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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My French Connection

group jacqui_hills_uk 2018-01-07

I looked down to see Sandrine take his erect cock into her mouth and I felt incredibly horny as my breasts were licked and sucked and I watched, this time for real, as this incredible woman used her mouth to satisfy his desires. I suddenly realised that the fingers inside me belonged to Sandrine, not Didier and as I landed, her fingers were replaced by her mouth, her tongue expertly licking my pussy. I don't know how long it lasted but by the time they had finished and took up their wine glasses, I was exhausted and I lay flat on my back, legs open, my thighs covered with the sticky emissions of my sex.

Bi-Fun: Strap On

group latexcd69 2018-01-07

In no time, I was on my way home where Kayce and Brian were waiting. Brian and I were throbbing watching her fingers squeeze the rubber cock as the index and middle held onto the nearly finished Marlboro. Brian held the cock up as I bobbed my head up and down, progressively going deeper. Brian, I want you sucking his cock while I fuck his tight little hole. Brian's warm mouth wrapped around my cock as he sucked down to the very bottom of my shaft. His moans got louder and I didn't want to take a chance so I pulled his cock out of my mouth and jerked it hard, aiming at her breast.

Experiments With A Hot Latina Ch. 03

group Hot_Luvrz 2018-01-07

Finally, I put placed my hand firmly on her head, pulled my cock out of her mouth, let out a deep moan, and sent streams of cum blasting onto her face. The photographer took shots of Chu on top of Elena, breast to breast with them looking into each other's eyes and then they switched places. Around one a.m. Hendrik announced, more like commanded, that it was time to go so he went out to the dance floor and pulled Chu away from another black guy she was dancing with. I knew they were just having fun but I didn't like it when Elena squatted down on her heels and opened her mouth near his crotch and pretended like she was sucking his cock.


Jennifer & the Swinging Dicks Club

group maxmaypo 2018-01-07

The pleasure of feeling her pussy contract around my lengthening cock pushed my reservations aside and I picked up Jennifer's slender body while still impaled on my member, flipped her over onto her back on the towel and proceeded to give her the slow fuck that would cause her to have multiple orgasms. Back on the beach Allison and her friend, Gwen, a stunning black woman with dark chocolate colored skin, full breasts tipped with protruding jet black nipples, and a shaved belly ending in a pair of thick pouty labia, approached Jennifer and made their proposition of sharing me with the women and her with the men.


One, Two, Three?

group MichelinB 2018-01-07

I turned to see where Van was, and he was right there, cock in hand and guiding it toward my mouth. Vans' hands came around me to spread my ass cheeks apart while Dex spread the moisture between my legs up to my asshole, then guided the head of his dick into my back door. I was relaxed and feeling the pleasure of the anal fucking I was being given, Van grabbed my legs and spread them wide. I felt my body writhe beneath the four large hands caressing my body, my breasts, my nipples, my legs; the two hot mouths on my neck, my breasts; two hard cocks inside of me, filling me.

The Company Whore

group Mag58 2018-01-07

I pulled the foreskin back, and took the knob into my mouth and sucked and licked the tip, forcing my tongue into the tiny hole (I know that this drives men crazy), he was moaning and groaning as I gently twisted my hands around the shaft. As he pulled away, I stepped out of it; just wearing my new bra, panties, suspenders and stockings, I approached Jean Yves, who was pulling down his boxers, smiling at me, and pointing to his cock he said, “can I have a blow-job?” I dropped to my knees and began licking his shaft and balls, my pale white hands contrasting with his chocolate colouring.


Sea's Candy

group BlueEyed5ftAngel 2018-01-07

Jasmine just wanted to put as much distance as possible between her and her soon-to-be ex-husband and getting a fresh start in Florida with her three beautiful daughters she thought was going to be the answer. Tami was in school and Jasmine felt she deserved a break so she decided to cruise the watery neighborhood in her thirty eight foot yacht the "Sea's Candy". "Can I get you something to drink, iced tea or a soda maybe?" Nicky asked while slowly wading over to the steps, emerging from the water. Jasmine's body exploded in tingles watching Nicky coming out of the pool. "So, what brings you to Fort Lauderdale Jasmine?" Ryan asked while treading water in the center of the pool.

Trying Out the Threesome

group kittykattt1995 2018-01-07

Sierra let her tongue do the talking, licking Mel's pussy lips and the beautiful spot right between them. While Sierra sucked on Mel's pussy, Ben got behind her and slapped her nice round ass a couple times, leaving red hand marks all over it. Let her lick you this time, she deserves to do some of the work, that little slut." Sierra sat down on Mel's face and Mel started licking her pussy, playing with her clit. Both the girls screamed out at the same time and went limp, Sierra collapsing on the bed and Mel's legs slipping off of Ben's shoulders.

