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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Old Friend

group dak2742 2018-01-08

Greg jumped up and grabbed Helen's hand, pulling her to her feet and he asked her to dance because this was his favorite song of all time. I managed to get two of the next several dances, and when Greg finally excused himself to unload some of that beer, I grabbed Helen and pulled her into my lap. When we finally broke apart, she looked over at Greg and asked him if he wanted a kiss too, which he quickly agreed to and she quickly leaned over and gave him a little peck on the lips. We finally managed to find a rhythm and Helen quickly came on Greg's huge shaft as he held her hips and pounded into her tight pussy.

Our First Time

group hotorangecouple 2018-01-08

The couple next to us (again no names) She was dubbed Zebra girl by the 'pole dancers' asked if it was our first time at the club and we told them that this was our first time ANYWHERE. The 3 couples were performing orally on their own partners, when one of the guys asked if he could rub my wife's breast. Until I asked 'Zebra Girl' if she wanted to kiss my wife. And my wife says to the 'couple in front' girl, "I want to lick you." Now I'm going ballistic. After the leg cramp, I looked at zebra girl's guy and asked my wife if she wanted to suck his cock? The Zebras and Front door couples got to the foot of the bad and tan girl comes up and lays next to my wife.

A Holiday to Remember

group HisAboveAllOthers 2018-01-08

"Erik here says you give good head", one of the men said, pulling me to the floor by my hair and pushing his cock into my mouth, "Fuck yeah, he was right. By this point I couldn't count how many times I'd had each cock in my mouth and I was continually forced to give head, as I was flipped over and laid down on the kitchen floor. Before I knew it I was moaning around two cocks in my mouth, as one of Erik's mates expertly worked my clit. I'm letting you cum, so cum for me slut!", Erik shouted, with which I had an extremely intense orgasm, filling my cunt and covering my rapist's mouth with my juices.

Amber & I Ch. 09

group BradentonLarry 2018-01-07

Marina had embraced Amber and said, "You're even prettier than Helen said." She was perhaps 5'4" with slightly almond shaped eyes of brown, a perfect, petite figure, and straight, jet black hair that hung down to the small of her back. Jing was a beautiful Chinese woman just a bit shorter than me, with black hair brushing her shoulders and laughing eyes. She had a pixie cute face, bright green eyes, laughing with intelligent wit, and what looked like a wonderfully tight, petite body with a beautiful pair of firm tits filling out her tight top. Before I could get over to my employee and her husband, though, Helen clapped her hands together a couple of times and said, "Well, we're all here now, and we better get this show going.


Night of Pleasures

group 36FF_Tiki 2018-01-07

Once he went to bed, we would still have time to get Jake's ready before he got home. Then, I called Curt on his cell-phone and told him, "When you get home, I want you to strip out of your work clothes and hop into the nice hot bath that I'll have waiting. As soon as Curt pulled his still rock hard cock out of me, Tasha leaned back and crooked her finger at him. Jake worked four ten hour days, so we knew he wouldn't be home until shortly after 1:30 a.m. We had all the stuff for dinner out and ready. Just enjoy tonight and relax," Tasha had said while stripping him from his work clothes.

Bisexual Journey Ch. 08

group diagones 2018-01-07

Barry had taken me, and he was going to take me completely, use my ass to pleasure his cock, and I sank into submission to the process, the "meaning" of being fucked by man. He was my lover, making love to me by fucking me, and the total man was involved, not just his big cock moving inside me. In no other circumstances would it be remotely possible that I would submit anything to another man, but when he fucked me, his taking me into his arms to kiss me, even the palpable heat of his desire for my ass, released me to melt into that sweet and helpless submission to the overpowering masculine dominance of another man.


Teaching Amanda Ch. 03 Pt. 2

group DiminutiveDame 2018-01-07

As he left the couch, I began to grind my pussy along jack's cock, moaning as he gruffly held my ass cheeks open, pushing me into position to be fucked. I barely noticed Ned stand and walk in front of me as I felt Jack's cock suddenly pop into the entrance of my cunt and slowly slide deep inside me as I adjusted to the size of his throbbing member. I opened my eyes to see Ned push his dick in my mouth, his hands firmly on my shoulders as he pushed me back, further on to Jack's cock. My pussy ached as Jack continued to pump his sperm inside me and his twitching cock grew flaccid as the two men's moans filled the room.

Lakeside fun

group sex4u4647 2018-01-07

Peg moved in close and the three started playing with each other, feeling tits, cock, pussys, asses. Bill laid on his back while Joy lowered her pussy over his face as Peg grasped his cock and licked the head then opening her lips engulfed the hard shaft into her mouth. at least a few times." said one of the girls with Joy, laughing as she removed her t-shirt baring her lovely tits. The sight of seven horney young men and six sexy girls splashing bare naked in the shallow water was very erotic and the guys soon all sported hard cocks, delighting the girls who were soon deciding which one they wanted to love with first.

