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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Hotel Threesome

group danexxx 2018-01-01

"Well, I'm not sure I could do it, but on the other hand, I would could be fun to have several cocks to play with and having them fuck you as long as you wanted" Pam said. Is there a TV in the bedroom?" Pam asked, slowly letting her hands play with her breasts. I got between her legs and Steve moved up so she could play and lick his cock, it was wet from her juices. She was still on the bed, enjoying the feeling of having had two horny serve her, slowly letting a finger play with the juices in her pussy and the other hand gently massaged the cum on her breasts.

Wait, What?

group nostranger2luv 2018-01-01

As we all climbed on, Chris said "Just so you don't get the wrong idea, Sara and I are not going to go down on each other or kiss or anything like that." Sara again attached my now raging hard cock with a fever as Chris lowered her pussy to my waiting lips. Sara turned around, faced the headboard as Chris mounted me slowly taking her time consuming me within her very snug and very wet pussy. Chris began licking my balls and it only took a couple minutes for me to fill Sara's mouth with my cum. "I think I can help too," Chris said as she came over after hearing this with a smile on her face.

My Honeymoon – Every Woman Should Have – Part 2 (F

group 2018-01-01

“so far only one, an elderly man like Vinod has touched me, he made me fist his long and thick cock but I am yet virgin, fuck me, push your cock in my cunt and you will yourself know what I am.” He increased speed and pushed harder & harder, some more time passed and I started feeling something which I never felt or experienced eyes got closed, I tightened him in my arms and thighs, my body, my hip started moving up and up and then I loosened completely…..I felt gush of hot liquid both flowing in and coming out of cunt. Like that I fucked them thrice each and when I was fucking Vinod in that position fourth time, I bend and began sucking cock of Sunil.

My First Apartment Ch. 5

group T@nman 2018-01-01

Frank thinks so too." Kathy pushed herself out of my arms, kissed me, got out of bed, and went upstairs. I haven't had a cock up my cunt for ten years." Lily scooted back onto the bed, spread her legs, and worked her well-lubricated finger into her pussy. I got up on my knees, put my hands under Lily's legs, lifted and spread them, and then began to pump my cock in and out of her pussy with long slow strokes. Kathy arranged herself as I buried my face and began to lick and suck her pussy lips. They traded off and once Kathy was sitting comfortably on my cock, Lily sat on my face.


Who Is this Woman I Married? Ch. 02

group deadeye_76 2018-01-01

Jenny, 34 years old, 5'4", 105 pounds, brown hair, blue eyes, Anne's former college roommate. I guess I missed all the signs at first, but now I knew that Anne had come home after telling Jenny that she would never leave me. I looked over at Jenny and she was leaning forward, her face buried in her hands, crying as Anne continued. I started feeling a little more light-headed than I thought I should have been and Jenny was also wobbly." At that point Jenny jumped up and rushed from the room, crying. It felt weird, but Jenny looked so defeated and lost that I couldn't believe it would be good to leave her alone.


Unexpected Phone Call

group jacksonfives 2018-01-01

I quickly said bye to Ashley and Jennifer took my right hand and slowly drew my index finger into her mouth. Jennifer was oblivious to Ashley at the door and kept screaming that she wanted me to cum in her tight ass. I began to stroke it for all it was worth and could see Jennifer's tongue sucking in Ashley's pussy juice. Jennifer's ass was sticking up in the air so I stroke my dick quickly and then released a long rope of cum that sprayed onto her ass. I crawled onto the bed and dove into her glistening pussy as Ashley called for Jennifer to sit on her face. The third rope landed across Jen's tits and Ashley grabbed my dick in her hand to suck down the rest into her throat.

Threeway Bonding Ch. 01

group LeslieEmerson 2018-01-01

Suddenly, visions of the evening I had originally planned conjured up: Lipstick residue all over Mark's body, lip prints on his firm chest, streaks of red on his hardening cock, second-hand smears all over my breasts, left behind by his stained lips. Taking one last stab at subtlety I put my head on his shoulder, looked into his eyes, and said: "Mark, have you ever had a threesome?" I stayed where I was, watching them for some sign of breaking, but when it began to look like he was having more fun with Jenny feelings of betrayal washed over me. As Mark played with my breasts I noticed Jenny stand up and begin undoing her dress.


