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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Adventures of Mark Ch. 2

group lisabest69 2018-01-02

The second blonde kissed him hard and whispered in Mark's ear, "I love a good tongue lashing, but save some of that cock for me." Then she straddled his head facing the redhead. The second blonde pushed her pussy harder onto his face, Mark reached up and spread the cheeks of her ass and the brunette stroked the vibrator deeper and turned it on. The second blonde is still riding Mark's cock and the brunette's is working the dildo deeper into her ass. As the second blonde's orgasm starts to hit her, the brunette's pulls the first bead of the string out of Mark's ass, he comes immediately.

Three In A Tub

group jocular_guy 2018-01-02

The woman behind me scooted closer to me and started massaging, and rubbing my low back, my hips, my legs, chest, neck all while she was behind me, but she pressed her whole body against me and wrapped her legs around my waist from the back, and locking them in the front of me, like a reverse missionary position. She began rocking in the water harder, creating more waves, pressing the back of her thighs down on my shoulders, lifter herself up out of the water and back down, until with a quiver and a heave and arching her back, and forcing her legs almost straight up in the air, I grabbed her ass and held her pussy to my face as she came with a moan, her nipples pinched, creating waves that washed over the side of the tub.

"M" Learns to be a Courtesan

group silvarman 2018-01-02

He pulled away from me and went to Catherine who was dancing with her arms around Brian. As Arthur lifted her skirt to her waist she reached down and pulled Brian's cock from his pants. Through the dim light I saw Catherine on her knees, sucking Brian's cock as he lay back with a smile on his face. My spread legs touched Catherine, she moaned as best she could with Brian's cock filling her mouth. Arthur took my hand from his swollen cock and placed it on Catherine's cunt. Catherine swung her leg over my head and with come dripping from her cunt went behind me and starting sucking Arthur's member while inserting her fingers in my cunt.

Truth or Dare Ch. 02

group davedadog 2018-01-01

Monica drew one last wicked stroke with her tongue and then held me firmly pointing at Chloe who lowered her lips and took me in her mouth as Monica squeezed hard on the base of my cock. Still deeply kissing Monica, I caressed Chloe's ass and then slipped my hand between her legs to feel her wetness. As Monica held her breasts to my mouth, I slid my hand down her body, across her smooth stomach and through her public hair. I looked down and smiled at Chloe, who was gently licking my sagging cock, then closed my eyes and drew my tongue over Monica's pussy.

Strangers on a Train Ch. 06

group dreaddies 2018-01-01

Our under table escapades escalated for a few minutes longer—Sofia's foot finally encouraging the stiffness she was working so diligently at achieving and Yasmin's hand confidently lodged between Sofia's thighs underneath the short hem of her tight black dress. As we waited for the elevator, again an action that usually took seconds, but which now felt like an eternity, Sofia managed to unbutton Yasmin's skinny black jeans and slide her hand inside Yasmin's already soaked panties to reciprocate the fondling that was taking place as they continued to make-out like the high school kids they were when they last saw one another.


How I Became a SLUT! Ch. 02

group Sally1977 2018-01-01

But when I opened the door he was standing there looking at me and said he felt really bad and it was not right to keep this thing hidden from my husband. I tried to take Vinod's trouser off but he did allow me yet, he said "wait not yet, I want to play with your body a bit more." Mr Singh suddenly said "Oh Sally how I always dreamed to fuck you like this." "Only Santosh never allowed to touch you." And then Vinod suddenly said" Mr Singh that's enough, please let me fuck her also." And picked me up and put me on my hands and knees, and shoved his huge cock in my wet pussy.

The Amanda Story Ch. 05

group Craig88 2018-01-01

Amanda came up and licked Claire's chin and the two passionately snogged as I watched my cum swap around in their mouths, and run down their faces. I watched Claire's head bob up and down on my cock when Amanda walked back in the room wearing the 10 inch strap-on. Claire reached around and pulled her ass cheeks apart to allow Amanda to ease the strap-on into her pussy. "Craig", Claire looked up at me, "fuck me in the ass like you have done with Amanda, be careful, its my first time." When I was satisfied, I pulled Amanda's head away and pushed my cock back into Claire's sopping cunt. I watched amazed as Amanda started to lap away at my cum trickling from Claire's ass.

Bar Banged

group EaglesNyte 2018-01-01

good MILF cause the more you fight the harder I am going to make you cum.." whispering into my ear as his other hand reached under and found my clit that was now throbbing almost painfully....he flicked it - sending lightning bolt of sensations all through me, there was no denying this boy had full control of my body as my mind slipped off into an ecstasy I have never known, his hard young cock pumping me from the back, hitting me right to the very core. Tears started streaming from behind my blindfold I was taking it and god I was liking this too...again feeling the building of one hell of an orgasm coming on, but this felt different this was a feeling of being so full I was going to explode against it, my mind reeling with the sensations of being fucked so hard in so many places.


