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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

At the Movies

group PaJim 2018-01-09

You run your hands up my shaft one more time before opening your mouth wide and sucking down my cock. you know you want to taste his cum" you shake your head no but instead of listening to you I just push your face forward till his cock is pressed against your lips. You clamp your mouth tight but between me pulling on your hair and him shoving his cock against your lips you begin to yield. I begin to shove your head up and down on his cock while he fucks your mouth. Your mind is eased when you feel my hand slide up over your body, scooping up the cum of those 3 strangers into your mouth.

Little Red Riding Whore

group suitep 2018-01-09

Sarah Michelle Gellar went to the Playboy mansion dressed as Little Red Riding Whore, and Laurie looked terrific copying the idea. There was a line forming for "Bob for Apples or Walk the Plank" over by the diving board...another of David's more traditional party activities. Little Red was about to get a good riding and earn her reputation the hard way. Frankenstein grabbed her legs and jerked her to the edge of the bed where he promptly yanked her panty crotch to the side and took her as only a large, powerful, abomination could. Without knowing the identity of the other participants, Laurie was sure that the joke of Little Red Riding Whore would follow her for a long time to come.

Drunken Wife

group marilyn69 2018-01-09

I’m sitting in a wine bar in the West End of London, just a short distance from my hotel. I introduce myself as Marilyn and shake hands with Jake, the black guy, followed by Sean and the man who has bought the drink, John. I’m arm in arm with the black guy, Jake, who I have taken quite a shine to. I’m looking down at my pussy as I continue wanking Sean. Jake’s fingers are really stretching my slit and I’m pressing hard onto his hand. Sean tells me he’s cumming but this time I let it happen. I’m now taking my third cock in half an hour and my cunt feels so sore!

A Little Fun between Friends

group mikethomas1179 2018-01-09

Sara, Carrie, James, the Groom and the best man Jamal. James says Sara is a close friend to him and Carrie and told them after the 1st time. James says the other side reason besides being his best friend, his that Carrie wants to fuck Jamal with Sara. Jamal lays Carrie down and opens her up with his knees and slide s his throbbing hard cock into her. Sara kisses Jamal as Carrie slide to one side on the bed. Sara eagerly does this as Jamal watches it from above He is so excited to watch that he starts to fuck her hard. James walks in and to see them all laying the bed, Carrie smiles at him and says, "Thanks for the present."

Beach Fun

group Bodyartist 2018-01-09

I did notice Peters sunglasses pointing straight at my cock making mine swell to meet his, which caused me to change the direction of my gaze looking out to the sea and standing up to get a good view of our surroundings now that we had settled noting that we were quite well away from the main path through the dunes, at the front , which meant that we were quite well hidden, noting that Louise and Mark would have a good side view of my shaven cock as i stood there for over five mins, their playful sun lotion session having worked on me, my cock having a mind of his own when he gets excited, giving the game away.

Su-Lin's Fantasy Ch. 02

group loveking 2018-01-09

In his fantasy Robert would see Jack standing behind Su-Lin, completely naked with his fully erect cock jutting proudly forward, his hands roughly pulling her buttocks apart to feast his eyes on her exposed pussy as he prepares to enter her. Robert soon broke the silence by suggesting that Su-Lin should sit on the couch and relax while he and Jack had a quick shower to freshen up after their long journey. Su-Lin felt Robert's hands hold her shoulders firmly and turn her so she was facing Jack. Jack looked Su-Lin up and down with a lustful look in his eyes before replying, "Oh yes, it is the same coat that she was wearing at the start of the sexy photos."


Gavin Screws Up Ch. 03

group GemmaRaphael 2018-01-09

"Let's show this beautiful young thing how to behave." A thrill shot through Ellie's body in response to the sex charged environment and the suggestive look that passed over Liz's face as she'd spoken to her husband. Liz dropped her knickers on the floor and she and Bob eased into the spa, ensuring that Ellie got a good look at their well-toned bodies on the way in. As Bob and Liz started kissing in the corner of the spa, each of them with an eye on Ellie, a few other people also entered the water. When Liz shrieked with her first orgasm, Ellie lurched forward, putting all her weight on her left hand, and at that moment Gavin approached her from behind and asked if he could fuck her.

The Christening Of Lillian Ch. 01

group Lustyspouse 2018-01-09

Lillian and me kept in touch after the transaction was over and we had moved into the flat, mainly because I was interested in starting a home-based business retailing novelties from Bali as well as mail-order lingerie which Jasmin, my wife, was also keen on. I just wanted to slide my hand in-between to finger-fuck her that instant, but I knew it was still too early to expect a Singaporean Chinese woman like Lillian to indulge. She said that David wanted to meet up with me first for coffee to discuss the shape and form of our future together, and any boundaries that needed to be pre-arranged and respected for discretionary purposes; I agreed, and informed her I had spoken to Jasmin too about the recent developments.


