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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

All Women want a Gang Bang

group Tiffanystarbright 2018-01-04

He wouldn't use me while the men did, but he would surely stroke his massive cock while enjoying what I was about to go through for the next several hours. Finally, the big cock inside my cunt goes as deep as possible and fills me with a huge load. One of the men using my hands pulls back and then moments later I feel hot cum erupt all over my belly and tits. My ass steadily gets used for the next several cocks, before someone finally uses my gaping cunt again. However, before you do so, would you men like to see this cunt drink the cum you put inside her?" Using what feels like a spool he brings cum out of my cunt and into the glass.

A Saturday of Cheerleader Pleasure Ch. 07

group mrsterygor 2018-01-04

I was ready to get hard, see some boobs, pull some panties down, eat some pussy, shove my cock into them, and cum all over their bodies. Jenny gasped as I pressed the head of my cock directly against the skin of her pussy lips. Emma let out a loud scream as semen shot right out of my cock, and I ejaculated all over her flawless ass and pussy. I groaned as I emptied my cum all over Emma's fine cheerleader ass and inside of her pussy. Dani took her right hand, collected my cum, and slowly licked it off her cheerleader outfit. As soon as Emma's car was out of sight, I held up Dani's skimpy cheerleader panties and gazed at them.

Her Night of Pleasure

group setxcpl1000 2018-01-04

After a few minutes, which I think she used this time to regain her strength, she slid down a little and starting licking her friend's cock, not losing her grip on mine. She lays back and spreads her legs, her friend goes first, sucking, kissing and licking her clitoris while she hold his head tightly into her pelvic area. I mounted her driving my hard cock deep into her pussy, she gripped my body tight, then she told me not to come, she wasn't done just yet. When I moved away, she rolled over facing me and began sucking my cock, offering her pussy to her friend, who position himself behind and entered her pussy.

Rambo, The Schoolgirl, & The Tart

group HedonistMax 2018-01-04

I reached for her large nipple with my mouth, first tonguing them licking and sucking the hard cherry mounted on her small firm, girl-like breast. "Your tongue, my lovely whore, release me with your hot tongue." She gave a whimpering cry of ecstasy as my tongue slowly lapped its way to her hard clit, using my hands to stop her crushing my head with her joy. I wanted to rip off the said white panties there and then, taking the throbbing hard cock that pressed into my belly and getting it into my hungry cunt. "I'm going to fuck you now, get your skirt up, I want your hot cunt on the end of my cock." My hands went to my side and lifted the short skirt to my waist.


Summer Skin Ch. 07

group riverboy 2018-01-04

As extraordinary as all that was however, what was even more wonderful was how Misty took Summer and Marcy under her wing, gently guiding them toward a life where education mattered, and getting into a good college was an exciting goal. Barb had a look of pure bliss on her face and Summer looked pretty happy too as she pulled down a man's pants and directed his cock into her mom's mouth. Misty's orgasm built in a similar way to Donna's, her body writhing and sweat-soaked, her eyes rolling like she was having very happy seizures. Summer, with my cock deep in her mouth, saw her mom and Misty looking out the window at us and she waved at them.

Hot Tub Full of Pussy

group Chimney Sweep 2018-01-04

If you two were planning anything like what we planned then I know you don't want company." It seemed fairly obvious to Mike and Sara that this was a couple looking for a romantic getaway...not much other use in a secluded mountaintop cabin, right? A minute later Mike was punching the bubble controls on the large hot tub out on the porch while Sara stripped naked. Mike snuggled up with Sara, Tracy wrapped her arms around slim, and they all watched the end of a glorious sunset over the Appalachian Mountains. Sara let go of him and moved toward Tracy, who gently turned her around and embraced her from behind, settling down into the water as the blonde's hands went to work under the roiling bubbles.


Fantasy Vacation Ch. 11

group Silverfox0551 2018-01-04

Mike's cock was still hard even though he had just shot a hot load of cum up Carol's pussy and he took up his position in the middle of the bed between the two naked girls. Terri watched while Carol sucked her husband’s swollen cock deep into her mouth at the same time she lifted her leg, capturing Don's eight-inch shaft in her hand and guided it to the entrance of her cum seeping pussy. Sensing his wife's abandonment, Mike moved away from Carol and took Don's place kneeling behind his wife's motionless ass with Don's cum dripping from her pussy Mike placed the head of his cock against her lips of her pussy and eased his member into her well-lubricated cunt until his balls came to rest against her smooth ass.

