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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Me, My Girlfriend, & The Girl Next Door

group nisuchmi 2018-01-03

My shirt off, Sarah starts kissing my chest, her hands sliding all over my stomach and sides, while Cathy wastes no time in getting my trousers unzipped, and pulls them down, deliberately touching my erection as she does it. Then the set-up is competed: Sarah sits astride my stomach, bending over me to kiss me, dangling her average sized but smooth-skinned and firm breasts over my face, begging me to kiss them, while Cathy kneels beside me, and takes me into her mouth, taking my entire length, sucking hard on it. I move my head up and take Sarah's left breast in my mouth, sucking her nipple, flicking it firmly with my tongue.

Musical Chairs

group Mantodeaus 2018-01-03

Stacey, my girl, was sitting across one lap, Mary had dropped down straddling the legs of another lap, Red had found a lap and Shelly was still standing. Several rounds later Stacey was in her bra and panties (they looked like they had been stretched and pulled so often that there was very little crotch left. Maybe next time we will add the rule that you get to keep the girl you end up with for the weekend, and that makes me wonder who Stacey would want to finish the game of musical chairs with.

(You Drive Me) Crazy Ch. 01

group ratedr22 2018-01-03

"Ohh, yeah!" I came hard, bucking and squirming while Neil kept licking my pussy like it was his profession and then pulled away, removing his fingers, and unbuckled his pants, pulling out a big, thick cock, with the hand that still had my pussy juice on it. I was soon bucking between them, grunting, as spit ran down my face from John's deep throat fuck while Neil churned up so much lust in my pussy. He stayed there for a minute, nice and warm but then withdrew and moved away from me and John held my head and began to really fuck my face hard, getting deep in my throat.


When my wife was 18

group riverpic 2018-01-03

She stood facing a tree with her legs spread while the lads took turns lying under her to push the berries into her. She lay on her back on the grass with her knees pushed up and wide open and each lad took his turn licking her out. Instinct took over and she put one of their cocks in her mouth and began to suck it, while the other lad fingered her pussy. As she lay on the bed with her legs wide open, each lad took turns fucking her. The first withdrew just before he was about to come and she took his cock in her mouth as the second lad began to fuck her pussy.

Kansas City Weekend

group ptlovesit 2018-01-03

"Thank you, not bad for 45 if I do say so myself," I said as I turned to look directly into one of the mirrors and subconsciously started to run my hands over my breasts and then my stomach stopping just short of my pussy. Sara and I were still locked in a long hard kiss when he reached up to take one of her breasts in his hand and started to tweaking her eraser length nipples which brought on more moaning. Sara just nodded and I reached out with both hands and brought her face into my throbbing pussy and her tongue instantly started to pry my wet lips apart.


She Rose To The Challenge

group onwardbob 2018-01-03

Teasing Monica's ear with a flicking tongue, I whispered, "Leslie's blowing Phil, and Brian's lined up waiting his turn!" I deliberately didn't tell her that Richard was parked in my chair, arms crossed and glowering. Breathless and panting, I nipped her shoulder, barely managing to rasp out a sincere "Wow girl, now that was worth waiting for!" I stepped back and turned away from the wall, and that's when Monica reached up and pulled her blindfold off. He held Leslie's head between his hands, grinning, while he fucked her mouth with real gusto., Whooping her enthusiastic approval, Monica watched Brian's hips drive a final flurry of throat deep thrusts in to Leslie's mouth!

A Fantasy Fulfilled

group dvaranson 2018-01-03

Stacy continued, "After wrapping my head around the whole thing I asked him how I could meet someone to help you fulfill your fantasy. We made small talk while drinking our respective drinks but soon we had all finished our drinks and Stacy once again encouraged us to move forward with the fantasy saying, "I think it's time to move to the bedroom." I soon felt Allen's hand on the back of my head and I looked up to see a look of enjoyment on his face. I pulled off Allen's cock to catch my breath and looked over at Stacy. She had me naked in no time and got down on her knees and began to suck me like I had Allen.


Bar Dare

group ECHoney 2018-01-03

Then after awhile 5 college guys came walking in sat at a table and started enjoying the show we were giving. We went back out into the bar and I walked down to the far end away from the pool table and got the bartender there to talk with me. I watched the first guy go walking back to the table they were at and I could see him telling his buddies about what just happen by the way he was pointing towards the pool room. She mounted him and started fucking again as the other guys stood around watching and getting their cocks sucked. Tina smiled and began suckling on my slit I held her head to my pussy and started grinding on her mouth.

