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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Loving Wife Ch. 01

group Tara_Neale 2018-01-04

The ridiculously high heels that Stan had spent god only knows how much upon slowed her progress, but what she did not realize was that they did exactly as her husband had hoped, putting a gentle sway into her lush hips, a siren's call of hidden sexuality that had every male eye and more than a couple of female ones turning in her direction. Hot young things like you spend so much time watching on pay-per-view Internet porn that no one knows about?" He shook his head and laughed, "And what if they were? Ann straddled the thing and as determined as she had been to keep her eyes on the other woman's face, Eleanor could not help from looking as she spread her thighs and seated herself upon the contraption.


Camp Chronicles Ch. 03

group silent_night 2018-01-04

As Amanda continued lapping at Lacy's pussy, I decided I would give them a little more room on the bed and, if at all possible, find my digital camera. Too bad you forgot to turn the camera on." Amanda playfully gave Lacy a slap on her ass to keep the circle going. Well, I better not disappoint the little girl then should it?" Lacy took another sip from her glass of water and practically dove head first into Amanda's lap. Excuse me ladies while I go check the computer and see how long this storm will last." Not caring that I was naked, nor that I still had the mixed juices of both myself and Lacy running off my cock onto my leg, I walked out into the main room of my place and sat down at the computer.

Aunty fucks her twin nephews for a birthday treat!

group SFS 2018-01-04

After she had come, she stood up, and asked the boys if they wanted to do anything else to Sukky, both having fucked her mouth, cunt, and arse. Then she signalled them to join in, she had Sukky sit on the edge of the sofa, legs wide, she knelt in front of her, then she instructed each of the boys in turn to fuck her from behind, whilst she licked Sukky’s cunt. When they had had there turn of Aunties and Sukky’s arse, they stood in front of Sukky, with their wet glistening cocks, which she rubbed and sucked, until, at last they came in her mouth.

D'Orgasmic Chronicles Ch. 14

group Liquor69 2018-01-04

Cherry looked at Mark who laughed, "Courtney, for once, she was speechless. Gary and the girls were directly behind Mark and Cherry on the Red Carpet. Cherry looked and saw Mark, Courtney, Jill, Holly, Beyoncé, and Carmen standing with Gary's girls. Gary looked into her precious eyes and simply stated, "When one of the earth's true beauties is going to become a part of my family, why wouldn't I do precisely what I have done?" He walked over to Shannon, kissed her, looked at Cherry, giggled, and left the suite. "Wow, I didn't see this coming either," Gary said as Mark turned towards the entrance of the hotel. As Cherry walked past everyone waiting to board the limos, Mark saw everyone start to laugh.


Inside the Athlete's Village Ch. 04

group bluedragonauthor 2018-01-04

Then there was Sophie, the lovely British lass competing in the equestrian events who insisted she had fallen in love with me, talked incessantly about bringing me home to Kensington to meet her parents, and stayed in my room for two nights and a day offering her body up to me in any way at my slightest whim. While the rest of the Athlete's Village had been partying for over two weeks to this point, these three were trying to make up for lost time, and it didn't really matter that they didn't know their new partners (or me).


The Rave

group Paris Waterman 2018-01-04

As her hand moved along his leg, she saw that he was jilling Peggy, but was surprised that she didn't seem to mind this at all; and on reaching up to grasp his hardon through his slacks, she encountered the zipper and with a sly, knowing grin on her face, pulled it down, reached in and extracted Johnny's six inch cock. Johnny's hand left Peggy's cunt and he rose to his feet, very much aware of what was to come as Kathy knelt in front of him and began to suck him off. In addition to Peggy's mouth making Kathy squirm, Johnny's hands were running all over her body and she couldn't believe they were doing this in the open.


Trick or Treating a Witch

group nvioxos 2018-01-04

Eve filled a glass for her and as she was moving around naked, I confirm that no human could avoid thinking about sex when looking at the harmony of her boobs, her grinding hips, her trimmed hair triangle, her bubble ass without tan lines, her passion oozing from all over her. I took Eve's knob of ecstasy in my mouth and sucked it, rubbed it with my tongue and lips while my right index and middle finger entered her pussy. "What an impossible dream," I thought, "making love to Eve and fucking Amanda's mouth. My tearing her ass to pieces and Eve's tongue on her clit and tits turned Amanda into a physical and emotional mess in minutes.


The Skybox

group purplecorset 2018-01-04

I could feel my clit begin to quiver as I watched his hands cup and squeeze her tits, one after the other. I could see his head bend down, watching her, as she brought his cock up to her mouth and began to stroke his shaft with her lips. I couldn't see what her hands were doing, but I imagined her thin fingers squeezing and toying with his balls as she slurped at his thickly veined rod. He watched her, his hand continuing to stroke his shaft, as she pulled up her skirt to reveal her fresh, pale ass. One of her hands pulled her breasts out and over the tops of her bra, letting her thick pink nipples join them in the shadows.

