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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Next Day...

group Nemesis84 2018-01-02

“Fuck!” Stephanie groaned it loud and long as Cathy removed her finger and after licking off the combined juice that covered it lowered her face down until he red lips pressed against the entrance to Stephanie’s pussy, her tongue sneaked out and parted the lips and slid inside, the taste of Stephanie and Ben washing over her taste buds making an irresistible flavour mix of salty, tangy pleasure. The bedsprings creaked as Cathy bounced a little, her whole body shaking as her pussy was fucked hard, she felt light headed and a sheen of sweat was coating her whole naked body, the orgasm she had felt building since the strap-on first entered her warm confines was bubbling up like never before, the pace of Stephanie’s thrusts made her want to scream with delight.

Summer Storm Ch. 01

group Gary_Alexander_2 2018-01-02

The guys were pretending not to notice that the outlines of Kathy and Linda's bras were showing now through their t-shirts and at first I was thankful I'd worn a fairly thick t-shirt, since I wasn't wearing a bra (I have tiny titties, but big, hard nipples that would have given the guys quite show) -- but as we continued to walk, the thick, wet shirt weighing down on me, I began to think differently. I knew Terry had a vivid mental image right now of Kathy, naked, her large perfect breasts jiggling as Carl fucked her hard, thrusting his cock into her wet pussy...


The Stalker

group MadamCeciliaTheleper 2018-01-02

"But dear, our guest hasn't cum yet." Jayde looked over her shoulder as her husband extracted his cock from the other man's ass. Jayde laid the cloth aside and straddled over the chest of the stalker, placing her dripping wet, well-fucked cunt right over his mouth, facing away from her husband. As Jayde's orgasm subsided she saw her husband's cheeks balloon out and knew he had just received a mouthful of cum from the stalker who had invaded their home. "God it almost feels like I am licking my own cock," he thought as he felt Jayde's tongue sliding along his shaft while he did the same to the one in his face.


A Fantasy Porn Tale - Part 1

group SaturaRing 2018-01-02

"You have to ask bitch?" he growled in his deep voice and gaver her a look on his throat, which was bearing a fresh scar like somekind of burning loop has worked its way in it. The man got an mischievous smile on his face while keeping fucking her hard: "So how am I doing, Bitch" "She's got a pair of fucking big tits, Hun!" answered the man and looked to his companion in a way that settled the case: "And I want that damn tits to be mine. The pale man watched this and the way his beloved fucked the damn bitch turned him off to new heats resulting in fucking her throat mercilessly till he came in a shuddering spasm of cum.

I kissed them alternately

group 2018-01-02

Then I began to suck the two, first one then the other, to me the game was so hot that I both their tails, as far as it went, at the same time let slip into my mouth. I already tasted salty semen drops out of their small penis peaks occur, they let me delightfully melt in your mouth. I let myself sink into the grass, bent his legs apart, my, to lure the two with the sight of my openings. Tim was the first conducted between my legs, his tail between my lips, let his penis a few times at the entrance to my column and penetrated her slip, then with a sudden impact in my pussy.

Angels in the Clasroom

group AngelSaint 2018-01-02

You don't have time to turn around but feel another warm body against yours, and you feel slightly longer then average nails, which you know are a deep lavender, and creamy white hands press against your ass and squeeze non to gently. "Ow!" You gasp, dropping his cock from your mouth as you feel your ass sting from a sharp slap. You gasped, warming his cock with your breath, as you felt her fingers slowly run circles on the entrance to your womanhood. You heard her moan and gasp as she came, pushing her pelvis against your sore ass so you could feel her cum through her white lace boy-shorts.

Weekend in San Antonio

group dwayne369 2018-01-02

Dwayne sent Heather a message on xHamster letting her know he was going to be in San Antonio and would love to meet her but there were some rules she had to follow if they were going to move forward in their relationship which until then had just been an online relationship. Her mind started racing, was Dwayne going to make her suck his big black cock, was he going to shove her onto the bed and start licking her wet pussy, were they both going to lay on the bed making slow passionate love. Just when she though things couldn't get any better the person tonguing her pussy shoved a finger into her tight asshole sending Heather over the edge to a huge climax as Dwayne started shooting his sweet thick black seed into her mouth.

Captain Lee's Dirty Secret Ch. 04

group Jack Green 2018-01-02

Jennie was reclined at the head of the bed, her perky breasts and hard nipples shaking a little as she toyed herself playfully with the wand that had only moments before sent Tammy into gushing, orgasmic bliss. Jennie still had a tight hold on those and I felt a beautiful little shot of pain each time I pushed into Tammy. The squeeze and the touch against the soaked sheets beneath her generous ass almost overrode Jennie's grip on the balls that wanted to spill their waiting flood into Tammy. I could withdraw my cock and pop the head in and out of Jennie's soaked pussy lips, each time, bumping her clit just a little.



group lucidkaos 2018-01-02

When Danny wrapped a fist around the rigid mass and began slowly sliding his hand up along the shaft and back down again she removed the glasses from the bridge of her nose just to make sure she was truly witnessing what couldn't possibly be happening right now. "Bambi would explain to you that you're going about that all wrong." Ms. Jacobs reached her hand down and wrapped her fingers around Danny's solid pole, replacing his. "Oh, fuck yes," Danny said, staring down at the precum oozing head of his shaft that Ms. Jacobs jostled all about. "Yeah, Ms. Jacobs," he called out as he began to speed up his hips, pulling her head down over his shaft with every thrust forward.


