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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Our First Foursome

group fantasyhunter2 2018-01-08

Even when my bride told me that she hoped the encounter would give her the opportunity to taste Jill's sweet pussy, I still could not find the courage to tell her that I wanted to know the feel of Bob's cock in my mouth. Bob and I walked over to the bed and stood in front of each other's wife, our hard cocks pointing at their mouths. Kathy continued finger fucking Jill's hot cunt as I buried my face in her crotch and lustfully licked her clit. Bob was now on top on Kathy, sucking her beautiful tits hard, his cock buried in her cunt. Kathy and Jill licked each other enjoying the taste of cunt juice mixed with man cum that was leaking from their pussies.

Great threesome with two hotties...

group elquicko 2018-01-08

Mika's ass and hips thrusted forward as she fucked Sarah hard. Mika had one hand yanking Sarah's hair and the other hand on the small of her own back while she thrusted.I got the quickest boner I've probably ever gotten, the clothing I just put on from the shower, I took right back off... She paid very little attention to me, the only attention I got was from a small smiley-face tattoo on Mika's right ass cheek that looked to be smiling at me.I started sucking Sarah's tits as she lay on her back.

The Invitation

group humberman 2018-01-08

Sheila stopped at the base of his trouser zip Sheila noticed the big bulge smiled and asked "what have we got here?" Nick pretended he didn't hear her as he continued to watch the film Sheila slowly ran her hand over the bulge and felt his cock twitch. She started to rock backwards and forwards as she was screaming in pleasure her juices were flowing out of her wet pussy, Nick lifted himself up then sucked hard on her nipples as she dug her nails into his back as she quickly had another orgasm, Sheila leaned backwards and soon realised that she could fuck him hard.

Poking In More Ways Than ONE

group cinemaone 2018-01-08

The very last day I worked at the shop (Sunday's only for about 3 years, not my primary job at the time), I get this very nervous call. In his emails, he broke it down that she'd be blindfolded, and he would make her orgasm either with his mouth, fingers or toys and as she climaxed I would pierce her nipples one at a time. We talk a bit about sex and about how hot she is and I am free to talk to about her labia, clit, pussy, breasts and it is totally refreshing. We talk more and they kiss a bit and rub each other and then it turns into more play and he's between her legs and she's stroking his cock.

E-Beth Ch. 04

group bluedragonauthor 2018-01-08

Stella looked disappointed in me, then turned back to Teddy, rubbing his hand and leaning forward as she urged him on. Even after the incredible weekend, maybe I should have told Stella that it was the one and only time I'd share my boyfriend with her, and we'd move on with our own lives just as friends. Teddy's eyes popped open and he pulled his head back, looking at me in confusion. But now I came alive, flirting back with both of my friends like always, reminding myself just how much I loved them, and even moving my boob into Teddy's palm every now and again to get a comforting squeeze. "Reggie saw Teddy and Stella coming out of the janitor's closet at lunch.


Rob's Wife

group jason1000 2018-01-08

Except for Jim. His cock stuck straight out, a long, fat, uncircumcised monster that angled toward my face, the purple head still partially hidden by the foreskin. "Hal's gonna fuck you in the cunt, while I fuck you in the ass, and you're going to suck Jim's big, fat dick," Rob said. It didn't peel itself all the way back --- I reached up and pulled it backward, running my fingers to the base of his big fat cock, copping a feel of his big, hairy balls. I could feel Hal's throbbing cock in my cunt, and Rob's dick way up my ass. I loved the feel of the men's looks at my ass high in the air as I crawled, and I loved what it was doing to their dicks.

Cherry Street

group w92781 2018-01-08

She sure can mix one hell of a martini, though!" Stacy gave Amber a playful slap as John shut the car door. John protested "I'm not shy!" But the car engine muffled his words as Stacy began to push down the accelerator to get moving. Gina wrapped her arms around John's waist from behind as Matt began to remove his own robe. John glanced at the sofa just in time to see Stacy and Amber making out wildly. Doesn't he girls?" John was embarrassed as Amber and Stacy moaned an affirmative through their kissing. Then Gina lubricated John's dick and stroked it across Matt's hole. "That is so hot," Gina quipped as she ran her hand through the cum on John's body.

Summer of Skin

group DeepLove95 2018-01-08

To her, there was nothing like taking a big, uncircumcised dick inside of her tight pussy and feeling the foreskin rub against her sensitive G-spot. Roxanne's moans attracted Antonio who walked into the living room to the tantalizing sight of her fingering her smooth pussy while Franco rubbed her breasts. Roxanne threw her head back and moaned loudly, feeling Antonio's sweet, slippery tongue stroke her sensitive spots. Antonio lowered his mouth to her sweet pussy and Roxanne cooed as she felt him push his tongue on her clit while he entered two fingers inside of her. Roxanne's moans were muffled due to Franco's incredible dick down her throat, but she was nearly cumming from Antonio's licks and sucks on her clit.