Undercover Agent To Mole Ch. 03

group walterio 2018-01-04

Carmen was surprised again this time when Marina and Gabriella took sponges in their hands and began to wash her body. Carmen could no longer concentrate on anything apart from the feel of Marina's hands caressing her ass as the finger penetrated her private entrance while Marina's mouth nibbled frantically on her clit. Gabriella lay along side Marina and stroked her firm pert breasts and tweaked her rock hard nipples as Carmen worked her pussy. Soon Carmen felt the head of Marina's rubber cock pressed against the opening of her tight ass. With the strap-on in her ass and Gabriella's rubber cock still in her pussy Carmen began to revel in the pleasure of her first experience of being double fucked by two rubber cocks.


Christopher Columbus' Slutty Secret

group cowboy109 2018-01-04

Back at current time on the high seas, Christopher was standing high on the quarterdeck looking down at his ship both hands on the railing. "I would never doubt your wise counsel," said the headman bowing deeply to the point of staring at Christopher's boots, where the small toe was looking out of the worn boot. Maybe, we should all jump of the ship for it is better to drown a sailor's death at high sea than to fall of the world and drop straight into hell, still alive!" Death would be too good for me," the old man lifted his hands out of the lap to show the heavy iron chains that tied him to the wall.


Condominium Ch. 07

group SteveWallace 2018-01-04

I welcomed them, and escorted them into our living room after shaking Ted's hand (recalling how I'd seen him sticking those fingers into Amber), and giving Ginny a polite hug. After a pause, Ginny said, "I would like to talk to Amber, but it doesn't have to be tonight. I thought to myself, you may have fucked my wife, but I am going to make love to your wife and her new friend in a way that will raise the bar very very high for you. She looked embarrassed, but a microsecond later, Diane's head appeared next to mine right in front of Ginny's pussy.


Hot Summer Night

group CanadianM 2018-01-04

Meg moved around and her lips engulfed the head of Brad's cock, her tongue swirling over his flesh. Wendy moved up beside her, one hand caressing Meg's back and the other stroking her husband's leg, letting the two of them know that she was ok with her friend sucking her husband's cock. Brad's pace slowed as he savoured the sweetness of his cock pulsing deep in Meg. Wendy's fingers squeezing and massaging his balls as they emptied into her friend. Brad was writhing with pleasure, his hand moving to Meg's head, guiding her rhythm as her lips began sliding up and down his throbbing flesh. Meg moved her lips from Brad's cock, letting Wendy take it in her mouth and taste the last oozes of cum.

Ashley's Adventure Down Under Ch. 03

group redking99 2018-01-04

The wild, lustful encounter continues in the next room where Ashley is also placed on her hands and knees with one black guy under her, his cock positioned to enter her pussy. The black stud below grunts out approvingly as she wiggles her hips a little to further get used to the large cock which is going to render her pussy a wild fucking in just a moment. The anticipation of what is to come and now the actual feeling of those two large cocks in her pussy is driving Ashley absolutely out of her mind with lust and desire. Completely lost in lust and subjugated to the delicious fucking rendered by two magnificent cocks, Ashley lets out a low groan as her climax hits her like a brick wall.

Camping Fun with Kim and Candy

group Catmandu 2018-01-04

She started to rub Kim's other leg, and at first was met with a quiet pull away and odd look from Kim, but with a gentle nod from Jim continued gentle strokes from Candy, she acquiesced and simply closed her eyes in the pleasure of the two person massage. Candy whispered in Jim's ear, "Fuck your wife hard for me but I want you to watch me masturbate for you while you do it." Candy moved to the corner and spread her legs to show both Kim and Jim her completely shaved pussy which accentuated her fully swollen clit. Just as it got hard enough to do so, he slid his cock into his wife's tight pussy and Kim wiggled her ass to show her approval as he started his pumping into her familiar tight hole.

A Sight To Behold

group AR_erotica 2018-01-04

She tries to concentrate on the tightness of Taylor's cock filling her pussy but finds her mind wanders to the taste of Craig's cock in her mouth. He watches as Craig grabs Melissa's sides and pounds into her aching pussy. As she is running her lips up and down Taylor, she grabs Craig with her other hand and begins stroking him. Soon she reverses course and takes Craig into her mouth and continues stroking her husband with her free hand. Craig smiles and closes his eyes as Melissa continues to suck his cock. "Well," Craig responds, "I think you guys are excellent hosts and that I probably owe you one Tay. How about you and Melissa come to my house next week?

Triad Ch. 04

group BogartsBoss 2018-01-04

Laying together, both lost in a post fuck bliss, Frank quietly asked Aurora; "What would you like for Christmas? You are willing to work hard at the company, and you have dedicated yourself to the boat, but when it comes to the most personal of commitments – to me – you can't do it. In response to his stunned, questioning look she answered; "Phil honey, I don't believe in cock teasing, and I'm sorry if you think that's what this is about. "Phil Blussey, if you think I want you back like some kind of beaten dog – then you are surely mistaken. "You came down to the boat and accused me of not being willing to put in the hard work this thing needs ..."


