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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Army Jail Angels

group K.K. Roppe 2018-01-02

Then I felt someone on my right hand side, too, as another mouth touched my cheek and kissed it lightly several times, and finally I could feel a tongue tickle slowly and sensually my ear. Sonya swallowed the first, heavy bursts of my come, then took my pulsating cock out of her mouth and, still pumping it with her hand, let all my snow-white, thick come land on her face, throat and breasts. Me and Tonya sucked Sonya's breasts simultaneously, and she placed her hands in the backs of our heads; she said that we were her dear little, innocent children and that she wanted to feed us with her enormous tits for all eternity.


The Carnal Canal

group True North 2018-01-02

Now getting into the spirit of things, Beth turned away from the group, took the hem of her pants in hand and bent over to look at the three men through her legs. Giving him a squeeze, Tracy said, "you're just fine Darren." She looked over her shoulder at Beth and Lisa, his cock in her hand. Looking around, Beth saw that Erik and Darren were rock hard after watching her performance, and Tracy and Lisa were running fingers over their now-damp pussies. Erik couldn't take his eyes off Beth's lips wrapped around him, Tommy watched as his well-moistened shaft plunged in and out and Darren stared as Beth large breasts swayed to and fro with the motion of the threesome action.


Always the Quiet Ones

group get2kno 2018-01-02

What does it matter if the mouth that goes down on you had a cock or a cunt at the other end of it?" Without another word Jess slid down and gave a little kiss to Eve's pussy, a lick and in a few more seconds she was making sloppy, slurping sucking noises. "Ok, but first, Greg said something mean earlier, so get on all fours." Eve did, and I matched, and then Jess stuck her tongue all the way up my beautiful girlfriend's asshole. Jess started to bounce on Greg's cock, and then I twisted my head to start licking her pussy, the angle was a little awkward but good.


Swinging is the Thing

group Johnsexlife 2018-01-02

She will not admit it but the videos I took told the tale and she had very intense orgasms with Carlos often giving him 3 or 4 blowjobs and fucking him several times during our 2 hour romps. As the crowd grew to about 50 men and women a pretty gal in her mid 20's stepped onto the mattress and completely stripped giving the crowd a great view of her nice breasts and shaved pussy. You could tell she was really enjoying the attention eventually taking a large cock into her mouth while stroking a cock in each hand as the fourth guy slide into her pussy.

Making a Whore Pt. 07

group dna27fog 2018-01-02

He continued for several minutes, slowly exploring the back of her throat with his cock and keeping her head buried on it until she began to gag and then pulling out just long enough to let her recover slightly before pushing into her again. She moaned and pushed her pussy into his face a little as Tony stood and pulled out his cock. Heather was lying on her back as Rob was over top of her slowly thrusting his enormous cock in and out of her pussy as he leaned close to her face and they stared into each other's eyes. I shot from behind her and got wonderful pictures of her pussy lips stretching as his cock came out.

Daddy and Sir: I want to be Daddy's girl

group bttmblw 2018-01-02

But I've always wanted to put a video up of me getting fucked." I said as I licked the last bit of cum off my fingers, savoring the taste of Daddy and Sir's collective load. We'll get all the video and pictures you want, then you can put them all up there where everybody can see you sucking cock, getting fucked, and eating my load like the little cum hungry whore you are." "Baby Girl, you want to cum for us?" Sir asked, pulling at his thick, half hard cock. I want it, give me your load, Sir." I was begging like the hungry little cum slut that I was. "You've got a sexy little hole, Baby Girl." Sir commented, watching Daddy film my ass in close up.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 62

group SteveWallace 2018-01-02

The Meadows house was taking shape rapidly, and Doug Reed, our construction manager, still wanted to make good on the June 30 completion date. Elsa got released from the hospital after what turned out to be a six-week stay just to be on the cautious side as far as the healing of her leg went. Alice came to the master bedroom, and I could tell this was an area that had perplexed her, because she started to blush and her narration words became halting, shy, and betrayed her embarrassment. I continued to walk down and then up the thirty floors of the condo building four times each day.


Camping Gangbang

group Pennis17 2018-01-02

After I finished I saw that my neighbors son had fallen asl**p so I went downstairs. After just a few words I knew I wanted to suck this guys cock right then and there. I quickly stuffed both cock heads in my mouth and the cyclic spurts on my tongue got me so hard. I went out and he explained that they were wanting to see if his son would like to get involved like I started doing a few years prior. I laid there stroking my cock, cum slowly oozing out of me as he opened the door to come out. He said, and it surprised me, that it looked fun and wanted to do it soon.

