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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Playing Pool - English style

group ManxLad 2018-01-06

'I should teach him a lesson, is what I should do,' Michelle stroked her fingers up and down the pool cue, admiring Karen move around the table. Michelle leant forward, her large breasts hanging low within her shirt, and she lay the pool cue along her hand to take a shot. Karen moved slowly, pulling herself forward, then slid herself backwards onto the lads engorged cock. Karen felt hot cum flood up within her, spurting again and again, hot and wet and powerful, it pushed her over the edge and she orgasmed, her mouth open over Michelle's. The other lad half laughed as he knelt forward and shot a long jet of cum against Michelle's face.


It Just Happened

group Native Alien 2018-01-06

We were in the barn and she had started to ask questions about sex and what was it like when you did it because you wanted too. Looking at me with a smile on his face he asked what I planned to do with that cock of his. She raised herself and then said to me "How do I get it in?" I took her hand and then showed her how to guide his cock into her. Slowly rolling her nipple in my fingers and feeling her starting to speed up, I knew that she was close to her first orgasm. He watched the kiss with a dream like look on his face.

The Third

group JensenTPayne 2018-01-06

Lifting Paige's chin our lips met & we shared a similar kiss to the one we had earlier in the evening, again finding myself surprised by the sweet taste and different feel of a woman's mouth. Paige begins by rocking her pussy onto my face as my tongue thrashes around her clit, grabbing my head and pushing my face into her pussy she released hard onto me, in turn my body trembled & shook under the pressure of Ethan's cock, Ethan yanked my hair and pulled my head back from Paige's pussy as I inhaled deeply and let go into my luscious orgasm, over and over the waves moved through me!

Brandi Gets To A Good Place Ch. 01

group starmanz1 2018-01-06

So my tongue's tangled in his, and his dick's pumping in and out of my pussy, and I'm playing with my clit and my titties, and just then I start to come! I started squirming my hips around his dick when I said this, and he just lost it and came, great big gobs, inside of me. I was wearing this little yellow sundress with nothing on underneath and I started pinching my nipples when no one but her was looking, and rubbing up against her, and telling her how bad ass she is, and I could see she was getting worked up.


Bad Habits CD Fantasy

group RosalynLee3 2018-01-05

"You wouldn't want anyone to know what you are doing, right?" The other friend asked, as she pulled something out from her purse. "Did you actually think we'd let you cum like a man?" My ex teased wickedly. "What kind of perv dresses like a girl with no panties?" The behind friend quipped. "Now either nod your head and follow us, like a good little girl, or these panties are finished." "You know," she smiled, as her other friends came in, equally armed, "we were originally going to use these on a hapless girl in a cosplay like ours but-oh wait, that's exactly what's happening."

You Don't Deserve A Good Man

group magas911 2018-01-05

"Sherrie, did you know that Brad went to State when you both were Freshman, because you were going there." "Sherrie, The summer after you failed out of college, Brad came home and asked you to go on a picnic with him to the lake." Dad states. "Brad got married and didn't invite me to his wedding?" Sherrie asks. Oh yeah, I know all about my buddy Phil's super successful son." Sherrie's father continues. You know who I date?" Sherrie asks in a nasal whine. So, as long as you stay with the losers, and stay away from the married guys, have at it." Sherrie's father states. "But Daddy, I want to find a man and keep him." Sherrie whines.

One Wife's Fantasy

group Looking2PlayWithYou 2018-01-05

He smiled and said “That’s a good slut, able to take her new master’s thick cock.” Over and over again he thrust into me, his balls smacking against me. “You like me pounding your cunt and slapping your ass don’t you my little slut?” he asked. Now open your mouth and let him fuck your face like a good little whore.” “Yes Sir Bill.” I said hesitantly. Joe grabbed my hair and shoved my mouth to the base of his cock just as his cum started to shoot down my throat. “I don’t believe I heard you correctly, are you denying this man his turn with the slut?” he asked angrily as his hand smacked my ass harder than before.

I Protested

group onlymark 2018-01-05

Something like anger caught me as I saw the man place a handsome muscly hand on Abi's ass. Involuntarily I imagined Greg's balls being held, Abi doe eyed looking up at him, her lipstick already smeared. Abi gave a grateful yelp and then an unrestrained groan as I imagined the much vaunted Greg dick was placed into her pussy. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Abi. Her one hand in her cunt, the other holding on to Greg's hard dick. I saw Greg push his average size dick back in Abi's mouth while she lay down. Greg's dick muffled the sounds of Abi cumming, but her arching back gave her away.

