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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Neighborhood fun part 3, The moms and me

group big_country_1 2018-01-08

Thursday morning rolled around and as I was heading out the door, I told Hayleigh that "the moms would be looking in on her and that they all said it was cool if her friends stayed the night. Rachel pulled off and said " fuck, I want more but I can't fit it in my mouth!" Amber moved her head in saying "let me try!" She licked her lips and opened her mouth wide, she lowered her head and slid my cock in. Amber said " that's my girl, take that dig dick, you are doing great!" Krystal leaned forward resting a on her fore arms as I tongue fucked her wet cunt.

College Swingers Ch. 05

group Lionheart72 2018-01-08

It's ok when it just happens, like the first time my wife Julie and I hooked up with Scott and Ann, but planning it feels a little odd. Then, Julie started to kiss her way down the young coed's body until she was sucking Ann's pert little cones. I tore my eyes away from my wife's lovely blonde head bobbing up and down in Scott's lap and turned my attention back to the hot young coed who was vigorously sucking me. Scott was rocking his hips, pumping his shaft toward Julie's face, clearly trying to fuck her mouth. With a little laugh, Ann rolled off me and we lay together watching Scott pummeling my wife's pussy.

Wife comes home after night out with girls

group 2018-01-08

John lost no time getting trousers off and stood in front of Sarah holding his hard long cock in his hand. I looked at Sarah all but passed out on the sofa, she looked completely defenseless with her tits out and her legs wide open. She lay there just a few seconds before Ian was ready to take his turn pulling John away and taking his place between Sarah's legs. Ian fucked her hard and it was only a few minutes before Sarah was taking her second load into her pussy. Anyway we were feeling randy and once we got started you were responding like a bitch in heat so we fucked you until we were dried out.”

Team Game

group Xamphos 2018-01-08

Sitting back with the girls, Anita watched Dave's conversations, revelling as the eyes swung her way. Anita tried to get Dave and his friends to join the group of girls, but by mutual consent they stayed apart. Arms held above her head Anita encouraged the attention of Dave's hands, whilst pressing her buttocks into his bulging groin. Anita looked up to see Dave's friends watching them. Anita noticed Dave's hand pulling her away. I know a place round the back of the club.' Anita stroked his erection through the wool cloth of his trousers. 'We are giving your two friends a lift?' Anita queried as Dave fired the car engine up with a roar. Erroll and Darren drank from the neck of their beer bottles whilst Dave sat beside Anita.


SX69 - Ultimate Love Potion Ch. 15

group KissedMany 2018-01-08

Since I have been living with SX69 women in group situations who are nude much of the time and sexually available at any moment, I have become very aware of body language. When I am in a group of women, I pick up on all sorts of body language, a glance here, a hand movement there, a shifting of weight from one leg to another, a lick of their lips, a subtle fluttering of eyelashes, a shy glance down, or a flick of their hair. In particular, I could see that Melissa, the cute Canadian girl with the most feminine summer dress and Angela, the hot looking black lady, were sending out strong sexual vibes in my direction.


Florida Four

group C Love 2018-01-08

She and William quickly retired upstairs to her room leaving Chrissy and I talking alone in the living room. The ladies repositioned themselves so that they were lying face to face, with William behind Jill, and me behind Chrissy. I would get up for a drink of water and to recharge, and within a couple of minutes, I'd have my cock in my hand from watching what Jill and Chrissy were doing to William. By the time we pulled up to Jill's house, I had gotten enough of an impromptu lap dance that I knew the night wasn't over. I followed, and pulled Chrissy out of her clothes, while she licked William's cock as he pumped it in and out of Jill's honey pot.

Cocksucking Competition Ch. 01

group swingerjoe 2018-01-08

When she was apparently satisfied that he had sufficiently relaxed, she placed his swollen cock back in her mouth and returned to slowly and methodically bobbing her head up and down his shaft while rolling her talented tongue along the underside. For Aaron, those good times included the expansion of his landscaping business to the point where he was able to provide enough income to allow Rochelle to stay home with Jamie. "Yeah, you've bragged about that particular talent a few times over the years," Anthony said with a chuckle. "You know," Anthony said, after an extended period of contemplation, "there actually is a way to make money from that particular talent."


Fun on the Lake

group fabfivefreddy 2018-01-08

Matt drove the whole time and went to bed before the rest of us so I got to hang out in the hot tub with June and Beth-Anne. I don't know why I felt weird about it—we were all adults, but it was almost like I didn't want Matt and June to know that Beth-Anne and I were going to hook up. It wasn't too long before I saw Matt give a start like he was going to sit up out of the lounge and he grabbed June's head at the same time. Matt and June never looked over but I got a thrill from grinding and fondling Beth-Anne's tits with our friends just feet away.



group taleserotic 2018-01-08

Lifting up, I offered my damp nipples to Karl's lips and tongue, my own mouth hanging open from the intensity of the sensation of the cocks drilling inside of me. I rolled my hips, pressing my clit and her ring hard to Karl, and I came again, feeling Tom coming too this time, gasping and breathing hard behind me. Tom left the bed for a moment, and in his absence, I felt the bed shift as Yana moved over Karl and let Amy feed his coated cock into her mouth. She lifted her mouth from Karl's cock and came up on her hands to kiss me as I sat on Amy's face and she licked her boyfriend's cum from my pussy.