Late Night Out

group BrianTylerJr 2018-01-01

Well as the movie was playing, I started to ease my hand down to my girlfriends beautiful shaved, pierced pussy. As I start to rub and caress her sweet lips of her pussy, she says "watch your movie." I never listen, so I kept rubbing her pussy as she began to make little moans. As she was sucking my dick I look to my right and on the bed, there was my girlfriend rubbing her erect clit and fingering her beautiful pussy. I looked down at Terry as she looked up at me and I grabbed a handful of her hair and was pushing her mouth deeper on my dick making her deep throat it. I was about to shove my dick deep in her wet pussy; until she said fuck her in her ass.

Pool Party

group Rodwarrior 2018-01-01

I nestled myself against Kelly a little more and felt her breasts and nipples against my back and her crotch against my ass, almost as if she was fucking me, and then I felt my balls start to tighten and Marcy started over the top and Kelly let go with one hand and cupped my balls and felt them convulse and I was yelling uncontrollably with pleasure in unison with Marcy as Kelly backed away and I rammed myself into Marcy, tearing her blindfold off after a few seconds and looking into her eyes as we both rode our waves of pleasure until I collapsed against her and Kelly came over and loosened her so she could embrace me.

A Saturday of Cheerleader Pleasure Ch. 04

group mrsterygor 2018-01-01

The cheerleaders on the squad were Amber Goodman, Sheila Jokansky, Trisha Odanick, Holly Raymon, Katie Lorrance, Riley Preston, Kristen Torman, Lauren Bocher, Julie Crawford, Valerie Cranshaw, Nicole Dalemort, and, of course, Emma, Becca's best friend. As Emma tried to catch her breath, I moved my tongue back and forth, smiling as I licked the cum right off of her thighs and pussy lips. Sheila let out a loud scream as cum gushed out of her pussy, covering my mouth, her crotch, and her torn cheerleader panties. As she stimulated my cock with her boobs, I placed my right hand underneath her cheerleader panties and began to finger fuck her. I moaned as Valerie sucked on my cock, moving her right hand up and down my shaft as she played with it.


Gigi and Friends

group gigintony 2018-01-01

Bringing drinks for Gigi and me, Larry announced "We're gonna see a dress rehearsal, or should I say an undress rehearsal of Cheryl's dance routine for the amateur strip-off once everybody's gotten a drink." "Take a seat over by the pool table, everybody." Marlene instructed, "Cheryl's gonna dance over by the television where Chuck put up one of Tony's load locks for her to use as a dance-pole." "I owe it all to you and Tony." Cheryl said as she turned to face Gigi, "Without your encouragement, I'd have never had the balls to pull it off". Cheryl spread her legs and reaching down to hold Gigi's head, thrust her pelvis up, pushing her pussy even harder to my wife's mouth.


Mary Jane: Twentieth Class Reunion

group caprine 2018-01-01

As I did, a sound from behind me caused me to look up into the mirror and I found Sue Ellen's husband, Frank, standing in the open door to my room, a leering grin on his face and lust in his eyes. As I finished dressing, Sue Ellen popped her head into the room and, with a sardonic smile on her face, said, "Frank is getting the car, are you ready?" I took my time climbing in as it was a tight squeeze through the space, but also because as I bent over to do so, my very short skirt rode up and gave Frank an unobstructed view of my bare rear end and my naked pussy, fully exposed and open.


Taking One for the Team

group REDnMIST 2018-01-01

I met him at his place, we had a great conversation which we always do, some wines (yes wines as in plural) ,we fucked and no I didn’t see heaven but it was still good, we woke up and drank tea, I showered, we kissed each other goodbye and I did the proverbial walk of shame to my car still feeling like I have a wet ass. I heard a voice filter into the room “boy are you in there fucking!?” Michael responded with pleasure dripping from his lips, “Oh fuck yes.” I smiled and continued to enjoy Mr. Rock Hard.

Saturday Party

group lukeasbury 2018-01-01

After a few minutes of rubbing her clit from behind, feeling her get more and more swollen and wet, I unbuckled my pants, pulled out my now hard cock and slowly slid it into her tight sex. Since this is her favorite position and she was REALLY excited, it did not take long for her to reach a climax, in fact she came several times before I finally let go, her eyes fixed on his hard cock all the time. She said she loved having her head held and the feeling of his cock way down her throat, telling me "next time we'll have to do it from both ends".

Dreaming with Doctor D

group Sapphos Sister 2018-01-01

From inside the room I heard Isobel gasp as Armand entered her again. 'I want to ask her something but Isobel puts her finger to my lips to hush me. 'I smile at Armand, enjoying his attention, lower my face to Isobel's crotch and lap at her, almost delicately, like a deer sipping from a pond. All I want now is to experience the same pleasure that I am giving Isobel; and for that, I need Armand inside me. Pressing my forehead against Isobel's cunt, I look back between my legs and see him wetting his dark, heavy cock with saliva. yeah," I'm groaning from somewhere deep in my throat, my lips pressed hard again against Isobel's clit.


