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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Let's Get to Know Each Other Ch. 02

group Mizz_Erotica 2018-01-05

Just as Lilies sweet, hot tongue started fucking me nice and good in my wet hole, I felt powerful hands grab the back of my hair and pull me forwards. "Don't stop eating her cunt, make her gush more baby because this slut ain't done till I shoot my load deep down her throat and she swallows every fucking drop." He said pounding his cock even harder and faster in my gapping mouth. One) Lily turned the vibe on high and rammed it so deep that it felt like it bounced off my cervix, and two) Erin rammed his cock in my throat gagging me as his cum shot hot squirts down my throat.

Personal Time Off Ch. 02

group Lil_kitty 2018-01-05

I tried to sit up after a minute to understand what was going on and this time, the reaction came: I felt him stand up and a strong pair of hands pushed me down. I hadn't noticed how tall he is, but it proved useful when he went to the top of the bed and started fucking Stacy's mouth. As her hands caressed my pussy, slowly fingering me to an orgasm, I grabbed her ass and spanked her hard a couple of times. I raised my legs in the air and Stacy recovered enough to stay on all fours above me, biting my breasts and playing with my clit. I lied motionless on the bed for a few moments, with Stacy lying on top me, her pussy still wet and dripping.


group Montana 2018-01-05

We are sitting around with our best friends Steve and Kathy, watching XXXX films..... Steve has his hands under Kathys top, playing with her breasts, she is rubbing him through his pants. Steve is really hard,( his dick is about 7" long and really thick) Kathy kneels down in front of him and starts sucking him. Kathy leans up and kisses Alex, we both reach down and fondle her breasts. Alex is pushing in and out of me, Kathy is licking and sucking on my clit, I know I'm not going to last very long. Alex's hard cock slips out of me, I look down and watch Kathy take him in her mouth.

unexpected night of pleasure

group trythisone 2018-01-05

She beckoned her husband over and got him to lie in the bed and straddled his face pushing her erect clit into his mouth, and slid his cock into her mouth and began to suck him off, I looked again at her in a questioning way, and she stopped and said "fuck me doggy style ramming that fucking cock of yours deep inside me" I straddled her knees with mine and pushed the tip of my cock against her tight pussy lips and parted them.

18 Master Ch. 03: Party

group penitr8me 2018-01-05

I moved carefully to just my knees, feeling them hurt even in the deep pile of the carpet, before I pushed to my feet. As soon as he moved, another pair of hands started stroking my hair, massaging my scalp. He positioned himself so his mouth was right next to my ear and in a sweet, sexy voice he started to tell me all the really filthy things he wanted to do with me, like stripping me in a crowded bar and fucking me on the table because I was such a whore, or making him suck his cock while I was chained to his desk as he made his daily calls.


Making a Whore: A Hotel Party

group black saphire 2018-01-05

"Hot damn" said Frank and let out a low whistle as he held the door open to the bedroom for Viv. The other men followed in. Viv moaned again, a little louder as the tongue on her pussy licked along her vulva and then starting to suck on the bud of her clitoris. It was such an amazing feeling to have her whole body being pleasured and she sucked voraciously on the cock as she felt her pussy starting to spasm in orgasm again. Viv felt Steve's fingers work harder and faster in her pussy and her body started to tremble and quiver.


Eyeball Encounter Ch. 2

group sparkzzz 2018-01-05

Soon I realized that he was about to cum, so I leaned forward, and took his cock in my mouth, sucking wetly, until he let loose a veritable FLOOD of hot creamy cum down my throat and all over my face. I could feel Sandra by my face, eagerly licking and sucking at what she could reach of Aubrey's cock, while I felt Joey down by my cock, doing the same thing. Joey and Sandra had Aubrey lay on her back, and they took up positions on either side of her thighs, and started licking on both sides of her cock, their mouths smeared with cum. I felt Aubrey's hand snake between my thighs, grabbed my cock and also started jacking me off.

Anger Made My Wife a Slut Ch. 05

group Splatouey 2018-01-05

Carrie and Sylvia both ordered a vodka cooler and as I turned to head back to the kitchen Carol smacked my ass. Shortly after Janice came over to sit with her friends and ordered me to bring her a Palm Bay. I brought her the drink and she said "When the oven timer goes off take the trays out and put the food on serving plates and bring them here." As soon as I returned from the kitchen Sheila said in her nicest, sweetest voice "Server, I need a napkin, please bring me one." As I delivered the napkin Wendy asked "Janice, will he be bringing more food in soon or are we done for a while."


