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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

You want me to do what?

group cockupforher 2018-01-03

When one hot lady of about 30 years old in a very short red dress stood up, turned and push her pert bottom out at me it just seemed natural that I fake sex with her by grabbing her hips and pretending to thrust into her from behind and grinding my groin against her ass. The more the other women shouted encouragement, the more she played along by gyrating around and pretending to get huge pleasure from the experience by throwing her head around and screaming, 'yes, yes, deeper, deeper.' After a few seconds of this she reached back and pulled her dress up around her hips giving me a view of her her lovely pantyless ass framed by her black stocking tops and garter belt.

Very Important Persons

group JamesSD 2018-01-03

"Do you like girls?" Holly asked Nikki once the three of us were on the bed, me on my back in the middle with a beautiful woman flanking me on each side. "I dunno, I like kissing girls, but I'm not sure about other stuff." Holly smiled and leaned across me, gently pulling Nikki towards her with her hand. Let's trade places." With a bit of awkward maneuvering the girls switched positions, though Holly straddled my face in the opposite direction so she could watch Nikki ride me. Nikki seemed a bit shy to have an audience yet wasted little time positioning her wet pussy over my shaft, glistening with Holly's juices.


90% True Ch. 03

group rhev 2018-01-03

First thing I do is call Jen. I want to talk to my girlfriend about the fact that I just spent two and a half days fucking a friend of ours. "Well," Jen said quietly over the phone, "I can't talk about this really loud, my parents are in the living room and I don't want them to hear." Lion's eyes gaped open wide and she blurted out loud, "You and Jen broke up!?" The entire room full of quiet typing suddenly got instantly silent as thirty teenagers stopped pecking away at their keys and turned to the back of the room to look at Lions and I.


San Juan Samba

group midwestgent 2018-01-03

The guys would all look like they were competing for the cover spot on the next edition of GQ and the beautiful Puerto Rican ladies would be equally as fashionable in their tiny, sexy, dancing dresses. Nicole reached for the hem of her skirt with her right hand to pull it down from its panty exposing elevation and at the same time put her left index finger under my chin and raised my head away from its transfixed stare on her lower extremities. Between the pent up excitement in my balls from a long night of sexy dancing, and the unavoidable visions in my head of Nicole and Liana wrestling in a moaning frenzy of a sixty-nine entanglement, I only lasted about twenty strokes before my balls got the relief they had been desperately waiting for.


Discovering My Sexuality

group Hercules_unleashed 2018-01-03

Izzy scrambled around to adopt a sixty-nine position and started straight away to eat my pussy, she had the longest tongue that I had ever felt, getting right inside me, poking, licking and sucking, she was divine. When David arrived I told him of the afternoons events as he changed, and watched his cock rise, he wanted to fuck me right away, but I convinced him to save it just in case he got the opportunity to be tasting Izzy's wares himself later on. "Mmmmmm," I replied, "I have already been pulled once today," Izzy giggled saying, "yes Vikki, me too," and we both laughed at the seemingly jealous looks on our respective husbands faces, knowing that it was put on.


The Convention Slut Ch. 01

group NiteWriter 2018-01-03

"I can't believe a pretty girl like you likes black cock." Nicolle sucked until his hard cock glistened with her saliva and then she explained, "my Master says if I want to be a filthier whore I need to be good at licking assholes." "I want to lick yours." "I want to clean it and taste it." "I want to fuck you with my tongue." Nicolle looked back at me to see if I approved of her performance so far. "I want you to know I'm going be a naughty girl for both of you." "I'm going to lick your asses clean and taste your dirty assholes," Then she wiped her filthy fingers on her face and across her lips.

What Lana Taught Me Ch. 04-06

group JorisKHuysmans 2018-01-03

Bart rolled off of me and pulled a pillow over his head, and so Lana scooted over and lay there on her back, big breasts rolling to either side, a vast expanse of white belly beneath them, and her legs slightly spread apart to reveal that inflamed pink place in between. "And boy's night in, if you're willing and you'd like to do something about those blue balls of yours," he said, reaching into my fly and pulling out a hard and until now, rather ignored cock, and dropping to his knees to put it in his mouth. The next morning we played around a little, but it was actually nice to just kind of sit back and watch Bart plow into Lana, jiggling her big round tits and her broad white tummy and those thunderous thick thighs, while I stroked myself unselfconsciously.


Seven Minutes of Fun

group Shakestare 2018-01-03

She lied the magazine on her bed, still turned to the page with the hard bodies and started squeezing her grapefruit sized breasts through her silk shirt. Tonya whirled around and saw the four men from her magazine sitting on her bed naked with their massive erections. The white guy and Asian guy took turns fucking her face while she held her tits in place for the black guy. The Mexican guy lead Tonya to the black man's cock. With both men fucking the white positioned himself over her face and shoved his cock back in her mouth. She allowed the white guy to fuck her face and even helped him out, jerking his cock in and out of her mouth.


group 2018-01-03

She looked at me and I explained that if I lay next to Claire, Connie could reach round me and finger her as much as she liked and if Claire did wake she would see would see only me and in her d***ken state she’d never know it was her friend who was playing with her. Whether Claire was aware something was happening I don’t know but she turned on her back and spread her legs and Connie soon had a couple of fingers up her. Connie was off the bed in a second and I was standing there to prevent her being seen but Claire didn’t open her eyes.

