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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Candace Ch. 03

group johnnieblue44 2018-01-03

Maureen continued, "I was just coming tonight out of curiosity and to kind of watch out for my sister, I really hadn't planned on this happening." She took Candace's head in her hand. Personally, I think my sister is crazy for letting you go, but she has always been a career girl first." I didn't know whether to feel vindicated or saddened by this revelation from Sherry's sister, but I didn't linger too much on the premise, duly distracted when Candace and Maureen began to lick my cock together, quickly sharing my seed as it burst onto both of their beautiful faces within minutes of their dual oral administrations.


The Johnson Party Ch. 01

group Orgin Grinder 2018-01-03

Being the enterprising real estate agent that she was, Marybeth suggested a party, one final blast, where fifty couples would pay $300,000 each for three days of sex, food and debauchery, the likes of which haven't been seen since the fall of the Roman Empire. "Well I know Robin said 'no cash,' but can I show my gratitude another way?" Marybeth butted in, sliding next to Nate with a come hither look straight from central casting. We formally introduced ourselves as we watched Marybeth tongue bathe the Nate's cock, giving each of his balls a good suck before taking him back into her mouth. Marybeth was working the first half of Nate's cock back and force in her mouth with a pretty good pace, while quickly stroking the rest with her right hand.


The Story Behind the Joke

group Azuldrgon 2018-01-03

As Piper began to explain, the farm boy slid behind his mom and told her that they were headed to a party and their car broke down. As Gina and Piper fell asleep, Barbie was slowly rubbing her pussy under her skirt thinking about her boyfriend before the thought of the farm boy took over her thoughts. They didn't even notice until it was too late that the farm boy and Barbie were watching them until Gina felt a man's finger sliding inside her while Piper licked. Soon, Barbie's dad arrived to help fix up the car and the girls were on their way back to Gina's house with the farm boy's phone number and a promise that they would visit the next weekend while his mom was visiting relatives.

Best On Board 02: First Class

group blin18 2018-01-03

It seemed a cruel irony that pretty girls so often approached him – to ask him the time, or for directions, or any number of other things that to a normal person might be conversation starters – and Bob froze like a hunted animal. "I go in after work just wearing this." She pinched the figure hugging cotton spandex mini-dress away from her slim waist; Bob heard it whisper across the fabric of her bra, drawing his eyes fleetingly to that place where he took mental snapshot of her firm, round breasts; the outline of her nipples just barely visible under the stretchy fabric.


Dances in Erotica Pt. 01

group ShaeLeeTanner 2018-01-03

I was dancing the early shift one hot summer day two years ago, a Tuesday to be exact, when I saw a guy walk in half way through my second song. I walked around and had a few guys ask me to sit and drink with them, but I've met them and know they're just looking for a feel and chance to bed me. I spread my lips wide and pushed my pelvis forward so my pussy just barely touched his mouth and Brian knew what I was looking for. I felt myself shudder every time his tongue hit my clit and then he sucked it in his mouth and licked me.


A Little Side Trip

group Troubador1 2018-01-03

Brad began licking Mandy's nipples as Carol started working her way towards Mandy's pussy. Brad reached down and placed his hand on Carol's head, pushing her the rest of the way to Mandy's pussy. As Carols tongue started exploring Mandy's pussy, Brad began sucking her nipples hard. Brad lay flat on his back then, and Carol put her hands on Mandy's ass to guide her. Suddenly Mandy's breath caught as her ass finally parted and let the head of Brads cock in. Carol was watching Mandy intently as she rocked and thrust on Brad's hard cock. Brad waited until Carol found her rhythm, and then started thrusting his cock in Mandy's ass once again.

Three of a Kind

group TxRad 2018-01-03

Sitting back, she ran her closed fist up and down the shaft, and said, "Not bad, a little chewy but an excellent flavor." Her hand slowly moving up and down the length of my dick was making my legs shake. As I slowly softened, she sucked the whole of me in one more time and slowly moved her head back holding firm pressure with her tongue and lips. Here I am, a forty something year old man standing on the bow of a bass boat in the middle of a creek fixing to cast to catch a bass with a raging hard-on sticking out in front of him.


Freshman Orientation

group WayneGibbous 2018-01-03

You're a girl, too, you've seen tits and pussies before, right?", Shannon said as I looked beyond her to Alma who was sitting on the bed, back to the wall, knees up, her hand down in her shorts, rubbing herself with her fingers. He pulled back and forth as I felt him going deeper each time, then all the way in as he pushed hard down into me as Shannon and Alma each held up a leg and rubbed my inner thigh with a free hand. Shannon began rubbing my clit as Paul and Alma rubbed the sides of my pussy as Shannon fucked me with the strap-on, it was like I was totally immersed in sex, every nerve was turned-on, I was excited all over, every inch of my body.