My CD night

group rameshmade4u 2018-01-05

“Mr patel”, fair bald average height but big tummy person waived his hand and started walking towards him with the drinks tray. He took the wine glass and caressed my chubby chicks with the complement of good girl, I thought little about the complement and was happy about his behaviour so moved on. I just touched my lips on to it and was told to open mouth to take it inside, it just entered my upper mouth and I felt like vomiting it. He took a sip of the wine, kissed my chicks and locked his lips with mine for few mins, feeling my ass with the hands.

Jenny and Jack Pt. 08

group loveking 2018-01-05

"You look beautiful," said Tom as I felt his gaze undressing and caressing me, just like in my dream. For the second time that morning I felt a twinge of excitement as tried to imagine myself finding the courage to pose like that, to pose with my legs apart and feel Tom's gaze caress my most intimate parts. As I stood there I felt very shy, self-conscious but also confused by an unexpected realisation that part of me wanted him to tell me to turn around and face him; face him in the certain knowledge that his dark piercing eyes would focus directly onto the outline of my breasts beneath the sheer bath robe.


Team Shower Show

group storyxteller 2018-01-05

As he unzipped his pants, Kelly turned to see Mark, a tan guy, with dark brown hair and a toned body. Jake, Billy, Jimmy, Mark, and the others all walked over beside him and faced her, making their cocks dance for her. "yeah, yeah, oh yeah, rub your bodies for me...yeah, pich those nipples." The guys began to run their hands up and down their abs. "Just go with it man" Kelly kept her hand over Brad's as they jerked off Jimmy. As he slowly pumped into her, Billy, Jake, and Brad all walked up to her, their hard cocks in her face. Brad and Billy both stepped back as Bart walked up to her, his dick in her face.


Four Plus One 05: Nice-rough

group ReefBeach 2018-01-05

The two realised they were looking at each other intently and that Phoebe's line of sight was level with Danny's waist. He could also feel Phoebe catch her breath as he traced a finger over each collarbone, along her shoulders and back around her neck. With the t-shirt ripped down the front Danny gripped her wrists and leant in, now kissing and nipping her collarbone and shoulders. But she was thrilling inside, looking up at Danny's powerful legs, the hairs on his balls tickling her nose. "Oh, oh God, oh fuck oh Danny, ohhhh-" Her voice rose up to a scream as she pushed her head back into the bed and ground from side to side.

Living With a Goddess Ch. 04

group WellHungNerd1 2018-01-05

"Although," Asta continued, thoughtfully, as Violet continued rubbing her soapy hands up and down her legs, "I'm not sure how she's going to eat me out with that thing on. Rosa had been talking to me in that calm, warm voice of hers, looking me in the eye the whole time; it had felt like a normal conversation. Anything that left more time for having sex with women like Rosa was a positive thing in my book. See?" She held the door she had just checked open to show me the room beyond - a stone-walled dungeon, filled with torchlight, like Helena's place. Rosa stood a little way down the hall, holding open a door.


Breaking Him In

group LadyTigeress 2018-01-05

Chris believed that the best makeup should be so good that no one could ever tell you were wearing any, which it helped to bring out the natural beauty of the woman inside. Carlos smiled and she stood up and turned her back toward her, and pulled her hair away, leaning her neck forward so the zipper would stand out. She could feel Carlos's hot breath on her back and the nape of her neck as his fingers worked at the silk strips, the steel busk of the corset parting gently, letting her breasts breathe. Her lips reached forward, and took the full head in, sucking as now both her hands wrapped around his member, slowly moving it farther into her mouth.


Social Diving

group minerva69 2018-01-05

Meanwhile hands slide across and pucker Mandy's soft white skin, enjoying the aesthetic details of her body, caressing the little star tattoo on her hip and the Celtic tramp-stamp in the small of her back. She's too nervous to get it wet but by the time I've blotted my tongue against it a couple of times and drawn round from clit to fuck hole, I appear to be doing something right as she gushes a little in my mouth -- copper tasting. Four hands paying homage to the princess' rump, working the grease into her skin, sliding fingers into the valley, seeking out the object of our lust, sliding in, easy and gentle there more insistent, deeper spreading her, carnality taking over.

Sarah again

group mknfrnds 2018-01-05

She cums again, again lightly, she kisses me deeply and she tells me how much she loves me...the three of us lay on the bed and go to sl**p all naked, sticky and warm, she feels so good between us, his leg is between hers as they face each other...a nice full night of sl**p comes over the three of the morning, i am awaken by movement in the bed, i look over and she is sucking his cock again...we spend a wonderful weekend together, but...that is another story

Common Ground Ch. 2

group Ginger 2018-01-05

And to think, you and Mike are responsible for getting us together." She smiled warmly at Terry while absentmindedly pushing a lock of her thick auburn hair out of her eyes. Mike nodded and said, "She's been wanting to tell Cammie for a long time but she had to work up her nerve first. When his lips left hers and he moved down to suckle her breasts, Cammie tangled her fingers in his thick brown hair and held his face close against her. She opened her legs wider, and as Alec watched she parted her soaking wet pussy lips and thrust her middle finger deep inside herself. Looking at her beautiful slender body and sizeable breasts, Alec wondered for the hundredth time that day how Cammie was going to take Terry's admission of lust.


