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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Dad thinks I'm Mom (PT 2)

group jnthn1 2018-01-06

I'll tell you, but first I haven't been fucked in a month, Donna said opening my belt. Mom was standing there watching dad fuck me. Amy lubed the head of the wand & went to work on my pussy. Amy said that's a good one, I can see you creamed your pussy. Did dad take your ass Amy? (no response) Amy did dad fuck you in the ass while I was gone? Amy was rubbing her pussy as I continued to fuck her dad. Amy said you fucking bastard, you took my ass now I get a piece of your ass. Amy slapped him on his ass & started fucking him hard.


Sie hat nichts gemerkt

group tinapaul 2018-01-06

Irgendwann hatte ich ihm aber mal erzählt, dass wir gerne Fesselspiele machen wobei ich Tina die Augen verbinde und sie fessele. Dann ging ich ans Kopfende und steckte ihr meinen Schwanz in den Mund. Als nächstes forderte ich Klaus auf sich von Tina einen blasen zu lassen. Dann kniete ich mich zwischen ihre Beine und schob ihr meinen Schwanz mit einem Ruck in ihre feuchte Muschi. Tina sagte ich sie soll vom Bett steigen und sich auf mich setzten. Doch sie kniete sich zwischen Klaus Beine und fing an seine Schwanz abzulecken. Ich kniete mich hinter Tina und drückte ihr langsam meinen Schwanz in ihren Arsch. Klaus faste uns zwischen die Beine und spielte an Tinas Muschi.

What Came Of My Graduation Night

group mholmes300 2018-01-06

Diane said " Mark just invited me to the bathroom to take care of this" as she grabbed my cock again. Dave asked me if I was serious about wanting to fuck Diane. And I was like "Dave I would never do that you are my friend besides I wouldn't want you to kick my ass". Dave just laughed and told her "Matt is getting your pussy nice and wet so we can fuck you." It was difficult not cumming right away, it was so sexy fucking Diane while Dave was getting head from her. Dave said that he wanted to fuck her while I got her ass, he told Diane that we were going to double penetrate her.

Subway Seduction

group shez 2018-01-06

Tyson soon knew that Rayne wanted him just as badly when he felt her small hand slide down from his chest to his groin. Tyson began to thrust his hips forward as Rayne took more and more of his cock into her mouth. Tyson felt Rayne let his penis slip out of her mouth, and she started moaning. Before she had a chance to say anything, she felt Tyson slide his hard cock into her tight, soaking pussy, and she closed her eyes in indescribable pleasure. Tyson grabbed Rayne’s breasts as he started pounding her ass as hard as he’d fucked her pussy minutes earlier. She felt the strange cock slide inside her pussy, and for the first time she got a good look at the stranger’s face.

The Black Dress

group necouple69xxx 2018-01-06

Throwing her hands over her head she began a slow grinding dance in front of me, getting close and wiggling her way down my body. As if dancing to a song only she could hear, Julia began moving from side to side, rolling her hips as her hands roamed her body. Relinquishing his cock from her lips she slid her mouth along his hard shaft, leaving a wet trail of saliva for her hands to use. Sean lifted her right leg and guided the thick head of his dick to her wet opening then gently began to push at her when she said, "Wait, one sec." Patting the mattress she said to me, "Come here."


Fuck me as a whore, as a slut…

group amateurmasturbation 2018-01-06

My wife started better watch TV in the room and left. We took a bottle of wine, went old, and Sergio who was about 40. be exact Agy and Nick danced. room and Agy returned, knocked at the door, then talked to Nick about - Evil, while Nick was looking for I imagined how my tipsy wife went to Nick, he started kissing, fondling her. I wanted Nick to fuck - Your slut wife is going to cuckold attracted to the door of the room hear the bed squealing and my wife door opening and saw Agy. came quickly. me, I came three times. was ramming me Nick was watching I took his phallus in and Nick entered

Colleen Ch. 05

group MastrStoryTeller 2018-01-06

The song was a fast one, but Colleen took advantage of it to dance seductively in front of the poor guy, making sure that her boobs bounced a lot and that he got great views of her breasts and nipples. It is my turn." With that announcement, Blackie took Colleen by the hand, and headed straight towards the "cubes." We all grinned at each other, as our individual minds played out the scene that was about to happen. Colleen replaced her on the guys cock, and Blackie moved back between my legs to give the girl and me her oral attention.


Sharing the MILF List Ch. 12

group Contrasting 2018-01-06

I tried to think of something profound to say but all I could think about what Kyla Clark's ass and Sammy's mom waiting with a loose skirt hugging her hips. God but I wanted to glance at Kyla, but one woman was asking to feel my cockhead at the entrance to her pussy; I needed to stay focused. She leaned forward and widened her legs, holding fast to the seat back in front of us while rocking her ass back and forth on me, stirring her pussy with my cock. Her body shook once and then she was leaning back into me, her hips twerking back and forth as she ground her pussy down onto my cock, hunching and shifting as she sealed us together in the cool darkness.


