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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Reluctant Wife

group Intensepleasure 2018-01-07

For some time I would not agree to it but over time through his persistence and my desire to please him I started to weaken and the fantasies started to focus on us visiting a swingers club where we would have sex in room watched by other men and women. When he stopped I opened my eyes to find that the older of the single men had entered the room and was standing watching us. His wife was one of the people watching us and I found it an odd combination of sexual excitement and humiliation to look into her eyes whilst her husband's penis was pounding in and out of me.

One Night In Tokyo

group Js_Keeper 2018-01-07

None of the men so much as gave a glance my way, each of them staring blankly toward the empty center of the room while the two torch-lighting high priests made several long, slow processions around the outer circle, one in clockwise direction, the other moving counter-clockwise. The high priest stood again and tugged open the knot that held the silk cape about her neck, allowing it to slide off her body to the floor and exposing her fully to the room full of gawking men. All twelve priests retrieved the smoldering sticks from the altar and began processing in line around the platform, inhaling the remnants before climbing the steps together and extinguish them into a golden urn that had been placed between Amber's legs.


A Chair, a Guy, Wine and Two Babes

group jakebarnes06 2018-01-07

As the deepest large brown eyes into which I'd ever peered slowly moved back and forth between Suz and me as though they were seeking confirmation of some secret agreement, Michele stuttered, "Um Jake, I know you and I don't know each other very well, but I've always thought you were kind of an interesting guy and you don't know it, but I have known Suz for some time." She paused, appeared to gulp for courage and continued, "We, I mean, I, was wondering if you'd mind if I, um, came also." Suz followed up with, "Jake, I need you to carefully get out of that chair, but do so in a way that Michele continues standing right where she is."


Petey Pegs the Preacher

group Valendon 2018-01-07

(The continuing adventures of Kathy, now a sexy senior, and her lifelong friend and lover Denise "Dene." Kathy's nickname, "Petey" was applied when her build resembled a tall, straight Pine Tree. Dene and I got in last night for a long weekend of shopping, dining, two concerts and (oh, yes) sex. I wasn't sure what Dene had packed besides El Whacko (our 40-year old paddle) and picked up a few other whimsical things I thought we might enjoy--a corded egg vibe, a crop, a blindfold, fur handcuffs, and a wicked-looking tawse. We've married and had families, and we like men too, but where men have come and gone, Dene (that's her nickname) and I love each other deeply and have been steady friends and passionate lovers all our lives.


Master Wants to Share His BBW Slut

group NYCbbwSUB 2018-01-07

Lisa looked at herself in the mirror and her pussy quickly got very wet, knowing that she was dressed like a slut for her Master. By now Lisa was dripping wet and wanted to feel her Master's cock inside her so bad. Master slid a finger into Lisa's wet hot cunt, making Lisa moan and beg to be fucked. "Look at you slut, you want to get used and fucked so bad don't you?" Master said. "Go ahead rape her ass" Master said to the guy that didn't have his cock in Lisa yet. Lisa turned around to go to the bed and Master spanked her real hard making her ass bright red.

The French Maid Ch. 09

group susan12346 2018-01-07

I stopped sucking for a moment, and just stayed there my head laying on top of that warm hard cock, my mouth open and my eyes closed as he gently thrust to and fro in me. When I got used to the wonderful feeling I again took the cock back into my mouth and held it there, letting my tongue swirl around it, teasing and licking it, playing and lashing at it. Suddenly he pulled his cock out and almost straight away a bolt of cum shot out and hit my chin and throat in a long knotty rope. They then leaned forward and gently wiped their softening cocks on my face and cheeks, smearing wet cum still on the head around my face, no doubt making it all shiny like their cocks and my titties.

Our Fire Island Group House Pt. 02

group EllenMelville 2018-01-07

If he glances over to checkout Mignon, right now, I'm going to pour the cold chardonnay on his dick. Mignon is still standing at attention, waiting for an order, staring at me with bugging-out green eyes. His eyes are shut, but, when my lips slip onto his dick, he jerks, flips his hips to drive his prick deeper into my throat. When I take her hand and start to lead her away, she looks confused, glancing back at Tom. Why are his eyes closed when her knockers are jutting out 25 percent farther than their theoretical maximum extension? Wow, I love this feeling of driving another woman into temporary insanity, so she starts screaming 'fuck me, you bitch...'" ALL women know dirty words.

Young Explorers

group jpln 2018-01-07

As soon as I finished stating the rules, without saying anything, Michelle unbuttoned her blouse, took hold of John's hand and guided it inside her open blouse. Michelle quickly got her mouth over his cock in time to catch the last few shots of his cum. By this time, Michelle had pulled her head away from John's cock. Michelle slowly pulled her fingers out of my ass, then dipped them in the oil again and spread the oil all over the condom on John's cock. Then, she moved her head down to my pussy and I felt her sucking on my clit as John's cock was moving back and forth in my ass. Michelle pulled her head up and excitedly said, "I can feel his cock against the back of your pussy".

