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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Island Fever Ch. 19

group Jeremydcp 2018-01-06

Nearly everyone seated here at the dinner table - Pamela, Devon, Kristanna, Amy and Camille - looked at Lindsay with wide eyes, or simply had to hold back a barrage of laughter. "It feels much more comfortable than the one Amy and I sleep on together in the other room." Trish frowned at those words as Lindsay added, "But Jeremy says that all of the beds are the same. "I do not think this is the right thing for us to talk about." Lindsay shook her head rather vigorously as Trish continued, "You obviously do not want to have a relationship with me, and I accept that.


Heather's Weekend as Cleopatra Ch. 02

group 2Ready05 2018-01-06

You and you, " she gestured to the blonde and brunette, put down your things and come here and suck on my breasts!" She gestured to the Nubian "You – lick the Queen's pussy!" The three attendants moved into position, one on each side of Heather's reclining body, sucking on her full breasts, and the third between her legs, licking her clit while digging her chin deep into her pussy. When they did so, Heather leaned forward on her elbows, mashing her tits together, and took his cum soaked pole in her mouth, swirling her tongue around his cock and balls to taste the black girl's come, and then slowly began to bob back and forth, deep throating him.

A Weekend Off Campus Ch. 02

group CraigBoi 2018-01-06

The two girls had teamed up on my throbbing member and I knew this was there way of "making it up to me." Brianna milked my cock faster and faster squeezing me tightly as her hand and mouth worked me perfectly. Brianna now had both of my balls in her mouth and was rolling them around with her tongue as I locked on to Hannah's clit and began working her towards her orgasm. Brianna was still sucking at my balls as my last shot of cum spewed into Hannah's mouth and her orgasm subsided in mine. With an arm around each of my beautiful bisexual sorority sisters (who were girlfriends afterall), our three naked bodies cooled in the open air of the hotel room and each of the girls pulled closer to me to keep warm.


My birthday sex party part 2

group funbeth 2018-01-06

Wow Jo said I must try that b**st and laughed, it was pulled out of my pussy and I heard Dave say I must taste that I thought he meant the dildo but no his tongue was in my pussy lapping away like a cat with cream, my nipples were as hard as I can remember and still being attended to by two hot mouths then my husband whispered in my ear are you ok babe are you enjoying yourself , I smiled and said yes thanks darling but I could do with a sip of wine, so he got the glass supported my head and I took a sip and then another, Steve said I think we could all do with another drink don’t you lads, to which Paul said no probs I’ll go fetch them what do you want and as they all said what they wanted my mind started to race again were they going to take advantage of my husband not being in the room again was I going to get fucked by his naughty friends…………………..

The Hairem Ch. 4

group belab 2018-01-06

Look at the pelt of hair in her armpits.” Marcus turned to Benazir and said “I say lady why don’t you shave your underarms you have more hair than my mate has on his body”. Marcus moaned as she began to take his cock inside her mouth deeper making sure to press her tongue against the sensitive spot on his cock, rubbing in circles around the head of his cock. Jerry was still surprised at the hairiness displayed by Benazir and said “Abdullah are all Arab women hairy”. They are taught how to pleasure men not like your women look at benazir how she loves my cock and loves showing me her underarm hair and mind you she’s a whore”

My MILF Hayley's first gang bang

group esum 2018-01-06

As she takes her hand away I feel your cock again and with Christine pulling my bum cheeks apart your cock head slips inside my arse. Her head is hanging over the edge of the table and one of the male guests has his cock rammed down her throat, I can see Leanna’s lips clamped around his root and she is sucking frantically on him, I then notice a woman between her thighs, I can see the plump mound of her pussy is shaven, the woman has her hand inside Leanna, fisting her, Leanna’s body is quivering in ecstasy.

Fantasy Fulfilled

group LeaRN57 2018-01-06

The men around were starting to notice my head bobbing in Terry's lap and the slurping and sucking noises and moved closer for a better look. Terry had me stand up, pulled off my dress squeezed my tits and pinched my nipples and said "she is my sex slave, and I've ordered her fuck and suck any man who wants, she has the tightest pussy I've ever had, and she is the best cock sucker any of you have probably ever seen." With that, he bent me over the seat and started to pound my pussy. Men were sticking their cock in my hands, getting ready to fuck my mouth or pussy.

Summer Time

group tonidelasalle 2018-01-06

The girl started flailing her hips against what I quickly realized was Naomi's hand stroking her moist pussy. Naomi's hand stroked Jeanine's clit and the small English woman started to ride me. Naomi pulled her mouth away from Jeanine's and Jeanine gasped a scream of strangled pleasure as my hot sperm fired into her. Jeanine turned and kissed me on the mouth, the salty tang of my semen on her lips mixing with the taste of her own pussy and Naomi's mouth. "Have a good day, lover." Her bikini panties were in her hand and she slipped past Naomi and stepped out of the cabana, leaving the door open.