Old Friend and New

group kspor 2018-01-08

She loves the feel of his hands on her body. He pulls her close and kisses her as his hands work her tender pussy. She sucks him in and begins working his cock with abandon. His tongue slides into her pussy and he nibbles and sucks his way to her clit. He pulls her toy from her hiding place and begins slowly working her pussy with it. Your legs go over his shoulders and he begins slowly but very firmly thrusting deep inside you. You grow ever closer and soon you feel his body tense and soon his cock throbs like a jackhammer deep inside your sex. He loves watching his cock slide into your pussy and smacks your ass.


The Couples Club Ch. 10

group Rodwarrior 2018-01-08

I checked to make sure Mercy wasn't busy and then let the club know we would be travelling and available. I thought at one point towards the end you were getting ready to say something and then Jane began to talk about her window treatments or the Big Brother show or the Kardashians for the fifth time and the check came before she shut up. They seemed an attractive couple so the cancellation felt a little disconcerting, but we just assumed something had come up and moved on, though I joked 'perhaps she decided I looked like her 'Andy'. As soon as Mercy and I closed the door to the room we began playing tongue hockey like Nick Backstrom and Evgeni Malkin.



group ErotikWriter 2018-01-08

She said she thought she'd be embarrassed when she came, but Ellen told her how she'd put her pillow over her face to shut down the noise and both girls sailed off into gales of laughter once again. She told him "I wanted to make sure Jen wasn't here before we both came in." The sex she'd had with Jen had been good, better than she'd ever dreamed possible with another woman, but had left her hungry for the feel of a hard, hot penis inside her. "Come on" Ellen said, pulling Jennie away from Greg's jerking cock and pushing her into a kneeling position on the little single bed. Ellen lay on her back and slid under the pumping, grinding couple until her face was directly beneath the place where Greg's cock stopped and Jennie's pussy started.

Injured Ch. 03 - The Early Years

group regularguy13 2018-01-08

"It is difficult for a man to accept the fact that he can no longer pleasure his wife," Mrs. Chen said. Mrs. Chen laughed and said, "I'd be glad to examine George. When their chuckling ceased, Grace leaned over and took Mrs. Chen's hand and said in a serious voice, "Please help him. Andy said, "Grace, would you mind if George danced with my wife? George, get up and dance with the pretty lady," Grace said. Andy said, "Grace, George, I'm glad we met you. George looked at Grace and said, "Let's talk privately." Grace said, "Alice, let's get this bash started. Alice held George's hard cock and stood on her tip-toes and gave him a kiss.


Party Time

group Manny2314 2018-01-08

Joan couldn't make it to the next party, so it was decided to invite Amy. A couple of the girls had approached her quietly, trying to be sure that she would be okay with the rules of the party. As Evan kept stroking his dick, Cassandra said, "Come on Amy, you'd better get started." Uh, okay, is everyone ready for the next couple?" He handed the bowl over to Amy. She grabbed a slip of paper and threw it back to John, who read, "Tricia." "Okay," John said, "you two are to masturbate each other." Everyone murmured approval as Tricia and Tyler looked into each other's eyes.


Because You Asked

group duckgalrox 2018-01-08

Lisa came and sat next to me on the ottoman, turning me so we faced the chair and drawing me onto her lap as she slid her left hand around me and up the left side of my body, cupping my left breast and squeezing gently. "Karen," Dan stepped back and spoke slowly, noticing my anxiety, "Lisa's been telling me about a fantasy of yours that she thinks you'd like to play with here." "So Dan's going to take you downstairs, and I'm going to gather a few cocks," Lisa stepped closer to me and slid one hand around my ass, gripping lightly and massaging the muscle as she whispered the next part into my ear.


Kirsten and Melissa and Jordan

group SecretHowl 2018-01-08

"...ahh...yesss...god...fuck me...fuckkkk meeeee..." I rammed my hips furiously down in synch with each of Jordan's thrusts as Melissa fingers blurred against my sensitive clit. We took turns taking Jordan's cock deep into our mouths, licking his shaft, and gently sucking on his balls as he squirmed with pleasure. My tongue ran up and down the sides of my friends pussy, circling lightly at the top of her pussy, lapping more directly on her clit, and licking at Jordan's cock when it withdrew from Melissa's cunt. Melissa groaned and ground her pussy against Jordan's cock and her body quivered at the lapping of my tongue. Her body went limp as her orgasm receded, but Jordan continued fucking her, slamming deep into her pussy.

My Lovers Dan & Ronnie

group maanmathan_playboy 2018-01-08

Ronnie kneeled with his legs on either side of my face, his erect cock dangling in front of my lips. Dan took his position in between my spread legs with his hands resting on my smooth, plump thighs. Ronnie scooted me up with a pillow so that my head is in position for him to have better access to my mouth. I was caught in the throes of my multiple orgasms as Dan and Ronnie kept exchanging my mouth, pussy and ass as they continued fucking or should I say avid love making session! "Lower yourself slowly babe." Ronnie held my hip for support as I lowered myself onto his cock while Dan positioned himself to enter my pussy.