First Time Threesome

group crimsonrose 2018-01-08

Greg went to the bar to get more drinks and as he started back toward their table he seen a guy sitting in his seat talking to Sue. He put his drinks on the bar and sat on the empty stool behind him and watched his girl. They left the bar at closing time and Greg asked Steve if he wanted to come over to their place. His cock is really hard now and he unzips his pants and takes his dick out and strokes as he watches Steve eat his girl out. Steve had Sue on her knees facing Greg and he come from behind and stuck his cock slowly inside her wet pussy.


A Weekend in Paradise

group manavata 2018-01-08

One day before our final paper, my very close friend Satish suggested that we go for a week to his farm that was about 100km from our town. While his face lit up with the thought of having a good time with her, he became concerned about my spending the week in the farm. In the available light Satish could recognize that the other lady was none other than his elder sister, Mohini. While Satish set down inside the stretched out legs of Kamini, I moved keeping myself below the sofa level and sat down between the legs of Mohini. As regards Mohini, she was introduced to me by Satish while my cock was inside her cunt!

An unforgettable Night

group omeggidon 2018-01-08

"Very well, Mark I know you have been wondering about what it would be like to be with two women at once, and though I do not feel comfortable watching you fuck another women, I am willing to at least let you experience certain parts of your fantasy." She licked her bottom lip and put it into her mouth as she looked over at Stephanie, who by that point was starting to take off her tank top. We have both decided we will suck the come out of your cock." Her pussy felt wet and warm, I could feel my member getting harder as I began to rub Steph's clit, and the whole time we both watched Crystal seductively undress.

Dirty Little Landscaper Ch. 03

group papafrogger 2018-01-08

Glancing over at the door she heard Chelsea headed downstairs, "Chelsea can you come in here please!" looking at him she smiled and wiped her face, "I'm glad you found someone Ted. Chelsea is real nice, just the kind of person you should have." I'll understand if you don't want to hear it." She turned to Chelsea, "I think you need to hear it too because of your relationship with Ted," she had a pleading look on her face glancing from one to the other. Let me make some calls tomorrow." Turning around he came over and pulled Lucinda up on her knees, holding her hands he said, "Lucy I'm glad you told me, and I'm especially pleased you included Chelsea.


Entertaining at Home

group Touch_type 2018-01-08

Steve was Dave's best mate and I had always liked and got on with him. I noticed Jason, one of Dave's workmates, at the back of the group and got some satisfaction from seeing how wet he was getting. When I got back with a bag of Dave's towels (never mind, he'll be able to wash them I thought, wickedly) the kitchen was overflowing. The lads had piled their beer by the back door; it looked like a sculpture with the vodka providing the centrepiece. I pulled out the still-packaged vibrator which I had taken from its hiding place in my bedside cabinet as one of my first statements of my independence after getting Dave and his floozy out of the house this morning.


Spontaneous Threesome

group sweetnessuk 2018-01-08

He pinned my arms above my head on the bed with such force while he slid his cock between my pussy lips. While Jo was rubbing my pussy, Paul began to kiss me, so passionately too which I absolutely love. Paul began to fuck my pussy while Jo put his cock in my mouth. He fucked me harder and harder while Jo started to suck my nipples while he was wanking his cock. Jo thrusted his cock into my pussy and fucked me from behind, while I was sucking Paul's cock this time. I clenched my pussy lips, slapped it a little and rubbed my clit while being fucked from behind. While I was sucking Paul's cock, I slid my fore finger up his ass.

Sex and the Secretary

group Aelfwyn 2018-01-08

Her skirt has been pushed up over her lovely tanned arse and his hands move to cup her cheeks, lift her so he can fuck her harder - long, swift strokes that leave her crying out, her face flushed with pleasure. Still fucking, they watch as I open my jacket, unbutton my blouse and raise my hands to caress my breasts, roll my nipples between thumb and finger. I wrap my hands in her hair, dragging her head up to meet me and then ride her mouth like a belly-dancer, fucking her tongue with sensual abandon. Beneath me, Charley’s eager tongue caresses us both, but her strokes have become shaky, erratic – with the doubled pressures of pleasure that are carrying me, she’s going to come, I can feel it.

