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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Chloe is a Slut

group Quinten 2018-01-09

When he silently pushed open the door a few inches, he could see his girlfriend's head vigorously bobbing up and down on the guy's erect cock. The guy looked down at Chloe's little pink mouth hovering beneath his long, thick black cock. While she was feeling the prick up her ass, she almost forget about the huge black cock lodged in her mouth, until she felt a stream of come fill up her mouth and stream across her lips and mouth and face. Jonathan stroked his cock into her and back out over and over, enjoying the sight of her clinging onto the toilet with another man's huge black penis inside her mouth.

Tales of Dirty Old Man Ch. 13

group Andyhm 2018-01-09

They both gave me a hard time for that, and they were right for as Simone said 'We're good enough to make love to yet you don't know our names'. Look Angie's going to check right away with our legal department." I could hear her voice in the background shouting questions. I said with relief coursing through my body, "Shit, that's good news; I had this horrendous thought everything was going to be put on hold." While the others talked to Pete and Angie, Simone put her arm around me and rested her head on my shoulder. After we had eaten, Michael and Anna decided, for some reason know only to them, that they wanted to stay with Rachael that night.


A Dream for a Lover Far Away

group LadyJack 2018-01-08

I let you pull my head to your erection and begin to lick it, then pull you into my mouth and suckle, working my tongue against the tender underside. When we hear your breathing quicken, I nod at her, and she takes a bottle of a flavored warming lotion and surrounds your erection with her warm, wet mouth. I nibble at your neck and shoulders and kiss your mouth passionately, then bend my head to your chest and suckle gently at your sensitive nipples. When you are close to reaching orgasm, she pulls her mouth away, and we both gently move our hands over all your body, careful to avoid your throbbing shaft.

Bachelor Party Fantasy Ch. 02

group dalton_rick 2018-01-08

Rick had talked me into playing the sex tapes that Judy and I had made that were part of the entertainment at my bachelor party. "Why don't you guys get into the hot tub while I go to the store and pick up some mix?" I said as I headed for the door. Dave explained "We were in the hot tub when Judy got home. As soon as she got into the tub I noticed that a lot of hands were all over her tits and inserted in her pussy(after a few drinks and getting all horny from the tapes there was no stopping them). "You looked pretty out of it when you got home, said hi to the guys, and then I put you to bed.

The red-headed Italian friend

group 2018-01-08

Her friend got to our place around 6 and it was a bit akward because we all knew why she was there and we had known eachother for a long time, so it wasn t a spur of the moment thing, so the nervousness had a chance to settle in. After they had sucked my cock for a good 15 minutes (I have no clue how I managed not to cum), her friend was really turned on and she told my gf that she wanted to eat her hairy pussy. As she was giving her a good licking, I got closer to her friend and spread her ass and starting licking it.

A Christmas Present

group 2018-01-08

from work, Sally, my wife, said, "We have to go see how other arm under her ass, and said, "Which way to the I laid her on the bed, and said, "I want you to strip me I then laid on the bed and Jen started playing with my Jen said, "Did you feel that?" She said, "Yes your cock head in inside my womb. I got a nice rhythm going and Jen started cumming I told Jen I was going to pull out as I was not wearing top of Jen and started playing with her big nipples and Jen said, "You do not know how good that feels. "Yes, she said, "I want you to fuck me until I



group xongchor 2018-01-08

Of course I'm not gay, but it just feel so good to see your friend inserting is hard penis inside your delicious wife. I told her that I was going to go order one and fuck the hell of her up with my rock hard penis. She also said, "You're my husband but won't fuck me for two whole weeks, and you don't even have the ego to come ask for sex. We fucked again, and this time, I pulled her dildo that she bought from her drawer and insert it inside her ass while I was fucking her pussy. On Monday dinner, with us alone, I told her that he has been very depressed because he hasn't been getting good sex lately.

Relationship Evolution

group vandaddy 2018-01-08

I decided that I was ready to move on and stood up; I notice that the other gal was rubbing her pussy and looking for a way in the tangled bodies but before I got away Julie grabbed my dick. There was no way to do it with out balls on my forehead which I decided to go with because in addition to Veronica sucking my dick so mightily, I now felt a tongue and fingers wetting my asshole. After seeing that I pulled out a minute later to empty my balls on her back which was successful at first but my dick was quickly engulfed in Veronicas mouth as she finished her second drink of the night.

Hitchiking Ch. 5

group Linda Jean 2018-01-08

That way Jim will have to come out and pick me up after work." Martin said "sure baby, lets see how about 9 maybe 9:15, look for a white Cadillac and dress like a real cock hungry slut, I want you to tell my boy that you'll suck him and fuck him for 5 dollars. He said, "My you look good enough to eat, I like that scarf, how much for a little loven honey?" I looked at him and he was as old as my father, I said, "five bucks gets you sucked and fucked but it's got to be at your place." He said, "the price is right, get in and lets get down to business." He opened the door for me and I sat down facing him, I watched his face as I opened my legs to put them in the car one at a time giving him full view of my pussy.