Bar del Calippo

group cuckitaliano 2018-01-02

Risposi " il laido cameriere ti vuole montare nel magazzino", Lei mi guardò con disprezzo e mi disse "ma tu sei scemo, mica ci vado con quel porco" e io per convincerla l'abbracciai e infilando le dita nella sua morbida figa che trovai completamente allagata dai suoi umori, "ci ha raccontato che lui la femmina la fa urlare per mezz'ora e poi da quello che ho intravisto dai pantaloni, penso sia ben dotato e desideroso di montarti come una Puttana" Gli leccò golosamente le palle mentre la sua mano massaggiava e stringeva dolcemente l'asta, ma il tipo non era cosi sofisticato da accettare a lungo queste dolcezze e con fare bruto quando Regina si riportò a succhiare la cappella, prese la testa della mia Amante fra le sue mani e si mise a scoparla in bocca dicendole "troia succhia sta minchia te la mando in gola, sei una Puttana, sai quante Zoccole sono passate per questo magazzino!


Kat's Train Adventure Ch. 05

group lngrngr77 2018-01-02

I snapped a couple more pictures and then Kat slid her hand down and held as much of Sam's right cheek in her hand as she could hold. After a dozen or so pictures, Sam moved back from Kat a little and then slid further down into the bed by a few inches. Kat reached behind her and grabbed Sam by the wrist and started to pull, "I said, come over here!" She held Sam's hair with her left hand and pulled her until her hips rested again Kat's right thigh. I moved around behind Sam and got a nice shot of her ass, her head down between Kat's thighs and huge tits.


Down @ The Station

group CountessCHarlow 2018-01-02

Like I said, I didn't know except from what I heard as far as the nymphos' sucky-suck was all about, but their side boob flashes and wet spot crotches were making the strolling players restless and cocks were stirring. Tooley and I play a game with the two new guys starting with sending them sexts and pix of our mouths in sucking puckers. When Tooley and me walk in, we see the nymphos next door are already rubbing the new guys' cocks in a booth. They were giggle whispering and licking the ears and neck of new guy – the brunette – their hands dipping under the table to fondle and stroke his cock.

Partners in Crime

group Fetch 2018-01-02

Alanis let out a small laugh, pulled Evi closer and pressed her lips upon the mouth of her friend. "Suck it, you bitch." Damian implied, pulling Evi's head into his lap, forcing his monster into her mouth. Karim immediately got into the couch, pressing his big brown cock into Evi's mouth. Evi was having the most intense fuck of her life, with these two hot guys filling her holes and Karim kneading her tits and sucking at her nipples. Meanwhile, Christopher and Thomas had fucked Alanis as well, and were now focused on the thing their mates were doing with Evi. Evi, still breathing heavily, opened her eyes and saw the four men staring at her pussy, admiring the sight.

Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XIX

group Victor2K 2018-01-02

And I am Eva, his secretary and this is the story where I explain how I finally got hold of my man, with the help of someone that was also in love with him. I guess it was my shyness or the fear of hearing a ‘no’ from Ed, but I kept myself ‘under the radar’ for a while, feeling Lana as a threat for me on the grounds of my secret crush, because she was sexier than me and she wasn’t too held off to be near him where she felt she was able to mark her territory. The next day came and, as we agreed, I stood right in front of Ed’s office door waiting for Lana.

A Second Life Ch. 06

group Mang0nel 2018-01-02

She felt the shifting of bodies above her head and glanced up to see the two younger women had swapped positions, and Melanie was now kissing Zach's face and lips, while Chelsea had moved down his neck to his nipples. Chelsea and Melanie watched Julie's actions from a distance of a few inches and began kissing the sides of his hips, slowly moving their lips to his hard muscular butt cheeks. Melanie reached her hand across to hold one of Julie's breasts, and shivered with delight when her pinch of the older woman's nipple caused a deep moan to escape from her mouth around Zach's hard penis. Chelsea continued using her mouth on Zach's shaft until she felt Julie pull her head back altogether and direct his wet cock towards her own face.


