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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Her Two Lovers

group Humpdee84 2018-01-02

Questions filled their heads like, "Can I do it with someone else here?" and "Will I please her the way she deserves?" She could see the slight look of anxiety on their faces and drew them to her, putting her arms around each of them kissing first Leo and then Skip. Skip knelt down and began to suck Leo's cock getting what little semen might be left. All the while, Sam sat fingering herself, watching, getting off at the same moment Leo did, right into Skip's mouth. Skip was a very attentive assistant and once things settled down a bit, Sam DID show Francois the best way to suck a cock.

fantasy role play that came true

group hornyashell07 2018-01-02

liz asked how big is 8 half inches so i went to the kitchen got paper and drew round my cock which was semi hard and went in giving liz the paper she looked saying if thats it its huge asking mary if it was correct mary said it was soft still as liz looked at the paper her face looking exited i then got a pipe out giving them a few puffs as mary said to liz how horny it gets her asking liz if she was the same liz said she was very horny as mary said she was going to change and went upstairs hearing her move about i looked at liz giving her a pipe as i sat on the floor looking up her skirt seeing her white panties and her dark hairy pussy that was sticking out the side of her panties

Another Overnighter

group sharedhousewife 2018-01-02

A few people came over to the table and the two men got up and shook hands, there was no introducing me and I thought that odd but let it go, when they sat down again they were friendly and made light conversation asking about where I was from, what I was doing there and how long I'd be staying. When we got to the landing, I knew I would not have to wait too long, because I could feel Jack's hard cock rubbing against me wanting to get out of his pants. I loved every stroke and did not want him to stop, so when Adrian began to get hard again in my mouth, I licked the head.


Horny Memories

group zemstarfyre 2018-01-02

We had some great days and nights sitting around with a full bowl and bong and staying up all hours talking shit and laughing our heads off. Meanwhile I was getting so incredibly turned on that I had to excuse myself ( I think I told them I had to go check some washing hanging under the house). I went in the bathroom and got the water running, waiting for it to get warm enough (I must add that we were all still naked right through the night). While we were getting ourselves so incredibly into the moment she reached down and took a cock in each hand and began to stroke us.

Maspalomas Nude Beach

group 2018-01-02

As this was our first time we decided to sit on two sun beds in the back row furthest from the sea. Moving between the two sun beds he had booked to get a better view of Mrs V's pussy. The stranger stood there for about 30 seconds before going back to his sun bed. When he returned to his sun bed he did not sit facing forward. mrs v told Mr V to get the sun cream and to start rubbing in onto het back, ass and legs. "I'm going to make him cum" Mrs V said and with that she opened her legs wider and slipped a hand under her stomach and started to finger her pussy. Mrs V then sat up and turned to face the stranger.

Tammy at the Adult Bookstore

group riclovtam 2018-01-02

Tammy walked closer to the guys turned around, as she bent over her mini skirt rose up exposing her bare ass, she wiggled her ass a bit, spread her legs to also show them her wet pussy. Suddenly another head popped into the doorway, the new guy entered the booth, unzipped his zipper, pulling out his small cock, stroking it as he watched Tammy getting fucked. "That's it pound my pussy hard and fast with your cock, it feels so fucking good," Tammy yelled to the guy. Cum was dripping down her body when she did, the man sat on the bench and Tammy facing away from him lowered her pussy onto his 10 inch cock.

Marsha Entertains Ch. 2

group smithpeter 2018-01-02

He would gobble her for his own pleasure, then suddenly stop and tease her inner thighs with the tip of his tongue and teeth before attacking her clit with contact that looked like he was not even touching it. His hands moved away from her thighs but Marsha's legs remained in the position like he still restrained her. She opened the wrapper as she had done for me so many times and I knew that she would now place her mouth around Bill's dick to pump it up full before stretching the latex over and down slowly to his base before guiding it with her two hands into herself.

Mid-Life Adventure Ch. 06

group oldeman 2018-01-02

Taking a little longer this time, she returned with a pair of brown tassel loafers, just like he was accustomed to wearing. Looking at that ass for the third time, Rick knew this woman was playing him like a violin, and he was loving every minute of it. Moving her heels to the edge of the desk, she looked lazily at Rick and said, "I bet you've never been fucked like that by a shoe salesman before." Suddenly, she lifted her head and looked Rick in the eye, asking, "Is that better?" She was holding on to the edge of the desk, and Rick was true to his word, moving her head back and forth with a steady rhythm, giving her little time to breathe.


A Night Beyond Fantasy

group Coltrane 2018-01-02

Randi watched as two men moved to her sides and leaned over to run their tongues around her nipples offered them by the woman behind her. The woman on her face leaned forward to lick Randi’s cum filled pussy as the man withdrew from her. Randi came again, quick for a second time, when the woman pushed two fingers into her pussy. The fingers didn’t linger, they moved to her hips to hold her still while the tip of a cock pushed insider her ass, filling her alongside the cock in her pussy. Randi felt the tongue and lips gathering the cum from her pussy and ass as she pushed her tongue into the man’s mouth.