A New Clutch for Janna

group edbond 2018-01-08

As he was getting close he felt her mouth on the tip and she started sucking, her hand steady. "Where is the ass guy?" I wanted to ask but new hands were on me now and another pair were running up and down my stockinged legs, every time getting closer to my clit. I feel like I'm falling into a trance, trying to pull off pants and suck unbelievably hard dick wile getting my clit teased was too much. All that ass sucking was bring me back to life and I started to lift my butt up, pushing back to the hungry mouth, at one point getting to my knees to get that tongue inside me, it felt so good.

Sunita Is Taken By Both Men

group misterwho 2018-01-08

Karan's hand moved to Sunita's chest, his fingers running through the inside of the spaghetti thin strap that held up her blouse. Sunita gasped as she felt Karan come up from behind, allowing his cock, hard and restrained in his shorts, to brush against her ass. Sunita held Karan's head and kissed him harder still, her hips moving up and down fucking Shyam's head between her legs. Shyam looked up and saw Karan's mouth closed around his Sunita's breast. She kissed him on the lips and held him close, while the other hand reached out for Shyam's cock. Sunita's hand was on Shyam's cock, holding it like the barrel of a gun and she pulled him near her face.


Rescued by the Bartender

group SwitchMami 2018-01-08

It felt so wrong, yet so right, to watch this man take what she had never given him, and Joel rubbed himself through his jeans as he watched Jesse's dark middle finger disappearing so slowly into his wife's ass. Hannah whimpered, hands sliding up her body to squeeze her own breasts when Jesse grabbed her knee with his free hand, pushing her hips up and her leg out; his nose nuzzling her clit made her gasp, and his tongue and lips kissed her pussy before dipping down to drool saliva on his finger, and her ass. Settling back down, he pulled his cock from his boxers while watching Jesse open his hand, a finger sliding inside Hannah's pussy as his finger wetly worked in and out of her ass.


Theresa Emerges

group naughty mel 2018-01-08

So while I wasn't disappointed, I was slightly surprised when Theresa rang me up and asked if she could buy me a drink, she just needed to let off some steam. You got to promise me Theresa, you will let me look after you tonight." As I looked up, I realised her intended targets were watching her too – they were the only people left in that part of the room, so it was pretty clear that she was heading their way. She was doing a commendable job, and before too long, it was clear that she was going to win the battle...his arse tensed up, and after a particularly deep thrust in to her face, he pulled his cock, and furiously jerked it as his cum came spurting out, all over Theresa's face, neck, and tits.


Camilla Ch. 101

group MawrGorshin 2018-01-08

As 'Fulson', 'Williams', and 'Langella' were sliding their cocks in and out of her asshole, mouth, and pussy, the other 'teachers' all put masks on; one of them, 'Mr. Finch', said, "You know, Camilla, how you imagine that you used Nigrovum to seduce us, however unconsciously? "We believe an associate of ours already briefly told you about what happened, about us psychically engineering all of your sexual encounters with your elementary and high school teachers, though you'd been made to forget what he said," said another masked man, the one who'd looked like Grisham. "When you, then a 17-year-old girl, saw Mr. Grisham walk into your English classroom for the first time, you were much too shy to tell him you had a crush on him, let alone try to seduce him," said the masked man who'd looked like Burgess.


Wife wants husband to take friend's virginity

group XXXNoBounds 2018-01-08

"Oh Jesus know that I'd do pretty much anything for you, but you're asking me to have sex with Beth...I don't know if I can do that." John said. "Okay John...if you don't think you can do it I'll go tell Beth that she should go home." Kelly said. The first time John had sex with her Beth had been on her hands and knees and he'd been behind her so it was a very different experience being able to look up into his face as he slowly pushed his cock into her. Kelly went downstairs to wait for Beth and John toweled off and walked over to the guest bedroom, shut the door, and sat on the bed.

Office Party

group archchancellor 2018-01-08

I look over Wendy's body and see June sucking on her tits kneading them as she does so, Bob is at Wendy's mouth, Steve is stroking himself slowly watching June and I know its John in my arse and relax a little, as I do his cock pushes through my hole and his rhythm starts, I join him matching my eating of Wendy's pussy with his strokes and flicking at her clit with my fingers on every other down stroke.

Playtime Ch. 02

group Pattie1007 2018-01-08

There we were – me with my black, practically bra-less basque on – Kath, with her white body stocking leaving nothing to the imagination – Elaine, in tight red leather – Ruth, showing her piercings – Ann, seemingly a little overdressed with her Mac on (but undone!) and finally – Lesley, her leather straps bound tightly to her body, emphasising her full (and high) breasts and framed pussy (looking a little damp now). However, before Nigel could say another word Elaine moved forward, looked at Paul with a twinkle in her eye and said "I may need your help soon Paul.