Honeymoon for Three

group BrettJ 2018-01-07

The first time Mandy felt Brad's hard, big cock in her pussy, she thought she'd died and gone to heaven. Kara's tongue began licking at Mandy's nipples, exciting them into stiffness as Brad moved between his lover's legs and began eating her strawberry muff. Brad, who'd been sucked into hardness by Kara, was now fucking Mandy intently, with slow motions at first, gliding in and out of Mandy's strawberry bush, then harder, faster, pumping his hips and thrusting deep inside his lover, seeing the looks of both the girls, wanting this never to end. Brad knew this and pulled out of Mandy, letting Kara lick her lover into orgasm that made the walls shake.

Mandy: A Third Encounter

group skip.69 2018-01-07

I was looking the other way at the time, when Tricia, my wife, turned to me and said, "I spy, with my little eye, a pussy which knows your cock!" My cock was immediately fondled by Mandy, in spite of being in full view of any other campers who might be around, but Charles, watching this out of the corner of his eye as he pressed close to Tricia, said softly, "We ought to go inside and have a drink together!" This was obviously his way of telling Mandy to be more discreet in public, even though it was a nudist site.


College Cathouse Ch. 04

group DaviBlack 2018-01-07

As Stacy poured drinks, the guys looked Jess over. She strolled across the room and, with her left hand, grabbed ahold of Jake's thick hard cock. He briefly rubbed his hand across her pussy before moving forward and slowly sliding his cock into her. "Oh, fuck me Jake," she said loudly, grabbing ahold of his ass and pulling him deeper into her. She watched, smiling as Stacy slowly took the guys' cocks in her hands. Jake pumped his cock in and out of her as fast as he could, grunting feverishly and gripping the futon with either hand. I looked over at Stacy, whose eyes drifted back and forth between me and the futon, while she fiercely stroked the cock in her left hand.

Wedding Night Blues

group Rodneynimrod 2018-01-07

Danielle eased her cunt down on Mark's mouth as he extended his tongue to take a taste of this unexpected wedding gift. Lick my cunt while your wife takes your cock out your pants and suck on it." Cathy was surprised at the speed with which Mark had given in to Danielle. The sensation of her husband's cock in her cunt coupled with the way Danielle was caressing her clit drove Cathy perilously close to the orgasmic cliff from which she so desperately wanted to plunge. Mark knelt behind Danielle and eased the head of his cock into her waiting pussy. He glanced over at Cathy whose hand was under her wedding dress rubbing her pussy as she watched him fuck her maid of honour.

Glory Daze Ch. 08

group Eagle1 2018-01-07

Brett was still massaging his dick as the black guy on the screen began to invade the blonde's pussy again. The scene itself changed suddenly to show the girl, his black cock deep inside her throat, hand working furiously at the guy's balls. This time the blonde girl now lay on her chest, her thick pink lips making a circle shape as her ass jutted up in the air supported by the big black man's hands as he sank his hard shaft deeply into her cunt. "Don't be a fucking pussy now man," Toby said mockingly to Brett. A big hard black cock shot round after round of white sticky cum, splashing it onto the blonde's waiting ass and it trickled down onto her pussy.


Perri's Drinking Game

group perrismaster 2018-01-07

then she reached into his boxers and brought his cock meat out, dripping cum all over her hand, while she told the dirty little slut in front of her to pull her panties to the side so she could see how wet her pussy was. the girl started licking the pussy juice off her panties, moaning and gasping, while the guy kept thrusting his cock deeper and deeper inside that young little pussy. the horny little table slut brought her face forward and started kissing perris lips, tasting her pussy juice and the sperm that was still in perri's mouth.

Friends Ch. 02

group sarahloveitt 2018-01-07

Jill always enjoyed cock sucking, whilst Alan was licking Jill's wet vulva, slipping his tongue deep into the delicious vagina. As she was busily enjoying her cock sucking, Jill realized that the opposite door had been opened, with the guy who had been groping her pussy through the window. Then, quite as suddenly as it started, the guys all sidled away, tucking shrinking cocks back inside their trousers, leaving Jill exhausted, slumped in the back seat, rubbing sperm into her body. Having tucked themselves under the duvet, Alan started to play back the action on their recorder, whilst toying with Jill's pussy, aware of its earlier activities with strangers' fingers and cocks.


Happy Ending Salon

group CRWestminster 2018-01-07

As the man massaged my thighs I could feel a familiar warmth beginning to spread outward from inside and between my legs and my juices begin to flow. The man at my breasts flipped a switch and the table began to lower until his cock was hanging directly over my mouth. I wanted to suck his cock, to feel him turn hard in my mouth. Fingers probed my wet pussy as my hand found his dick and began pulling on the loose skin covering it. The darker one climbed between my wide open legs and teased my pussy with his cock head as I returned to sucking the other man's wonderful cock. The lighter haired man pulled his cock from my mouth and began masturbating himself as I watched.

