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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Very Young Man Ch. 01

group metacarpal 2018-01-05

Ben teased Karen by telling her that Mark was most likely masturbating every evening, fantasizing about sex with her. "Karen has discovered the pleasure of whirlpool jet orgasms in the hot tub," Ben dared to explain to Mark, "and she cannot get enough of them, isn't that right, dear," he added teasingly to Karen. This was all so intense for Karen, enjoying her hot tub orgasms as the boys watched. It was equally intense for Ben as he enjoyed letting Mark watch Karen like this. It was especially intense for Mark to witness all this as such a sexually inexperienced young man who, they later found out, had barely lost his virginity and knew very little about sex.

Island Fever 5: Family Ch. 08

group Jeremydcp 2018-01-05

My water broke and my doctor just diagnosed me with Group B Strep a couple of days ago." There were tears in Kristanna's eyes as she glared up at Scarlett, who was employed as a labor and delivery nurse at the university hospital here in Oslo. Pamela and Devon offered to go home and get us some supplies and personal items while, heeding Scarlett's expert advice, I wasted zero time in taking Kristanna to the university hospital in Oslo. It was so imperative that Kristanna get to the hospital as quickly as possible because with the amniotic sac compromised, the GBS pathogen could easily find its way in and infect the baby (this was never a concern with Amy and Dani Grace).


Pleasures in Pain

group KhrayziSkitz 2018-01-05

Deciding to take it a little bit further, Annie loosened the straps of Jane's shirt, allowing them to fall as she gently caressed her best friend's cleavage before taking a hardened left nipple between two of her fingers. Returning her attention to the sexy female before her, she began to fuck the wet cunt before her vigorously with two fingers, enjoying the groans and sharp breath that escaped her friend's lips as she begged her to go faster and faster, and she obeyed. Annie enjoyed Jane's satisfying screams, the gyrating of her hips and the clenching of her pussy as she reached her orgasm, and the flushed look of her face coupled with everything else made her feel as if she needed to reach one too.

Kath Goes to London Ch. 03

group andrewxx 2018-01-05

Kath looked out of the window and saw that it was not Jen but Jayne who stepped out of the car. Kath looked between Jayne and Jen. The room was silent as Kath tried to come to terms with the huge revelations and questions about her life, love and sexuality. Jen's soft silk accentuated her curves and Kath began to feel even more turned on, spurred on by the thought of intimately touching someone she trusted and knew for so long. In response, Kath's nipples began to harden as she looked into Jayne's eyes and drew her nurse closer for the continuation of the kiss that had ended so abruptly.


He is a Freak

group 2018-01-05

After over an hour of pussy licking her hubby came to the bed and pulled his wife from my cunt and he wanted to then fuck me to get rid of his pent up frustration as he watched. He pulled out and pushed Pam's face to my hole and she began to suck out the cum as her held her face tight to my pussy. He looked at me and said, "she is a pussy slut and I want her face smeared with pussy juice." He held her head as he pushed her to my clit and she started sucking it as he held her tight before he moved her then to my hole.


group dark_horse74 2018-01-05

Whenever Mandy and I have sex we have to make sure there are lots of towels around, which is why we like having sex outside where we can let the grass soak it all up. Of course I had no problem with that as like Mandy I was only glad to help her friend, even to the point of offering Cath a job at my work if one came up. I closed my eyes and I felt Mandy kiss down my body to my now throbbing hard cock. The towels, Mandy, Cath, were all soaked in cum. Cath's throat muscles clasped around my cock as my dick pumped load after load of cum.

The New Neighbors Ch. 03

group walterio 2018-01-05

Kelly lay down on the massage table and Monique got on all fours and buried her face in Kelly's pussy sucking up her sweet nectar. Carl straddled Kelly's body and crouching forward brought his hot cock up to the lips of Monique's cunt. Occasionally a gusher of Monique's love cream would spill out from around the tight seal of Carl's cock in her pussy and drip down to cover Kelly's face. Monique cried out in ecstasy feeling Carl's hot semen jetting into her for the first time and feeling his shaft balloon as the cum worked its way through the cock head. As Monique ate Kelly's pussy she felt Carl's hand on her ass and then his cock touched her vulva.



group Many Feathers 2018-01-05

Miranda held up her hand extending her pinky expecting Frank as well as Joey to wrap their own little fingers around hers. Nearly downing the entire pitcher of Margarita's, the bar tender who Frank and Joey had coaxed into helping them had just poured the last of the drink into the funnel when Miranda choked suddenly, her mouth pulling away with the last bit of drink suddenly drenching her. Closing her eyes so that she'd feel a little more comfortable, even though she was feeling extremely vulnerable at the moment, Miranda reached up cupping both breasts within her hands and stood there above them while the two young men watched as she began fingering her nipples.