Camping Bi the Hot Springs Ch. 02

group ILCHANTILLY 2018-01-08

Seeing that Renee was still dripping with desire, I laid her down on our air mattress and started licking her nipples while I inserted my already hard cock into her pussy for a nice slow grinding fuck. I moved my way from Renee's nipple to her ear and started to nibble on it and whisper how much I loved her into her ear when I felt her orgasm hit and her pussy started to stroke my cock with each jerk of her orgasm. "I will let you in on a little secret," Jim said, "my wife has always wanted to see me with another man, and I am sure the thought of me and two men is really driving her wild, do you mind if I suck your cocks while she watches?"

Style Points

group davion2308 2018-01-08

"Maybe," Clara said, "But it's not how any guys I know look. Matt was looking at Clara's tits when he pulled off his underwear. While Denise was busy taking the head of his dick in her mouth, Clara slid her tits down his back, her soft hands trailing down his legs. Matt spun 180 degrees, his cock waving in front of Clara's face. Denise never paid much attention to things other people said, so she didn't hear Clara. Matt looked up and saw Clara's back tower over him. "So," Clara said to Denise, "Want to make out?" Denise stopped moving, Matt's cock pulsing in her cunt. Denise made an angry grumble noise and suddenly Matt's cock went cold.

Room Service

group PolAmour 2018-01-08

Turning back briefly to her table you are a little surprised when she takes the thermometer out of the water and slides it gently into your pussy, her gloved fingers holding your lips open as it eases in. Her grip becomes ever so slightly firmer as she moves you millimetres toward her and you feel first her hot breath on your clit, then her soft wet tongue as she drags it smoothly across your womanhood in a single, sensual lick. "No, I want to watch you lick her here." With that she gentle places a hand on each arse cheek her fingers in the crack of your arse, still damp with the combination of cum and saliva from her vigorous tonguing.

Grand Gala Ball

group SunrockSin 2018-01-08

Pulling off his shirt, Jonathan looked over to Margret who was on her back with her husband kneeling between her legs, his head face burrowing into her pussy, while he stroked his soft cock. Just as he regained control, Andrea moaned, "Oh yes, I'm coming." She reached up and pulled Jonathan down on top of her and he felt her belly and breast roll beneath him. Stephanie suddenly moaned again and Jonathan noticed that Andrew had gotten hard again and was fucking his wife while the both of them watched Jonathan sliding his cock into Margret. Apparently Margret's husband had her pretty worked up eating her, because in just a few moments she began to moan and then came, her pussy gently squeezing Jonathan's cock.

86% ball

High School Sissy

group hottniklez 2018-01-08

the guys house, I just felt like a girl and a slutty one at that. was a girl and he did fuck my boy pussy and my mouth for the few hours. I put on the girls clothes I just felt like I was a cock sucking slut that guys who ****d me the other night hung out, I was not dressed like a girl to the other guys look that cock sucking faggot is back guess she wants a cock very nice and his ass did feel good when I fucked it last time. many guys fucked me my ass was so filled with cum it was dripping out but I took a look at my boy pussy and said how many times did you get fucked.

Audrey's Delight

group johnniedee004 2018-01-08

He started kissing me passionately, managing to get a hand into my bra to fondle one of my breasts. After kissing both nipples, Johnnie gently pressed me down onto the bed, with my bottom perched over the edge. His hand stroked the inside of my thighs, each stroke slowly moving upwards until his fingers finally reached the warmth, feeling the sensitive lips, now slippery with juices. Encouraged by this, still kissing me passionately with his tongue, his fingers probed softly between the lips, lingering in each of the slick folds, exploring their texture, thumb flicking over my hard clitoris. He took his time over it, planting little kisses on my belly, my nipples, and even my clitoris.


Shame Game Ch. 06: The Red Door

group shamefever 2018-01-08

You are just ravishing in your slutty underwear." Frank slowly rubbed his monster cock against Bill's panty-clad ass, and whispered in his ear, "Look at your wife. Poor Belle, she wanted to continue getting fucked in the worst way, but I was through with her, and I withdrew my cock from her ass. Frank took his time, and penetrated so slowly, that Bill's excited efforts to be fucked made Frank feel like his cock was entering a vibrating pussy. It came as a huge shock to all that didn't know Frank, when he withdrew his cock from Bill's ass and squatted down to suck every drop of his own cum out of Bill.

Motel Fun

group hodaddie 2018-01-08

I went over to the window to see what was going on, as I thought, the guy jerking off had his pants down and his dick deep in her pussy. The first guy who started to fuck her, he came inside of her, when he pulled out, I saw the cum run out of her pussy. She looked over at the guy while I was fucking her, her pussy gotten little bit more wet and she started to have an orgasm. I slow down, I looked at her, I told her, I’m going to ask him to come in and fuck you then, she said no. I fucked her hard again, she started to cum, I came in her and the guy shot his load on the window.