Cherry Doubles Down

group SoftBrie 2018-01-06

"Brad told me," she began, "that you had a gangbang with his team after they won the sales contest three months ago. So Brad's going to call Tony to brief him the night we arrive in Vegas, to explain why I'm spending my time with you. Overcome by breathlessness, I broke off the kiss, gasping for air, then went right back to Andi's luscious mouth, loving every minute. Andi's team - Tony and six other men - flew in to Vegas with her, arriving three days before the party. Andi and I sat in the sublimely warm water, playing sexy kissing games with lots of visible tonguing and hands on each other.


Touch Class Ch. 10

group Uzi_Johnson 2018-01-06

When we got to my office, Christine said "Jimmy, Karen is very curious to see those pictures of girls like her. My left hand was in Karen's lap, kneading her growing cock. I leaned to my left and started sucking Karen's right tit. Christine leaned to her left and started sucking the head of my cock, Karen still stroking the shaft. We disengaged, and Christine sat her ass on Karen's dong, facing away from Karen, and they lay back. I idly played with Karen's crotch while we watched, fingering her ass and reaching forward to squeeze her cock. Christine kneeled next to us, reached a hand around to both of our behinds, and inserted a finger into each of our asses.

Michelle, My Belle Ch. 6

group Kimmie 2018-01-06

We had a little laugh about that, then Michelle, while softly jacking his dick asked, "Eric, you are mad at me for fucking Troy?" I gazed up at him when I reached the tip and as I pumped him with my little fist I asked innocently, "is this the big cock that's going to be inside me soon?" Eric groaned, "oh, Kimmie. "You want to pump this big thing in my pussy and cum inside me don't you, Eric? "I'm all wet and hot and my clit is so hard because of you." He gave a little moan and tried to pump my pussy. "I'm still ready, Kimmie, I just want you to know when I'm cumming inside you.

Bachelorette Party

group 2018-01-06

I glanced over an saw that that James had gotten her on to her hands and knees on the couch and was pushing his big Black cock into her pussy while she sucked Bad boy's long Black shaft. "Oh, oh OOOHHH!!" I heard B.B. shout as he began cumming in Jackie's mouth as she jerked his Black cock with her little white fist. Slick Rick grabbed my hips and I looked back between my legs to admire the way his Black legs skin looked between my white thighs as he pushed his cock all the way up my ass and slowly started fucking me. "My husband knows I fucked other men before we got married," I said staring into JDs eyes and I rode his fat Black cock awaiting his baby juice inside me.

Porn for Lunch

group Jizaz_Jester 2018-01-06

And the guy that wanted to go out with Sonya, Dustin; I often was mistaken as his older brother cause he started dressing like me, talking like me, and worse of all, actually looking like me his freshmen year. "Dude, why don't you just try getting into her pants at lunch, I mean Hell you've had a year to give her the chance, it's not gonna happen." he told me, dressed completely in black polyester, with a cigarette hanging from the corner of his mouth and following me around my car so I could get my book bag. I heard a moan that wasn't Alyssia's and looked to see Nathan sucking on Skittle's pierced nipple like a starving baby.

Sperm Donor

group jackalang 2018-01-06

Coming out, he'd hand the cup to Carol to take into the bedroom where Ted was waiting with Robin, already lying on the bed, naked from the waist down, thighs spread, knees bent and with a cushion under her hips to help keep her pelvis up. With both of them watching, Carol would transfer the semen to the syringe and hand it to Ted, who worked it into Robin and operated the plunger. Bryan was about to relate all the efforts he had made – sperm count test, reduced alcohol consumption, healthy food, exercise, generous load of semen – but realized in time that that wouldn't comfort Robin, maybe just make feel worse.


Fulfilling Jamie

group dinernighthawk 2018-01-06

Ben took his hand and pulled Stephen to his feet. I waited to make sure I felt him aroused, and only after I knew he was completely in the moment, I pulled Ben a little closer to me. Ben looked up at me and Stephen for our silent approval, then worked his lips from my knee, sucking at the inside of my thigh, and then licking into my warm inside and lapping Stephen's load from inside of me. Ben looked up and smiled, then took Stephen's member in his mouth. I think Ben must have sucked a lot more cock than I have in our lives, because he took all of Stephen's shaft in his throat, than began licking his balls before pulling off.


Island Vacation Day 01

group darthcynica 2018-01-06

They were so enticingly masculine; Andy's expansive torso with its coating of dark hair, his massive hands and thick fingers; Todd's piercing, wolf-like eyes, thick, broad shoulders, the husky growl of his voice. The waiter surveyed the scene at the table and quirked an eyebrow at the sight of Todd's hand sliding up Marie's thigh while she fondled the two men's obvious bulges. Marie stood, wiping the corners of her mouth daintily as she sauntered over to the bar and sipped her whiskey, her eyes on Andy's wide-spread legs. "Don't worry my friend," Marie purred seductively to Todd as she rose and turned slowly to him, her eyes feasting on his naked form, his erect dick in his hand, licking his lips in anticipation of her, "I have definitely not forgotten about you...".