Disney Girls Don't Have Sex – Part 4

group TreborCox 2018-01-05

Which normally involved sucking the cock which just fucked her girlfriend's ass the second it fell deflated from that heavenly hole, however this time she literally pushed Miley in the direction of the dick, her friend wordlessly taking the now soft manhood into her mouth so she could clean it of Demi's ass juice and any leftover cum. Miley was still sucking the cock which had just been up Demi's butt which had to be both thoroughly cleaned and hard by now but Miley seemed in no hurry to move away from it, especially now Selena was in between her cheeks, obviously preparing Hannah Montana to get ass fucked by a guy for the first time by giving Miley a nice long rim job.

A Maid Gets Laid

group nitemoves 2018-01-05

Dan had Lisa bent over the arm of the couch, thrusting his hard swollen cock in to her excited wet pussy from behind when the maid had walked in. With no reply to her knock, she had let herself into the room and now stood transfixed, watching Lisa moan with pleasure each time his cock thrust inside her. Paula's legs suddenly jerked hard, she rolled onto her side clamping Lisa's head between her thighs as she came, huge spasms racking her body. With Lisa"s head trapped between Paula's legs he had two choices, Lisa's wet pussy from behind or Paula's gasping mouth. Dan started moaning and then gasped as his jerking cock shot its load into Paulas mouth.

Mata Hairy Ch. 3

group belab 2018-01-05

I swirled my tongue around the head until he started driving his cock harder and faster down my throat, then all I could manage to do was clamp my lips around his hard pole and open my throat and let him pump his delicious fuck prod in and out until I heard him scream "Swallow my cock you hairy bitch" Peter had started to stir so I unzipped him as his massive prong sprang out of the confines of his trouser. Ali held his cock all the way down my throat when I felt his cock starting to swell, then he blew turret after fucking turret of his salty semen down my gullet until I couldn't swallow any more, so I had to back off and he jerked the remainder of his goo all over my face and tits and my bushy underarms.

Lucky Man Ch. 10

group Mentalcase 2018-01-05

I don't know if it was his bald head, or the way he was looking at me, but I definitely want to fool around with him. "Never know when you might need a spare pair," he said, smiling as she looked at him. He smiled and turned to shake Duncan's hand as he finished kissing Molly and Dana. Duncan came up and kissed her, his hand finding the small of her back and pulling as she whimpered quietly, her kiss turning into a smile as she looked up at him demurely. "Kelly," Zeke said, pulling her close and sliding an arm around to her draw her in for a quick kiss. "Drake," Zeke, said, smiling and turning to shake his hand.


The Good Neighbor Ch. 02

group Jenny6969 2018-01-05

"Jenny, are you teasing our good neighbor?" Helen was looking through the sliding screen door. I think there's wood in here, too," said Jenny as she put her hand over the front of my bulging shorts. As I watched Jenny's warm hands wrap my hard shaft, I felt like I could explode right then. As Jenny licked my dick like a Popsicle, I reached for her head and pulled the tie holding her red hair in place. Feeling the familiar tingle and tightening, I said, "That's so good Jenny, I'm going to cum. Cumming all over that big cock!" Pushing upward, I felt her rhythmically squeeze me on the inside, her juices lubricating my cock.

Fun with Your Neighbor

group stosh79_00 2018-01-05

You attempt to get up and Jasmin pushes you to the floor and tells Ashley who's is still trying to suck your cock that if he moves again, bite it! You lay down, Ashley begins tying your hands down to the legs of the table while Jasmin ties your legs down. Ashley has b cup breasts and has a firm tone body and Jasmin has a cups pear shaped breasts, both girls have shaved pussies and look like they could be on some sports team or something. As you all are lying their naked, the girls decide to let you in on their secret, Ashley gets up and in the flower pot is a handheld camera that has been taping the whole thing...

Chris Finally Arrives Home

group sarah_siddons 2018-01-05

Sarah gently slid down her father's body and lay with her head on his lap; feeling his cock stir; Sarah re-positioned her head, unzipped his trousers then slipped her hand in and gently took hold of his slowly rising flesh. However this morning he found his cock had slowly forced a passage between Sarah's legs and enter her pussy; slightly aroused Sarah nestled in closer to her father and gently started to move her ass and pelvic muscles, Steve sensing her reaction slid his hand down her body, his middle finger seeking out her pussy then slipping two fingers in between her labia before circling and pinching her clit.