, sexercising, polishing the pearl, hand jiving, "and so on.


Susan's Release

group MrFiXXXit 2018-01-09

With her tied up, I pushed my cock down on her, making her suck it and with the other hand, I forced the dildo into her tight little pussy. She started pushing back on both my cock and the extra dick like her life had depended on it and let out a moan that I was afraid was going to wake the up kids! Everything was looking good so far, a couple of the men had bailed out, but the key ones that I'd wanted there were still with me, leaving me with 6 men showing up to show how much fun more than one dick can be to my lovely wife. My wife looks over, and sees the couples in total ecstasy and puts her hand over her mouth, gasping a little.


How Hannah Solved a Problem

group muddled 2018-01-09

Hannah gave Max's cock a couple of more deep sucks before taking it out and jerking him off in her hand. Hannah decided that she must have looked a sight, with her clothes disheveled, her blouse partially out of her skirt and partially unbuttoned and, finally, male semen on her hands, her chin and in her hair. She walked swiftly down to the school and arrived 45 minutes before Karl and Max. She used the additional time to prepare herself for the test. "Math, " Hannah said, " is all about the use of numbers to find things out and solve problems." She paused briefly, "this is the last test before the real exam.


A Summer Afternoon in Paris

group Karnal 2018-01-09

Reluctantly letting go of Eizo's beautiful member, I squirted some of the lube onto my hand and reached down between my legs, rubbing the lube into my asshole; that cool wet feeling in my most intimate place made my cock twitch with anticipation. Taniko was working up a rhythm, rolling her hips, grinding her crotch into Eizo's face; then she would stop as his tongue probed deep inside her before starting the rolling motion again. All this time Taniko was sucking and slurping at Eizo's cock, drawing his fluid from his balls and up his shaft. Eizo had my balls in his mouth again and he was sucking them hard as my spunk started to flow along my shaft, spurting deep into Taniko's pussy, overflowing and running down her thighs.

Teacher's Pet Ch. 06

group jamesofthedead 2018-01-09

I know I'm no Emily Moore but I think I can turn a few heads in my new clothes, wouldn't you agree Mr Burton?" She asked suggestively, her arse now perched on the desk, her fingers slowly raising the hem of her skirt. I stood back and watched as Miss Jones' face changed almost immediately to one of anxious anticipation to one of unbridled lust as Nikki and Emily got closer and closer to meeting in the middle. Miss Jones' head dropped back onto the desk as the girl's tongues slid up her slick lips in tandem sending a torrent of pleasure coursing through her body. With one look Emily and Nikki rose and slid Miss Jones' waist to the edge of the desk.

The Toy Shop

group 2018-01-09

She had just purchased it at the sex shop she worked at last night and planned on starting her day by trying it out, but Lana had called and said she wasn’t feeling well and asked Roxy to come in early and run the store by herself. The husband pulled out of Roxy’s pussy and both women licked and sucked his cock, the entire length of his shaft, caressing his balls with there tongues until he too let out a huge moan and came all over there faces. Roxy then lay back onto the couch and the woman took Bruno and flipped the switch on and started running it up and down Roxy’s wet pussy lips.

Ménage a Trois

group bdrew86 2018-01-09

Lucy moaned and gasped loudly and her eyes opened wide as her lover buried his cock to the hilt inside her. It took another couple of seconds before Lucy realized that her lover had stopped and opened her eyes. We broke the kiss and saw the guy next to us, stroking his cock furiously, watching us make out. When I walked in he was fucking her; that means foreplay had happened and now after fucking me for a several minutes and watching two women kissing and licking each other this guy still wasn't cumming. Lucy and I were closing in on our orgasms and the way this guy was grunting and thrusting, he wasn't far away too.


Fun With Sylvia

group Pappageno 2018-01-09

My first thought was that it was a way for John to get some outside pussy without feeling guilty or getting into trouble with Sylvia. It was really incredible to feel up Sylvia’s wonderful body as it slid over top of me while John was fucking her like a dog. Lick me, suck me, make me come.” John began to fuck me dog style while I dove me face into Sylvia’s pussy. John pulled his dick out of me, looked down at it and said, ”Mother fuck. John didn’t say much, I got to play with those beautiful tits, and Sylvia and I learned what it was like to fuck each other and share a dick.


group TheOxRocks 2018-01-09

I glanced around for a second, surveying the scene: parents and toddlers in the kiddie pool; the usual sun-worshippers spread out on their lounges; some people playing board games; Chris up in the lifeguard tower yapping away on his cell phone and paying no attention to the ten or so swimmers paddling around. The photos and videos I've seen from that day show me looking embarrassed, Cyndi glowing radiantly, and her smiling parents and girlfriends hovering in the background. I shook hands with Cyndi's parents and said "I'm a bit confused - I've never been called 'sir' before in my life.


