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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Chanel And Eugene..And Aaliyah..And Dylan 15

group tangerinesky 2018-11-06

I hear Aaliyah giggling some more and talking to Dylan, and when she says my name I finally pull away from Eugene’s mouth. I feel Eugene's other hand rest on the back of my head and I know he's watching me eat Aaliyah. I hear her hum and look up to see Dylan grabbing her hair tightly and gently pumping into Aaliyah's mouth. "Yes," Aaliyah sings in a soft, seductive voice and I think all of our stomachs flip, Eugene fucking me harder, Dylan groaning. Her back is to Eugene, and right as my tongue makes contact with her, I look up and see Dylan putting his dick back in her mouth.


group Lisa 2018-11-06

My eyes narrowed and I turned to see what had inspired that reaction, discovering a blonde man and a woman with red hair leaning against the opening to our booth, kissing in a way that made me think they’d be looking for somewhere private pretty soon. I followed his gaze and watched as Katie kissed my upper thigh, leaving soft pecks as she worked her way inward to my pussy. “Oh. That’s…amazing.” I pulled my arm away from my face, watching Nathan as he dug his fingers into her hips and sank inside her. With Katie’s tongue pressing and swirling over my clit, with her fingers working inside me, I lifted my hips and came beneath her mouth.

Joy of joys

group JWren 2018-11-06

That morning, his wife Joy had presented him with card at the breakfast table and said, “I’m cooking up something tonight as a birthday treat. “By the way, your cock looks so lovely, Eric,” she said and left the room, closing the door behind her. So, Eric lay spreadeagled on the large king-size bed (“The playground,” as Joy called it) and his erection diminished only slightly as he waited and wondered what speciality his wife had conjured up this time. Joy took the champagne from Natasha who then swiftly drew the mask over her head, shook her long blonde locks and looked across at Eric. Eric watched his cock disappearing into Natasha’s depths until Joy stood above his head and said, “Give me some licking.”

White Bitch For Black Girls

group Samuelx 2018-11-06

The five-foot-ten, lean and athletic, absolutely gorgeous young Black woman who joined the Saint William University Varsity Cheerleading Squad simply took my breath away. We've got Asian, Hispanic and Arabic girls on the Cheerleading Squad but Catherine is the very first Black woman to join us. It drove Deirdre wild when I knelt before her and sucked her strap-on dildo before spreading my legs to let her fuck my pussy. The lovely Deirdre Brown is a real screamer when she's got a dildo in her cunt. Deirdre is a corporate accountant, supposedly happily married to a successful African-American attorney named Dwight Henderson whom she met at Howard University. And their daughter Catherine Brown is now a freshman at Saint William University.


Ashton's Next Step

group Navin 2018-11-06

Ashton grabbed Dan's short, thick cock and took it deep in her mouth. An elderly couple started to enter, but backed up horrified as Ashton stumbled to her feet as the men gently returned their hard cocks to their shorts. Ashton felt a wave of guilt, and knew that she needed to get back to Chris. As she and Chris turned to face the guys, they were laying on the bed, stroking their erections and smiling widely. She motioned Dan to the head of the bed and took his fat cock in her mouth, leaving her sexy ass for her husband. Hours later and after a much needed nap, Chris and Ashton cuddled in bed.

An Unbelievably Hot Time at the Beach

group NCcpl50 2018-11-06

Kristen seeing me look spread her legs wide apart so that I could watch as Ray separated her inner lips and dipped a fingertip into her glistening, pink pussy. With that said, Cindy reached over and separated Kristen’s pussy lips with one hand while she held Ray’s cock in the other, and plunged it further into Kristen‘s dripping hole. I think you’d better see if Kristen can take all of you.” As she said that, she grasped each of Kristen’s inner lips between her fingers, and opened her pussy to Ray. Watching Cindy touching Kristen was more than hot! As Cindy slid my cock between her lips, she began playing with Kristen’s extremely erect nipple.