Handsome Ch. 22

group Paris Waterman 2018-01-09

When I reached her glistening pussy, I gave one long lick up her slit, causing Hayley to gasp; then kissed her inner thighs, stopping only to wet a finger in her flowing juices, and then inserting it up her ass. I did feel a little resistance, but nothing to write home about; nor was there any apparent pain to Hayley, who was already wriggling her ass around beneath me like she was going crazy. Afterward, near exhaustion, Hayley whispered between kisses that she wanted me to come to a party she was having the next night. The girls all realized that, except for Hayley, none of them could take the expensive lingerie home with them, fearing that their respective parents would not approve, and probably think they were up to far worse activity than merely modeling for each other.


What I Had Always Wanted

group Firestar 2018-01-09

I was so amazed at how big he had grown to- and more than anything, I wanted to feel him rip apart my hole and shove his cock deep inside of my moistness. He got up and in a deep, mature voice asked “are you ready for this?” I softly replied, “yes” and felt the tip of a huge cock resting on the lips of my pussy. Two men were holding my legs out so my thighs were spread as wide as they could go, while the black man underneath me held my hips in his hands, guiding my body onto his long cock. As the rest of the men jerked off around me and hit their cocks against my naked body, I felt a huge tremor begin to build inside of me.

Construction Site Slut

group 1masterslut 2018-01-09

My cunt muscles grabbing and squeezing that cock over and over as the foreman fucked my mouth like it was another pussy. The driver exclaimed, " Her fuck hole's trying to milk my cock!" His friend told him to go ahead and cum in my pussy, because he was going to shoot his load down my throat any minute. And no way do I want to get a filthy slut like this pregnant!" He yanked his prick out of my pussy, lined the head up with my ass hole and started thrusting. The men fucked my holes like animals, cocks swelling and pulsing in my ass and mouth, swollen balls tightening, preparing to drain themselves into me.

Finding Joy

group mooremike 2018-01-09

I stopped to look closer at one movie that showed a woman riding a large cock and two men standing over her face which was covered with sperm. I felt like I was watching somebody else as I pulled into the parking lot and turned off the car. He looked down at me and said “I think you really want to suck my cock.” My eyes were wide open as his hand started moving my head up and down his cock. Then I opened my mouth and started sucking that cock. I felt a tap on my shoulder and looked to see the man standing there stroking his cock. “I said I was feeling naughty.” I said and then opened my mouth and started sucking his cock

Kelly's Story

group 72BMWR75 2018-01-09

The girl looked like she was about 26 and in the black bikini she was wearing, Kelly thought she looked hot. Kelly felt that quiver again when Steve said her name. Kelly felt Jen's breast against her arm, felt her hard nipple. As Kelly watched, Jen smiled at her and pulled at her nipples. Kelly looked back at Jen. She had taken off her bikini bottom and was sitting slumped on the couch. Kelly felt Steve's hands move to her inner thighs, urging her to spread her legs more. Steve sucked Kelly's swollen lips into his mouth and Kelly forgot all about Jen. She was close to coming and all she could think about was the wonderful sensations that spread through her body.


Hot Dreams of Alice Pt. 01

group molineux 2018-01-09

The woman behind her made the rocking chair pick up some speed, and Alice squeezed the dildo with her pussy lips. On the screen the young man took Alice's hand and put it on his cock. The woman behind her put her foot on a step of the rocking chair and started to rock it firmy, making the dildo fuck Alice's pussy hard. "Take, it, slut!" the man she was sucking said, and Alice could see her gulp his come down greedily, while she furiously pumped the long, thin cock in her hand. The African gentleman withdrew, and Alice saw more white come trickle down her anus as she slumped down on the man below, good and spent, and, judging by her face, very happy.


The Watchers Ch. 4

group captivate 2018-01-09

As Jim approached, Erik placed his fingers back inside my wet slit and moved it into my deep pinkness. Suddenly, my orgasm overcame me and I screamed into Erik's mouth as my wet cunt began to spasm on Jim's cock, still buried deep within me. Erik stood up, walked over and placed his hand around Jim's hard, wet cock and massaged it, guiding the spray all over my ass, as Jim released all of his sweet creamy come. Jim placed his hands on Erik's head and encouraged him to continue with his sucking. Jim came up beside him and wrapped his hand around that ready cock and helped Erik thrust it home. Jim moved to the sofa and knelt by my head, offering me his hardened cock.