Rachel's Cum Cocktail Party

group TheDarkCloud 2018-01-05

Both have their eyes screwed tight in concentration but open them almost simultaneously and stare intensely at each other as they both cum, coating the food with a thick cream substance (from Tim) and a viscous clear, watery fluid from Carissa (although as she sprays the bowl some drops miss it - not that it matters as Rachel will happily lick them up of the wooden planks). Her next stop was by the cane sofa where one of Tim and Carissa's good friends, Shirley (her husband also at the party and enjoying the ministrations of two nubile twins right at that moment) was accepting the advances of not one, but two large black cocks with her mouth.


I awoke naked beside my teen nephew

group 2018-01-05

I close my eyes and let my mind drift, I need a scene, a dirty story to make me cum, my fingers work their magic, each little spark from my clitoris causes my hand to tighten on his cock, my leg between his straightening, our bodies contacting and I feel my hips contacting him also, then I realize I am pulling on his cock feeling it touch my thigh, just two inches from my cunt.

Roots Motel: The Water Ski Champion

group Friskee_cpl 2018-01-05

With Steve going hell for leather in the kitchen and Irene helping him and Gina and I looking after the front of house we weren’t thinking of shagging at all. I pulled my cock out of Lisa and aimed it at Irene and after a few pumps I let loose a good load of cum that splattered onto her face and into her eyes. Gina was in a doggy style position licking and sucking at Kim’s cunt whilst Lyn was shoving a big fat dildo into Gina’s pussy and a thinner white vibrator into her arse. Julie squatted down and when I turned back she took my cock in her hand and began sucking and licking at my knob.


Bi Biker Gangbang

group donaldelliott11 2018-01-05

The first real sex I noticed was when I opened my eyes after nodding off for a few seconds and saw the redheaded woman naked on the floor on her hands and knees, getting fucked at both ends by guys who hadn't taken their clothes off; they'd just dropped their trousers. A black biker who had been pulling his pants off for the last few minutes suddenly stood at my ankles and told Delores to "suck a real cock, Delores!" She raised up her shoulders, grabbed his ass and slid his dark pole into her mouth with genuine enthusiasm. The black guy knelt where he'd been standing and Delores didn't take her mouth off his dick for a second - as he went down, her head went right down with him, and her pussy lifted slightly from my sperm-slick lips.


Fun with the Babysitter

group scarlettshea86 2018-01-05

Josh eagerly moved back down and began passionately licking Stephanie's tight little asshole while Jessica and I held her legs back and watching him hungrily. "God, Stephanie, you suck cock just as good as Jessica and Rachel do," Josh said, panting with exertion from fucking her face. At the same time, I had pulled Jessica's ass to my face and I was buried between her cheeks, tonguing the asshole I loved so much while she shoved her fingers in and out of my pussy and licked my clit. Once I relaxed, Josh helped Stephanie climb off my face and sat her on his lap on the couch, kissing her and rubbing her nipples and Jessica and I began kissing passionately.

The Girl with Two Boyfriends Ch. 02

group Dariander 2018-01-05

Ten minutes later, they got her to kneel on the edge of the bed and Mike shoved his cock in from behind. "Oh, god, Dan, push your cock right up me, make me come again." He too fucked her hard as she continued to writhe around on the bed. As soon as Dan pulled out of Isabel, Mike reached out and yanked her towards him. Dan handed the bottle to Mike, removed his fingers from her arse and pushed his cock up against her hole. "Yes, I had a really strong cum," said Isabel, "it took me completely by surprise and I had a hell of a job keeping quiet as those folks walked past." The two men laughed.


The Daughter Ch. 07

group motorcyclemaniac 2018-01-05

Jen got behind her and rubbed her ass and reached up under her legs and pulled my dick up to Joan's pussy. When the girls left, Joan and Jen both came over and kissed me goodbye and I patted them on the ass and told them to have a good time and to call when they were headed back. I reached over and pulled her top down and got a hand full of those dark luscious titties and told her I loved her fucking ass. She was fucking me like a wild horse and said, oh I want your cum and then I am going to go down there to your dick and suck all of it off.


Reluctantly fucking in the adult theater

group gazonga 2018-01-05

At that moment I thought that it was not a good idea to take my sexy wife in an adult theatre full of hungry for sex men. I went to the men's room door and slammed it as hard as I could to make noise and let them know that I am coming out. I was shocked to see my wife's hand stroking the stranger's cock furiously, while he was finger fucking her. "Come on, bend over and suck my cock, come on" he said, while his right hand was pushing her head in to his lap. "Of course I did, do you think that I like going to the men's room of an adult theatre?"