Navy SEAL's Graduation to Remember

group JRob 2018-01-07

Turning the corner to my table I spotted the long-lost friend looking girl sort of swaying in her seat to the beat, still without a partner. Without instruction, Chas lifted her cute skirt then bent over and began licking the girl's pussy like a guy who'd been talking the desert and found an oasis of cool, sparkling water. While working on Tony her right hand was in the midst of a covert mission up the leg of Stephan, surprising the gawking man by grabbing his cock and stroking it while his eyes were glued to the mouth action on Tony going on a couple feet away. "Oh my god she's working my dick" said our friend as the girl licked up every little bit of remaining sauce from his spent cock.


Her, Her and Him

group themarquise 2018-01-07

Her hands came out and held my head close to her as I swirled my tongue around, then let my teeth brush lightly against the sensitive tip. I groaned over and over, my hands moving to my own breasts to play with my nipples as my hips lifted and fell against her tongue, trying to get her to concentrate where I really needed it. He moved between my legs, hooking his arms around my thighs as his tongue rasped over my pussy, flicking over my clit as she straddled my head and slowly lowered her sex against my lips. She reached her hand down and pushed my lips against her, moaning loudly as she came, squeezing his cock deep inside her.

Karen - From Trophy Wife to Slutwife - 5

group THIRDCOAST 2018-01-07

I feel a nice sized cock rubbing up and down my wet labia lips. I can feel his thick cock pulse with every spurt of cum he sends into my needy pussy. I told him about the shoe salesman, the sexy gym class, and of course about Max. My pussy is still twitching from the thought of Max’s big fat cock. And of course, I’m thinking about Max’s big black cock that fucked me into oblivion this afternoon. I hear Connie moaning around his cock as he cums into her mouth. I am still licking the cum from Connie’s pussy when a large cock comes to root me out. One hand is scooping their cum from body and licking it from my fingers, while my other hand is punishing my pussy.

Renewed Vows

group DonkeyOatee 2018-01-07

She slid her hand down her stomach, under her panties and deep into her pussy; she used her own juices to wet her finger, then placed it in Ryan's mouth. Pam dropped to her knee's and put her lips on Lisa's pulsating pussy and sucked the remaining juices into her mouth. Here we are, the night before, what was supposed to be our wedding, with my cock fucking a strangers pussy while I'm watching the love of my life sucking another man's cock. Pam now concentrated on her own pleasure as Lisa rolled over and demanded that Ryan put that beautiful cock of his inside her drenched pussy. I watched Ryan's cock thrusting in and out of Lisa's sweet pussy.

Dominated in Jamaica Ch. 01

group bi_hengst 2018-01-07

My beautiful wife and I sat mesmerized and watched as Dave sank 10 inches of hard throbbing cock into Sandy's shaved pussy. "I want to watch you cum on your husband's big dick." They kissed deeply as Sandy's body shook from her powerful climax. My wife lowered her mouth to Sandy's pussy and started to lick as Dave straddled my chest and eased his giant cock into my wife's cum filled pussy from behind. Cum covered his dick as it slid in and out of Kelly's pussy and a strange thing happened as I watched my wife get fucked above me. Dave's cock had already recovered and he climbed aboard his sexy wife and eased his big dick inside her wet warm pussy.

Caribbean Adventure

group dandygent 2018-01-07

Ramon hesitated only briefly, alternately watching Paul and Lauren as she continued to caress her breasts and stroke her nipples. Paul let go of his cock and reached for Ramon's, wrapping his fingers around the swollen shaft and stroking it from base to tip. She closed the fingers of her left hand around Ramon's shaft and began stroking it as her head bobbed up and down the length of Paul's shaft. Paul and Ramon began thrusting their hips almost in unison, fucking their cocks into Lauren's mouth. Ramon placed one knee on the couch and watched as Paul's cock repeatedly disappeared into and emerged from Lauren's pussy. Ramon lifted his second knee onto the seat of the couch and leaned to jerk his cock over Lauren's massive left tit.

Pixie, Joy and Me Ch. 02

group Romantic1 2018-01-07

A week or so after my weekend with Joy, I sat with Mel in the Student Union one afternoon talking about the situation; only no words came out in terms of solutions or options. "Heck no," I replied sensitive to insulting Mel and making her feel left out; "I mean Joy is wonderful; everything you could ask for in a date and yes, I'd love to be with her again. Mel came in a spectacular Sapphic orgasm a few minutes later much to the pleasure of Joy who looked so pleased with herself and the feelings she'd induced for the first time in her roommate -- at least I think it was the first time.