New Job for the Babysitter

group Theranna 2018-01-06

Without giving Tina a chance to protest, Anne leaned forward and started to lick the champagne, sneaking her agile tongue under the fabric of the halter top, getting close to the nipple she watched harden under her watchful eye. François put his hands on Tina's shoulders and started moving them up and down along her arms and as she sent a smile his way, he pulled her between his open legs, resting her back into his chest as Anne leaned over the two of them, pinching and pulling on Tina's nipples through the fabric of her top and her bra. "Wanna get fucked again?" François asked again, slapping his dick over Tina's pert breasts while Anne started spanking her pussy a little harder.

Valentine Surprises

group Rocket1010 2018-01-06

The office politics was of no help either as the talk at the water cooler between Ken, Joe, Patrick and Paul centered on what they were planning to buy their special friend for Valentine's Day. The men of course had one track minds, discussing the slinky negligee they were looking at in the latest fashion magazine brought to the office by the sexy receptionist, Roberta. "Yes, this is the one I would want to wear on Valentine's Day when my boyfriend makes love to me." The silence was deafening as the three men stood looking at the luscious model in the magazine and then imagined Roberta wearing the outfit.


A Wife's Secret Ch. 01

group tantricjim 2018-01-06

She said that yes and in fact he had asked her to let Paul fuck her any time that he wanted. She looked right into my eyes and said, 'Sarah, now is the time, tell me if you do not want this to happen and I can stop it for you.' He said, 'You look lovely Sarah, even more beautiful than I remembered you.' He pulled me to my feet and slipped his arms around me, feeling my ass and kissing me. Finally he pulled his cock from my pussy and rolled off of me saying; 'Doris has been talking hasn't she?' he smiled, 'the finger in the ass is her trick.'

Barbara, Justin, A Club, A Swing

group RefinedBadBoy 2018-01-06

When they visited the upscale nudist resort of which they were long-time members, he embarrassingly and drunkenly chased women while Barbara was left alone to subtly oogle the younger men that she never thought would be attracted to her. While Barbara and Justin stood at the bar to drink and make idle chit chat with a couple of the other club goers. Justin and Barbara took off their clothes and wrapped the large, white towels around their respective waists. Justin took Barbara around the bar to where couples and more were being sexual. Barbara took his arm and he led them for a slow walk around the back room of the swinger club which actually took them behind the bar.


The Bet

group arturos68 2018-01-06

"I tell you what," she said." Lets play one more game and if you win I will wear whatever outfit you want me to for an entire day." Anne then bent down and not only showed us her ass and pussy but she ran her hands up her long sexy legs and turned to Paul and Jim and asked if she pleased them. Both Jim and Paul quickly complied and had their dicks in their hands and started to stroke them as they watched Anne. I knew Anne loved this idea and she quickly sat up and started to wrap her tits around Paul's cock. Paul came hard and as soon as he pulled out Anne yelled to Jim to start fucking her.

My stalker became my Mistress!

group luvDeepthroat 2018-01-06

My my you are extremely attractive!” Mistress Virginia presses her little button and I hurriedly replied, “Thank you Sir!” Kissing my cheek he says, “Welcome to my home, ANYTHING you want or need just ask!” Mistress Virginia approached me and gave me a big kiss, she then stood up, lifted her dress over her shoulders and stepped in close so that I could lick her pussy. Mistress Virginia then stood up, walked over to me and put her hands on my shoulders and said with a giggle, “I’m k**ding Lucy, but if you would like to continue with this and see where it leads then I am quite sure my husband will be okay with it”!

Vacation Getaway Ch. 01

group meraena 2018-01-06

"Oh my god, it's so good to feel you inside of me for real after a year of cyber, I can't believe it's finally happening," I moan as you push more of your hard cock inside me, filling my small tight pussy as you bury yourself all the way in me. I can't hold back and yell that I'm going to cum as I lose control, grinding fast and hard on your cock, sucking Papi deeper and faster as my orgasm builds. You smile and lean into me, kissing me as your hand reaches under my dress and rubs my pussy through my panties as your other hand guides mine to the crotch of your pants so that I feel your hard cock wanting to be in me again.

fun motel meeting!

group easycouple 2018-01-06

Wayne and I took turns fingering Lorraine's pussy and playing with her large breasts while she was stroking our hard cocks. I suggested that Lorraine and Wayne do a 69 so Wayne got on his back and she mounted his face and leaned down to suck his hard cock again. Lorraine got onto her hands and knees and I sat against the headboard so she could suck my hard cock. Wayne finally came and I then got behind her and fucked her hard too. Wayne said to put some more porn on the TV and got into the bed again beside Lorraine, he was ready for round 2, and so was she! After some more kissing, fingering and cock sucking Wayne was hard again and put another condom on.