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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


group Carack_in 2018-01-04

I looked at Charles and Pete and they stepped forward to help me up onto the pool table. I felt a hand on my cheek and I turned the other way and Pete was standing there also bare chested - his incredible arms reaching out to me - to caress my hair and my neck. I then told them what to do, Charles to kiss me, Pete to attend to my breasts and nipples which he eagerly released, and I commanded Steve to fuck me. Steve and I held each other close and nuzzled each other's necks when a tongue gave me a long lick starting deep between my cheeks, running along my soft opening and ending on my erect clitoris.


Riley's Exploits Pt. 07

group RileyAriadne 2018-01-04

Needing to breathe I let Rob's cock fall from my mouth and Naomi started sucking on him again. I brought my tongue up to meet Naomi's clit and started licking it while pushing two fingers inside her. I buried my tongue in Naomi's pussy again, licking up the last traces of her cum as Rob fucked me harder. I took him nice and deep in my mouth, sucking him lightly and licking up the traces of Naomi's cum on his cock. Rob lay there letting Naomi get used to the feeling of having a cock in her arse for the first time. I saw Naomi pushing back against him as she started to enjoy the feeling of having Rob fuck her arse.

Swinger club in Vienna!

group 2018-01-04

I knew that my cock was going to be too hard to let me relax and I did not feel like masturbating myself to sl**p, so I decided to go for a drink at a swinger's club. At first they just chatted over a glass of wine, but then they came to sit on a sofa near me, and within a minute or two, she was straddling him, and pushing her tongue into his mouth. In swinger clubs the number one rule is respect, so I sat back and just allowed my towel to fall off, playing with myself.

Pepper’s Honeymoon – Part 8 – Se

group jdwhitings 2018-01-04

Then Pepper stepped forward and told him that he could touch them if he liked and his grin grew larger and he carefully reached out and gently cradled her breast in his hand. Pepper started laughing and then explained how she flashed him her breast at the restaurant then told him if he wanted more to join them on the beach later that night. I was determined to make Pepper have more orgasms so I intensified my efforts, causing her to cum a second time about minute after Ginger came. Once she finished swallowing Miguel’s cum, Ginger hollered out that she won and Pepper came off of me long enough to say that she won on the number of orgasms and then returned to sucking my cock.

BB's Birthday Bash/Orgy, 2014

group bbkradwell 2018-01-04

Seriously, these little sluts got a little advice from my Lover, "brookie," (you remember her, right?) and as soon as I'd pop my cork up one of their asses, the other one would try to see how long it'd take her to get me hard again so she could fuck me to cumming in her again! I was thinking about fucking one of the 19 year olds in her ass when, up crawls my young submissive, as silently as ever, and taps me on my shoulder. I felt myself get harder than a 50 year old man should get and continued to fuck this little slut's ass for another few minutes until I felt her ass and cunt quiver like a fist, squeezing my poor erect cock almost painfully.

The Long Weekend Ch. 40

group beachsf1 2018-01-04

Danny watched as his mother responded to Jr.'s touch and he saw her sag gently as his new friend's fingers entered the distended vagina before being turned over his hand so that he could access and stimulate her g-spot. He saw Jake and his mother through the trees watching the coupling, and although he had recently cum, his teenage urges drove him to continue. Annie took all of Danny's cock into her vagina as she continued to watch her son abuse Mrs. Palmer's cunt. She turned her head to the left and saw the woman beside her sucking hard on Jake's cock. With Annie's one leg up on her son, Danny's arm was free to reach under Jr.'s crotch in search of his mother's clit.

Wife's night continues part 2

group davedom 2018-01-04

Jake a tall black man with a nice look and body went right into the living room followed closely by Robert an athletic looking guy in his late 20’s. Kathy was down sucking on Jason’s cock again when she looked up and saw Jake and Robert stripping off their cloths and two nice cocks awaiting her attention. But the guys weren’t through as Robert and Todd moved into position to get their cocks sucked, as Kathy was full of cock and always one waiting. Kathy took the first load right on her lips and chin with the second and third quickly all over her face and into her hair with the fourth guy saving it up for a huge concluding shot of cum covering her from her head to her tits and everything in between.

Swingers Club

group Slowandeasy47 2018-01-04

I feel hot breath on the inside of my thigh and the other hands have stopped: thank goodness. She squirms a little as I blow on her thighs and she opens, she is fully available now but rushing is clearly not what she wants; really wants, so I breath out on her inner thigh, all the way up to her sex but never quite getting there. I give her clit the gentlest of little laps with my tongue and withdraw, blow on her thigh and lick again. Oh shit this is good, his fingers are working some sort of magic deep inside me and I feel my orgasm building only it is much stronger than usual and suddenly I can't stay quiet or still.