The Slave Princess...Chapter 8

group Piquet 2018-11-06

Etrec’s cock fills my mouth and I do my best to lick its entire length starting at the hard head and working my tongue all the way along the underside of his shaft. He tastes wonderful, making my mouth water and I feel his hand gently stroke my cheek; such is the kinship of slaves. My pussy is wet and ravenous and I grasp my breasts and lick my lips while turning my body totally over to the skill of these exquisite examples of male flesh. There, lying upon one of the stone benches, I see the shattered body of an old woman; her long grey hair, pendulous earlobes and deeply lined face are as familiar and as dear to me as my father’s wise green eyes.

LeighM adds to hubs Triple sex tale

group leighm 2018-11-06

Maybe I'm like that new thing they call "Bi-polar"  I guess, because most times I'm just a fun loving giggly girl. Most times I just blew guys and didn't fuck, so being called "Lay" irked me.   My gal friends used to gripe about "Having to do oral"  but I found it a wonderful way to be appreciated, and actually made it my goal in life to be the best.      When I then heard "Harold"  stuttering, it set something off in me enough that actually brought an orgasm on.   He kept staring my way off and on, and...  I felt this "Power thing"  in me that excited me to cum zone.

The Boardroom

group MoistDreams 2018-11-06

Edward's mouth opened slightly as he took in the sight of Cynthia's good-sized breasts lifting and falling with her deep breathing. Cynthia was fascinated, she'd never seen a man enjoy the sensuality of love-making so much, usually her husband would just bang away at her and let out a small grunt as he came, but Edward seemed to be very in-tune with the pleasure of even the slightest contact with her. Edward opened his eyes and looked into Cynthia's, expressing a long-neglected love he'd wanted to share with her. Her boss got up on the table and lifted Edward's cock up to Cynthia's pussy and she pushed herself onto it.

Death In The Family (part three)

group Green_Man 2018-11-06

Mrs. Drake was sitting at the head of the table smiling at Eric for some reason. Eric put on his clothes, Mrs. Drake got dressed again, and we all went downstairs to talk. I must admit talking about having sex with Charles was making me feel very peculiar, with Eric sitting so close and smelling so good and looking so handsome, almost like Charles was here again. Charles had never put his mouth on my pussy, but Eric was licking and sucking it and making me feel even better. Eric was fucking Mrs. Drake? Then she came over and looked at me. As Eric started ramming me again he started kissing Dana's face and I kept licking and sucking her cunt.

Summer Time

group StTemplar 2018-11-06

The girl started flailing her hips against what I quickly realized was Naomi’s hand stroking her moist pussy. Naomi didn’t move, just settled there on top of me, her vaginal fluids dripping onto my testicles, while my erection continued to throb inside of her tight grip. Naomi’s hand stroked Jeanine’s clit and the small English woman started to ride me. Naomi pulled her mouth away from Jeanine’s and Jeanine gasped a scream of strangled pleasure as my hot sperm fired into her. “Have a good day, lover.” Her bikini panties were in her hand and she slipped past Naomi and stepped out of the cabana, leaving the door open.

Apartment hunting

group acecruiser 2018-11-06

I must be a real pervert because I really enjoy watching another man's cock sliding in and out of my wife’s mouth, pussy and ass. She was embarrassed, but I said, “Honey it’s alright, just let it out.” I went back to the living room and she returned after a few more minutes and sat down. The movie was restarted and the men had began to separate on the woman, one sucking her breasts and the other sliding down to start eating the woman’s pussy. Our cocks were right in front of her face and she looked at me and said, “We might as well try it once.” They were fucking and she was asking me to come to her so she could suck my cock.