She Catches Hubby

group awyldrooster 2018-01-08

There was Allen bent over on the bed with her hot looking next door neighbor Tom behind him. Tom shoved his hard 6 inch cock all the way to the hilt right back up Allen's ass. She could feel each stroke of Tom's cock forcing her hubby's tongue deep in her pussy. Every time Tom pounds Allen's ass it forces Allen's cock deep into her pussy. The force of him driving all the way forces Allen's cock to reach a depth in her pussy that she's never felt reached. As Allen's cock starts to unload into her pussy her orgasm sweeps over her as well. See I bet that I could fuck Allen's ass before she could eat your pussy and I guess I won.

Wife Is Full Of Surprises

group ptsteve 2018-01-08

I looked like a crazy whore sucking cocks and guys encouraging me but I was also getting turned on watching myself. I was then bent forward and a black guy got behind me and began pushing his black cock into my ass while I was being fucked. I was watching myself being double fucked and sucking a cock as two more guys changed places on the couch and fingered me and one guy got between my legs and was eating my cum drenched pussy. I turned away from the video and then felt my face being tilted backwards as I saw a hard erect cock at my mouth.

"Fantasy" Football Draft

group pirate1234 2018-01-08

As Elaine teased us more with her body, one of the guys pulled his cock out of his pants and started stroking it slowly but steadily. Elaine and I locked eyes; she brought her index finger to her lips, slowly licked it and took it into her mouth, and winked at me. As soon as she pulled her clean finger out of her mouth, one of the guys stepped up and Elaine began to lick the head. She pulled the cock out of her mouth, stroked it a few times, and it started shooting long ropes of hot, thick cum all over her face. She continued to take a cock in her mouth while she took another in her pussy or ass until eventually Elaine's loud moans turned into exhausted whimpers.


The Big Game

group ShannonGoodreade 2018-01-08

His friends may be away, but mine were close by, so I invited Cassie and Laura to come over and watch the game with us. The second quarter ended with Laura and Dan winning, but Cassie and I lost. I'm just playing all the way to the end." Turning to Cassie she said, "You, my dear, look very alluring in that 'dress', but I'll just bet you're totally yummy out of it." With one big motion, Laura pulled the jersey from Cassie's thighs straight up over her head and tossed it on the pile. Laura's nude body bent over Cassie while I was manually double penetrating her with a two headed cock and Dan eagerly fucking me standing doggie style.

Ex Mormons Swing

group BoundariesBroken 2018-01-08

We had about a dozen couples over to our home one night for a wine tasting event and Brian and Brooke, despite being very green after leaving the church, agreed to attend. Not for one moment do I believe Brooke was anything but innocent in offering up the idea, but once it was out there an awkward realization of what this meant settled on the four of us and a pregnant pause finally gave way to Brian saying, "why not?" We all shuffled into the main bedroom to scope out the place and the king size bed did look like it would work, at least for one night.


Dildoberger Kay Party

group oOScarletWingsOo 2018-01-08

The unwavering attention of the women drew the walls of the small living room in close as Marlene turned the harness over and over in her soft hands. Marlene directed her question at the group, but kept her eye on Janelle who had accidentally unbuttoned the top three buttons of her blouse in her fervent attempts to cool herself. The other women giggled at her predicament, but Debra remained straight faced and focused on pressing every black, veined inch into Janelle's mouth. Janelle and Debra had been watching Holly and Kit, who were heartbeats away from leaping into the pool of hedonistic abandonment. Marlene looked into Holly's flushed face then down to Kit who was twisting and squeezing the tiny vibe in an effort to turn it off.


Kelsey's World Ch. 24

group riverboy 2018-01-08

If the partner swapping swinger thing was really going to happen with Alicia and Joey, she wanted to show them that she wasn't just a granola-eating farm girl. Not about her new look — he loved the way Margie's new confidence lit up her pretty face — no, he was disappointed Joey was probably going to beat him to fucking the shit out of his brand new sexy girl. Ryan suddenly wondered if Alicia was at home making herself look special for the night the way Margie had done. Margie was silently rooting for her, hoping Joey's boxers would be discarded too, but Alicia's nervous energy was too much — the wink flew right over the cup.


Summer Inspiration

group HottieKatie 2018-01-08

Oh, look at that old couple, taking care of their granddaughter - a cute little girl trying to build a castle with the wet sand. Girls flaunting about the bikinis they just bought for their newly flourishing bodies, boys trying to impress the ladies with their slightly more muscular arms and those two can't stop making eyes and giggling at each other. James will thank Amanda for being so kind to him, even though he is not her husband, just a friend who lost his wife. A lot more polish and detail will be needed, but that will have to be done at home, away from prying eyes like mine on a Sunday beach day.