Alan & Beth...Once & For All

group Icarus365 2018-01-03

The drinks and dancing had made her so hot, she threw him on the bed, unzipped his pants and took his cock in her hot mouth. Alan rose from the bed, and the man of the two took his place at her head. He placed the head of his cock against Beth's lips and she started sucking. She had most of his cock in her mouth when the woman started kissing Beth's thighs. The man from the couple took his place between her thighs, rubbing the head of his cock up and down her slit. The other man placed his cock against Beth's lips, and she took it into her mouth. The woman gave a long deep kiss to Alan, along with their home phone number.

Libby's New Car

group oldiethevoyeur 2018-01-03

Truth be told, James had had every intention of buying the car as a present for her in celebration of their fifth wedding anniversary coming up in a couple of days time. He had had a roving eye for years, slowly turning into a dirty old voyeur as his own sex-life deteriorated. Instead of a night that should have been a family celebration, Fiona had a meal at their son and his civil partner's house, while John was out on his own having probably the best night of his life that didn't involve sex. Overall, grumpy John's life hadn't turned out to be the bed of roses he had envisaged when he first met his future wife all those years ago.


Gangbang Junkie

group fastandsloppy 2018-01-03

"It's been a long week" said Claire as she picked up her purse and her big shopping bag with the large, gift-wrapped package. The door to the elevator opened and the three smarmy looking executives quickly stopped talking as Claire stepped in. What if their hands were reaching out right now to grab her, pull her into a room, tie her to the bed and take her over and over and over, all night long; sometimes taking turns, sometimes going all at once? Claire felt hands touch her, grope her and run up the inside of her thighs to stroke her wet pussy. Trying to grab a fistful of Claire's hair to pull her head back, the man behind her accidentally yanked her wig off.


Jim & Joanne Ch. 2

group Brujah 2018-01-03

Before Jim had picked her up Joanne had decided on wearing a long black skirt with a slit all the way to her hips and she meant to show off her legs and flash the fortunate valet who came to open the door for her. As they were boarding the plane Jim noticed the slit in Joanne's skirt and asked her why she hadn't let him know what she was wearing to which Joanne smiled and said it was all part of her surprise. Danicka reached into Jim's pants and started squeezing his balls as she felt her own orgasm come closer as Joanne slid two fingers into her hot pussy and gently bite her clit.

Waterway Wet Work Ch. 03

group Jbrassmonkey 2018-01-03

Nicole slowly opened her eyes with a puzzled look. I looked down to see that our new friend had pulled her bottoms aside and had thrust her face into Nicole's pussy. A beautiful woman had her face buried in my wife's pussy, out in the open on a beach! Wondering how long I could last like this, I watched as Janice withdrew from Nicole's pussy and began to move upwards towards her mouth. I looked to see Rick had taken the liberty of shoving his cock where Janice's mouth used to be. Nicole's eyes rolled back in her head and mouth fell open in the pleasure of the Ricks thrusting. As Janice rode me I watched as Nicole's body began to tremble.

My Friend's Mom Part 2

group Biguy2015 2018-01-03

I look up from Joan's pussy and I start to say something but nothing comes out of my mouth because Michelle is standing in the living naked with a smile on her face and her panties in her hand that I took from the hamper Not only was I going to be fuckin the both of them they also played with each other this is every guys dream I thought but I wanted to play it off like I was upset about being set up and was gonna say something when Michele decide it time for talking was over and went over to Joan and sat her pussy on Joan's face Michelle started taking dirty to telling Joan eat my wet pussy sweetie it's been to long since I felt you tongue.

A Vegas Confession

group budsrus 2018-01-03

As Wendy told her story I started to realize I was getting turned on by the pictures of these two women going thru my mind. As I was fighting the urge play with myself again, I happen to glance in Wendy's direction and saw her hand in the front of her shorts rubbing her pussy. Jess was a little harder to get naked but after watching Wendy and I play with ourselves, her need to masturbate surfaced and she joined us. I didn't feel the need to get dressed right away so I fixed myself another drink and sat naked as we tried to start a conversation. She said when Wendy finished she would take a turn so she decided to fondle my tits.


Mata Hairy Ch. 4

group belab 2018-01-03

Salim began to tense and arched his back holding his cock in my mouth with both hands behind my head. It was really a huge jet-black cushion and Peter whose armpit hair fetish was legendary wasted no time in putting his tongue into the wild tangle of thatched hair in her bushy underarms. Obviously I knew she was used to large cocks having just sucked off her husband Salim's mammoth dick yet she looked lovingly at Peter's erect penis and stroked its helmet. Peter was not getting limp he wiped his cum filled dick in her armpit hair as it disappeared from sight in her underarm jungle and then stood up and pointed that enormous red cock at her mouth.