Mrs. Claus Has Her Yearly Gangbang

group Mysteria27 2018-11-06

Santa gives all his elves three months off and he and Mrs. Claus go on vacation. After about thirty minutes, Mrs. Claus got ready for her annual gang-bang party with the elves of Christmas town. Mrs. Claus has talked about having an “open marriage.” Santa said he’d think about it but still hasn’t given her his decision either way. Santa gives each of them a nice sized bonus each year, but Mrs. Claus offers five hundred additional dollars to the lucky elves that make her cum. Cathy Claus spread her legs and the little dirty elves all got in a line and licked her until she came over their lips and tongues. Santa played with his cock and watched the little elf tongue fuck his used and abused wife.

Coffee at the conference room

group Anitaslut44 2018-11-06

As I bent over to place the cup on the table, Samuel’s hand went straight up my skirt and found the bare thigh above my nylon stockings. As soon as I lifted the back of my skirt to show my bare thighs, Samuel spotted I was only wearing a tiny black thong, that barely covered my shaved mound and my rear entrance rosebud… Samuel and George had been holding my legs apart and commenting on my smooth thighs, flat stomach and tiny sexy thong. Hearing this Jimmy let go of my hands and slipped his other hand into my bra and started working on both nipples. Sensing the change in me; Samuel proceeded to slip off my thong whilst George unbuttoned the rest of my blouse and undid my front opening bra.

Feels Like - 1. Planning The End

group JM_fantasy 2018-11-06

Tegan’s curly blonde hair leads me into the dimly lit bedroom where smoke rises from the group. Tegan and I find to a spot alongside Riva and Jonas. I had met Tegan at Riva’s: a pool party, maybe the second weekend of the school year. Riva and Tegan go way back to middle school in Navarre. Tegan reaches for Riva while taking her hit. Jonas looks up at Tegan without escaping Riva’s lip lock. “What is Carl getting?” I asked as Tegan joined the kisses between Riva and Jonas. “As usual.” She stroked Tegan’s hair, tucking it behind an ear, she oogled at Tegan with puppy-love eyes. I’m sure we’ll be sick of each other by the end of it,” Jonas said and takes Tegan’s mouth again.



group MindsEye 2018-11-06

My wife Laura came to bed that night with her dark hair in pigtails and wearing the little school girl outfit, including Muriel’s little white panties. “This is just like a very small penis Muriel, you need to feel comfortable putting this in your mouth, licking and sucking it, like I did to you.” Muriel held out her tongue as Laura used her hands to open up her vagina and pressed lightly against her face. It was as the two girls were locked in a passionate tongue kiss, that Laura took Muriel’s hand and guided it to my erection. Laura then explained to Muriel that this was just a natural lubricant and told the girl to rub her lips against my penis using the clear juice to help moisten them.

A Bisexual Somali Love Story Ch. 01

group Samuelx 2018-11-06

Abdullah Ali is the name and I'm a young Black Muslim gentleman of Somali descent living in the City of Mississauga, Ontario. I met Ahmed Yusuf at the gym, and something about this tall, muscular and fit, gorgeous brother definitely drew me to him. We began hanging out, mostly at the gym or at local bars and restaurants, and the more I learned about Ahmed, the more I liked the brother. Your best friend of the same sex is quite often the person you secretly date and have sex with when you're Somali and gay, bisexual or lesbian. We kissed passionately, and just like that, Ayaan Mahmoud, my best friend of over a decade, my confidante, held me tightly and looked into my eyes.

Yin/Yang Yoga

group BIC 2018-11-06

The Master of this particular Yin/Yang Yoga Circle was the Jewish-Hindi spiritual leader Yogi Bar Rah, whose flippant philosophy was much admired by transcendentalist sports fans who were dazzled by his mantras and zen koans. 'Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm' chanted the circle of boys and girls as they half-closed their eyes and completely voided their minds which were now refilled with the sensations of their inner desires drawn out by the enchanting chanting of Yogi Bar Rah who was a master of logical fallacies who used double meanings and ambiguities of language to mislead or misrepresent the truth. The words of Yogi Bar Rah, the subliminal ones, clear yet not voiced, rang true in their hearts, in their spirits, in their minds and, most of all, in their hot little horny bodies.

