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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Birthday Bang

group Nexxus 2018-08-15

Trying not to face them Jessica opened the refrigerator and bent over leaning into it saying, "What would you boys like to eat?" As soon as the words came out of her mouth she cringed. Sean reached down and started fingering her underneath her panties which felt wonderful, but when Gary joined him and she now had four large fingers buried in her snatch she almost hit the roof. She started fucking Gary like a madwoman trying not to hurt Sean who was on his knees behind her trying to shove his tongue up her ass. She was lost, feeling her pussy grip Gary's huge cock and feeling Sean's dick buried up her ass she couldn't handle it.

The Double Meat Whopper

group LoveBeauregarde16 2018-08-15

Cathy suddenly, without speaking, raised her head and pushed Jeeter back on the sofa, checking quickly to make sure Keller was still sleeping. From his brother's moans, Keller could tell that Cathy's finger was reaming Jeeter's gripping asshole. Jeeter positioned one of his legs over the back of the sofa and the other foot on the floor, allowing Keller to get as close as possible to Cathy's pussy. After Keller had pushed his cock head halfway into Cathy's now straining pussy, he took her thighs in his own hands. With Keller holding Cathy's legs open, Jeeter's hands were now free to manipulate her clit and tits. While Keller forced his dick hard into Cathy's drooling cunt, Jeeter began to knead her firm breasts and tweak her swollen nipples with one hand.

The Munchies

group MoronTheDivine 2018-08-15

I was like 'hun, I really really want you right now.' She sat on my lap and put her arms around me and started kissing me and shit, telling me she wanted me for a long time. Her body, her pussy, how she licked Jess to orgasm so many times, how she would squirt her juice out of her pussy, the way they felt rubbing against each other, how their mouths seemed to be perfectly fit for kissing each other. But this case was an exception: all three of us knew we wanted each other well before this happened, we were all pretty turned on from smoking up, and Jess wouldn't let an opportunity like this slip through the cracks.


Beach Meeting

group SalnMal 2018-08-15

Marianne went over to the spa, turned on the air jets, making bubbles and vapour rise from the water then disappeared into the bedroom, returning moments later with an armful of large fluffy towels. She chatted about the view and the lovely warm spa; slowly she moved her fingers, gradually moving up and down my leg, eventually nudging my cock which was standing erect in the water. Marianne then sat on top of me, guiding my cock into her beautiful moist pussy and pressing down hard before slowly riding up and down. It was then, as Marianne was slowly riding me that Carl and Sally walked into the bedroom wrapped in towels with arms around each other.

The British are Cuming!

group luvjuice43 2018-08-15

A soft "wow" escaped my lips as I took in the image of the mature woman in front of me wearing only a bra and lacy white, satin knickers with the fasteners of her suspenders peeking out beneath the short, loose legs. Julia moaned and lay her head back against my shoulder and pushed her mature, firm arse against my still covered erection; we looked at each other in the mirror, knowing where our journey would lead us, but wanting to enjoy the scenic view. My hands explored Julia's torso, her noticeable smaller waist and flared hips and slightly rounded tummy before they slipped inside the waistband of her knickers.


Just Getting Started

group Kira_Stone 2018-08-15

I hope you enjoy visiting with Janet, Archer and Liam as they get to know each other... Both men curved toward her, her legs rested over Liam's, but her shoulders were tucked into the curve of Archer's arm. Janet guided Liam's head onto her stomach where she could run her fingers over the short, soft hair, or trace the curve of his ear. She reached up with her left arm, wanting to compare the different texture of his thick hair to Liam's short blond cut. Archer kept himself busy by sliding his hands up and down her side while she dealt with the Liam's sweater. Janet noticed his chest had more hair than Archer, but his nipples were already raised, as if eager for her tongue.

Work Place Encounters Ch. 05

group showife 2018-08-15

I saw our waiter heading our way, and before either Sam or Kay started to cover up I just said "leave them out." Although they could act as if nothing was out of the ordinary it was obvious that they were purposely exposing themselves to our waiter. I lost track of how many time they brought each other to orgasm, but eventually I couldn't wait any longer and had Sam sit on top of my cock and Kay quickly moved over to straddle my mouth as they each bounced up and down and pulled each others nipples while they kept their tongues busy in each other's mouth.

The Nude Bachelorette

group Boxlicker101 2018-08-15

They were well aware the other candidates were all beautiful, sexy women too, and didn't want to miss a chance to carefully inspect all the nude pulchritude still awaiting them. The man who thrust his tongue into her mouth while petting her succulent ass and hips and a few others who had introduced themselves in a similar way were almost certain to be offered a rose that night, following the nude cocktail party, which was scheduled to be the next event on the agenda. While making her way through the crowd of hopefuls, Ashley was quietly judging the men, primarily their reactions to her naked body. Although not really a size queen, Ashley also rejected in her mind anybody who was not large enough to cram her pussy and ass the way she wanted.