The New Playmate's Surprise

group MaxSebastian 2018-01-06

"What do think we've all been doing all day?" Francesca greeted her with a hug and a smile as Jonny closed the door and the party got back into full swing – plenty of beer and punch about, Lucy noticed. Downstairs, Lucy was having a good time, fooling around with Penny and Anna, Charlie and Leo. It was obvious to all what Jonny and Francesca were up to, but Anna explained that the two of them had been setting up the party all day, and had been waiting hours for a bit of quality time together. It was Anna, the bubbly blonde who had already been through some pretty wild adventures with Lucy, Jonny and Francesca.


Slutty Sue and Her Part Time Job

group raidernation25 2018-01-06

I knew the way to make good tips was to 'show some skin.' I went to the store and bought a couple of 36C and 36D cup bras. I went out to my car and I didn't see Greg or Jim until they pulled up next to me in a four door BMW sedan. I was close to climax because I was rubbing my clit with my free right hand and I could also feel a climax growing in Jim's cock. "Fuck me Jim. I want you to cum inside of me," I stated. He was rubbing my clit with his right hand as he fucked me and Greg stood over me and guided his cock into my waiting warm mouth.

Teacher's Pet Ch. 05

group Sunnie 2018-01-06

He must have been reading her mind, or thinking the exact same thing, because he broke the kiss, looking her dead in the eye, and said, "Grace, it's happening. Grace didn't dare speak, lest those words should come roaring out of her, though they pounded in her brain in time with Ben's rhythm, in time with the beating of their hearts: 'I love you, I love you, I love you....' Her legs wrapped themselves around his waist, pulling him deeper into her. Immediately, as her muscles clamped down on his cock, Ben's hold on his own orgasm released, and with a loud groan he emptied himself into her, their cries mingling together, echoing through the little office.


Island Fever 3: Matrimony Ch. 05

group Jeremydcp 2018-01-06

Perhaps my favorite moment of the evening was the look on Candice's face when Kristanna and Pamela showed her live video of Piper on the computer laptop. I opted to spend the night with Pamela and Amy in one bedroom, while Kristanna stayed with Devon and Scarlett in the other. While the other ladies began to make last-minute plans and alterations for the wedding, Amy and I told them that we would be back later (and yes, I received my customary hug and kiss from Kristanna - like nothing bad had happened the previous night (her irritation with me for not being totally upfront with my family)).


Walk in the Woods with Ann Ch. 01

group stimac 2018-01-06

The guy introduced himself as Bob and commented on how gorgeous I looked, well my thong was struggling to keep my wet cunt in place and my tits were on display, David said yeah she's fit isn't she, cheeky fucker I said, I then got on my hands and knees, I spread my legs wide so my arse was in the air, looking over my shoulder I said to Bob, what do you think of this? David who photographed all this then gave the camera to Bob and moved behind me, his prick slid right up my cunt, he then pulled out and shoved it up my arse, a Bob was taking pics as David fucked both holes relentlessly, finally David shouted that he was cumming and spunked all over my arse, cunt and thighs, I was covered in goo and loved it.

Two Redheads and Me

group mikeinto 2018-01-06

John's shorts pulled his long erection straight down with them for a while, slowly, slowly, until the band finally lowered off of his head and his cock was able to spring free. John got onto the bed in the same way I had, dangling his cock over Erin. John obliged and, putting both hands on my hips, he pulled me firmly onto his cock and began to thrust me hard and fast. I pulled my dick out of Erin's mouth and started to stroke it quickly. It was amazing to watch my girlfriend sucking another man's cock, something I had never imagined I'd see but in this moment something that seemed perfectly right. John had his hand on the back of Erin's head and he was slowly but firmly fucking her face.

Naughty Spirits of Halloween

group shamelessroma 2018-01-06

She took the boy’s cock in her hand and guided it into the rear passage of her Mom. She then taught the two boys how to move in sync to give Mom’s ass and cunt the most pleasure possible. And so was the reports of a most unholy night of debauchery for Roma and her Mom; one that began with a couple of drinks in the lounge around seven PM and ended at roughly two AM with the two sluts returning to Roma’s house and spending the rest of the night intertwined sucking, kissing, probing and groping each other’s bodies until dawn.

It All Started With A Bet.... Ch. 07

group SXY_Hot_Mamma 2018-01-06

Coach moaned watching Janice find her way into my ass, her tongue pressing in easy and bringing me close. I felt Janice's face and hand become wetter from my gushing pussy and Coach's whispers of telling me it was okay to cum now made me let loose. I felt my pussy clentch and grab a hold of Janice's intruding finger and my ass gripping it's probe, I rode her digits with Mach's help and soon was cumming on Coach's face and Janice's finger. Coach tapped my clit with his tongue as my orgasim continued and Janice moved her fingers in and out of my pussy and ass in oposite thrusts.