My First Threesome (MMF)

group writemarksmith 2018-01-02

When a Lynyrd Skynyrd song finished the girl looked like she wanted to get off the bar, and Colin made a move, holding out his hand for her. Colin handed out the shots, but after we downed them Elsa quickly said she wanted to head back to their hotel and grabbed Julia by the arm in a way that made clear she wasn't leaving her impaired friend to us. Julia gave Colin and I a quick kiss, thanking us for the drinks, then the two girls gave Katie and hug and headed out to the night. I felt momentarily self-conscious of my friend standing behind her, but lost myself in Katie's eager look as she studied my cock, then teased it by licking it like a lollipop a few times.

The Pleasure Van Ch. 01

group Many Feathers 2018-01-02

I settled back in my seat for the hour's drive as Mike drove, surprised some fifteen minutes later when he and I both heard the privacy panel beginning to open. I knew what he really meant of course, but at the moment, Cindy had once again removed her coat, now sitting entirely naked herself, as Tracy and Amber likewise with a good deal of themselves exposed, gaily chatted, joked, teased and catered to nearly every whim of our guests while they sat at their table as Mike and I stood off and well away to the side, enjoying a smoke while watching it all.


Soccer-Mom: Orgy at Frat House

group KissedMany 2018-01-02

Chuck is thinking, "Whew, I just got a good look at her pussy through those sexy panties. I can feel Chuck pull me closer and hump his thigh against my pussy to the beat of the music. Chuck thinks, "I can see Fred feeling Mrs. Johnson's ass and she is doing nothing to stop him! Chuck is thinking, "Fuck, her ass feels so nice. Chuck thinks, "I will wait until Chris's girl pulls his cock out and then feel Mrs. Johnson's tits. My knees spring open with a mind of their own and Chuck dips his hand under my panties and over my sopping wet pussy all the way down to the cheeks of my ass.


D'Orgasmic Chronicles Ch. 07

group Liquor69 2018-01-02

The woman turned around and said, "I told you, I'm not Linda." She looked at the woman standing next to Ashley and her heart almost stopped. Cherry, Mark, Gary, Lori, and Beyoncé followed Holly, Shannon, Dave, and Ainsley. "It's okay darling, we did the same thing," Mark said as he took her hand and introduced her to Beyoncé. "Yes Cherry, they told me all about it and I want you to know one thing; they love you with all their heart," she told her, walked over, and hugged her warmly. "I need an update right away hon," Holly said as Linda came out and told her to tell her how restaurant was progressing. "I don't know what you're bitching about," Linda said as she walked around Beyoncé and sat in the living room.


Rendezvous Ch. 01

group Camacie 2018-01-02

"In here Luke." As he walked into the room the look on his face was priceless, he focused his eyes on our naked bodies and roaming hands. Luke sat and watched as Brittany and I kissed and washed each other, with the flame of the candle dancing our reflections on the wall. Brittany leaned her petite body forward and whispered in my ear, "This is going to be fun!" "Your turn." She said motioning for Luke to come join us. Luke lay down in the middle of the bed; Brittany pulled his legs further apart. Brittany slid her tongue up his thigh to his balls and took them in her sucking, moaning mouth.

Starting a New Semester

group BrettJ 2018-01-02

The young woman's name was Casey Lee and she was lovely, a slender brunette with nice, long legs and an easy smile. Victoria smiled and undressed, seeing the admiring glances she was getting from both Casey and Paul. "Oh God, you're right Casey, what a talented little tongue-fucker you are Paul!" Victoria groaned. "FUCK the blonde slut, really shove your cock in the bitch and make her cum, I want to see that." Casey grinned over at Victoria, who nodded at both of them. Paul pulled Victoria too him, spread her gorgeous legs wide apart and began fucking the sensual, earthy blonde teacher. The smile grew broader as she envisioned Cindy being fucked by Paul while she and Casey watched.

A Grade Training Camp

group daysleeper 2018-01-02

Hazel continued sucking me under the table but had now started to develop a rhythm bobbing her head up and down whilst circling my cock with her tongue. "This is where the girls perfect their oral skills." I was standing in a room where 20 girls were lined up on their knees in front of male mannequins with 8-inch cock, which the girls were sucking and licking like crazy. The first girl in the line took off her white shirt and sank naked between my knees and sucked on me for 30 seconds. The next girl then came up removed her top and sucked on me whilst I felt the first girl and controlled the second girls head with my right hand.