Rugby World Cup Group Sex

group gandj130 2018-01-09

I felt Stefan's cock touch the side of my face and as he lifted my hand to his cock and I squeezed and stroked it until holding it by shaft I moved across and began to lick and kiss it before sliding it into my mouth. I turned back to Martins cock and sucked it again and pushed my bum back against Gary's cock, closing my eyes and enjoying the feeling as he squeezed my breasts and pinched my nipples. He lifted himself up on his arms and immediately as he did so I felt a hand on each of my breasts, as Martin fucked me Gary and Stefan massaged my tits.


The Bouncer

group BennyBlanco24bx 2018-01-09

My dick finally hard again I got up, grabbing Sakuri by the hips I slowly pushed in, I could feel her tightness gripping me shaft, trying to stop me from entering, I had never felt a pussy this tight before and slammed myself in, making her cry out in pain and pleasure, she looked back with me her eyes glazed over, she was drooling, Miyu sat up and I could see her tiny tits had been sucked on, small red bite marks covered her nipples and I could see her hand had slipped into her pants she began to pull off my shirt as I continued to thrust in and out of Sakuri, whose screams had now lowered to grunts as she thrust backwards trying to feel every inch.

Tales of a New House Ch. 02

group minxx66 2018-01-09

I moved slowly forward, as I reached Gary I leant down to kiss him, my tongue exploring his mouth, one hand behind his head, caressing his short cropped hair, the other stroking his prick. Licking the lovely head of his prick I again looked towards the camera, before again taking his length into my mouth, he sighed as I grazed my teeth down his shaft. Mike's hands grabbed my buttocks and pulled my forward, his lovely hard throbbing prick pressed tightly between his stomach and my pelvis. As she continued to lick and suck my lower lips, her tongue occasionally seeking my warm pussy, Mark moved around behind her and lifted her skirt over her ass.


Mr. Fix It

group usm1carbine 2018-01-09

The slaps of his balls against her ass filled the room as he strove to push his whole body inside of her, then he felt the familiar tingling and withdrew and climbed her body, his hard cock poised at her mouth as she opened it and jacked him until it spurt out, her mouth capturing most of it, the rest on her face and neck and in her brown hair. He got on the bed on his knees and she motioned for him to come up to her head and she sucked him, causing his cock to get even harder than it did when she offered him her ass and then she drooled on his cock, "Won't take much lubrication Jed," and she winked as he moved down between her legs and poised his slick cock at her back door.

Trio Makes Beautiful Music

group TMS414 2018-01-09

I was working over Julie's tits with my tounge and mouth, and licked my way down her body and started flicking her clit with my tounge as I watched Cyndi slide two fingers into her cunt. "Well, while you recover," Cyndi said after kissing me, "Why don't you and Julie eat my pussy, cause you're still gonna have to fuck the both of us before this night is over. She let the last of her orgasam rip through her body and then fell off my face and lay on her side on the bed as Julie leaned in and licked the pussy juice off my face, and I grabbed her ass cheeks and started to pump into her faster.


Truth or Dare Upstairs

group alanfrench1973 2018-01-09

Jenny and Mark watched as Alexa leaned over to Matt, putt her hand on his chest, and kissed him, deep and slow. Mark thought it over, took a drink, and leaning over to Alexa, said "Ah what the hell." He kissed his best friend's girl, and the other two just watched. Matt turned the question over in his mind, looked at Alexa, then back to Mark, and said "Four." "Now that's more like it Jenny." Alexa undid the button on her shorts, slipped two fingers inside, and said to Matt, "I think she likes this game babe. Mark asked Jenny, "Don't girls do this kind of thing around each other often?" Alexa answered for her, in between breaths, "Not. With boys.

Slut Nikki's Cluster Breeding Cuck Gangbang

group PussyInjector 2018-01-09

Not being able to come for a week does strange things to a guy, but I will sure have a huge load for that slut tonight. They both suggested we start by playing the game Slut Orders where Nikki stands facing Rich who is sitting in a chair and tells guys what to do to her. Hiko had the smallest dick so he went first, not having cum in over a week he did not last long and when he pulled out his cum was dripping all over the floor even though Nikki was on her back in the chair with her head much lower than her pussy. Both Rich and I were surprised and she gave us both a guilty look as the black guys were taking her out of the swing strapped her in the breeding bench.

Lori's Revenge Ch. 02

group coldfire69 2018-01-09

Eventually Peter -- his cock as rock-hard as Lori had ever seen it -- turned to Minx and whispered something in her ear. Her brain clouded by a mist of alcohol and desire, Lori watched Peter pull Minx's athletic ass cheeks apart, and begin to slide his wet tongue over her anus, over and over. As Peter began also licking Minx's panties, Lori's clit suddenly sent out a ripple of hot jabs. As Lori watched Minx roll the condom over Peter's cock, her insides threatened to ignite again. Her soft, blond hair thrown wildly about her head, Minx rode Peter's cock as if it was the last time she would ever get to do it.