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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Last Boy Scout Ch. 01

group Tx Tall Tales 2018-01-05

I say camping space, since where the rest of the school's Outdoors Club were spending the absolute minimum amount of time setting up a tiny pop-up 2-man tent, I was going to create a personal retreat. Watching my class-mates erect their "Happy Camper" $25 Sears pup-tents, I was still clearing out the flooring area of rocks and twigs and laying out a 9' x 12' ground tarp when they started taking off for the river. "Looks like your tent won't be going anywhere. With Julie occupied and under watch, at least for the moment, I sought out the stunning Dominique, easily the prettiest girl in camp, if we took Miss Shannon out of the equation.


Island Girl

group Fantasy Girl 2018-01-05

She has long blonde hair, Blue eyes that can seduce any man, Beautiful firm Cantaloupe size breast with silver dollar pink nipples that get so ripe when I touch them, not to mention an ass that fills up her jeans like a work of art. I felt the last girl behind Amy began to lick my balls and I thought this is it , I am going to break through this cock ring and fill this Bitch up with cum. The next thing I knew the woman in charge came over to me and started to tease and stroke my cock. They started peeing all over me and the other woman in charge started to lick my balls while Lisa kept on teasing and sucking my cock.

Asian Girl at the Swingers Club

group Slowandeasy47 2018-01-05

Orgasms that literally start with a tingle in my toes that signal, within a few seconds, that I am going to have one of those purple brain moments, shaking virtually uncontrollably, as waves of pleasure spread from my yindi all the way to the top of my head. Oh that deliciously naughty feeling of being naked in a public place sends a little tingle to my yindi, but then she knows what's coming. Hands massage my breasts, fingers go round and round the lips of my yindi, I feel it flowing freely with my girl come.

Diet "Pop"

group knightfantasies 2018-01-05

Instead I said, "You know sweetie you are right, tomorrow I am going to join that new gym and start working out again. "Of course, would you like a male or female, well actually the only one free right now is Pam. Will that be okay?" "Fuck yeah, can we start right now, I think I am going to be one skinny guy!" I say with a laugh. Pam laughs and knows what I am thinking, "Pop, did I mention that Cindy lives with me and may join us sometimes in our workouts?" Pam loves sucking my cock and I love fucking her cunt and ass; and as a bonus Cindy joins in once a week to celebrate my weight loss.

End of Semester and a New Job

group KevinandDawn 2018-01-05

Dan and Justin began stripping down, with Dawn watching their bodies emerge while never releasing her mouths hold on my shaft. Dawn released my shaft from her grip and reached out to touch his while still blowing Dan. Her initial touch caused Justin's dick to jump and she attempted to encircle his penis with her hand. She quickly took my dick in her mouth and started bobbing her head up and down on it, while simultaneously beginning to slide her pussy up and down on Justin's cock. I noticed that Dan's cum was all over Justin, but soon forgot all about it as he stuck his dick in her mouth one last time and began cumming.

The Circle Ch. 04

group SteveWallace 2018-01-05

Sheila rode in front with Matt; Bob and Zoey were in the next set; and Jim and Monica were in the far rear seat. Bob paired with Monica, Jim with Sheila, and Matt with Zoey. Matt duplicated the move on Monica right next to Jim and Zoey, except he leaned in after his brief massage and laid a hundred kisses on her shoulders, neck, and up to her ears. This time, Jim was back with Sheila, Bob with Zoey, and Matt with Monica. In the car going home, Jim drove, Sheila sat beside him, and Bob, Zoey, and Matt were in the backseat.


Built to Please

group zimabean 2018-01-05

Smearing his cum around my pussy lips and my neatly trimed bush thinking of his little sperm swimming thru my body looking for an egg to fertilize. I felt good, knowing that I made this man happy, that he had enjoyed my body, enjoyed my pussy. I got up and gathered my clothes, went to the bathroom and cleaned the cum of my pussy and got dressed and quitely left the room. My husband has always told me that I have a great body and a pussy made to please men and that we should share it, it will bring happiness to many. I have shared it with alot of men, my husband first had me fuck two of buddies right after we got married fifteen years ago.


group HornyGranpa 2018-01-05

Jane breast fed her baby as much as possible, and when she wasn't home, she left milk pumped from her large breasts for the baby. time, she breast fed the baby in her own room, but one day her friends were Jane dropped her blouse and fed her breast to the baby who Dan got quite red in the face and sheepishly said, "Jane, I'm sorry, I Jane took as much of his huge cock in her mouth as possible and was soon Dan got red and said, "No Jane, it isn't dirty, but it is a HUGE turn-on Dan suckled eagerly, but didn't get much milk until Jane started Jane's right breast while the baby milked her mother on the left.

