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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Letter to Phil

group omourfi 2018-01-06

Placing my hands on Maria's thighs, I gently pull her down a little so that her pussy is just above your cock. I put my hands on her hips and gently pull her down onto you, so that the head of your cock is just about inside her. You guide her up and down your hard cock, and when she gets into a rhythm of her own you let go of her hips, moving your hands round to focus on her clit. Maria instinctively kneels down on all fours with her arse to mine and takes the other end of the dildo and guides it easily into her pussy that's oozing your hot cum.

Just Lucky

group Anvil 2018-01-06

One night John and Ginger invited me back to their place for a drink and soon we were relaxing in the living room. This time Ginger headed for the shower and came back 15 minutes later in a robe. "Okay," I thought, "she's obviously cool with this, and I'm sure as hell not going home this time!" I started undressing, not quite believing it was happening. I got up on the couch while she worked John's dick, and worked my own into her, amazed at the whole affair in general and the hot wetness of her pussy in particular. Soon John let out a long groan and started shooting his wad into Ginger's throat and it was all the encouragement I needed.

College Life Ch. 01

group djhindy 2018-01-06

"No..." She said, giggling a little, "Actually, I'm sort of going to this party with my sorority tomorrow night, and I was wondering if you'd like to come with me." This time my heart stopped completely. My cock finally succeeded in reaching rock hard levels as I watched two girls dressed in red and black lingerie walk up behind the nude first one, who spoke to Naomi again. "Alright," said the first, naked girl, "he can come in, as long as he keeps following orders." I looked back at Naomi who nodded at me, giving me a soft push on the back, through the door. He won't sound like a girl." A sister in a blue, filly lingerie set said, "Anyone got a ball gag?" She pushed me onto my knees on the floor, pulling my head back.


Amanda's First Threesome

group Twizted 2018-01-06

One night I told him he should come over to my apartment and have some beers and to meet Amanda, because she liked to meet all my friends. At the apartment, after the usual meeting practices, Jeff left me with the beer and joined Amanda with the Southern Comfort. She then got doggy style on the couch and with my dick still in her mouth, she told Jeff to fuck her. She sucked my dick faster and harder, seemingly at the pace Jeff was fucking her. This put Me and Jeff over, as I pulled my dick out of her mouth and blew a huge load on her face and pulled out and shot one on her ass and back.

Pat and Joe Share Tina

group jomomma141 2018-01-06

Tina slid her hand up and down my shaft a few times and then she parted her lips and took the head of my cock into her warm mouth. I watched my wife lick and suck on her friend's pussy for several minutes before Pat stopped and commanded Tina to eat her. As her orgasm started to subside, Pat came hard and drenched Tina's mouth and hand. Tina was licking up her juices and Pat looked up at me and said, "Fuck that pussy and fill her with your cum!" Hearing her commands triggered my own orgasm. I licked her freshly fucked pussy of my remaining cum and Pat slid her long fingers inside of Tina's pussy, scooping out what I couldn't reach.

The Neighbours Are Friendly

group Patchwork 2018-01-06

We have socialised with Trude and Anna several times and she is often quite bawdy in her sense of humour, so I soon put the thoughts from my mind. Trude said, "I want you to give me an honest answer; were you wanking off before we came in?" Trude immediately released her grip and I almost came as Anna grabbed my cock. Trude had her hand between her friend's legs and was sliding her middle finger along Anna's slot while grinding her clit with her palm. Anna obviously wanted a slow comfortable screw as she slowed me down to a gentle pace and we just fucked and kissed for several minutes until she said she was close.

Erica's Boots

group Scheherazade73 2018-01-06

Sometimes it worked out and sometimes it didn't; if a girl was unwilling then Dan was happy enough to watch Xavier fuck her instead while he enjoyed the show from a distance, stroking his own sizeable cock while the woman of the evening lost herself in the act of getting expertly serviced by the young god. "Oh, I am going to fuck that wet pussy," he murmured, his eyes dark with lust, his fingers sliding idly back and forth, gliding over her clit and dipping back to her blazing crevice, all the while trailing his mouth down the side of her neck, hitting all of her secret spots, making her moan and arch into his lips.


Booking Her Passage

group thewintersofaugust 2018-01-06

I went right into the mindset of a girl who would want to be fucked like crazy at her library, and there she was, ready to let me peek into her fantasy. Venice opened her mouth and he slid his cock inside, holding her head so he rammed into the back of her throat. Venice could barely breathe as she gently pushed the library's heavy double doors closed and turned the deadbolt. Venice rolled her eyes with a smile and turned around, right into the grasp of the construction worker. He rolled her nipples between skillful fingers and soon Venice's hand was working over time on her clit as she was yanked towards orgasm.