An Awakening

group bimike2 2018-01-04

Ann came a couple of times in Brad's mouth, before Brad pulled away to strip, revealing the hairiest body I had ever seen, even hairier than my own as well as a beautiful 8 inch uncut cock, (my own 7 inches being circumcised). I was starting to experience something completely new and mind blowing as Brad's beard was stimulating my hairy balls as he sucked on Ann who was reaching new heights as she climaxed again and again. I reached out and pulled Brad closer on both of us feeling his hairy thighs rubbing against mine, his hairy balls stimulating my own and as I fondled his very hairy ass he yelled out and came all over my cock in Ann's pussy, forcing me to cum almost simultaneously.

A Weekend of Surprises

group simpletimes 2018-01-04

"Oh shit," Paul thought, "the movie is downloading." Stammering he said, "um, well, I have all weekend to play on the computer, let's go to the living room and talk." As he reached to shut down his computer he saw that the movie had downloaded and Paris had been watching it, the scene playing at the moment was that of the older guy eating the girls young pussy. Paris had her head propped up on some pillows and was watching intently, with his eyes still on hers, Paul stuck out his tongue and licked between her young pussy lips, she closed her eyes lifted her hips to his mouth, Paul slid his hands under her ass and held her hips up as he let his tongue trail up and down between her moist lips.


My Loving Wife, the Flirt

group kenkx 2018-01-04

"What if I liked sucking him so much that I wanted to feel his cock inside me?" Barb proposed. Barb wanted me to meet them and accepted their invitation to spend Saturday afternoon at their community pool, then enjoy burgers and beer on their patio. I felt Roberta's ample breasts press into my lower chest and glanced at Barb with a surprised look on my face. Barb was chatting with Roberta and Gary in the shallower end of the pool. Gary jumped and I suspected that Roberta might have let one hand slip down to squeeze his thickening cock. "We both like to tease, I guess," Roberta replied as she slid her slick hands over her tummy.


Laura Ch. 02

group Carack_in 2018-01-04

"Do you like having a cock, baby?" Vince asked. Megan walked right up to Laura and put a hand on the tip of her Share. Megan put a hand around Laura's back and started to stroke the Share. "Oh she likes that, Vince." Megan said "Keep squeezing her tit. Laura pushed the cup of Megan's top aside to reveal her beautiful breast. Vince kept squeezing and twisting Laura's breast and brought his other hand up to touch Megan's other breast. Vince could see her holding onto Megan to keep standing and took his hand off her breast to hold her up. Megan kept jerking her cock, but slowly, and immediately latched her lips onto Vince's mouth.

Girl's Night Out

group ladyroxanne21 2018-01-04

Come to think of it, while we'd been in the pool, I'd met a few couples who told me that they were having a sex party tonight. "You look like you know how to suck a clit, so come here!" I was on a bit of a time limit after all, no sense in wasting a second! A moment later, I faced away from the man on the chair as I settled on his lap - taking his dick inside me as smoothly as possible. I stumbled quite drunkenly as I walked down the hall, and when I got to the room I was sharing with my friends, I practically fell into a chair.

Crown Victoria

group Charly 2018-01-04

And watch where you're going, I need this car even if you think it is funny looking." Gina snapped at them as we turned into Applebee's. "Come on, Carly, we can all fit in the back and make Gina be our chauffeur!" She got in, pulling me with her, and then reached for Steve's hand and directed him between us. I felt Maryanne led the way with her tongue tasting Steve's and then my lips. Steve's hand tightened on my breast and Maryanne pressed her body closer, straddling his right thigh. As we broke the three-way, Maryanne looked at Steve and asked: "You like?"


The Surprise

group Txtallone 2018-01-04

Your husband gets up from the chair and gets on the bed and gets behind the other woman and takes her from behind and slides his big cock inside her pussy and she starts to moan and when he does that it causes her to push the strap on deeper inside you. You pass out from all the pleasure and you wake up with the woman telling you to eat her fuck hole out and she lies on the bed and you stick your tongue deep inside her to get as much as your husbands cum out as you can. Then the woman gets between your legs and gives your asshole a rim job and she licks off all of your husbands cum and rubs your clit to another orgasm.

Pool Boy Ch. 09

group BigZeke13 2018-01-04

After a minute or so she dropped down to a squat position and wrapped her hand around my cock and stroked it full length several times before she pushed her mouth onto it. I reached down and grabbed her hips and pulled her ass up over my thighs and into my lap until my cock rested against her pussy. I reached up and pushed her hands off her tits and lightly began to caress them and roll her nipples between my thumb and index finger. I pulled back further and as my cock came out; she pushed her hand down and began digging all four fingers into her pussy. When I pulled the Spa Room door open again, Olivia looked like a drowned rat.