English as a Second Language Ch. 02

group jaybabylit 2018-01-03

"Frieder, did you like what you saw?" Jay asked his student. "Clean me up, baby." Margot smiled, "Of course, with pleasure." she said, and bent over at the waist and took his soft cock in her mouth and began to lick it. Jay looked into Margot's beautiful eyes and he saw a lust and love there as she was pounded from behind by this younger cock. She knew Frieder was close, and looked up to Jay for permission. Margot looked behind her and said to Frieder "If you find me sexy, then cum." As she saw Jay's cock stiffen from behind, and felt it push back into her ass, that now accommodated his size more easily, she did understand.

Three's Perfect Company

group fantasex13 2018-01-03

I loved the softness of their breast and with my special female clients I had the additional pleasure of gently brushing over they're erect clitorises as the spread their legs to allow me access to their inner thighs. I loved Jorge, but I wanted the feel of a soft woman again. Each time she came to my table my body responded to her the way it did to Jorge. Jorge insisted that I not spill my seed until he had had his pleasures so I held my prick tight in my hand as my mouth sucked his long pipe. Jorge patted me on the head like a favorite puppy and then slapped my ass as I was pulling up my shorts. "Yes, Jorge, I love the way it feels.

Hidden Party

group Mariposa 2018-01-03

Without pausing in her intent observation of the couple outside the door--the man was now on bottom, the woman bouncing away on top of him, her face flushed and head thrown back--Lia brought her hand up to her mouth and licked her fingers. She was kissing the woman and the man’s mouth was on her breasts, soft and urgent tongue, flexible lips and the itchy feel of a man’s rough cheek against the oh-so-silky skin of her nipples… Lia shuddered and made a little noise into the woman’s mouth, reaching to pull him closer, wanting his mouth to tighten and suck on her nipples. “Oh, it is soooo good,” said Lia. “Just relax and let it come.” She leaned over again and pressed her tongue flat against the woman’s clit, reaching up to slide two fingers inside her pussy.

Gangbang Orgy

group erotiquegirl 2018-01-03

Me, Mark and Jerry moved to another bed and she had turned on her front and was sucking the hell out of Derek. He just moaned and enjoyed my half-hearted sucking since Mark was fucking me hard. Jerry moaned loudly and came hard into Kelly's pussy. She taunted her husband, "Honey, do you like watching guys fuck me and cum in my cunt?" Derek was moaning rather loudly. Mark came out fucking so hard and she held his cock, jerking it, as he spurted all over her chest. I got carried away sucking and Derek shot a load and I held it in my mouth then let it drip all over Kelly's pussy hair and on Mark's dick.

Barbara's First Gang Bang Ch. 03

group eroticwriter28 2018-01-03

Barbara's journey into submission had begun when she had told her friend Joseph how frustrated she was at her sexless life at home. During a conversation about the opening of a new sex club in the city, Barbara finally opened up to Joseph and told him that one of her repeated fantasies was to be gang banged. Joseph wanted to be one hundred per cent certain that Barbara understood what she was asking. Barbara admitted to Joseph that before she was gang banged she wanted to have sex with him. She knew the sight of men's cocks would make her pussy flow and her mouth water but she also wanted to be certain that she could handle anal intercourse without any discomfort.

Adventures in Dexler Park Ch. 01

group Adalefin 2018-01-03

Somehow we got her and ourselves undressed and were standing in front of the sofa while Chicky sat and took turns sucking our cocks. Joe was watching me eat her pussy and Chicky had one hand on his cock trying to revive him. She looked at me standing there watching and told me to move closer so she could suck my cock while Joe fucked her. I turned to Joe and told him that he was going to get to fuck her ass while I did her cunt at the same time. I knew that Joe was getting the right idea when I heard Chicky moan "Oh my God!" and then felt his cock between the membrane of her cunt and ass as he slid in.

A Tale of Two Pussies

group Coxswain 2018-01-03

Still her voice went on, softly, seductively, hypnotically--"when I heard him groan and felt a buzzing in his balls"--she'd worked Miller's cock out of the jockstrap, and it throbbed hard, sensitive, and ready! Or how can Bateman, straddling that big penis--ooh, she would feel it thrusting up through her vagina--with a quick movement, Nancy pressed a finger between her legs, pressing her clit for just a split-second through the cloth of her cammo uniform, a quick, unnoticeable movement. Very horny at the end of one of the horniest days in months, with her hand on the doorknob of the linen-storage room, Amelia's words rang in her mind: " damned fat it stretched me out like he stuck a bicycle seat up my pussy, so tight my clit was almost dragged in after it..." Each word was like a shot of straight vodka.