The Sisters Ch. 02

group Romantic1 2018-01-06

Relationship: Kim and Stacy Windsor and me (Jim Rice) became happily married in 2001, a little less than three years after I found Kim crying beside the Charles River. (One interesting suggestion someone recently made was that Kim and I adopt Stacy, thereby making her an integral member of the family; we have not looked into this just yet.) These two estate-planning vehicles will let the survivors of our trio assume full ownership of the assets without having to go through probate or the court system; further, if something happens to all of us provisions have been made for our children and our extended families. Let me end this short update of our lives by telling you how much in love I am with my Kim and Stacy, and our children Ethan and Paige.

The Boys You Meet at Whole Foods

group clarissaj1982 2018-01-06

Oh my God," Andrea said, "That looked fun!" She reached down for CJ's hand and brought it up under her nose. "I'll cook," said David, "while you entertain our guests." The boys traded places with David going into the kitchen and Rowan coming out. David was staring, open mouthed, at CJ from the kitchen and Andrea's head was swiveling back and forth between CJ and Rowan. David stared at Andrea as he moved across the carpet on his knees in the direction that his cock was pointing. Rowan fell asleep so the girls double teamed David; Andrea writhing on his face while CJ bounced up and down on his dick till he came again.

Tales a Swinger Told Me

group Shadowlands 2018-01-06

Until finally, a couple of dances before closing time, admitting that he would love to watch her face as he fucked her, watched as she came on his cock. Turning to look at him I missed his friend beating his cock a last few strokes into Marion's face. Marion surprised me by saying that she had really enjoyed having another cock in her mouth while I had been fucking her. Jonjo smiled, teeth dazzlingly white and even, took Marion by the hand, leant close to her and quietly said, This gave Marion and Jonjo a little time alone and I knew they would be petting madly, gradually increasing the lust i guessed we were all feeling.


A Night to Remember

group 2018-01-06

Cathy said, “Philip you just rest for a minute and watch James and I.” Why not, I thought to myself and not for the first time that night. James climbed onto the bed next to me and Cathy knelt between us and sucked his rock hard cock. James grabbed her hips and fucked her for all he was worth pumping his cock into her he yelled, “Oh yes, take my cum you fucking slut”, and arched his back lifting her off the bed. “Call us when you come back to town darling, I think we are just getting started.” James chuckled and with a final kiss and squeeze of my flaccid cock they were out the door.

Nancy’s story

group adel5000 2018-01-06

“Don’t worry, everything will be just fine.” Tom told his wife and saw Marley standing in the doorway with a towel wrapped round his hips. Nancy was lying with her hips moved wide to sides letting Marley caress her vagina. Nancy didn’t resist much either… Look, he’s fucking her womb and she likes it!” Such thoughts made his penis get hard. Tom stopped fucking her pussy and moved to her face to let her suck his dick too. Tom stopped fucking her pussy and moved to her face to let her suck his dick too. Marley liked her tight asshole, Nancy liked double penetration, and Tom liked frictions with Marley’s dick through the thin vagina wall.

Just A Blow Job...For Now

group Henrietta H. 2018-01-06

The waiter brought their entrees and Georgia skillfully led Rod in conversation throughout their meal, making him smile and laugh and keeping him completely besotted. Rod was screaming into the night and Georgia was laughing in his lap. As Rod rolled to a stop, Georgia unleashed holy hell on his cock and balls that had to be blue from the frustration of the last thirty minutes. Thomas and Thomas will get you set up in the viewing room.” Apparently oblivious of the two huge, black bucks that had him trussed, Georgia kissed him full on the mouth, massaging his thighs and then his ass, making his deceitful cock begin to rise up and pay attention.

Night in New Orleans

group Twrgds77 2018-01-06

You will watch as my face turns red, the tears pour from my eyes, and after you face fuck me with your cock deep down my throat, you let go so I can catch a breath. I move slightly closer to the guy, silently letting him know that I like his touch, and I want more. I whisper in his ear, telling him I like the way his fingers feel against my leg. Just when it seems like he is ready to cum, his friend is in the back seat with us, and he pulls me off of the original guy, and orders me to suck his dick. I stop sucking the second guy's cock, and we kiss.

Pool Hall Gangbang

group memalone 2018-01-06

A couple of times a saw her sit on the stools around the table and spread her legs a little to give them a better view of her dripping wet pussy. A couple of the women came over and spent the most time helping line up each shot. The on fucking her mouth pulled out half way through cumming to let the rest land on her chin while the other came on her stomach. When the waitress got up on the table, the guy below my wife grabbed the waitress and placed each of her legs on either side of his face. They took turns fucking Candi and letting her suck their cocks.