The Cum Slut Wife

group mooremike 2018-01-07

Connie went inside and then pulled her car around to the parking lot away from the road. Steve moved the car and was certain he would see a guy join his wife. Steve moved the car closer to the bookstore and he watched as men came and went for the next half hour. Steve walked over to the guy and decided he would ask if Connie was there. He heard a loud knock and watched as the cock sprayed sperm into the air that landed on Connie's face! Steve zipped his pants up but looked through the hole again to see Connie already sucking another cock. Steve sat in the car and wondered how many cocks his wife had sucked that night.

Hijabi Slut: Milky Threesome

group Darkromantic1975 2018-01-07

As I came out I could see Michael looking more intensely at me, almost as if he knew that Robert had asked me to allow them to touch me. How many times do you fuck this hot piece of ass a day?" As he was saying that his hand moved between my ass cheeks and he was slowly rubbing my pussy while his thumb was massaging my asshole." As I bent over, Robert lifted my loose dress to show Michael and Lee my fat ass and thong. As I went back to sit down, Robert lifted my dress as I sat down on Michael's hand again. I was so horny from Michael's touching of my pussy and tits that I quickly interjected, "maybe tonight that fantasy will come true."


Two For the Price of One

group EroticSoulz 2018-01-07

I was dredging home from work one steamy July day, my clothes sticking to me, my heels digging into my feet because I couldn’t afford a car, when I came upon my quiet home, it’s doors thrown open, boxes on the sidewalk, and two broad-shouldered young men out front, drinking soda and laughing. You’re a hot little number,” Brad said. “I’ll make it feel so good,” Brad soothed, running his hands over my back. “Shh, baby, just think about how good it’ll feel when we’re all together.” “Move the way that feels good,” Jason told me, his breathing labored. “Oh yeah, baby, uhhh, you’re our dirty little slut who likes it up the ass aren’t you…oh yeah, say it baby, say it when you cum all over my cock,” Jason ground out. “Yes, oh yeah, I’m cumming in your ass, baby,” Brad moaned.

Sunday Lunch - The Day

group tetherer 2018-01-07

I felt Debbie's hand move to my now rock hard cock and start to stroke it through my trousers. As I looked over, I saw Helen smile at me as John was sucking one of her long brown nipples with his hand massaging the other erormous tit. I looked up in one of the ceiling mirrors and saw John was sitting on Helen with his hard cock rubbing between her beautiful breasts. I moved my mouth to her other nipple and sucked hard then I felt her hand grip my erect dick. Rachel slid her hands under her ample buttocks and lifted her pussy to her mouth while I continued playing with Helen's wonderful tits.

A Start Of Something Nice

group bobbymcgee 2018-01-07

As I opened my eyes I could see guys jerking off fast and I noticed a few girls had a few fingers up their tight little holes. When we stood up my cum dripped out of her pussy and down some of her leg, not thinking twice she scooped it up with her hand and then licked her hand off, With that the guys and girls all stood and started to clap and cheer for us. There was now 14 of us left, 8 girls in the sand fingering them selves, and six dumbfounded guys watching. The other six girls got behind a guy and started to jerk him off while Gina and Cathy finger fucked them selves, Gina with four and Cathy with three.

Nude Beach

group Gehld 2018-01-07

She was hot, beautiful face, eyes would pierce right through you, long dark brown hair that just covered her cute little titties, flat tummy, trimmed pussy, tight ass and legs I would LOVE to have wrapped around my head. Kristy would float on her back grabbing hold of Jeff and Andy cocks to keep stable while floating. Andy reached down between Kristy legs and grabbed my cock and said of yea I like that. That was so hot, the waves pounding against us kept the motion going as Andy would hand feed my cock to Kristy's pussy. After Kristy and her partner walked off, Jeff said "did you see that?" Andy and I both said what.

Screwball Love: A Virgin...

group Sappholovers 2018-01-07

My mind flashed with images of Kate's face relaxing into a smile after the intense bliss of an orgasm.....the moment when she always looked her most beautiful. She came back soon and whispered, "She's asleep." Kate picked up the envelope and took it along with her glass of wine into the living room. I opened the envelope and gave Kate the first piece of evidence: the ad in the swinger's magazine that I responded to with a picture of Rowena's face. They wrote back and said they liked my letter a lot, but they wanted an explicit photo....a hard cock shot. We began fucking, and we kept fucking....making love three times before Kate had to leave for work, an hour or two late.