Black Threesome For Beginners

group Samuelx 2018-11-06

Nothing I love more than riding a hard Ethiopian dick while my sexy Black girlfriend Kia watches me. The short, skinny Ethiopian dude pumps his hard dick up my Black ass like there's no tomorrow. Kia smacks my ass as I suck Daniel's dick and tells me to suck it real good. First I got some Ethiopian dick up my ass then I got butt-fucked by a Jamaican mama with a strap-on dildo. I watched Kia's big black booty bounce as she thrust the dildo up my buddy's ass. While I fucked Kia, she gripped Daniel's hips and slammed her dildo up his ass. I thrust my dick deep into Kia's asshole and at the same time she slammed her dildo deeper inside Daniel's ass.


The Birthday Girl

group nellieneska 2018-11-06

I wanted to scream as I watched him slowly begin to push his cock into her but all that escaped my mouth was a loud moan as the felt of my finger against my clit became too much. As she fucked my mouth with her pussy, I could feel my husband's hands running up the inside of my legs before he slowly slipped a couple fingers into my soaking wet pussy. Soon my husband was pushing his cock into my wanting pussy and he took no time fucking me hard, pushing my face harder into her pussy, making her scream. He then pushed me back on the bed, making me get onto my hands and knees right over the young girls face, my pussy just inches away from her mouth.

Girl's Night Out

group syzygy 2018-11-06

I leaned into her ear and purred, "I really wanna lick your pussy." I licked her ear gently while I reached back and grazed my fingers along Mark's hard cock. I just walked between them and began kissing her, as my boyfriend tongued my ear, and I took over brushing my hand against his cock. She started kissing me deeply, reaching deep inside my mouth with her tongue, then pulling back to slowly slide her tongue across my tongue and lips, licking them sensuously. We both began licking the shaft until our lips met, and we had a long hot wet kiss, his hard cock against our lips.

Blondie and the Black Knight

group sprite 2018-11-06

I found myself flat on my belly, my little white girl tits mashed into the glass, calloused hands circling my waist as Blue pushed his cock into my cunt for sloppy seconds, pounding away at my slick hole, my legs trapped between two hundred pounds of horny black man and the front of the machine, toes not even touching the floor. I got lost in it, raising up my ass for him, feeling the walls of my pussy being pushed apart as he rammed his monster into me, over and over and over, my hands covering my tits, twisting and pulling at my nipples, teeth sunk into my lip, unable to stop the groan of pure pleasure that spilled from my dirty little cock sucking mouth…

A Summer to Remember

group LK213 2018-11-06

She cried out, “Oh fuck yes!” as I felt her pussy clench hard around my cock buried deep inside of her. She turned her head around and looked me right in the eye and said, “Cum for me, Dan, fill my pussy with your cum!” Amber took her loss gracefully and got up off the bed, turned around so her ass was facing us and slowly slid her panties down her long legs. I felt Amber’s fingers slide down my back as I broke my kiss with Susan then turned my head towards Amber. I spread her legs wide with my foot then rubbed my cock up and down her soaking pussy and asked her, “Is this what you want, Amber?”

Birthday Surprise Gone Awry

group Lyric69 2018-11-06

The room was nicely kept; I had removed the roses in the bag and placed rose petals over the hot bath water. I had placed candles everywhere in the room to have the experienced ambiance for Jake. Looks like you can use some help.” However, Sabrina left the door open and Jake was standing in the doorway of the bedroom for the entire time. Sabrina ate out Jake’s asshole while I sucked on his cock. Sabrina made the initiative to fuck my face while Jake was pounding my pussy. Jake just wanted to fuck me and not Sabrina for any reason. Jake’s cock was made for this pussy. Before I uttered a response to Jake, I was rubbing my pussy with my vibrator, Blue.