Toys and Strangers Ch. 02

group nasstygirl 2018-01-02

With the other hand he squeezed one of her breasts, pinching the hardening nipple through the flimsy fabric, then reaching for the strap of her dress and quickly moving it, pulling the top of her sundress down enough to expose her breast. As both men stood to one side, without any coaxing, Lisa reached down between her parted legs, spreading her pussy lips apart, stretching them, talking like a dirty street whore about her empty hole and how it ached for hard, stiff meat, how she wished more of Bill's friends were watching. He fucked her face harder and Lisa was gasping now, sucking hard, and just as he let his load burst into her mouth and down her throat, Bill pulled out of her cunt quickly and slid easily into her ass.

Pam's a Bachelor Party Fill In

group kcamal 2018-01-02

The best man Jimmy yelled "Hey Ricky, turn her so we can watch you two fuck her." Tim and Ricky did not appear too experienced but were able to push Pam onto all fours at an angle so that they could watch Kara now dancing nude and the group could watch them violate my wife. Pam could hear Ricky moaning and she pushed back on his cock that was up her shitter and started to fuck it, she knew it would make him cum sooner and she wanted to stand up. Pam was busy trying to work the two cocks in her mouth just a minute or so when heard Tim say "shall we?" Ricky nodded his approval and lay down on the carpet.


Color Guard Ch. 3

group checkeringstat 2018-01-02

Even before Beth and I started going out, I had wanted to suck and fuck Karen's breasts. I didn't bother telling Mrs. P (since I was still cumming up her tight cunt) or Beth (who was licking the fuck out of my cock as it spewed) that Karen was coming. I started to masturbate really hard as Beth and Mrs. P pulled Karen's legs apart. Beth knew what this meant, she was going to want more and more of this type of color guard relationship. Beth watched longingly as my cock shoved deep in Karen's sex, making her slide backwards on the carpet. I could tell that Beth was wanting more of my cock in her, but I had planned that for later.

Karen, Tom, Mark's Pickup Game

group metacarpal 2018-01-02

Karen had just finished cleaning up behind the bar, carrying on a conversation with her co-workers Mark and Tom. They were breakfast and lunch wait-staff just coming off their shift. "Should we tell her the rest of Saturday's story?" Mark asked Tom. That further seized Karen's attention. "Her ultimate desire, something she seriously wanted but had no idea if she could actually do it, was for Mark and I to truly double fuck her, you know, squeeze both our cocks into her pussy. Mark then added, "Feeling Tom rubbing along the length of my cock was the most amazing sensation I ever felt. Tom told her, "Mark and I discovered we really enjoyed being naked and sexual together sharing a woman.


A Show

group sexyisabelle 2018-01-02

Brian was playing host, pouring the coffee, telling the interesting stories while I, not quite awake yet, eyed Sal and imagined from the look I received in return that I'd be enjoying one more trip around the bed with the two men now devouring waffles, hungry from a long night of sex. I'd intended to go slower, but when Brian slid back into the tub and slid his hands over my ass, cheek to cheek over my pussy along the way, I did what came naturally and gripped Sal's cock at the base with my hand as I took him into my mouth.

The Treatment

group asteroid 2018-01-02

Dr. Watkins was quick to note her reaction and asked, "Does that feel good to you, Sarah, because your vagina certainly seems to think so!?!" While slightly lifting her chest to meet Nurse Hartman's mouth she moaned softly, "Never has that felt so good, it's amazing!!" "I think I know what needs to be done," the doctor replied, "I know you weren't expecting this, but I feel the only way for you to achieve orgasm is by having you suck Andrea's pussy while I fuck your cunt, do you still want to continue?!?" Emphatically she answered, "Yes, I want to continue, I think we are getting close!!"

The Conference

group my_lucid_dream 2018-01-02

In the foyer Chris decided they were all going to have some tea before bed – there was an early plane to catch - so he led the way back to his room. She gave him a crushing kiss and felt the bed shift as Chris sat up. Chris practically flew at her, and she fell to the bed with a laugh, cut short by the gasp as he firmly grabbed a tit and slid his fingers down to her wet crotch. Chris moved forwards to fold himself into position, sitting closely face to face with her, slid his cock into her pussy, and after a moment's reflection he and David began to thrust just out of sync.