Started with Dinner

group Cht_Wilcox 2018-01-05

Joy was now on her back with her head near the foot of the bed and Sami began to explore Joy's body, kissing her nipples, her torso and down to her legs, her thighs and then her pussy. I continued to caress them...Sami's back, her face buried in Joy's pussy, so soft and smooth and as I ran my hand down her back, I could sense her appreciation of my touch. As the last few shockwaves left Sami's body, she turned her attention to me and pulled me towards her and began to expertly suck the head of my pulsating cock while stroking the shaft and caressing my balls.


Princess Hotel

group damselfly 2018-01-05

They stood in the middle of the room making out with each other for some time before Kathryn took Cali's hand and pulled her over towards the bed. Kathryn started kissing down Cali's body until she stopped at her boobs. Kathryn began exploring Cali's tiny body with her hands, fingers and mouth. My dick is in Cali's mouth, and now Kathryn has moved around on the bed so that I could finger her pussy at the same time. With Kathryn's clit dripping her love juice on my face, Cali started licking and sucking my cock and balls. Since Cali seemed to want more, Kathryn and I (in an unspoken truce) took turns tasting and teasing her clit.


Cult of Purity

group FranklinSwoon 2018-01-05

And I get that a lot of people were trying new things, expanding horizons and whatnot, and that was fine with me—I just wanted no part of it. But the weird thing was that there was a light on inside, and it looked like it was coming up from the floor. Took maybe a minute before they wrapped up their little synchronized thing, then one of them—I couldn't see from there, but I guessed it was the one with the fancy white robe—started talking. Statistics was really getting into it; he actually had a hand on my head at this point, although he wasn't pushing or pulling or anything, and he was making little moaning-breathing sounds every couple seconds.


One Lucky Bastard Pt. 01

group dacked 2018-01-05

When I got in I pushed the door to the stall open and there was Mary in black lacy bra and panties, gently playing her finger across her lips while the other hand disappeared into her underwear. Suddenly the door to the stall was pushed open- I'd forgotten to lock it- and there stood Bob, one of Curly's mates. Keep in mind I'm still inside Mary's tight, wet pussy when she starts to blow him. About two seconds later I heard Bob groan, looked over, and saw him pulling up his shorts and walking away from a cum stain he left on the wall. Curly, ever the gentlemen, shook the last of the cum off, pulled his shorts up, said "Thanks for that you two." And walked out.

Suburban Passions

group surchin51 2018-01-05

Inspired by the on-screen action, I reached over and gently cupped Daniel's shaved balls with my left hand as I continued to stroke with my right. I felt momentarily weightless, my legs trembling and useless, before I landed, hard, on my back on the edge of Daniel's hot tub, my head cradled in the lush grass I'm sure he had worked hard to cultivate. Before I could work up a complete thought, though, Daniel stood upright in the hot tub exposing his still-erect dick. I remained sitting on the edge of the hot tub when Daniel's wife said, "let's take this inside, shall we?" Leaving her clothes strewn on the cool grass, she walked barefoot into the house with two naked men and their dangerously hungry cocks close behind.


Island Fever 6: Sanctuary Ch. 11

group Jeremydcp 2018-01-05

Way back when in "Island Fever 4: Paradise", there were three separate chapters where Jeremy allowed Pamela, Trish and then Kristanna to temporarily take over writing for him and share their viewpoints and perspectives with you, the reader. Jeremy brought Pamela, Devon, Trish, Amy and Camille (and me), to the island, and was looking for a future wife. "She has been hounding you like a vulture since you arrived here yesterday," Jeremy said, picking up a brush and going over toward Blakken's stall to resume the grooming session. "Blakken really seems to like you," Jeremy added, smiling, as I again worked circles on his coat, this time with the hard brush.



group 2018-01-05

He tapped my arm again and pointing to a stool said "We found you a seat." I sat down directly opposite Polly and as I passed her a drink I asked her if she was OK. As I got into the booth and sat down, the men where saying "Come on sweet thing, sit in the middle." Well I couldn't stand up because of the table, so one guy picked me up onto his knee and slid me onto the next guys knee and they passed me along like that but as I sat on each lap, that guy would feel my breasts or bottom or stick a hand up my skirt and finger my pussy.

My Shaved Experience Ch. 1

group Lucien_Al 2018-01-05

"You have to just use the right technique," I told her "if you follow my step by step instruction it will work fine." Marina was very skeptical until Katherine took her through to the bedroom and showed her her own pussy, which had been shaved 3 days earlier. I glanced across to the pool and saw that by now Katherine was sitting on the edge of the pool with her feet dangling in the water; the guy she was with was resting his chin on his hands with his face not more that 10 inches from her pussy. Marina writhed around on the bed and moaned, "Take my panties off and tongue my pussy." I slipped my fingers into the lace band of the wet white panties and slipped them down her legs.