Her first 3way, on Skype

group NectarDesire 2018-01-04

It got closer and closer to her trip and we kept chatting about how I should give her the fucking of her life, the fact that she knew no other cock than his, and that she needed to be freed from her conservative upbringing. “To what has been a nice evening exploring new places with, hopefully, a new friend.” She raised her glass and looked me in the eye and said YES. She was sitting on my chest with the phone pointed towards my hard, condom and pussy juice covered cock. As I walked away I heard him exclaiming how much he loved her, she said the same, he told her how he came watching me fuck her and asked if she wanted to watch him cum a second time he was so aroused…

Anna 3: Anna and the Principal

group cptfritz 2018-01-04

perhaps like this?" He points to one image and she stares at it: the image of her tied to the edge of the kitchen door, naked, arms pulled back overhead, her head turned and eyes closed in shame, her full breasts lifted and displayed, her shaven labia blatantly displayed to the leering Mexican men. The principal visualizes the voluptuous excited Anna, naked of course, legs spread, arms held over her head, as the Cuban manager drives an unnaturally long thick cock deep into her body with heavy unceasing strokes. Again the images flash through the principal's mind: Anna, on her back again, legs lifted high over the manager's shoulders, his huge cock sliding slowly in and out of her tight sensitive cunt, her moans and pleas f***ed out of her at each long deep stroke.

The Slut Ch. 01

group Spoiler 2018-01-04

When I came out Greg was sitting in the passenger seat Tammy was still in the middle but they were lip locked and all I could think of was, Shit. Greg looked up at me then turned to Tammy and said, “We better get up there or he’ll smoke that himself.” Tammy looked at Greg and said, “Nobody has ever turned away from me before.” I grinned and said, “Well there is only 1 way to really tell.” I looked Tammy in the eye, “Taste test.” Tammy replied, “Strip for me boys.” She put her finger backed in her hot snatch and Greg and I looked at each other and stood up. Tammy and I began to rock as Greg started to slide back and forth.

Blind Three Way

group hotpup 2018-01-03

As Patty and I leaned toward each other and kissed briefly I slid my hand down to her lap and had just felt the warmth of her crotch when Wanda asked what was going on. I grabbed Patty's shirt and pulled it over her head and she helped me remove the bra then I grabbed her hand and placed it on Wanda's stomach. This time when I reached up to play with Wanda's boobs I found that Patty’s hands were already busy there and the girls were leaning together kissing. It must have looked funny as I slammed into Patty’s ass Wanda's head was bouncing back and forth trying to tongue my butt hole.

Airport Adventure

group formaze 2018-01-03

"But the contract is for Anal, you fucking nun," he says and your eyes pop wide open as he slips his huge cock out and presses the head to your ass. I can't believe you're doing this." You moan and suck the other cock, taking it deep into your lips as I finger your clit faster with each finger tip and then the big guy comes close slipping two of his large fingers into your pussy. Then he pulls his hand away and the camera man gets a good image of your dripping fluids and you turn your head to take the other guy's cock in your mouth as I lean down and start eating you.



group TonyDowse 2018-01-03

As much of the time Keiko had to act as our translator she did most of the talking, and when I complimented her on her fluency in the language she blushed again and explained that she worked for the travel arm of a bank in Osaka where her job was to help visiting, English speaking business people, so she got plenty of practice. I had heard enough about Japanese youth culture to know their love of things fashionable, but having only until then seen them as very casually dressed tourists, the attractive young women, who looked as though they had stepped straight from the pages of some magazine, bore absolutely no resemblance to Keiko and Tushi.


Sheila's Adventures in Adult Videos Ch. 02

group SteveWallace 2018-01-03

As we started to film, Wes and Em acted like a host and hostess for a party, thus there were a series of shots of the rest of us ringing the doorbell, Em answering it, and all of us coming in with beer and wine, and lots of hugs and kisses as many people would do at the start of any party among friends. Kurt and I had become a 'couple' as far as the film was concerned, as did Ann and Danny, Pam and Bob, but Wes stayed with Emmy. Ted chose me to follow around, and soon got close ups of my boobs as they came into view, hot shots of the French kisses and tongue action between the various players, and as the next layer of clothing came off shots of cocks, pussies, and then blowjobs, with busy hands touching everything.


Party at Lisa's Ch. 04

group Irish Moss 2018-01-03

They both started moaning as Carolyn wrapped her lips around Rob's cockhead and slid them down his shaft and I slipped finger into Lisa's pussy while licking and sucking her clit. As she straddled his head and he moved his hands up to her ass while licking her pussy, Jim moved around by Lisa and straddled her ribs, laying his cock between her tits. I was pumping my cock in and out of Lisa's pussy while Jim fucked her luscious tits and Carolyn was riding Rob's throbbing cock while he ate out Ruth. Jim turned his attention fully to Lisa's tits so that she was now having her pussy fucked, her clit licked and her nipples sucked.


A Company Man Ch. 3

group John41inTX 2018-01-03

Karen said, "Nancy, come lick Jack's cum off my breasts. Susie, my pussy needs some attention too." Nancy moved to Karen and started eagerly licking and lapping at her breasts. Karen looked at me and smiled, "You will not touch them but take Susie's and Nancy's clothes off." I quickly got up and did as I was told. Karen said, "Jack, get behind me and lick my ass." I did as she told me, dropping down to my knees, spreading her nice firm cheeks, and putting my face between them. Then, Karen cried out, "Oh yes, I'm cumming!" Those were like magic words, the other two women suddenly jerked and I could feel Susie's pussy contract as she came, then my mouth was flooded with liquid!