Lottery Price Pt. 05

group Worldandmore 2018-01-05

Jane took a bottle of oil and started to oil Rosie's body while kept kissing her all the time. Jane went on her knees and start to eat Rosie's pussy and still fuck her holes with fingers. "Sit back!" said both girls almost same time and Rosie pushed my hand away from her pussy where I put it. Jane fucked Rosie and played with her ass while she jerks and sucks my dick whole time. I zoomed to see more clear how one side of the dildo fucks Janes pussy and the other Rosies ass. Rosie took a smaller dildo and set it so that every time she moved back Jane got it in her ass.

The Sorority House Ch. 04

group bluedragonauthor 2018-01-04

As Lisa and I sauntered down the hallway, I took a moment to watch the rest of the pretty sorority sisters dashing this way and that to get ready for the day, most of them wearing next to nothing. I already noticed that Aika had pinned Tim against a wall, her hand buried down his shorts and her arm tugging his face down to kiss her. My hands let go of Lisa's streaked hair, and went to Daphne's waist, tugging her skirt down her legs. I was just working in a second finger into Daphne's inferno when a recognizable high-pitched moan filled the cavernous room, ending in Aika's signature orgasmic shriek.


Cheating at the Hostel

group serenaN 2018-01-04

My husband and I planned a trip to Europe awhile back with Caine and another married couple we are friends with, Jennifer and Martin. I've always got separate windows up with Derrick, Jerry and Caine, all at the same time -- but without them knowing. At this point, I was still laying with just my head and shoulders on Caine's bed and the rest on Jennifer and Martin's. At the same time, Caine's cock got super hard in my mouth and he started thrusting more energetically as I tickled his balls and continued sucking him. Squeezing the rest of Martin's cum out of me, I pulled my panties off, wiped my pussy clean with them and slid onto Caine's bed.


Wicked Game Ch. 16

group velvetpie 2018-01-04

Kevin reached his hand out to Kelly Jo, as he’d done with Ashley and watched as the two women settled themselves in the oversized tub, then stepped in himself. Ashley heard Kelly Jo’s whimper and dipped her hand under the water, gliding along her stomach until she found her pussy, parting the turgid lips and pushing a finger inside. “We love you, Kel. We’ll always fuck you like this.” Kelly Jo’s head turned and Ashley took her tongue into her mouth, pressing against her back and helping her move up and down on Kevin’s pole. Ashley kissed Kevin deeply, her hand rubbing Kelly Jo’s stomach and Kelly Jo kissed her, squeezing Ashley’s hips. We love you, Ash. Stay with us as long as you want,” The tears in Kelly Jo’s face were heartbreaking.

lou xxx

group bobafettshelmet 2018-01-04

They laughed and smiled, and that night when they went to bed, Margaret kept picturing in her mind a young Chinese woman with her, working over her husband's body. Looking at the girl's soft cheeks, pretty eyes, moist lips, small panting breasts, Margaret knew she could definitely go through with it. Steve, meanwhile, exposed Jennifer's right breast and began sucking on her nipples with a softness the young blonde had never exprienced before, his tongue used to add to the gentle pulls. Margaret reached between her own legs and started to play with herself, watching as Steve bent down and begin kissing Jennifer's smooth thighs while his fingers explored inside her hairless cunt.

New Year's Eve Surprise

group soflabbwlvr 2018-01-04

This past New Year's Eve my wife, Maria, and I were invited to a party hosted by our neighbors, Ken and Rachel. Just then another neighbor walked up to Claire, reached around her waist and under her skirt to grab a handful of ass, and planted a long, deep tongue kiss on her. Claire started pulling on them, but after stroking a few times, buried her head in the lap of one guy and sucked his dick. It was through this door that the hosts' 24 year old son entered, high fiving everyone in the room and announcing that he knew if he planted a remote webcam in the room he would catch someone fucking, and he was pretty sure it would be Claire.

The Photographer

group sirdave64 2018-01-04

I gently played with her nipple and the movement of my hand caused Kelly's open shirt to slip off one shoulder. Look into the camera seductively, as though,' he paused, 'as though you want to seduce it.' She complied, allowing her shirt to fall completely open, my hand moving and revealing both breasts to him. 'Dave, both hands on her waist now and rest yourself on top of her so I can see you.' I wasn't sure what he meantm so impatiently he moved forward, took my shaft in his hand and pulled it so that it pointed upwards, the tip popping up from behind Kelly's buttocks. Kane kept his tongue moving against Kelly's clit, occasionally licking my shaft and balls as I thrust into her wetness.

Desert Heat - Part 29

group jdwhitings 2018-01-04

Ginger didn’t just ride my cock, but she kept changing her angle and pressure so that I was getting a whole array of sensations, making it difficult to concentrate on Pepper’s precious pretty pussy (say that 5 times real fast). Reacting like s****rs often do, Pepper climbed back up on the bed behind Ginger, reached around her and started rubbing Ginger’s clit as hard as she could. It was like there was a hand inside Ginger’s pussy stroking me off and it felt so good that I soon came and pumped my first load of the morning into her. Then I called Pepper’s boss, whom I knew and explained to him that I wanted to take Pepper on a two week vacation with Ginger and I and asked if it would be okay and he also said no problem.