A Game Of Pool

group handstogether8 2018-01-04

Mike went for beer, and Bill wanted to watch the first game, so I played Chris. She would stand in front of me, lining up her shots, taking great care to bend over and raise one leg off the ground just enough that I could almost, but not quite get a glimpse of her ass peeking out from under her mini skirt. She looked at me and grinned, "I'm going to knock this eight ball in and then I'm going to give you an ass whipping that will make you cry. "Bill, Chris, think you could get her arms?" It took them less time than Mike to get into position. I took the arm that Bill had been holding, and he got behind Beth and dropped his pants.

Chris' Wild Evening

group MrFalkirk 2018-01-04

Much to Chris' surprise, Alan and Doug were sitting on the sofa with a hand on each other's stiffening cock slowly pumping away almost in unison. Standing there watching Doug try to suck the seed out of Alan's meaty sex spear was making Chris' cunt get to the point of being a complete swamp of pussy juices. Lily's mouth was being gentle, almost featherlike, in its attack, but the real turn-on was that Alan had swung Doug around into a sixty-nine position and they were both sucking each other's cock for all they were worth. Chris scooted over to Alan and started to suck and lick his seed from his wilting cock thinking to herself that while pussy juice was good, there was nothing like good man cum to turn her on.

Threesome First Time

group The_story_writer2003 2018-01-04

I quickly insert my finger into the first knuckle and flick my tongue over your clit at the same time then suddenly you cum, your sweet juices filling my mouth as I lick and suck your explosive climax. I carefully move up to the top of the bed and roll you over till you are kneeling on top of me, still blindfolded you tenderly kiss your way up my legs till you reach my stiffening rod, you slowly part your soft lips over the crown of my cock and slowly slide down, your tongue sliding over the underside of my shaft as you are filling your mouth with my hard shaft.

Road Trip Ch. 03

group sundress1972 2018-01-04

I look up and see you biting your lower lip to keep from closing your eyes and giving in to the orgasm I'm trying to coax from you. As soon as my lips meet your skin you moan, your fingers grabbing a handful of my hair and Amber walks over. Your hands pulling at her tight spandex clothes as you break the kiss and I slide my cock into her waiting mouth. My tongue finds her clit and I flick it faster wanting to make her cum while I pump my fingers in and out of your pussy for the same reaction. I feel your fingers slide alongside my cock in her pussy, and I wonder what you've got planned.

Helping a Buddy

group cptfritz 2018-01-04

Mac grinned and told me to quit wasting time and waved both of us upstairs, and I took the beautiful excited Jane to bed. Besides, like Mac said, it might have all been due to his wife's loving oral sex and her patience in using his sperm to try to fertilize herself. The KY jelly is right there on the stand!" Mac just lay back on the pillows and watched as I fucked his wife's ass, smiling with pleasure as she came to another orgasm, and then nodding in satisfaction as I finally came inside her bowels. But I remembered even more the sight of her beautiful cunt, gaping open, and her eyes watching so carefully as her husband poured his cum into her body.


group ElisaKae 2018-01-04

I slow my breathing, heavy through parted lips as their hands travel over me, thumbs pressing into indentations, fingers wrapping around curves, but as those fingers find their way down my stomach, over my sex, pressing against my soft wet places, I shudder and push my legs apart, reaching for the touch again. So many hands roam my body, my head is spinning and I can't stop trying to move my legs, thrusting my sex wantonly towards the fingers that stay just out of reach. Collapsing on the bed, chests heaving with effort and exhaustion and ecstasy, hands roam over bodies, slick with sweat and passions, waves of my orgasm still rolling through me from the tips of their fingers, touching my electrified skin in the dark.

Nefarious Night

group Kezanne 2018-01-04

Grabbing her arse and caressing the cheeks in squeezes and soft strokes; kissing and nibbling her neck and shoulders as Danielle's mouth licks the sweet sweat of Jasmine's breasts. Danielle goes to untie him, Jasmine slides her own fingers inside her, keeping the rhythm, Danielle unties David and unzips his large erect cock and strokes down the shaft to the base and back up to the throbbing head. Danielle Licks the head of David's cock of glistening pre-cum, making him want to burst again, Jasmine rolls over and straddles him forcing him in her hot tight pussy hard. Danielle moans as David squeezes her breast, and Jasmine takes Him fully into her mouth, now throbbing and erect again Jasmine starts rolling him in her mouth and the flicking him with her tongue.

The Bare Bears

group sex4u4647 2018-01-04

Walt wearing shorts while Sue proudly displayed her lovely body, totally naked in public for the first time. "That's what we've been looking for, a nice hard cock." Ruth exclaimed as she closed her lips over the head of Walt's prick. Figuring that Walt was being serviced very well by Mary and Ruth next door she decided to let go and enjoy what ever Bob and Jack had to give her. Mary moved down and licked Ruths and Walts mixed juices from the still firm prick then set her ready pussy down over it, getting her share of his cock. Her mouth sucking eagerly on Jacks seven inch cock while bob was fucking her doggie style, plowing deep in her pussy from the rear.