The Three-Man Weave

group beccamurr 2018-08-15

And, the next thing you know, Darrel and D.J. have disappeared to god knows where and Malcolm and I are alone on the couch and he's got his giant hand on my bare thigh and it feels so good and I lean into him and he leans into me and our mouths meet and our lips squish against each other and our lips part and our tongues meet and our eyes close and his hand moves further up my thigh, under my skirt, and his hand reaches my panties and pets me slowly and softly.


Together to Learn Ch. 06

group millieteases 2018-08-15

A few nights later they were all gathered in Pam's living room - Mitsy, Amy and Alan were there, as were Larry and Jenny. So we found out, and we probably could have figured it out if we thought about it a little, that people use stuff from nature." Pam looked around the room. And if we're going to have intercourse, I want it to be making love with Larry and Alan, and I want to figure out how to make love with Mitsy and Jenny and Amy, too." And I've said we talk about things a lot, especially since we're not so sure about how this kind of sharing Larry and Alan among the four of us isn't really typical."


The Best Pussylicker in the Country

group deliciousthoughts 2018-08-15

She felt him place a hand on the back of her head to steady himself, tightening it in her brown locks as she began to mouth-fuck him. Making sure he was looking at her, she took just the head between her pink lips and began to slowly suck him in short, jerking, movements. Alicia turned her head to the side as the girl tried to kiss her again, but she couldn't do anything about the way Tony's girlfriend was tracing her index finger around her nipples. Timing her move to perfection, the black beauty dipped her head and sucked Alicia's right nipple between her young lips. He dropped one of his hands onto his girlfriend's head, stroking her hair as he gently began to thrust in Alicia's mouth.


Me and 5 Girls, Part 3

group slapnuts69 2018-08-15

Penny came in and took Sam's place on my face and Sam took my cock into her pussy. Sam came pretty quickly riding my and I really needed to work at not cumming, but I needed to save, there was still a lot of time left at the beach. Sam and Penny then switched and now that she had been primed I was able to get her off with my mouth pretty quickly. Sam came back in and started to finger her ass and work on getting it lubed up. Soon she was cumming in building orgasms that had her screaming and her pussy contracting in amazing ways around my cock. Jillian rolled off and Kate and Penny came down to clean me off.

Innocent Slutty Girlfriend

group Quinten 2018-08-15

She sucked the black cock while the other cop pounded his thighs against her ass. These cops who she had called were in her apartment, with their cocks sticking out of their uniform, pounding away at my girlfriend like she was some neighborhood slut the men had their way with. I sat there for 15 minutes, hard, watching my girlfriend get man handled by a pair of cops, pounding her ass pink, her mouth filled with a stranger's cock, saliva dripping down her chin. He pulled his cock out and looked down at her fresh little asshole opened wide. She pulled her panties back on her cum-filled ass and then her tight black pants on.


My Roommate

group Dingy_Jo 2018-08-15

It was almost working, I was wet as hell, fingering away but I just couldn't get to the point that makes you gasp, your toes curl and your eyes roll back into your head. This process takes about three or four minutes and by the time I went back into the living room both Lisa and Ed were completely nude and dancing to some very slow country music coming from the CD player. As I watched, Lisa danced him towards the bedroom and I followed, turning on the lights as they collapsed on the bed. With a sigh he pulled his cock, wet with his semen and Lisa's cum, out of her and collapsed on the bed, face up on Lisa's other side.

Sergeant Sebastian's Luau

group SexSweetheart 2018-08-15

After coming out of the water, she went over to get several plates of shrimp, lobster, fresh fruit, and a couple of other appetizing things to eat. Several of the men's cocks became stiff when Sebastian took a piece of shrimp, placed it between his teeth and bent over to offer Sheronda a nibble. Everyone started to laugh lightheartedly, moan and writhe in the sexual pleasure of enjoying their naughty food play. They continued this way until he could on longer stand the intensity of desire of wanting to get his cock inside of his wife's pleasure cavern. The two women played with his nipples as they licked them for all the tasty juices that had worked their way into his grayish chest hair.


group intensyw 2018-08-15

"please, please, do it..." you say so softly and in such a wavering voice that maybe it's only my imagination, "make me feel so good," the belly dancer brings the scissors closer, "like that, just like that" and puts them on the edge of your dress, "I need..." cutting and ripping it from bottom all the way to the waist, "you," and then slides open the two makeshift wings of the dress, revealing your naked, glistening lower body, a throbbing pussy, its hair wet and its lips so full, and you moan, "please, pl-ea-se..." She holds her head a foot from your pussy, her tongue sliding around her lips like a dancer of its own, as your hips push, beg, drag your body towards her face.