The Shop Floor Guys Ch. 02

group urbanslut 2018-01-03

"I am sorry, sweetie, did I wake you up?" Kajal said cheerfully as she walked in, carrying a big plastic bag. looks like you need tighter shorts." Kajal laughed and said. I am sure Rohan does not wish they were smaller." Kajal said, opening a box of noodles and taking a bite. "I said to him - Jaggu, you are such a useless worker, that if you actually manage to finish all your pieces today without a single error, you know what? If he makes even a single error, you all have to stop mouthing off against me on the shop floor, and obey my every instruction." Kajal said.


Interesting Work Place

group aznaked 2018-01-03

I suggested she start Monday (this was Thursday) and asked if she could drop by the next day to work out a schedule. One day out of the blue, Cynthia said to me, "Cindy is off work tomorrow and she doesn't want to go to class. They knew I heard so I said aloud, "If any of you have a daughter over 18 years of age, they may come in tomorrow and I'll find something for them to do." They had heard me spout many times how I don't like men or boys around me. We worked hard together part of the day and after the bag was drawn at lunch, I got my reward for being such a good boss.


Part 5 The Car Ride

group 2018-01-03

Oh Mona it's been so long since we have been sluts like that, lets both k**nap Larry and fuck him dry, But Joyce my promise, you know how my husband would react if he found out I was fucking a strange cock behind his back. Mona sat there quiet for a minute or so then said, "Your right Joyce, I hope that middle-aged man has a good heart and his balls are full of sperm because we are going to fuck him senseless over the next three day" Now you're talking Mona honey and we can also fuck each other senseless while Larry recovers and gets another hard on.

Saying Stay Ch. 08

group LingerieRobot 2018-01-03

"Josh was out doing who knows what, so I was stuck with my vibe and a spliff," said Dawn. "I liked it, actually," said Dawn. But I kept getting these visions of Dawn's juicy lips wrapped around Simon's thick cock. There was just enough light to see what I wanted to: Dawn's head bobbing up and down in Simon's lap. Simon reached out a hand to help me out from under the table, and I felt like an idiot. Simon bent down and got to work, lapping at Dawn's pussy. "You'll have to come to the table like a civilized person," said Ellie. "Well, I see three very comfortable-looking places to fit in," said Christopher, chuckling to himself.


Sonika Falls For Money Ch. 05

group sajit 2018-01-03

Ramya pulled her lips back over his shaft, letting the cum flow out around the corners of her mouth and run down his cock and looked down at the head, all covered by cum, wads of it, thick and creamy, running down the sides, messing into his hair. Ramya continued to maul hard at Sonika's breasts, biting and licking her neck, meanwhile Prakash's arm was moving really quickly, almost like he was fucking Ramya with his fingers. His fingers trapped her nipples between them, squeezing them as he continued to thrust his cock into Ramya who had by now started to lick at Sonika' s breasts, then raised her head to kiss her open mouth.

The Teacher's Pet

group louisrod2004 2018-01-03

"Most girls love being treated as a princess on their birthday," I said, speaking from experience after seeing so many other teens in my classes acting like bitches on their birthdays. You're such a good little girl," I said as opened the door to find Gabrielle, now wearing little black dress and heels. "Don't leave us hanging," Dave said as he picked up Gabrielle's hand and put it on his cock. "You're just getting started," Mark said as forcefully grabbed Gabrielle's head, turned her around, and forced his cock through her mouth. Gabrielle looked up at me as if I were going to help her, but I just watched and stroked my cock as Mark pounded her mouth.


Porn Theater

group exhibmax 2018-01-03

Before I entered I unzipped my jeans from my car to the theater the feeling of my cock ready to burst out of my jeans made me feel hot and horny. When I entered the theater the action was already started as a man was sucking another one in the front row, so i walked not too far from them and let my big 7" fall out off my jeans a started rubbing right in front of every body else... what a feeling when the others saw that they started to rub them self as well on hot Latino in is 30's walked close to me to offer is mouth but im no gay just a pervert so I refused.

Semi-pros Ch. 03

group unclehans 2018-01-03

"In that case," said Tim, "I think it's time for bed!" As we all climbed the stairs, Sharon pointed out that what we were about to do was for their enjoyment, and if either of us did anything that made our hosts uncomfortable, they shouldn't hesitate to tell us and we'd stop. "Enough!" said Beverley, "If that's what is on the menu, I'll have a deep kiss to start with followed by a large cunnilingus then a hard fuck from behind. "Sharon," addressed Beverley "Please do everything you can to ensure that Tim comes inside your pussy." I withdrew and said "On your back, Bev." She turned over and laid on the bed next to Sharon. Very soon we were all moving, and Sharon was back to suckling while Tim was tickling Bev's clit.