A Day At Work, Then The Cabin! Ch. 03

group TongueDocAtWork 2018-01-01

I let my mind race back and it rested on the vision of Sally on all fours with George behind her working his hard cock up between her ass cheeks. “I know you’re going to love my ass Ben. I know George did!” she said as she pushed back, allowing my cock head to pop into her waiting asshole. “Oh Ben your cock feels sooo good in my ass!” Sally managed to say. George lathered my cock and balls up and slipped his hand between my legs. I felt a soft hand caress my face and then she said, “Open your mouth baby, I know you want it.” I recognized Angel’s voice.


At Work

group mrklin 2018-01-01

His body slowly moved forward, slipping the entire length of his swollen cock deep inside his freshly fucked wife in one smooth stroke. Lisa opened her eyes and looked back up at her husband as her hips slowly writhed beneath him, creating gentle pressure between her throbbing clitoris and the base of the swollen member. "CUM!" Lisa screamed as she felt Matt's cock expand deep within her heaving body, stretching the very entrance to her spasming pussy. Lisa hissed through clenched teeth as his rigid cock split her labia and slowly slid deep inside her. Nathan suddenly jumped, his cock pulling free, causing Lisa to look around behind her, and straight into the eyes of her boss.


Our First Time Sharing in Cabo Ch. 07

group wifewatchingdreams 2018-01-01

I told her I probably couldn't, but I'd try, and she reminded me that because of all of the activities that have gone on, she hasn't been able to work out like normal so she wanted to make sure we got to the gym. Come to find out, not a lot of details, but Jackie had definitely saved some for Brian and Joe. Evidently, they went back to their own rooms, but when they realized that they were the only two couples not swapping, Sarah texted Jackie with a simple text, "Swap?" So, after fucking their own husbands, they switched rooms for the night. I said I understood and that I think I'd play some volleyball with Brian, Jack and Joe.


Fuck Mobile

group 2018-01-01

“Make his asshole bleed.” He climbed into the back of the van with us, his long cock standing out in front of him and got on the side of the Hispanic guy and started rubbing his ass, slapping his cheeks and pushing him to f***e his cock deeper into my hole. The Hispanic guy was mesmerized, watching Gary slam his big dick in and out of my ass and I felt his cock slowly starting to grow hard in my mouth. Ron buried his cock in my guts and I felt another load of juice squirting into my ass at the same time that the Hispanic guy loosed another steady gusher of cum down my throat.

A Night at the Theatre

group The Archer 2018-01-01

Kathy began to gyrate against the thick cock in her cunt, groaning as she deep-throated the other man. He positioned the head of his cock against Kathy's tight ass, as she spread her cheeks, opening her asshole slightly. "YES, GIVE ME MORE COCK, FUCK ME SENSELESS, USE MY WHORES BODY, ABUSE THIS SLUT," Kathy shouted at the men. They then began to alternate rhythms, she would grind her pussy down over one cock and the man fucking her ass would pull out slightly, and vice versa. At one stage the man fucking her ass pulled out and forced his cock into Kathy's cunt so they were both banging her cunt at the same time stretching it wide before ramming it back into her ass again.


Apartment Complex Stories Ch. 3

group lifesaver 2018-01-01

The door opened a crack and he saw Krista, dressed only in bra and panties. Krista squealed with delight as Rick slowly started to tongue her pussy. Krista started to squirm below him, moaning, his hands cupping her ass, pulling her body up to him. The once closed door is now open; Rick turns his head and sees Kelli’s, bra now gone, with her hand inside her panties. Krista started to buck her hips, needing to feel his tongue against her; pushing her pussy roughly against his mouth. Rick moved up, straddling Krista, licked his fingers and started to massage Kelli’s asshole. Rick reached behind him and, while his cock plunged in and out of Kelli’s ass, he started to finger Krista’s pussy.