Wild Experiences

group Lovegal 2018-01-07

'Oh come on, Xania, if you think that crying shit is going to get Michael in bed with you, think again' I greeted them as I grabbed some juice from the refrigerator. I felt his dick thicken in my hand, I kissed it, lick, suck and please Michael like I normally do. Xania was licking my pussy, sucking my clit and fingering me at the same time. Suddenly Ev pulled out and told me to ride him while he licks Xania's pussy. Everton came inside of Xania, while she removed her own 'dick' and drank all of my love juices that were flowing from my pussy. 'Tiff got a lunch meeting' Xania gave her input, which I thought Everton didn't have to know.

Re-Born On The Fourth Of July Ch. 02

group sexy_name 2018-01-07

As we were kissing I felt my top suddenly become loose, I instinctively grabbed at my top to hold my boobs in, when I looked around I saw that Greg had snuck up behind me and undone my top while Mitch had done the same to Chantelle. How would you feel about swapping?" I looked up at Greg to see his reaction, the little smile on his face told me he liked the idea. This continued on for a few minutes before the pumping of both cocks grew frantic, I recognized that both men were about to cum so I reached around and grabbed Mitch's ass, pushing him in to his wife.


My Gym Fantasy

group chrisjum 2018-01-07

He sucks on your tits and you begin to kiss him good and hard as I grab your hair from behind and pull it as I continue to fuck your ass. After a good thirty minutes of us double penetrating you and taking turns switching back and forth on your pussy and ass, we position you laying on your back on the bench press. I sit on the edge of the bench press and begin to insert my cock into your tight pussy as I start to fuck you harder and harder. He and I switch positions and this time I have you sucking on my cock while he fucks your pussy good and hard while that butt plug is still tightly placed in your ass.

Letters to Purvi Ch. 04

group Lalitha Mehta 2018-01-07

Then sitting together on the couch again, we simply sipped our drinks and watched the porn film -- a blonde was now getting a major fucking by two muscular blacks -- in her mouth and her cunt -- and from the way she was responding, either she was a great actress or she loved every minute of it. "Darling, Mona’s hot mouth is really sucking my cock," Rajesh groaned, his glassy eyes looking down at me. The next thing I knew, Mona had dropped her head into my crotch, and for the second time in my life I felt the sweet sensation of a woman’s tongue on my cunt.


A Day at the Spa

group curious_traveller 2018-01-07

The couple, an extremely good looking German guy named Daniel, who was tall and well built, with short dark hair and an absolutely beautiful American girl Lina, who was much shorter than him, but childishly cute with long natural blonde hair, a nice tan and perfect body for her size, with rounded breasts that were easily noticeable through her low cut top -- invited us to join them the next day to check the place out. Everybody had a quick curious look at one another just before we were about to head out, It was Lina who really got me feeling horny when she surprisingly looked straight at Marks dick and said ''mmm nice cock'', I blushed a bit in excitement and Daniel just laughed.


Pleasuring Sandra

group SilverFox300 2018-01-07

The muscles in her legs and thighs were clenching and her arms and hands pulled at dad's head, pressing it hard into her pussy. Sandra was continuously orgasming as dad's cock moved deeper into her and finally came to rest all the way into her. Sandra was orgasming continuously, her body hunched around dad's spurting cock, gripping it, milking it of all his load. I noticed Dana was also orgasming - her head thrown back and her body shaking with her hands gripping her gorgeous breasts, squeezing them and pinching her nipples with passion. Dad thrust his cock into Dana to the hilt and she clasped her legs tighter around his back, pulling him deeper into her as her own orgasm exploded through her body.

Can I Watch

group jushorny 2018-01-07

She had one hand around the base, her tongue had licked away the pre cum, her mouth poised to suck me in and I could feel her heated breath as it blew across the head when she spoke. I said it rather matter a factly as my body laid half over Ben, my tongue licking behind his ear, my hand sliding down his chest and abs not resting until I found his semi erect cock. "If Jessica is going to watch it has to be my way," Ben said, "You will have to beg for me to fuck you harder. "On your knees Mark," Ben said, "I know you want my cock pounding you now, just like I will when Jessica watches.

Barcelona Vacation Ch. 03

group Jack_Love 2018-01-07

After we'd done checking in, Melody strolled over to the group of girls, as cool as a cucumber, and said offhandedly to the most slutty-looking of them, "Hey, we're having a party tonight in our room if you wanna come. Soon they were all getting naked, or half-naked, kissing me, touching me, pulling my fingers onto their totally waxed-smooth, warm, wet twats, asses, and college-girl titties. After an hour, I'd had my cock up seven different babes' assholes, seven different pussies, and down seven different babes' throats, squeezed seven different perfect college-babes' asses, seven different amazing sets of college-girl titties, and kissed seven different babes gorgeous young lips!