This is not my story I just wish this could happen

group 2018-01-04

I'd never tired dogging because like i said I'm not a tranny you would look at and wonder, but my master told me he wanted to take me and I knew I had to follow his orders - I went upstairs and got dressed with some stockings, little red mini & top and my blonde wig and I only hoped other scottish dogger's knew about this otherwise I was going to have a long night waiting in the car ........BUT I got that wrong, as my master got out and walked me over with the lead to a lamp post and tried the dog lead onto it, then got out some handcuffs and put them on me

Brittni's New Job

group stimac 2018-01-04

Her nipples were about half inch long as well, she stood in front of David , tits sticking out and then like a slut, she pulled her skirt up around he waist, she was wearing a tiny red thong, it was so tight you could see her shaved crack and really large pussy flaps, above her slit she wasn't shaved, she had a fucking large bush that was escaping from her thong. Jean then walked towards me, I was like a rabbit stuck in car headlights, I couldn't move, both her tits were out, I could smell her sex as she stood in front of me, she leant forward and kissed me, her tongue went straight in my mouth, I responded immediately, I was turned on that much am sure I was pissing funny juice.

Payback is hell chapter 2

group kayssexy69 2018-01-04

It did go into my mouth but now that way I had a hard time getting it in my mouth like I did in my pussy. So I licked, sucked, licked and sucked and he said quit I"m going to cum and I want to cum in that beautiful pussy. I never had a climax like that one I thought I died and went to heaven and he said he did to and didn't want to pull out. It was a Saturday night and we met at a bar after a drink we started over to his friends place said his girlfriend should be there shortly. Bobs friend name was Billy and Bob said I told you she was great pussy and loved sucking black cocks.

A Birthday Present

group mich23 2018-01-04

After I lick off the chocolate, I slide the donut off your cock, and wrap my mouth around it instead...the suction of my mouth and tongue on you is almost too much to handle...your cock throbs as the low hum in my throat causes a vibrating can't wait anymore, and you shoot your cum into my mouth - I swallow it with each spurt...sucking more and harder...draining every drop. You lick my breast clean to the nipples, biting on them, savoring leave a chocolate trail as you slide down to my pussy, burying your nose in the whipped cream, eating the cherry, and sucking all the juice from my pussy.

My Mom

group zimabean 2018-01-04

At this point I saw Kara was doing the same thing, getting fucked so I figured what the heck and got out of the pool and laid down next to mom. We fucked for several hours, I am not sure if I took a load from every man there but I was sure I came close and that I left with a cunt fully satisfied and had several loads of hot cum. The next morning one of the staff from the spring had told we needed to leave, one of the women offered her pussy for another hour which the man jumped on and after dumping his load said we could stay for one more hour.

Strangers in the Mall

group FoxyFaith 2018-01-04

"Oh God Beth, I can't believe your tongue, I didn't think you were interested in.." Sara's words trailed off when Bethany suddenly started to get her rhythm and sucked hard on her clit. "Oh God, I want that big cock inside me," Sara now said, literally salivating at the sight of it dipping in and out of Amelias mouth and Amelia looked up at him questioningly. "Thats it honey, stick your tongue into that hot pussy of hers, make her cum as she has never come before." he said kneeling down in between Bethany's legs slapping her ass so hard the butt plug inside her began to shift. "Two down, just need one more to cum," he said "Amelia go help Sara with Bethany, she's probably resisting knowing her."

Campfire Cookout

group 2018-01-04

Caroline and Beth started to make out and bid us goodnight - at this point my balls were about to burst Nicole seemed disappoined as well but just before Beth entered the tent she gestured towards us by curving her finger to invite us in. Beth started to go for Caroline's small nipples twisting them through her shirt. Nicole started to stroke my cock while simultaneously taking off her shorts. She slid over beside me and I could feel her breathe on my neck- I swear I was ready to cum right then and there but I held back...Beth moved toward Nicole her head down but her eyes upturned to suggest a bad girl look.

A Friendly Fuck Goes Three Ways

group papaya_lynne 2018-01-04

"You know you're a bad girl, Lynne...taking two cocks tonight already." Damian says as he teases my ass and Clark moves his fingers to slip inside my aching pussy. He runs his fingers through my hair as I suck his cock for a few minutes before he grabs a fistful of my hair and pull my head up from his cock, "I want to feel that tight pussy for myself" he says as he releases my hair and pushes on my shoulders to get me to lay down on my back. I slip my hand down between our bodies and begin rubbing my clit as I relax my pussy muscles and look up at him, "Please...fuck me...I'm so close...I want to feel you cum inside me...please...fuck me hard...make me cum for you...please!"