Hot Weekend Ch. 1

group kittys_pet 2018-01-05

I pull your cock free of the tight leather and stroke you as you slide a finger into my wet pussy...picking up the beat from the music we stroke and finger fuck each other till we are so very very hot and hard and wet. I look over your shoulder toward the others tables just as I start to writhe on the edge and see that a handsome man is watching us as we fuck and I smile at the same time you see a sexy woman getting all hot as she watches you fucking me. The two look at our hot bodies and strip, then they come up behind us, the man behind me the woman behind you.

The Big Swing: New Year's Surprise

group wiintermute 2018-01-05

My plan was for Andrea and I to party like rock stars tonight, then I was going to surprise her with the packet up in our room before going to bed. “Well, I’m still refusing to answer such a loaded question, but maybe this will give you some idea of how I feel.” I placed both my hands on her hips and ground my pant-covered bulge into her softening, but still very tight ass. He gestured to the young man to his right and said, “This is Michael Barrington” I shook hands with Michael and couldn’t help but notice his sparkling blue eyes and brilliantly white teeth. Andrea and Karla had worn James and my asses out on the dance floor.


The First Time

group cuck-fan 2018-01-05

Then one night while we were hanging out with my friend Jori, he talked me into drinking with them (which I never did) and I got wasted. Last thing I remembered hearing was Jori offering Ivy another drink, then I was out for a few hours. When I confessed I felt like shit he told me to go back to bed and he’d let Ivy know I’d got up. When I asked where she was, he just said they were hanging out, but I didn’t ask anything further about it and returned to bed and passed right back out. I had to ask when and how, so Ivy told me between eleven thirty and about ten that morning she let Jori fuck her FOUR times.

Golf-India-Romeo-Lima Ch. 03

group AC_Pandorra 2018-01-05

Curd, vanilla sugar, plums, baking powder and cream, a long red rose and of course the tickets together with a happy anniversary envelope. I saw into Sasha's face wearing a shit eating grin while aiming her cream can like a six-shooter at me as she pulled the trigger without mercy. We feasted on our breast with rising arousal and I felt regret as Sasha moved on and her adorable raspberries went out of my reach. One hand sled down on her until it reached her breasts and I tweaked her nipple and as I felt her body stiffen and her thighs starting to quiver I darted my tongue as deep into her steamy canal as fast and deep as I could.


Meet Big Blue

group Erotic_librarian 2018-01-05

"I came here looking for a piece of ass but you beat me to it," I informed her and I turned to walk out leaving it at that. "I don't even know where to start," she said looking nervous like a virgin. With deep thrusts and powerful wiggles of my fingers, I sucked her clit into my mouth and stroked it vigorously with my tongue in hopes of making her cum hard. "Well then, I guess this is a great time for you to relax a bit and be the spectator," I said as I pulled the condom off and grabbed a new one from the bed.


Swing Party

group gandj130 2018-01-05

As I started to fuck her Rob moved from the corner of the room and stood by the bed, he had stripped off and had his hard cock in his hand as he watched close by. I glanced to the other settee and saw Jayne on her knees with David's cock in her mouth while Jason fucked her doggy style from behind and a third man stood beside them tentatively stroking her. Jason rammed his black cock in and out of her then held her thick red hair, pulling her head round so she looked at me as he fucked her hard. I felt my knees buckle as I watched them, "Oh fuck I'm cumming," I moaned as Sue kept me deep in her mouth and swallowed every drop.

Dinner Party

group love24x 2018-01-05

Dragging my eyes away from Ann's breasts and the obvious look of excitement in Alison's heavily lidded eyes I saw that Simon's cock had reacted instantly to the sight of the Alison sucking Ann's nipples, just like mine, and now his big thick shaft was engorged and thrusting eagerly well above the waistband of his tight pants. Mark watched Alison intently as her eyes followed Ann's hands exposing Simon's thick curving cock and hold it firmly, her fingers looking small and delicate as they wrapped around his angry straining flesh, struggling to wrap all the way around the thickness of his excitement.


A Halloween to Remember, or Not?

group NYCbbwSUB 2018-01-05

They pushed me through the door from where I heard the noise, and as I entered the room everyone got quiet and turned to look at me. Now I was taking turns sucking Dracula's cock, and the gorilla's, and some guy dressed as some kind of green creature mauling my already sore nipples. She sucked my cunt, making me scream so loud her brother had to shove his big fat hard cock into my mouth. Daddy began smacking my tits, and pinching my nipples while he fucked me deep and hard, cumming deep inside my cunt. I walked up to my car, and opened the door to sit down and wait for help. I couldn't help but look at the house I was in last night.