One Plus One Equals Three

group TheWonderSlut 2018-01-02

Her hands are on my bum pulling my groin toward hers, rubbing our pussies together the juices mingling, you're behind me, your hands coming round to caress my breasts and hers, I feel your cock hard and wet against my back. Your cock is thrusting in and out of me in strong deep movements, your fingering my bum and Rebecca is licking me, you feel the heat of her breath every time your balls hit off her chin and then I'm coming in the most phenomenal way - both of you can feel it as it overcomes me and then you come violently inside me, your juices are running out of me onto her face and she's greedily lapping it up.


Freshman Fun

group fighttest 2018-01-02

Chris and Jane were flirting with each other on her bed, while Krysti and I sat on the floor, talking and laughing. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Chris stroking Jane's leg while she rubbed her massive breasts up and down his arm as they talked. Jane didn't waste time getting her hands around Chris's monster cock. He licked her pussy while Krysti and Jane rubbing their tits together and took turns licking my cum off each other. Chris stopped licking Krysti's pussy and looked at Jane disappointingly. Eventually we fell into a rhythm of fucking her as she lay sandwiched between us, taking turns with Chris at licking Krysti's pussy and sucking on her tits.

Best Concert Ever

group ohio_couple 2018-01-02

I knew Matt and Ryan from college, and Jake, Tom and Shawn went to college with us, but I hadn't met them before. When we got back, the guys could tell that something had happened between Jake and I, but we both acted totally innocent. These guys seemed to have done this before, because Jason went right for my tits, and Nate started feeling my legs and ass. Jake was pulling at a nipple and rubbing my clit incredibly fast, and I came for the first time that night. It got a lot harder to focus when I felt hands pulling off my skirt, and a cock going into my pussy.

A Camping Discovery

group LaffWithMe 2018-01-02

On this night however, when Jim's hand began feeling Ann's small breasts through her sweater she didn't move it away. There in the dim light her petite breasts displayed their pink erect nipples to Jim. Ann felt a quiver of excitement accompanied by a wave of fear. Ann moved her hand behind her and began rubbing Jim's cock. Ann slid Jim's hard cock out of the pant leg of his shorts. I'm Jim. That was my wife Ann. Looks like a pretty quiet campground." At one point Jim was sure that he saw the end of Fred's cock poking out of the leg of his shorts as Debbie rubbed his thigh.


Night Shift Nookie

group biguy0321 2018-01-02

I knew what would feel really great right then - meeting up with the little nympho blonde in ICU and the hospital's hairy-stud maintenance man. Jen threw her head back and we both felt her beautiful silky blonde hair on our hands as we did our work on her tits. We battered her nipples back and forth with our tonges and then I heard Mark starting to suck Jen's right nipple like a baby takes its mom's tit. I felt her whole body move toward me as Mark climbed on to the bed and in one deft motion penetrated Jen's slick hole. I didn't want the whole scene to come to an abrupt halt, but I thought when Mark felt my tongue on his hairy ass crack he might welcome my advances.

Seeing Double

group chevellex 2018-01-02

Pushing away part of it to one side, you start licking around her pussy lips just to tease me about what I want to be doing, and soon your tongue makes it to her middle where I can tell the moment you hit her clit. As I began sliding my cock in between both of your lips, I could feel each of your soft tongues sticking out of your mouths, creating a tingling sensation in my entire body. I grabbed you and leaned you over into a doggy-style position, while the other girl laid down with her legs spread so that you could lick her pussy.


group alibodge 2018-01-02

we don’t know if he was a virgin, but he gazed at the exposed naked and waxed flesh for a long second, then suddenly as if making a decision he stepped forward and slid himself in place, a look of ecstasy crossed his face, and he began slowly at first to rock himself back and forth, building himself up to a hard battering thrust that rocked her on the tabletop, each thrust eliciting a gasp, from Wendy and a grunt or two as things progressed, Tony resting his hand on hers as if to say enjoy it girl it can only get better.


group PamelaPlaisir 2018-01-02

Trench pulled out the chair for Legs on the opposite side of the table and she gracefully sat down. She was pulling an ice cube from the glass, slipped her hand under the table and slid the frozen bit over her clit. As they passed his table Trench dropped a business card on the booth table and Legs slid her hand up his chest. Since her legs were draped over Trench's arms, he slid his hand down over her body and captured her sopping wet clit between his fingers. Suddenly her body lifted an inch as she wrapped her legs around Trench who was sliding into her pussy. She came hard, her body clamping his cock so tight in her ass he wasn't able to move for a moment.

A Visit From A Friend And More

group Miss_Ellen 2018-01-02

Your cock is resting between our hot bodies and you can feel my stomach pushed against the underside, and the heat of my pussy against your balls. Faster and faster she gets until you feel her pussy muscles tighten against your tongue and hot juice squirts out and into your mouth, her clit is pushed against your nose so hard that an intake of breath is impossible. Your cock is rock hard again now and you push your tongue in and out of the pussy that is literally pouring juices all over your face. This is all getting too much for you and as the finger in your ass pushes hard on your prostate, you start to cum again, shooting streams of hot white cum into the pussy on your cock.