A Hotwife's New Years Party Ch. 02

group KenLukin 2018-08-15

Vince joined in and their dark purple cock heads pressed together as I opened my mouth wide like a hungry baby bird in the nest. Jack looked to be temporarily in mellow-town from Heather's BJ, but summoned up the energy to comment, "So, Katie, tell us how your pool game is going tonight." Heather quickly gave Brian the once over, smiled and said, "Let's go!" She grabbed Mark and Brian by the hand and quickly marched them toward that very bathroom. I laughed and said, "I don't think my husband was referring to pool, ya silly twit." Lee sheepishly rested the stick against the wall and I commented, "You know, Heather has selected a pretty spacious bathroom.


Two Phenomenal BBW's and Me

group Xesevoli 2018-08-15

She described herself as barely five feet tall and gave me her hair and eye color then added her bra size as forty double 'D' with a laugh then asked "Do you like big tits?" "I love your choice of lingerie but they really do hide a lot and I'd love the experience of slipping you free and devouring what you look like under them." I smiled and winked at her and then pulled her close and began inching the panties off while she stood intrigued by my interest. "I like a guy that isn't afraid to leave off his briefs but I've never had to use so much effort reaching it." she whispered as finally she had the pants opened and slid them down from the waist until she found what she was looking for and ran her fingers and hands over it.


Rick's Birthday

group All_Woman 2018-08-15

Both women were moaning loudly and Tammy said "Fuck my ass harder bitch." Judy gave faster harder thrusts of the strap on. "Oh Yes" Tammy said "Oh fuck yes." As Tammy's whole body tensed and she moaned in pleasure Judy and Rick both knew she was cumming. Tammy sucked on the strap on that had just came out of her ass, then took her tongue down between Judy's legs til it came to rest on her throbbing wet clit. Tammy continued rimming her , and using the vibrator from behind, Judy squirted all over Rick's face, his mouth open to catch most of it. "Now , be patient sweetheart", Judy said, "Tammy and I are preparing your birthday cake." Rick could only imagine what that would be.


threes company

group luvhotroxs 2018-08-15

they were pretty open,go to the nude beach all the onetime i over there place were partying..lookin at porn on hamster of course,and he says john wannaee my wife give me a blowjob,,sure of course,,she gets under the desk and starts to give him a blow job, i said is it alright if i jerk off sure go ahead. than he says john come here sit next to me ,he tells his wife to give me a blow was awesome ! then they started to invite me over everynite to party,just us three,say thing watch porn jerk off blowjobs.

The Subway Sex Game

group Mycke 2018-08-15

Months before, Toronto had joined the dozens of other cities participating in Sex-Train – a game taking spirited subway travelers by storm. One day, while the group searched for a game idea to market to its members, a poet laureate from Chicago's east side, mentioned how horny she always became on his city's subway. If fellacio/cunnilingus to orgasm takes place on a trip to work or home (one cannot stay on longer than their stop), the team gets 400 points. At the end of every month, winners are chosen from every city where Sex-Train is played. It's obvious that only metropolitan cities will allow for Sex-Train to be played, as smaller cities and towns will not likely have a subway line.

Camping Trip Ch. 02

group fallenangel_jaded 2018-08-15

"It's something that Kali suggested I try; she thought the change might excite you..." Mary moaned into his ear, "It seems like we're not together as often anymore, I thought maybe you were losing interest." She looked up at her husband, sheen of sadness passing through her eyes which quickly passed when Al filled her with one swift move, forcing 3 fingers knuckle deep into her and cutting her off. "You don't give yourself enough credit," he rasped softly, "you have a beautiful figure to me." Kali's eyes filled with happiness as she reached to pull his shirt off and admire his abs of Budweiser running her hands over his plush physique and pulling him up to press their bare chests together and once again lose themselves in one another's kiss.

The Gift

group ScareletRaven 2018-08-15

I felt Dave grind his hard cock against my ass while he kissed me, and one of Paul's hands came away from my nipples to work the clasp on my bra, freeing my breasts completely. I felt Dave's hand at the back of my head, pushing me forward towards Paul's cock. I groaned against Paul's cock as I felt Dave's fingers slip inside my incredibly wet pussy. I pulled my mouth of Paul's dick, gasping and groaning loudly at the feel of Dave's cock inside me. As Paul worked my pussy with his mouth, I relaxed against Dave's cock as he pushed it gently in my ass. Paul's mouth worked against me hard, licking up my juices as Dave fucked my ass a little harder.

The Tattoo Parlour

group XXPINKLETTEXX 2018-08-15

Kat was looking real hot all in white, but it was her little friend I couldn't take my eyes off of. I could feel Kats soft tits and hard nipples rubbing against my back, and I could feel her hot lips on my neck. Bonnie was kissing & licking my stomach, she reached down and took my straining cock and gently started to jerk me off as she sucked at my belly button up to my nipples and back again. Bonnie started to suck harder and faster on my cock, and I'm going to cum quickly after holding it back for so long already today. Bonnie then kissed Kat hard over my shoulder and I finally took her gorgeous little tit into my mouth.