The Fashion Show

group mrbill4u 2018-01-04

I pulled her to me kissing her then laying her back between us Paul bent kissing her too as I began to kiss my way to her sweet pussy she laid her head in Paul’s lap as he massaged her tits she tried to turn her head to get his soft cock in her mouth but it wasn’t that easy seeing what she wanted I though of the table again breaking away from my feast and with Paul’s help we lifted her to the table she hung her head back over the edge of the table to get a better angle at Paul’s rod sucking the soft flesh into her mouth as I pushed a pillow under her neck and butt then spreading her legs I went back to eating her sweet wet slit first running my tongue around her tight asshole then taking my time I licked my way over every fold and crevice to her hard clit she moaned around Paul’s cock he was beginning to fuck her mouth as she sucked him hard again she started to cum as I nibble on her clit then with one finger in her pussy I slipped one in her ass too and began sliding them in and out.


The Sales Office Ch. 03

group timelord1963 2018-01-04

Xena started to get very cross at Grace, then looked at The Master, then Elie. Elie thought she could attend the auction but warned "Xena gave you to Grace to be a sub for her. Elie called Xena to tell her to take Grace and Mia out as she has Muffy. Elie called Xena and said to go to suite as The Master is going to break Muffy. The subs went over and got plastic gloves used for fisting, and Muffy's ass looked like just the spot. With a one week trial and Elie could see Marta wanted to try, and her sub training can be done at a separate BDSM club.


At His Service Ch. 01

group ByMickey 2018-01-04

Susan stands next to Eric or she is getting more beer for the men. The third man gets his dick out of Susan's mouth and makes her stand up. Susans has a scared look on her face while she tries to make eye contact with Eric, but he is just sitting there enjoying the show. The second man feels her butt and the first man is just standing there with his hard dick in his hands. The second man takes off his clothes and climbs on the couch and sits on the back of the couch with his hard dick in Susan's face. The third man doesn't hesitate a second a puts his dick in Susan's dripping wet pussy.

Lottery Price Pt. 01

group Worldandmore 2018-01-04

"Nice seems that week will be interesting!" Crossed my mind when I kiss Jane again and play with her clit same time. "Girls I'm in heaven!" I said when one of them took it in her mouth and suck and lick it like a pro. I knew Jane likes when I play with her ass but for Rosie, I was not sure, I think she does not. They started with 69 positions playing with each other pussy, licking and finger fucking. She took it and start to fuck her sister with it while still licking her clit. I lift her hips and fucked her like crazy while Rosie came and kissed a little me and a little Jane.

It's Been a Long Time Pt. 02

group squango 2018-01-04

My eyes were closed and I laid there responding to this fantastic treatment allowing her full access to my cock, I slowly pumped at her mouth in response to her sucking. I tried to formulate another response to her about guilt and my wife and just as I was about to speak, she sucked the head of my cock so intensely I gasped in pleasure and a bit of pain. "My name is Sondra, not Sandra" "Sorry Allan, I should have told you she was coming to meet me this morning." "I hate it when people get my name wrong." "I just wanted to show her how I can suck your cock."


Nude Beach Bride Ch. 06

group sirhugs 2018-01-04

"I can't believe that we still have half of National Nude Day to fuck away," my no longer blushing bride Gabriela said as we walked out of our beach side honeymoon suite onto the sand, arm in arm with our chambermaid, Cassie. As she screamed " Someone stick a hard cock up my ass, right now....puh-lease!", I could not hold back any longer and climaxed, my seed bursting out of my balls in a blind rush up the shaft, and then exploding into Gaby's moistness. "Shut up and fuck me," Gaby demanded, and an instant later her scream turned into a howl as Cassie seemed to thrust Yanic's cock forward into my bride's ass just as Gaby rocked backwards, thus doubling the force of entry.



group 2018-01-04

She told me my tribe were the Cornovii, meaning "People of the Horn." She was the head and boss of the circle, and the rules were largely that members, especially neophytes, must be subordinate and learn from her. Early on the Saturday morning, we went down the long lane to the little local shop, for some groceries. There were a group of young lads who I think worked on a farm not far away, about ages 19 or 20, gathered outside the shop smoking. Another lad said, "Yeah, come on Sue!" She said to me, "Go and take the shopping home, I'm just going to show these nice boys some local territory I know."

Desert Heat - Part 23

group jdwhitings 2018-01-04

Rosemary told Ginger to stay clothed and she would change into something more casual and see what the others would do, so she went in and quickly changed before they got home. Ginger said that would be fine and told them that they could come over for a swim in the afternoon if they liked and they said it sounded good and that would also let them see the house and figure out the best way to set up the food and decorations. From what everyone told me, the rest of the time I was out in the field, Jerry would service Rosemary and Pepper, but wouldn’t touch Ginger out of respect for me and her.