Gobsmacked Ch. 04

group BigKahunaCat21 2018-01-02

Passing the guest bedroom where the earlier action was intense with Molly, Ned, Henry and Janet pounding away, it was relatively quiet. She quickly had me rock hard with an urge to come and as she continued her manipulations on me, I held my hands in her yellow hair and kept her head close to my dick. Tonya was now having her ass fucked hard by young Henry on the couch, giving a running commentary of how he was doing. The men dutifully stepped behind their spouses with Henry getting behind Molly; I assume that either Allie or Gwen would host since the teens lived at home. Both Leon and Terrell were having a hell of a time keeping their dicks hard and their fucking of their wives was going nowhere.


Fun, Sun, Sea & Sex

group SimonSays1 2018-01-02

I groped her heavy breasts, feeling her erect nipples, as I carried on fucking Kay, my cock softening as I slid in and out of her wet pussy, her juices and my cum leaking from her. Mark shuffled across to us on his knees, offering his semi-erect cock to Kay. She sucked it hungrily into her mouth, licking his cum and Ali's juices off of him. She lifted her body away from me slightly, feeding her nipples and breasts to me, letting me lick and suck on her big nipples as I fucked Kay. Ali and Kay reached for each other, touching, caressing.


Dee's Misadventure

group Vitorio 2018-01-02

"This is my brother Dave," said Trevor as he opened the lounge door and showed her into the room, "he's the good looking one!" "This is Dee," said Trevor with a smile, "her car broke down some way back and she's come to use the phone!" She felt hands at her head as he began to fuck her mouth, cock slipping back and forth. Dee groaned around the stiff cock in her mouth then, as she felt him there, swallowed. Dee felt Trevor's cock pulse in her cunt, heard him groan loudly, the felt the warmth of spunk wash into her body. Trevor's cock was by now past it's best and Dee felt it slip from her cunt.


Curiosity or Boredom?

group lilgool 2018-01-02

"Well, we're glad you did," Frank laughed, "You are one sexy lady and I, for one, am looking forward to seeing more of you!" His eyes said he didn't mean as in more time with her and Stephanie turned bright red at that thought. Tom grabbed a nipple in his mouth, nibbling and suckling, causing her to drip more as Frank's cock plunged back and forth several times. With his friend finishing his climax, the owner of the cock in her mouth grabbed her head and began full out face fucking her. Then the one in her mouth pulled out and sprayed all over her face as Tom grabbed her hips and thrust upward and Frank thrust down, their own climaxes washing over them.


Graduate Course

group Painfullypatient 2018-01-02

Tim pulled back and kissed her inner thighs, allowing her time to catch her breath and enjoy the moment. "Well, you have to understand that Miranda likes it a certain way." Tim said as he gave one last powerful kiss to her pussy that forced out a deep moan of pleasure from her. The sensation of Gorge's breath so close to her wetness with Tim's mouth and tongue locked on hers drove her crazy. "Gorge, don't pay any attention to the begging, it should only strengthen your will to take your time and enjoy the moment." Tim said as he let go of Miranda's hands. "Gorge, let your finger swirl in her wetness as you kiss her." Tim continued.

Twins Saved by Nudity Ch. 07

group regularguy13 2018-01-02

Janice was equally horrified thinking "I'm going to watch my son have oral sex and then grab his penis and shove it into Brenda's vagina? The smell of sex and the pleasured-filled moans emanating from Brenda began to have an effect on Janice. In his haste for sex, Tyler quickly drove fully into Brenda trapping his mother's hand between their two bodies. "Thanks ever so much," Brenda said thrusting out her big beautiful breasts with their rock hard nipples in her mother-in-law's direction. She grabbed Brenda's shoulders and attempted to support her as she leaned forward and began rocking her hips fucking Tyler. With a huge surge of energy, Brenda bulldozed her mother-in-law backwards off Tyler's chest until her pussy landed on her son's mouth.

Great Girlfriend

group sonhcouple 2018-01-02

I laid back and suddenly felt a warm mouth on my cock, and the tightness gave it away as Kim. I looked down again and Jeanne was watching Kim suck my cock, as her head bobbed up and down. Hearing the two women groan repeatedly was turning me on again, as I saw Kim (on top) with her ass sticking out in the air away from me and I saw Kim's tongue licking Jeanne's pussy right in front of me. With my cock stroking deep inside, and Jeanne's tongue playing with Kim's clit, Kim finally yelled, "I'm cumming!" For the second time, I felt a stream of pussy juice hit my cock, as she had her orgasm.

A Very Lucky Man

group oPENsex 2018-01-02

Handing me a beer, she said, "I'll find Michelle, she will love to meet you," and going to a door at the rear of the room, opened it slightly and called, "Mish, come and join us, he's here, I mean, we've got a visitor." Jaqui moved slightly in her seat and placing her hand on Michelle's upper knee said, "And it'll get a lot hotter yet, just you wait." My eyes were transfixed on these gentle mounds when Jaqui joined in," If we ask you some questions Harley, and tell you what we want to know from you, and if at any time you don't want to proceed, you can call it quits with no hard feelings.