Private Island Ch. 05

group crimson56 2018-01-09

"Yes, I got to get to know Bob, Tony, Jim and Alberto a bit better." she answered with a wicked grin. Debbie squeezed my hand, stood up and made her way to meet Alberto and on to the stage. When the door was opened at the end of their three minutes Vicki was kneeling in front of Ben. Her head blocked my view of his groin but the way it was moving back and forth it was obvious what she was doing and how much she was enjoying it. When time was up and the door opened we were greeted with the sight of Stacy's legs wrapped around Jim's waist and his bare ass facing us.



group CeliaisAliena 2018-01-09

I feel so wet, so good and wet, and she returns her hand to me, snugging inside against my bare pussy lips, her thumb knowing and nudging, entering me while her firm little hand grinds itself against my button, massaging my bare pubes that used to bear a forest. Little pealing sighs erupt from her, a star shower of breaths, while he fucks fucks fucks me and, god, he starts to shoot, hollering blasphemies I can't understand while her whole pelvis revolves, like a globe spinning, my finger inside, my tongue spinning clockwise in the groove against her delicate bead.

Holly's Awakening

group hotdm69 2018-01-09

She slid 2 and sometimes 3 fingers deep inside her love hole, then occasionally she would show a little leg by pulling back the blanket, which got Robert's attention several times. As Robert's and Holly's tongues probed each others mouths, Jim was burying his face in her wet pussy, making her moan and her hips squirm. Jim kept devouring her pussy while Robert took his cock and pushed it deep into Holly's throat. Holly made love to Robert's hot, throbbing rod with her tongue, as her pussy shot juices all over Jim's face. The next thing you know, Robert started fucking her pussy violently while she continued to suck Jim's cock.

The Sex Store

group rjohnson 2018-01-09

The woman had her hand wrapped around the man's cock, gently rubbing it, trying to bring it up again and the man was sitting with a glassy look on his face, watching my wife and the sales clerk. As I watched my wife taking that large cock up her ass hole, I saw a look of determination and utter lust fill her eyes as she pleaded to be fucked harder. She started slowly again but was soon bouncing up and down on my cock as fast as she could, telling me in a husky, breathless voice, to fuck her and how good it felt to have me inside her ass.

Island Fever Ch. 23

group Jeremydcp 2018-01-09

"A month-long trip to Norway would make Krissy so happy." Devon shrugged her shoulders and added, "I have no doubt Pamela would be interested in going. But more than anything, what I think she really, truly wants, Jeremy, is for you to get out in the world and start mingling with society again." Devon appeared lost in thought for a brief moment. "We are big girls," Kristanna giggled, stepping away from me and motioning toward Pamela and Lindsay. Devon stole a kiss from Lindsay, then grabbed her ice cream sundae and allowed Kristanna to guide her and Pamela out of the kitchen.


Brad's Road Trip Ch. 16

group SpotInTheSand 2018-01-09

The phone sex was incredible, of course - just thinking about how many times she'd fingered herself to an orgasm while I told her about going down on Lisa last night was bringing my sleeping cock back to life in a hurry - but our connection went so far beyond that. "I know you're sleeping, baby," she said, her voice primed and ready to work a 1-900 line. "I'm sure the two of us can figure it out," I said as Liz got into the passenger seat of my car. I'll catch up with you guys later." Liz nodded and kept chatting with her friends, but Lindsay gave me a shy smile and a little wave as they walked off.


A Night Out

group Misplaced Deviant 2018-01-09

My hand on her legs and tracing the outline of her bra. She always looking at me, eyes gleaming, fun and teasing. Watching the hands start to touch and explore as they dance. Sitting in the booth alone as I feel her arms wrap around my neck, hugging me as she starts to whisper in my ear. She tells me how his hands are on her ass, how he is playing with her bottom, her back. How she is drawing it out as she describes how his hands feel on her bare flesh. Laughing softly in my ear with lust as she tells me he is pulling out. My hands playing with her cum filled cunt.

A Glass of Cum

group netmuse 2018-01-09

The camera slowly swept around to another wall and there were another ten guys lined up there and it moved to a third wall where there was another dozen with more faces John recognized. Another guy, little fat man, got onto his knees behind her and started working the head of his cock against her ass hole. Theresa opened her mouth for another guy who wanted to get a load into her and she soon had three cocks warm and wet and on their way to eruption. Theresa took the head of his cock into her mouth and held it while he pumped his load in.


Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 03

group SteveWallace 2018-01-09

By the end of the third month living with Fran and Sheila, I had also progressed quite far in getting to know Ally, both intellectually and physically. After dinner we came back home, I made love to Ally again as Fran and Sheila fucked each other with some of the toys. At first, I couldn't believe what Roger promised: the ability to orgasm repeatedly without ejaculation, and thus end a lovemaking session; the ability to make love for indefinite periods of time; and the ability to deliver countless orgasms to one's partner, even propelling her to a state of near constant bliss. I found it strangely erotic to know and hear about each couple making love, and then openly talking about their experiences with the workshop techniques.