Special Invitation Only

group BugGirl 2018-01-05

"No touching us, if we think you should feel something, we'll let you know, right Evie? As we laid on the bed afterwards, we started discussing the fun things down in Chloe's Toy Store. Keeping Evie's dildo lodged in her hole, you pulled the dildo out of my pussy and began to rub it against my asshole. I could feel my pussy pulsating around your cock and my asshole squeezing the toy in my ass. Evie watched the whole thing and just yelled "You guys are so hot like that!" I'm sure it was a sexy scene to be watching, you fucking me doggie-style with a huge dildo in my ass.

The Circle Ch. 40

group SteveWallace 2018-01-05

Jess was a pretty woman in her mid-forties, wore glasses that gave her a professorial look, yet was what several The Circle men called 'hot.' Ellen had reported that when she was counseling her, she would use her questions to lead her insights and conclusions about herself, instead of collecting information and then disgorging a solution and plan of action based on some textbook answer. Jessica explained about how at this stage the findings and directions of the research were hard to predict since she didn't know that much about The Circle or living arrangements other than what she'd picked up incidentally from Tammy and Ellen, and a chat with Matt and Renee a year earlier.


Hog Wild Ch. 02

group Peter Duncan 2018-01-05

Leaning her head against my shoulder she said, "You really got me going last night Peter." Her laugh indicated surprise and enjoyment. The problem she had with Bull's was that his head alone looked like it was too big for her mouth. "Come on baby," he said as he put his hand on the back of her head, gently encouraging her forward, "open up; it's fit in everyone else's mouth. Putting his hands under her arms he encouraged her to straighten on his body until she lay on his huge frame, feeling the cum-wetness of his soft, bunching cock.


The Lottery Ch. 02

group Erlikkhan 2018-01-05

“For three hundred dollars you have to suck my cock and let me fuck you. Missy rolled me off her and immediately swallowed my cum-drenched cock into her mouth. Missy slowly lifted off me letting cum drip from her pussy all over my cock and balls. Missy sat up with her lips open and let cum drool down her chin and over her tits. We also kept at least one cock in her mouth, although she had a hard time keeping it there between her screams and moans. Mark, who also had the biggest cock, sprayed stream after stream after stream of hot cum all over her face and into her mouth and hair.

Tabby's Party Fun

group Tabby18lover 2018-01-05

As she turned one of the big men standing next to the door pulled it closed, a broad smile on his face. A hand slipped down Tabby's back, touching her black lace panties, cupping her buttock. The man slipped his hand over her shoulder and into the black lace bra, feeling her firm young breast, tweaking at the hard nipple. A younger man standing slightly to Tabby's right suddenly exploded under his own hands his cum spurting onto her shoulder and breast. Another man pushed him out of the way on the large bed and pushed his cock toward Tabby's wet face. Tabby started bucking as the man behind the new girl forced his cock deep into her pussy.

The Cable Repair

group niseguyz 2018-01-05

“Mr. Black” pounded my wife’s asshole with his huge cock, her body went limp after about twenty minutes, “Tony” wouldn’t have that, he slapped her hard across the face, lifted her ear to his mouth and whispered, “if you don’t act like you love this I will torture you and leave your naked, battered body for hubby to find, is that what you want?” he looked up at me and gave me a wink. She dropped to her knees before I had even closed the door behind me and slowly undid the button of my jeans, unzipped my fly and took my cock in hand, slipped my cock into her mouth and sucked my cock like a whore in heat, just to be a cunt I asked “did the internet get fixed?” she removed her lips from my cock, apologized and said “no.” “that’s ok,” I replied.

Our Night with Brad

group Voluptas13 2018-01-05

Finally Brad and Derek finished watching the porn and joined me on the couch. Brad started to suck harder on my nipple, and his hand replaced Derek's on my other tit. I pushed my cunt harder against Derek's fingers and started cumming, juices flowing all over his hand. I started sucking on Derek's cock, while I stroked Brad's. I was taking Derek's cock as deep as I could while I played with his balls, and when he started to moan a little, I moved over to Brad and did the same thing. His fingers sent me over the edge, my pussy tightening around his cock, as I moaned and sucked harder on Brad's.

An Unforgettable Visit Ch. 1

group Pat McCarthy 2018-01-05

Mind you, it's the only way to get rid of me because if you do kiss me -I mean a real kiss, not a peck like I got- I won't need anything more in life and I can die right away." The women kept laughing and Tony continued: "I see there's no pity in your heart for this poor squeaking clown, this frog. While Ted pounded her she watched her mother-in-law eat her young lover's meat, all in, all out, until Helen pulled off, winked to her and offered her Tony's purple, engorged cock. Carol went back to kissing and sucking Ted, while they both watched Helen and Tony fuck, sometimes soft and tender, sometimes hard, changing positions, not an inch away from her face.