Rainbows and the Leprechaun Tour

group TackyTakinawa 2018-01-03

The band was called the Fuck Yer Pot o' Gold and besides Leprechaun there was a scrawny lead guitar/vocalist with a black mohawk called Bud. They were already pretty established in the local music scene and after a few gigs at the local bars had set-up a tour to a nearby big city. "Man, you struck gold with this one," Bud said as he leaned over to look at Leprechaun, who firmly put his hand on my knee, I think he was marking his territory, because he left it there for the rest of the drive. The last photo was with Bud and Leprechaun posing with rainbow socks on their dicks, and me sitting cross-legged between them holding a conveniently placed pot of gold (the guys decided that it would be their next album cover).

A Night to Remember Ch. 2

group Betty Boo 2018-01-03

As her tongue licked its way down his swollen shaft she could feel Bill's mouth working on her hot cunt, licking the cum smeared lips, flicking her sensitive clitty and making her gasp out loud. While Fee was riding his swollen cock Gary found himself stroking Bill's and tasting its hot salty hardness, licking and sucking Bill's dick for all he was worth, sliding it in and out of his willing mouth. The sight of her man sucking another man's cock was was so exciting to Fee that she couldn't stop herself from cumming in huge spasms, moaning out loudly as her cunt rhythmically contracted around Gary's hard dick.

London holiday

group petercee 2018-01-03

The first guy to fuck her started of slowly but I got the impression that the internal muscles working on his cock were making it difficult for him to hold back and it wasn't long before I could see he was pumping his load into Anne even as he was asking if it was alright to cum inside her. The young guys as young guys do soon recovered their cocks once again standing to attention this time Anne took one of them anally while the other fucked her and proved once again that it is not the easiest way to have sex as the position leaves little room for movement especially if the woman is having oral sex at the same time, it looks good in movies but in real life I think its a waste of time.

Happy Birthday Wish

group tonyl65 2018-01-03

I know my pussy is super-hot around your hard cock but I need to fuck you until I cum. Taylor looked up at two large balls and a huge cock buried in his girlfriend's pussy. Bill pulled his cock out and rubbed it all over Taylor's face, "Taste Sky's pussy, Boy. Lick the cock that just gave your girlfriend a powerful orgasm. Bill looked down at Taylor with lust in his eye as he started stroking his face, "That's it baby suck my cock. He leaned forward and brushed his face along Taylor's cock before I lifted up and offered him my pussy. I was lifting my pussy up to his face and gyrated around but my arms became weak and I dropped back down onto Taylor's cock.


Aileen Lost Her Virginity Ch. 02: Aileen Got DP'ed

group phallicdesire 2018-01-03

Did you know she was a virgin?" Keith answered while still having his cock inside my pussy. Brandon started to unzip his jeans and pulled out a white dick smaller than Keith's. I bobbed my head like I did to Keith's dick, this time I tried to push it past my gag reflex. Brandon thrust his cock in and Keith pulled back until only his head inside. I never thought I would lost my virginity to a big black cock like Keith's, then lost my anal virginity to my own step brother. Brandon slammed inside my now very juicy pussy and fucked me hard to finish himself. I locked my heels on Brandon's ass as I felt his warm liquid joining what was left of Keith's cum inside my pussy.


group 2018-01-03

The 2 girls had taken turns to slowly caress, lick and suck his tight balls and hard cock, bringing him closer and closer to a massive orgasm until he could stand it no more and shot rope after rope of thick semen all over their wiling faces and into their open mouths. Steve slowly withdrew his softening cock, and as it slipped out of Jenny's cunt it dropped down and Kim expertly caught the end in her mouth, where she licked it clean. Just as she felt she couldn't take anymore her body gave a massive and quite wonderful spasm, and with a loud moan her orgasm hit like an express train and, as she expected, a big squirt of hot pussy juice shot past the vibrator and straight into Kim's face and mouth.

Amazing sex with my friends new stepmother

group querico44 2018-01-03

His story was so hot and it made me very horny, my cock stood straight out as I stroked it and said "Damn Tony, you're so lucky I wish something like that would happen to me." He smiled and looked at me and said "I bet it wouldn't take very much planning to set things up and see if she would go for it. Why don't you come home with me after school tomorrow and we'll see if we both get lucky." I said "It sure sounds good to me, just thinking about it has got me ready to cum any second now." We both turned towards his bed and stroked our cocks furiously shooting our loads into our towels.

She Had Sex, Then Told Me All

group norm55 2018-01-03

Suddenly the bathroom door opened and in came Sue. I don't know about you she said- but my knickers are wet, I will have to change them. This is very horny said Sue as she put her left arm onto my shoulders and her right hand onto my thigh top. Sue grabbed this cock and worked it fast while Tony still had his hands on our heads. I pulled Ann's head back onto the pillow and kissed her face, licking up my cum and tonguing it into her mouth. Sue did add that she was not sure about Tony being with another man, but I will work on him she said convincingly.