A Slut for New Year's Eve

group smitty469 2018-01-03

When he walked in the back of the hip hop venue hall he sneaker, "This looks like a good spot to fuck some horny slut tonight. Eddy chuckled and said, "Well guys, when the lights are low, no one will know that we are fucking sluts back here." When we saw four young unattached girls walking in dressed like sluts, that is, short skirts or dresses with their tits partially exposed, I was nudged by Bart. Once I began to shrink, I pulled out and Bart took his turn in her cum drenched hot twat. While holding onto Eddy's cock, she turned back at Bart and said something about wanting him to cum in her.

A Time of War Ch. 03

group doc87123 2018-01-03

I went to the break room, got a cup of coffee and waited for Cheryl as time once again slowed to a crawl. "Linda left a note on my pillow saying that she was going to stay in her own bed last night so that she wouldn't wake me." Cheryl said. Cheryl and the two girls came in just before class started and sat down. "We need to find a quiet table in the break room, and they'll join us," said Cheryl whispering. I told Tara to listen, and we heard Cheryl talk about cumming for a half hour. Tara said, "Julie and I decided to ask Cheryl if we could borrow it, next time she went to the ladies room.


At the movies (to accompany our video)... as told

group dylansreward 2018-01-03

After it was dark, Ken stood Keiko up and slid her panties down her legs and off, and she sat back down and moved one of her silky smooth legs over my leg and the other over Ken’s. She started stroking me while my hand slowly moved up her thigh and began to focus in on her very wet pussy. She soon moved over to Ken and took his cock in her mouth and began bobbing her head up and down. As she bent over to further focus on sucking Ken’s cock, she placed her knees under her on the seat, and her skirt-covered behind tilted towards me. Ken looked over at me, and lifted her skirt above her hips, revealing her naked, smooth, wet pussy to me.

Emma's Pool Party Ch. 02

group thewhitestripe 2018-01-03

Amy could feel her vaginal juices begin to lubricate her labia, as she decided that the only way to assuage her desire was to watch a dirty film and use one of the many toys that Carmen had. I instantly suspected Carmen, knowing of her fondness for home made porn and buxom women, but when I looked to the couch I saw none other than Amy. She had a hand up her shirt, and the other between her legs. I pulled at a nipple with my lips and heard a gasp from Amy. I sucked it into my mouth and ran my tongue quickly around it.


Conference Reunion

group misterstan 2018-01-03

It was only 10:00pm, but they were getting closing-time drunk, especially Annie, whose usually clear blue eyes were looking glazed over. One of the guys went ahead, while another couple sandwiched Annie between them and walked her down the hallway. Annie seemed to be enjoying the attention, and teased the guys a little, lifting up her hem and strutting around. In the meantime, the guy I'd spoken to earlier was hanging out by her ass, calling dibs on that hole, so I climbed up onto the bed and pressed her face into my lap. He was still pounding her pussy when room service arrived with the booze, the waiter obviously shocked at the sight of Annie, naked and well-fucked, getting boned right there in front of him.

My Gf Threesome (MFM) Experience

group waxxxxx 2018-01-02

My GF said Dan acting like a true gentleman before showed his true colors, he pulled the bed sheets off her and started fucking her right in front of Bryan and this time he didn't even bother wearing a condom and ended up banging her bareback on the hotel bed while Bryan was sitting on a chair nearby. Once the second fuck by Dan ended, he started convincing Cammie to help Bryan too, while his limp dick was still inside her pussy. This time, she said he fucked her really hard while slapping her butt cheeks and instead of cumming inside her, he came right on her asshole and made her clean his dick.

Summer Heat Ch. 06: Keeping it Real

group JazzdBoutU2 2018-01-02

That's not to say that Nick and Heather won't have more fun with Rob and Jeanie. This time, Rob and Jeanie would go first with Heather and me following. "Jeanie, spin the wheel," I said as Rob handed her the tablet. "Wait, what was the 'more specific' part of Rob's question you mentioned?" Heather asked. "Makes me wet every time I think about it," Heather said. "Ok," I said, "I believe it's Rob's turn again." I handed him the tablet. "Ok, you're gonna think this is weird, but when I was in college," she said, looking at Jeanie, "I was a pretty good girl. Her boyfriend looked at me and said something like 'hell yeah, you know I do'.


My Husband Shares me for the First time

group wifethatrocks 2018-01-02

He couldn't believe it, he began to move around and I started to stroke his cock at the same time, I looked up at him and said I want you to cum all over my tits, so I asked him to stand up and I got down on my knees, I started stroking the shaft with both hands while I worked my tongue on the head of his dick, he said oh I'm gonna cum and I pulled him out of my mouth and pointed his shaft at my face the first shot was right on my face it was a lot it covered me from right above my nose across my lips and on my chin.