Awoken Part One

group Darth_Yencoron 2018-01-02

Dion proceeded to kiss my legs as Venatrix drew a gloved finger across my exposed chest, my body ached in anticipation, they both knew this, they smiled with such a predatory glee that I had not seen since I was a young and foolish man. I could feel Dion’s cock start to pulse, then his balls tightened as he came, I swallowed his saltiness as quickly as I could, when he’d finished I gently held him in my mouth and licked the end of his cock, playing with his head, he groaned in sheer pleasure. When Dion slid off the bed I smiled at Ven and said, “He is good, I can see why you like him so”

A Handyman's Memoir Ch. 36

group riverboy 2018-01-02

"Well you're my only customer this afternoon, so yeah, I won't turn down a beer," I said with a smile. "Pray tell, where do you meet these ladies," she said, looking at me with her head cocked and a sly smile, like she already knew the answer. "Come with me you big stud," she said with a big smile, as she got up and took my hand. "Jesus Christ, what the hell did I get myself into," she said, looking back at me, smiling and shaking her head as she led me to her bedroom. "Your lower lady parts look nice from back here," I said with a smile.


Samba For All

group SpankMeDaddy 2018-01-02

"I don't like men, but him, I would let him slide in and out of any of my holes any day he wanted." I looked at her like she had just grown another head and she giggled like a school girl and blew me a kiss as she went off to help another patron. I look my man in the eye as Jorge starts to steadily fuck me up against the wall. My man takes that moment to move Jorge's hand from the breast closes to him and start to suck the nipple through the cloth. The feeling of my ass burning from being used so roughly by the still hard stroking Jorge and the delicate feather touch of Armstrong was too much.

Tommy's 18th Birthday Present Ch. 01

group leBonhomme 2018-01-02

It wasn't going to happen, but it opened up a whole new subject for fantasies, if not variations that hadn't occur to me that night, then speculation of what two guys could do with one girl. "You know, like we talked," Ann replied: "We want to give him a birthday present. Sunday night, it occurred to me that Ann and Sue would obviously want him to learn about licking pussies, as an alternative, if his girlfriend wasn't yet ready to go all the way. That thought wasn't as bothering now, I admitted, as my shock had been at Sue's and Ann's suggesting that I would also be naked with them and Tommy.


Grace Ch. 01

group aristidis 2018-01-02

With no one in sight Grace can't resist the temptation; she takes of her shorts and bikini and strolls down the beach nude, enjoying the breeze on her skin. Noticing the attention from the couple Grace slowly takes a book out of her bag. A bit later she goes on all fours, straightening out her beach towel, and giving the couple a good look from behind at the space between her legs. She grabs her bag and beach towel and walks in the direction of the dunes, her tanned skin partially covered in sand. Grace manages to get on top of the woman and starts to frantically trib with her, scissoring her legs, rubbing their slits together.

Long Lunch Ch. 3

group Ms_Messalina 2018-01-02

Bending down, he held one silky calf in his hand while she removed the second shoe and he began to kiss her there, slowly, softly, just stroking her skin and I melted a little just as she did. She stoked his face and head, pulling him back up to her and as he rose, he let his hand trail up her thigh to her ass, cupping it as those voluptuous ruby lips covered his mouth again. Her cunt spread for both of us, I was amazed to see him sink two fingers into it, stroking her slowly, letting her get used to the rhythm, rocking her hips to meet his fleshy hands.

Three Become One Ch. 11

group bustyalix 2018-01-02

"Okay, Daddy!" the twins said as they both ran up to me and kissed me on both my cheeks. "Yes, Daddy..." the twins said, breathing heavy having just exclaimed their praise for my cock so intensely. "Thank you, Daddy!" the twins said as they both reached down to my chest and started to rub me in a very sensual manner. My cock throbbed inside her willing mouth, and I felt a glob of precum ooze out from my tip which then coaxed a very wanting moan from the twin that was blowing me. It was like one twin was saying to the other: "You can do it...take Daddy's cock. "Daddy..." the twins said as they took me by the hand and sat me down in the dining room.


Island Fever Ch. 15

group Jeremydcp 2018-01-02

Let me end this by saying that when I arrange a bachelor party for another friend of mine come two months from now, I will most definitely call [Strip Club Name] and request Pamela. I just wanted to let you know that PAMELA did a show for our buddy's bachelor party this past Saturday afternoon and did a fantastic job. Pamela seemed to be too good and too classy of a person to be flaunting herself to total strangers in strip club rooms and on the party circuit. I'm just a dollar sign to you." Pamela frowned as I added, "That's how you said you looked at all of the guys who come to your club.


Crystal Clear Ch. 10

group Romantic1 2018-01-02

A few days later, Jim and Crystal sneak off to join his child's parents in Michigan after they too have fled the paparazzi; as a group, they decide to allow the pretty reporter from the press conference to interview Jim, Crystal, Summer -- the baby's mother, and George -- her husband. Crystal thought a moment before responding, "I think it was when I met him in Missouri after he'd been to Ohio -- probably about two or three weeks after he'd seen George and Summer. As I fondled Edie's and Summer's breasts, we watched as Crystal shed the Daisy Mae shorts she wore all the time. As we did, Summer talked to Edie in a loving yet lusty tone: "The moment I saw you, I wanted to eat you up.