Group Sex Surprise

group Worldandmore 2018-01-07

He played with my pussy and fucked me slowly while Lucy took down my top and kissed my breasts. I saw Lucy giving a blowjob to John while he was licking her pussy and fill it with one of the dildos I left on a bed. A few moments later John finished on my back and moved away while I was still jumping on Christians dick. I asked Lucy to came and sit on his dick faced to his legs so I could kiss her and play with her body. I still had two dildos in me and pushed them in and out even more when watching Lucy getting Christians dick in her ass.


group Jcarbo 2018-01-07

After the paperwork was completed BJ tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Okay, you're hired, and I'm your first client." He handed me two $100 bills and said, "Richard will tell you what to do. Richard was smiling at my reaction to BJ, and when he took of his underwear I could see he was much smaller...maybe seven inches, curved upward, and cut, with a purple head, but he had a "fat boy," a nice thick cock, fun to fuck. Richard was a tender lover, and I wrapped my arms and legs around him, holding him tight as I moved my pussy with his driving cock. Richard finger fucked my ass for several minutes, and I got to where I had my timing down just right.

The Old Ballgame

group AugustMacGregor 2018-01-07

Second night in a row, she gets in the same seat and tries to fuck me up with her flashes of tit. But now, Frank's not tossing off the boob flasher like he did after last night's win. I would've handed the ball to Martinez, let him do whatever the fuck he wants." That gets a good laugh. Not like the boob flasher, who flashed her goods in front of the whole stadium. I'd show 'em a good time, erase that bored look from Miss Jugs, and that frown off the boob flasher. Hold on." Leo cups his hand over the phone's receiver like I want to cup Lynn's tits.


My Marriage to 8 Men: A Story of Polyandry

group Passionate_Lass 2018-01-07

Finally, my mother approached me with the idea of an arranged marriage in Randistica.The country had been in a state of peace for several years by then and a friend in Randistica had eagerly inquired about me for a marriage to her son, Nanjan. And then there were Jarit and Lanita's 8 sons: Ranic, Pietro, Jar, Faneer, Liam, Stollar, Goyer and of course, my betrothed Nanjan. Nanjan was the eldest of the sons and I knew from letters arranging our marriage that he was a full ten years older, aged 31, and long had been ready for a wife. Lanita nodded, a look of grief on her face, "Fifteen years ago I had 4 daughters.But they were taken during the Bride Robbery."

Strip Hearts Ch. 02

group alternatereality125 2018-01-07

He's certainly looking forward to the weekend, and the prospect of four women frolicking around in bikinis by his pool definitely isn't all that bad, in spite of the lack of peace and quiet he had initially planned. The four women picked up their bags and entered the lodge; Michael was normally a gentleman, but he wasn't sure who to specifically offer so he just asked in general. Ellie however did stop and dropped her bags as she walked past Michael, giving him a friendly hug. "Innocent" is probably the word that came to Michael's mind if he had to describe how Ellie looked. He hadn't worked out which was Krystle and which was Jenny, but they certainly weren't lacking in the looks department either.

Caught - Round Two

group quietsoul 2018-01-06

While Sarah lapped at her juices, I began to slowly fuck April's mouth. I stood and walked behind Sarah and moved between my wife's legs. I held Sarah's hips and slid my cock into my wife's sloppy pussy. I began to move my cock in and out of April while my thumb rubbed against Sarah's slit. She straddled my wife's face and began to grind her smooth labia over April's mouth. I placed my hands on April's waist and began to fuck her pussy with the same force I had fucked her mouth, earlier. April was sucking and licking Sarah's smooth pussy while I fucked my wife harder than I had ever before. Sarah moved from my wife's face and April pushed me away.

Country Store Ch. 15

group teachgirl1980 2018-01-06

I was in heaven, sitting on a hard cock and kissing Tracy. Tracy started kissing me again and now her fingers were touching my pussy as it slid up and down on Ken's hard cock. I felt myself squeeze Ken's cock with my pussy and I was holding Tracy hard. I held her through our orgasms and then she moved off of Ken. I heard him take a deep breath and I looked at him. I took another deep breath and thought of my sweet Tracy snuggled up next to my sweet Ken. I figured with those two in my corner I could do anything. Do you want some help?" I said with a little small smile.

Great Loop Ch. 10

group Creekman 2018-01-06

Both Tina and Margo were sound asleep so I gently extricated myself, used the head, dressed, made myself some coffee and went out on the deck to enjoy the start of the day. Tina said,"Ok, lets get going." With that, both went below to get dressed in last nights clothes, I grabbed a bag, put some clothes for the day in it and then we headed for their room. Tina walked around the room naked, getting clothes out of a bag, brushing her hair and then when Margo came out, she got in the shower. Margo said, "Get your clothes off so you can shower when Tina comes out." She was moving around the room naked and started pulling her clothes out while trying to get her hair dry.


Sally's Box Ch. 01

group hitchhker 2018-01-06

Sally contracts instantaneously, her cunt walls desperately milking my cock, as she moans and vacuums Rod, Judy tries her best to hang on as Sally starts to buck and shake, exploding into what becomes a full 7 minute orgasm. Once Judy recovers, she come over and starts kissing Sally and massaging her tits, as we continued our slow dual rhythmic fuck, taking it slow to prolong our release and to extend our pleasure until finally Rod starts increasing in tempo which creates the same response from me, while Sally's moans (more like one continual moan) become more urgent and her arse spasming to milk my seed into her bowels and I guess the same would be said for her cunt around Rod's cock.