Two Guys

group 2018-01-08

I was 24 years old and at a party with friends.There were people I knew and didn't know.I was wearing my hip hugger jeans and a tub top.Bare feet was the norm in summer.I was drinking quite a bit and dancing seductively with anybody that would dance with me ,male or female.These two guys I didn't know kept asking me to dance.I was pretty d***k and one of them asked me if I wanted to smoke some pot.Dumb question.He said he and his friend had some at their place,so they drove me to their place.We smoked a couple joints.The one guy started kissing and groping me while his friend watched.The next thing I remember is I'm in a bed naked being fucked by him and his friend is climbing on the bed with his hard cock coming toward my mouth.I instinctively opened my mouth to accept his cock. We were all done and they drove me back to the party.It was only a couple of times after that when I had two cocks in my cunt again before I got married.Would love to do it again.

A Girl Named Zoe Ch. 02

group YourLittleGirl9 2018-01-08

Zoe was undulating her bottom in a long line across my mouth, turning her hips and setting her clit right along the tip of my tongue and twirling it around. You gave me this look like, what the hell are you doing sucking on a hairbrush, but then I reached down and lined it up with Zoe's bobbing little asshole, which was not easy, and on a down stroke, popped the tip inside. She groaned involuntarily, loudly, threw her head back and I kissed her neck, bit it, pulling the hairbrush a little bit out as she raised up again, began riding you again, then fucked it back inside of her, hard, and she came.


group hazedpreppy 2018-01-08

While he had me down, with his thighs tightly straddled against my side, and crotch right below my chin, Mark grabbed my arms, and held them above my head. I squirmed and struggled, but Patrick grabbed my hair and slapped my face, advising me to shut-up and be a good “pup”. Patrick told Rob to mark my tie, in case I got lost when we went outside, I would be returned to the rightful owners. Still in shock, I stood upright, and tried to wipe my eyes clean, then one of them grabbed my head and tosseled my hair with mud covered hands. I could barely see, but as soon as I was able to open my eyes from being mud-covered, Rob lunged both his hands out and grabbed me.

Jessie Just Wants to Have Fun

group LaPatitMort 2018-01-08

You came in at three a.m., woke me and the neighbors, messed up the kitchen and left a nude boy asleep with his dick dripping on my white couch." To keep her free ride, Jessie had to agree not to have her friends visit her and to stay home for two weeks and help around the house. Second time through you will be dripping from every hole and your body will be covered with our cum." Almost in a trance she let him guide her to the nude man slowly rocking on the horse. Jessie felt full and thought she wanted to pee; she struggled and rode the new strange feelings. The new hands choked her tight and the new cock pushed hard sliding over her clit, opening her and then pumping another load of cum into her.


Clearwater Abbey

group No Panty Girl 2018-01-08

Brother Walter gave me a good looking over as Rick paid his the ten bucks and we continued on into the quarry site. Jim introduced me to his friends who all took an up close look at my naked body. As they took me from behind I did not see the first guy to enter me, I just felt his rock-hard cock slid into my waiting pussy. The young cock felt so good in me it made my tongue do crazy things to the dick in my mouth. I don't know how long Rick had been gone but he walked up just as I was screaming my orgasm with the biker's cock ravaging my pussy.


Todd Ch.2

group Gary Roberts 2018-01-08

Todd looked up at me and said " I want your hard dick in my ass!" Aimee not to be left out spoke up " Yeah me too!" Once again I grabbed Todd's arm and led him into the bedroom, only this time Aimee was following us. Todd lifted up his head from Aimee's pussy and slowly sucked in his breath as my dick eased all the way down to the bottom of his ass. After about 20 minutes I knew that I would not last much longer and I just had to have my dick in Aimee so I pulled out of Todd's ass and looked at Aimee and said " Your turn." Todd collapsed on the bed and rolled off to the side as Aimee got on her hands and knees in front of me.

Wife takes her biggest cock.

group petercee 2018-01-08

Once the head disappeared from sight Anne stopped and got used to the feel of the pressure of it against the muscles (she later said it felt like giving birth in reverse) once she was comfortable she started to lower herself a little at a time, from where I stood it looked like she was never going to manage it all. At on point Anthony must have tried to help she nearly screamed at him not to move, ever so slowly his thick shaft disappeared from view by my watch twenty minutes had passed and just left than half remained in view, then Anne started to move just slight up and down movements to start with but then about half of what she had taken showed slick with her juices before she slid down again taking perhaps another inch in the next ten minutes working like this she had taken Anthony fully inside her.