Waiting Tables

group WayneGibbous 2018-01-03

Linda had told Alexis that our bodies would be both on display and available for touching as we served the guests and my cock was getting some nice attention as I circulated around the room. "Time to clear the table," Linda said and a couple of people began taking the plates and glasses and silverware away; one guy, Stan, I think, carrying plates to the kitchen with his cock hanging out of his pants, yes, it was a somewhat bizarre dinner party. Linda was stroking me slowly, I really wasn't any closer to cumming, when she announced, "Now, Alexis, Charlie, you two can get up on the table and fuck for us.


Swing Your Partner

group rulesplayer 2018-01-03

Picture this then: two couples, man facing woman, standing, arms above head, and legs spread. The two couples from outside the enclosure come in and they kneel beside the person they had been fondling. They look down at the couple at their feet slamming into each other, the woman spread to take his cock, his balls hanging and swinging with the pumping of his hips. One man leans back, groaning loudly, and a stream of cum shoots from his red-tipped cock, reaching the mid-section of the woman opposite. As each person cums, he or she is released fro mthe restraint, and lies down on the matted floor, with legs spread open, showing their spent genitals to those who gave them the climaxes.

Angel's Work Ch. 03

group slutbunny 2018-01-03

I felt her motions speed up as the guys began spraying her face and tits with cum, so I rammed my tongue deep into her twat. I sat up and watched, fascinated as this tiny doll of a girl sucked one huge cock in to her, very tight, pussy and an ever bigger one in her ass. “I’ll get to that in good time.” With that he slowly started spreading my soaked pussy lips and began pushing his massive cock in to my cunt. Just as I was getting used to the feeling of his cock in my pussy, Mike pulled out of my cunt and slowly spread some KY over my ass.

Two Are Better Than One

group sexyrubyslippers 2018-01-03

As I was lost in a deep kiss with Todd and him caressing my breasts, I felt Ted undo my bottoms and push them down off my full hips. Being fondled by two men, and the fact that the two men were identical handsome hunks, I didn't think it could be better then Ted spread my ass cheeks and his tongue circle my anal opening. Todd moaned into my breasts that he could feel Ted's cock entering my ass. Soon I begged for Ted to pump me, Todd couldn't really move but the look on his face told Ted and me that he lay there all day with my pussy wrapped around his cock and enjoy the feeling of Ted's cock stroking in and out of my ass.

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

group fotisampini 2018-01-03

She felt Roberts hard cock slip between the lips of her cunt while he played and fondled with her tits. Soon he was thrusting into her mouth quickly and this time it was only to her cheek as he felt her tongue slip along the furrow at the top of his cock and his hands held her face at his groin. "Fuck my hand birthday girl," Helen moaned as she was able to tuck her thumb in her palm and she pushed her entire hand into Alice's cunt. Somehow she made out George behind Helen and she could imagine what was happening, she licked her lips as she thought of his cock slipping into her cunt as he held his body against those firm ripe ass cheeks.

Captivating Catwoman

group Fanatasize 2018-01-03

Jake held Kate's shoulders as the girl's hands roamed her body from her hips to her breasts to everything in between. The song ended, the girl grinned, kissed Kate on the cheek, and she said she hoped they had a good time. As the woman stroked and squeezed her breast, Kate stared at Jake with wide eyes as if imploring him to choose a course of action for her. As if sensing agreement, Catwoman stood, took Kate by the hand and said, "It is time we found some privacy. As they passed the large play room on their right, Kate caught a glimpse of couples engaged in various sex acts and a small crowd gathered to watch them.


Ashlynn: Daddy’s Little Girl

group baddaddy59 2018-01-03

Ash Called me at work early Friday night, she said she would be going with Beth, to a school function and then spending the night coming home sometime tomorrow afternoon but before 3:00, I told her I loved her and to be careful. He ran his night stick up her cunt just to get it wet and then just pushed it up her tight virgin ass hole, pulled it out then slammed his cock in up to his balls, as he hammered her ass he called her names asking her if she like him in her little whore's ass. He drove her up to our house saw my truck, then pulled her naked ass from the car handed her the skirt and shoes pointed her at the front door gave her a little push.

My Small World Ch. 03

group Roohan 2018-01-03

So You can fuck like rabbits all this week until Friday and stay away from each other until we reach the cottage. “No way Sherin honey, if you want us to have a honeymoon we will, maybe next week he and I will come here alone. About an hour later I saw Kiran give Sherin a look and nod. Sherin then stretched her arms and said she was going inside, Kiran too rather loudly declared it was too hot and followed her. She took another swig and walked to Sherin, turning her over, kissing her ass, her back, she climbed on her. She left me and went to my wife, sitting on her she removed the gag, pulled her head up by the hair and said.