Janey's Night Out

group MrNexx 2018-01-06

Brian moaned in approval, and Janey took his head in her mouth, licking and sucking at it while she held and stroked and squeezed the shaft, sometimes, instead, taking him deep into her mouth while she held onto a muscular thigh. Janey moaned around the mouthful of cock she was enjoying as Rob started to push one, then two fingers into her, his tongue still dancing across her clit, his thumb pressing against, but not penetrating, her asshole. Brian left as Janey took Rob's cock back in her mouth, and he felt some jealousy as he let the door close.

Secretary in the Elevator

group rachel24 2018-01-06

Meanwhile I could see the embarrassment on Jennifer's face so I wished her a nice weekend and made my way to the elevator which I just managed to catch, squeezing through the closing doors, my jacket just flicking open as the front of it caught the left hand door pulling my body slightly to one side and tugging my blouse tight, sliding my scarlet red low cut bra to one side revealing my pert 32b pancakes to all in the elevator. The balding guy then pushed his way back from elevator keypad, I saw him as I glanced away from the ceiling my for the first time, his eyes looked down to my tight navy skirt as this wandering hand gradually started pulling up the side it.


Sex Therapy 101

group blondehoney5670 2018-01-06

I could tell Brandon was definitely getting into it as I noticed his cock starting to get hard. Marge then started kissing me and moving her mouth down my body, stopping for a few seconds to lick and suck my hard nipples and then proceeding down across my flat stomach. Marge continued to lick and suck on my pussy, enjoying all my sweet juices as they flowed from my wet cunt. He quickly flipped me over and slid his cock into my wet throbbing pussy and began fucking me hard and fast. Marge was now riding Brandon's face and within minutes she came all over his face as his tongue fucked her pussy. Suddenly Brandon let out a huge moan and his cock exploded deep inside Marge.

Annie Wants a Party Ch. 02

group mjar65 2018-01-06

The guys were on their game and they quickly moved to guide their hard cocks into Annie's outstretched hands. Happily the other guys took the hint and soon had their hands back on Annie's gorgeous body, feeling her nipples, her arse and even trying to finger her cunt anew. The others were breathing again, someone heavily, as Annie slowly sucked Damien's shaft into her mouth and then began to work her way back and forth along his length. Annie just grinned at the new man and reached out to him, her hands going to his arse where she could pull him to her and rub the fabric of his pants at the same time.


First Online Cyber Affair

group horndogdan 2018-01-06

I started pumping my cock hard and as the orgasm built up; I inserted my finger into my ass and blew my load all over my stomach again. I asked her what she had on at the moment and she said she was also naked under a robe on in case the hubby came in the room. She said she opened her pussy lips with the other hand and put two fingers in. You didn't notice, so I turned your chair around, opened my robe and said it was time for some stress relief. When you started breathing like you were going to cum, I pulled off and pumped your cock with my hand until you came all over your chest.

After Room 117 Ch. 05

group barry_nine 2018-01-06

When I answered, I heard him immediately ask, "Is my baby boy available?" I immediately felt my cock stirring in my loose fitting shorts, as I replied that I was just leaving my last class for the day. Before I could say anything, Daddy turned to the others and announced, as he patted my hardness, "I think Barry here is raring to go." Turning back to me, he said, "Baby Boy, you know Ginger from the bar." I nodded, still speechless, in her general direction. As she released Milton's head, she whispered huskily, "Jim, do you think your baby boy might like a taste of my sweet pussy?" Daddy swatted my ass playfully before slipping his mouth away to answer.

Girl's Night Out Ch. 2

group Nonymous 2018-01-06

You pull off his pants and shirt and sit him on the bed next to Max. You get down on your knees next to Megan, but before you start sucking Pete off you grab Megan and begin to kiss her. Megan moves aside and as you begin to work Max's cock with your mouth, she comes up behind you and starts playing with your ass with her tongue. Pete throws you onto the bed and forces his thick cock into your pulsating pussy. You straddle over Max's face, lowering your pussy to his lips and forcing him to lick both yours and Pete's love juices. Your pussy explodes in orgasm and your juices cover Max's cock and drips down onto the bed.

Two Women, Two Beers, Two Bucks!

group hayreebeeverluver 2018-01-06

Fuck my big wet slick ole'pussy honey!" Karen was floundering around on the bed like a fish out of water. Just when I thought it couldn't feel any better, Ann took my balls and nutsack and began pushing them into Karen's ass crack, covering them with all the dripping juices running down from her well fucked cunt. She aimed my fuckpole between the spread open lips of Karen's cunt, and watched another long stream of hot white cum shoot in the crease of her snatch. I got up and stood at the foot of the bed and watched them play in the cum dripping from Karen's wet hairy love box, as they finger fucked eachother madly for about ten minutes until they both came again.