Paige Takes the Team

group JosephBarnosky 2018-01-02

Paige pulls free of Evan's balls and takes his cock deep down her throat as her hand caresses his balls. Evan immediately places his cock back into Paige's hungry mouth as Lucas begins working his cock into hr pussy. He is grabbing her by the hair and fucking her face as Lucas slides his cock in and out of her pussy. "Yeah, you little cum bucket, suck that cock," the guy behind her says as Paige raises her hips to give him better access to her pussy. As the man pulls out the guy playing with her breasts takes his place behind her and slides his cock into her dripping pussy. The man in her pussy begins pumping away and each thrust pushes her face further onto the other guy's cock.

Kavita In Lust Ch. 02

group DevilsAngel369 2018-01-02

Arun began a slow invasion of her pussy, spreading her lips apart, running his tongue along the sides, the top, and the bottom, working it into her hole; pulling up the hood of her engorged clit and exposing the throbbing button nestled there. Kavita's hips began to buck and wiggle, aching to fuck the fingers assaulting her and as she found her rhythm, Arun mirrored it on her clit, sucking it into his mouth and flicking it with his tongue in time with her thrusts. When Kavita was bent over, legs spread apart he teased her wet, swollen pussy with the head of his cock. Kavita felt his whole cock enter her pussy and could feel his head pushing her cervix back.


Helena Will Go

group SwagmanDank 2018-01-02

Helena started to walk herself through the first half of her shift, trying to get an oversight on how the day would pan out, knowing that anything could happen in the final hours of work whilst also suggestive to a more amicable set of circumstances than those the first half of the day led into. The men on the couch turned to look at her, the sudden attention made her lower her eyes barely able to reply to Frank's introduction with a mumbled "Hi, I'm Helena." "Leave the skirt on" said a bald man who had started to make his way over from the couch "Right Frank?

Office Party

group rockhard4uc 2018-01-02

When I stepped out of the changing room each time, the girl would come up to me and purr appreciatively, or 'tut tut' is she did not think a particular dress looked good on me. I wondered what she was asking, but the girl quickly moved close to my naked body, taking my hand and pushing it inside the jeans that she was wearing. I could see how the party was about to get completely out of hand as the girls were all looking at the hard cock exposed before them while all of the young guys were openly lusting after the girl who'd been exposed.


Letter To Tommy Ch. 3

group Linda Jean 2018-01-02

Mat the smallest said "you could make me feel a whole lot better if you would suck my dick." I asked "Nothing would make me happier I love sucking a hard cock, do you want me to suck you off right here in the doorway, or would you like to go into the den?" Josh said "Ah, come on guys lets go into the den, mom loves many things but the one thing that is the highest on her list that gives her the most pleasure is, she loves being in a sandwich.


Let's Play Pool

group CheriSM 2018-01-02

Brian came out and danced a dance or two with me, then asked me if I felt like playing pool. Brian came up behind me and told me I was getting the guys excited and might want to think about what I was doing. He told me how hot I looked and climbed up on the pool table as well, mounting my face and giving me his cock to suck on. Brian stood by and watched as I worked on Ed and Matt continued to give my pussy one hell of a fucking. I felt hands on me and looked up to see Brian guiding me and helping me to take Matt deeper and deeper in.

Wet T-Shirt Competition

group cumcrazedCarly 2018-01-02

I could see Hank sitting at the bar drinking a beer and videoing my first wet t-shirt competition. There I was standing in front of a bunch of guys waiting to be wet down and see which one of us girl's tits they liked the best. I kept whispering into Hank's ear how I wanted to suck his cock. "Would you like to suck his cock?" I grinned at him and went down on my knees in front of the tall handsome guy. When I was sucking off one guy I could see the others stroking their cocks waiting their turn. I looked forward to those nights when I got my tits all wet and then fucked till I couldn't walk!

In The Cards Ch. 02

group kittykatbc 2018-01-02

You are going slowly up and down, sideways and around and I feel my cock responding to your soft mouth and warm, wet tongue. We hear moans from the bed as we had kind of forgotten about Paige and we see her pussy lips spread wide two fingers frantically fucking herself. Can you feel your mouth, Paige's juices and my precum letting me slide up and down? Paige's mouth and my cock are making you so horny and this becomes even better when you feel my tongue penetrating your asshole. I pull out a bit as the cream slides down your ass and I shoot what I have left onto your pussy and Paige's mouth. We both move down to Paige and lick our cum shots off her mouth, face and tits.