The Wonders of Friendship

group AngelicaPink 2018-01-07

Lea knew Jordan better than Melinda did, so she put one hand on his face while he was looking at her friend and turned his head towards her so that they could kiss. Lea found Melinda's small clit while she watched Jordan's cock go deeper inside her friend's mouth. Lick it like this." Jordan lowered his lips and licked Melinda's pussy just the way he wanted Melinda to lick Lea. His cock was begging for attention so he stopped licking and decided to fuck Melinda's cunt. She looked up and right above her face, she saw Jordan's cock going in and out of Lea's perfect pussy.

Tony's Story

group biguy52x 2018-01-07

Tony said he plugged in a tape and saw a younger version of his mom. He heard his dad talking to his mom calling her a cock sucker. His mom was moaning rubbing her pussy with one hand while holding dad's cock in the other and sucking it. He said he had decided he wanted to see if his mother would suck any cock she saw. Tony was sitting on the couch in his gym shorts he was free balling and slid down so the leg pulled up he could see the tip of his cock if he looked down. Almost as soon as his cock came out of his shorts leg he said his mom kind of went into an automatic mode.

A Couple and the Guy Next Door

group bbw4youngercocks1 2018-01-07

She'd already been in a few threesomes with both Kevin and a couple of his male lovers; there was something about having two hard cocks at the same time that really got her going in bed. Soon PJ was between her legs eating Linda's pussy while Kevin's cock was in her mouth; between the great head she was giving him and seeing PJ eat her out, it was a wonder Kevin hadn't cum right at that moment. It didn't take long for PJ to enjoy the feeling of having sex with his hot neighbor lady as her husband's own dick pumped in and out of him at the same time.

Sexy Seniors Ch. 01

group sex4u4647 2018-01-07

I would eat her pussy, she sucked my cock, fucked my ass with her finger and a dildo a few times. "Alice sat back with a big smile on her face, her hand holding that lovely hard cock out to me to suck as I lowered my lips to kiss the tip and slowly let it slide into my waiting mouth. It gives him a thrill to know that I'm enjoying a stiff cock in my pussy." Alice said. Getting a hard cock in my pussy and putting on a show for Alice and Mike. I told her that I would love to be there and watch her take Jack's hard cock deep in her hot pussy and get fucked.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Just Pray

group andtheend 2018-01-07

"As most of you know, my lovely wife, Sister Katherine, and I have been taking religious retreats for the past few years each summer," he said looking down at his wife, before looking out upon his congregation. "I dare say that, since you've never been on a religious retreat, it's a life changing and mind altering experience," said Sister Katherine looking a bit taken with Brother John and his wife Crystal and giving them both a smile and a wink. The other couples, who were members of Reverend Dick and Sister Katherine's congregation longer, reinforced all that their spiritual leader said. Crystal, Connie, Debbie and Diane stared at Reverend Dick's dick, while John, Vinnie, Walter, and Peter watched, as Sister Katherine removed her bra to expose her abundant breasts and removed her panties to show her bushy pussy.


Invited Into A Relationship

group firststoryever 2018-01-07

She grabs a hold of my hair and then slams me down on the couch just like I did her and she pulls out my dick and starts sucking me telling me how much she wants me to cum all over her tits. and talk and every time the four year old walks out of site we do something from grabbing asses, sucking on her tits for a bit as she pulled them out of her shirt , or rubbing her pussy through her pants. I suck on her tits as I finger fuck her and she pulls my head closer to her chest I keep sucking then I kissed her pussy and suck on her clit.


My Surprise Birthday Orgy

group Friskee_cpl 2018-01-07

I turned to see the backs of three naked men all noticeably jerking their cocks as Lisa was being fucked on the leather swing by 'big boy'. Amy reached over and began massaging Big Boys balls and sure enough, within a minute or two, he pulled his cock out of her distended pussy and sprayed a knee-trembling amount of cum up and over Lisa's sweating torso. Bill moved around next to me and we both watched as Lisa lay there with her legs splayed open, my cum running out of her hole, and Amy licking up the cream of the two men.


Working as an amateur prostitute

group peka36 2018-01-07

More specifically knowing that some of his collegues would play with my tits put their tongue or finger in my hot pussy or even eat my pussy whilst he and others watching, without the other knowing that this horny slutwife is their friends girlfriend. Nearly all his friends and collegues ( amongst many other men I even never will know ) had their hands in my panties, squeezed my tits and nipples, pulled at my wet lips sticking out from my very small g string with open crotch whilst i was stroking their hard ones through their pants or took some backstage for a quick blowjob or even a fuck.

Office Help Ch. 02

group bone_86 2018-01-07

While I was licking the cum off her fingers, I felt hands all over my ass and even playing with my hole. Stand in front of this woman and bend over touching your toes, and remain in that position.” I did as he wished with little hesitation, and after a short wait, I felt her tongue begin to worm its way inside my pussy. I want you arching your ass out of the other end of the table, while I do my work.” So, I began work on my master’s cock and was beginning to get a handle on my new job, when the door opened.