Making a Whore

group dna27fog 2018-01-06

She was taller than me, with her long curly red hair, long legs and perfect tits and looked like a perfect slut as we walked in to Bush River Adult Bookstore and Theater. She could feel my hard cock pressing into her ass and she started to move as I began to kiss her neck and felt her glorious mane in my face. She never even looked at him, she just opened her mouth when I said I wanted to see her suck his cock. Others started to crowd around her face to get their cocks closer to her mouth, and she took turns sucking them all. While I was pounding her pussy as hard as I could, I started to whisper to her how hot she looked being a slut.

One Wild Night

group LonDom 2018-01-06

We chatted for a bit more, and she mentioned that she was coming into the city the next day in order to visit another girl she had met online called Carly. All I had to do was to pretend that I knew Amanda already, as she didn’t want Carly thinking she met random guys from the Internet all that often. Amanda made a rule that if you didn’t want to perform a dare or answer a question you could say no but had to kiss the person asking the question. Later, when Carly was in the bathroom, Amanda told me that I could have them both that night if I wanted. Amanda was not only clearly up for a good fucking, but for whatever reason wanted to make sure Carly got into it too.

The Extended Family Ch. 05

group Romantic1 2018-01-06

Martin and Alice had invited Lynn, Karen, and me to their home for dinner and to meet Claire. I said, "If you want more intimate times you have to deliver the foreplay, just like in the old days, you know, flowers, wine, jewelry, compliments, gifts." I grinned. She has no where to go for the summer unless she stays with Doug -- my exhusband -- and that wouldn't work ." Quick as a flash both Karen and I said, almost in unison, "Why doesn't she come here?" There was eagerness in our voices that showed our invitation didn't consider Mel's visit a burden. Lynn got up and kissed Karen and me then ran off to call Mel and give her our invitation.


Santorini Paradiso Ch. 07

group lamoureuse 2018-01-06

Positioned toward her left side, facing away from the windows, Elena's left arm was cradled between her torso and that of Petros, her elbow bent, the back of her wrist and hand nestled in the fine hair of his chest. Meanwhile, Elena had thrown the sheet down and took Petros's stiff rod into both of her hands, gently pulling up and down as he grew to his fully aroused state. Elena's motion on Petros's turgid member only faltered for a moment or two as, groaning loudly, she felt Adonis begin to push his prodigious cock into her. Elena's eyes shot open again as she felt strong fingers toying with her clit, looking down to see that Petros was pleasuring her with his left hand while his brother fucked her from behind.


Taming a Bitch and Beyond Ch. 02

group wetwordmixer 2018-01-06

I was thinking about watching some boring show and getting in a little cat nap when Katie walked up and asked, "Do you have a second. Prior to this weekend, when Katie was really worked up she'd ask me to go hard and deep, but had never used the F word or talked dirty. Fuck that looks hot," Katie squealed as her eyes feasted on my cock and hand penetrating her opening. It's going to be big." As Katie shouted out she grabbed my wrist and pushed it inward, while using her other hand to manipulate her clit. "Katie, how many men would you really like to fuck you tonight?" I asked while increasing my assault on her vagina.



group fastandsloppy 2018-01-06

There was a time when Katherine would have died rather than let a boy like that see her as she was now; her body hidden under baggy, faded red sweats; her light brown hair bunched up under an old baseball cap; her face without makeup and her body covered from head to toe in plaster dust. Katherine, at five foot four, felt a primal thrill as the two strong boys loomed up over her, confronting her with a wall of young muscle that could, if they wanted, sweep her away with the least bit of effort. She stripped off her dusty clothes, jamming them in the trash bag she had brought with her; all while watching the old glass doorknob; wanting it to start turning and the door to burst open.


D&D's Adventure in Lust Ch. 02

group dmwriter 2018-01-06

I felt like the only novice in the group as Chloe began to turn on lights, Deb tended to her cameras while Vi led me over to small make-up table and sat me down facing her with the stage in the background. "The rough photo script now calls for the male model to be surprised by the appearance of his two female neighbors, after which they eventually all strip completely down to being totally nude." Looking at Vi and Chloe Deb asked, " I know Dale will be up for it with a little female enticement, but do you little vixens think you can control yourselves?" At the same time, Chloe continued to suck and tug on my hard cock until I stopped her, preventing me from exploding in her mouth right then.


Island Fever Ch. 30

group Jeremydcp 2018-01-06

He is going to HAVE to perform." Devon grinned and placed her left hand upon Kristanna's ass, and patted it through the little skirt she wore. "Look at that tight, little ass," Devon smiled, lifting the hem of Kristanna's skirt as she started to bob her head back-and-forth upon my erection. Kristanna smiled at Devon as she lifted her cheerleader skirt upward and massaged her pussy through the panties she wore. "Oh fuck yeah," Devon suddenly squealed, as she continued to stroke and caress Kristanna's head through her skirt. Arching her neck and back, and clutching both breasts through the cheerleader top she wore, Devon's blue eyes were wide and looming as she glared at Kristanna with a look of pure lust.