Blind Trust

group tucker20 2018-01-01

Clary wanted to reach out and grab some ass cheeks and pull the pussies into her mouth but she could not move her hands. She wanted to pump it dry and lick it clean, but she felt long, curly hair on her face and knew that Jennifer had the spurting cock in her mouth and would slurp the cock clean and dry. Clary had a quick thought that if she had known about Casey's cock at the party, should would have taken her to the parking lot and gotten fucked there, leaning over the hood of her BMW. The kissing mouth pulled away from her and Casey's pussy-taste dildo slid between Clary's lips and onto her tongue.


All For All

group Pissenlit 2018-01-01

I pulled out of Amy's arse and fed my rock-hard cock into her slippery cunt, while Annette positioned herself under me and began to suck my balls and lick my arsehole, her long tongue probing me as I fucked Amy. The other clips contained variations on this theme, one with a women taking multiple face-cream, another where a guy buggered 4 women, and Gary's favourite where the upper woman in a 69 was arse-fucked until the man pulled out, shot his come on to both her holes, and it slowly dripped down from the woman's arse and cunt and hard clit into the mouth of the woman who had been licking her.


Birthday Surprise Ch. 03

group Daringtotry 2018-01-01

With just the first couple of inches inside my mouth, I was able to swirl my tongue in a clockwise motion around the sensitive tip of Mark's penis. It was no mean feat taking a whole penis into your mouth, but I knew it would produce a mind-blowing, pleasurable experience for Mark. Ensuring that I took a deep breath, I opened my mouth as wide as possible and carefully fed Mark's cock into the back of my throat. Amongst all of this sexual pleasure giving, I had completely forgotten about Jo. A slight sound from outside the bathroom door drew my eyes away from the task in hand and towards the direction of the noise.

Fun on the Fourth Ch. 1

group LesbiansBrotherinlaw 2018-01-01

We all got pretty trashed, and Emily wound up passed out on her bed by 11 p.m. Brenda and I decided to take a walk to try and sober up a little bit. Brenda immediately started doing this, and shocked the other women with the size of her drawing. Emily lit another joint, and turned her stoned gaze onto one of Brenda's more flattering portraits of me. Brenda was still on her knees in front of me, and it was a simple thing for her to slide her mouth over my cock. "Not bad," she said quietly, "not bad at all." Brenda wrapped her lips around me again, and Emily watched intently.

Ibiza, Ibiza!

group realplay66 2018-01-01

I was lying naked on the bed and looked up to see that my husband had dropped his towel and was beckoning for the young man to do the same and drop his tight shorts. I could small the hot young body approach me and wanted to taste him. He pushed in deeper and I felt my husbands hand stroking my wet pussy, he gently started rubbing just the tip against my wanting pussy, teasing me... My husband got in place first, so that I could take his long and thick cock into my mouth, and then into my pussy came that lovely hot Spanish cock. Seeing this sticky outcome, my husband exploded too and filled my hot pussy with lovely creamy come.

Katie's Favors Ch. 05

group Faye_Skylark 2018-01-01

Later that night she blew and fucked both of them in the back alley behind said bar, and things got even crazier when Katie's friend Amber joined in for the fun of it. "So, it's settled, the guys have agreed to share the room with you girls for the rest of the trip, and Andy says it's cool too since we have so kindly offered our own room to people in need," began Greg. "Yeah, um, this way, there's a small cleaning closet room just here," said Andy, hurriedly finding a 'be right back' sign for his reception counter before leading Katie away down a narrow side corridor and into a room at the far end.


Fallen Woman: Reformed?

group JMaxwell69 2018-01-01

He had said that the conservative-looking brunette housewife before me, who had apparently been quite naughty, had agreed to this course of action. "Strip!" There was none of the flash of a strip club striptease, and that made it all the more titillating. "No. I don't." She said in a pathetic voice but without disguising her irritation at being made to play guessing games after being force-fed cum till she puked and then some. If it happens five times, I'll know things need to be taken up a notch for you to take this seriously and I'm going to reach into your cunt and punch you in the cervix." I said as I laid the rough wooden spoon on her clit and then slowly dragged it off.


Bukkake Club

group susurrus 2018-01-01

After a little bit, we broke and asked each other how our days were and that kind of thing, before retiring to the dining room, where Laura had already fixed supper. I'm so curious about this now, nothing short of my own death could keep me from finding out what this club is." He leaned in to me and whispered conspiratorially, "Especially after telling my wife I was going out to this thing on Saturday, and having her turn into some sort of sexual wild woman. Each night when I got home, Laura would be there for me at the door, and each day, she'd be dressed more and more provocatively (thank god we haven't decided about kids yet).