just good friends??

group chive5 2018-01-01

We watch a porn dvd which involves a huge breasted woman sucking and fucking with two massive cocked men,you notice that we are both erect again and reach over each side and start to wank us slowly as we watch the film,after a while you tell us to take off our gowns and stand up,one each side of you,then take hold of both of our diucks and start to wank and suck us alternately,you can tell by the throbbing how much i am enjoying it as i look down to see your bulging tits and fleshy thighs as you stretch your mouth wide and push us both in your mouth at the same time,you sense we are about to come and so release us from your mouth and wank them hard at the same time about two inches from your face,you groan as our hosts cum lands on your neck and chin,splattering you with spunk,seconds later i erupt and shoot my come right into your mouth,coating your tongue with my thick warm creamy spunk,at the same time you push your fingers into your soaking knickers and squeeze your clit and have a shuddering orgasm as you lick the rest of the spunk off our softening cocks.

Birthday Surprise

group wife2hotblk 2018-01-01

I looked back to the make-shift dance floor where Bev and her entourage of young men had now been joined by our host and hostess, who were dancing so closely that he was now sporting a completely erect cock. I, on the other hand, had reminded fully clothed in my typical little black dress that I used for everything from the occasional dinner date to formal school functions to the rare girl's night clubbing with Bev. His full lips once more brushing tenderly across my own, 'You are amazing.' Looking over at the crowd in the door way, 'I definitely want seconds tonight,' he smiled, 'and probably thirds.'


An Unplanned Overnight Stay - Chapter 5

group Carlanna 2018-01-01

Seeing that I was now in position beneath Ilke’s pussy Carl said, “Open your legs wide Ilke and lower yourself onto Anna’s mouth.” She complied immediately lowering herself until I could lick her pussy as I lay there with my head resting comfortably on the bed. As she did so I saw Andy walk to the head of the bed and climb across the pillows, he slid his legs between Ilke’s wide spread arms and slithered down until his hard cock came in range of her eager mouth, she engulfed the entire cock in one swallow leaving his balls resting on her chin.

Double Dipped

group The Winter Kiss 2018-01-01

Mason and Amanda had been planning on retreating to her parents' lake house for two weeks as soon as finals were over and they both knew that some time in a fresh environment for a weekend would give Bryce some time to calm down. "Bryce just wanted to see your hot girlfriend in the buff," Amanda told Mason flirtatiously. Mason watched in both excitement and amazement as his girlfriend kissed Bryce lustfully, her tongue entering his mouth as her pussy grinded against his hard cock. As each of their bodies settled down, they fell into position: Bryce with his cock against her pussy, Mason's cock against her ass, and Amanda between her two lovers.

Share, Dare or Bare Ch. 03

group Horowitz 2018-01-01

The erotic tableau presented by her husband and best friend deeply and passionately entwined startled her, causing her to hesitate a moment longer than she would have wanted with the head of Jules's cock dangerously resting at her opening. Jules' hands were on her ass and although he wanted to drive himself into her depths, he wisely resisted the temptation of trying to pull her down onto his cock. His hands followed her ass down as she pushed forward against him feeling as the heat from his hardness, having gained unimpeded entry, wasted no time in filling her gaping desire. Jules felt his cock sliding deeper, driving the tender head forward, reaching up to find release.


Football Star

group zimabean 2018-01-01

"Yeah dad, mom has a tight pussy just like you said. "Sure son, any time you want to fuck mom you just go ahead." Clyde said. "That's good son, fuck that cunt!" My husband said. "I dropped a big load inside your mom Bill, now my dad is getting ready to drain his balls inside her too!" Mark said. I started licking her pussy, sucking all of my son's and husband's cum from her and he did the same for me. Then Tom said "Watch this" And he came over and stuck his cock in my mouth, then in Rita's cunt, then back in my mouth, then he nutted inside and on the outside of Rita's cunt.

Chad Joins the Bikers

group Randy4Sure 2018-01-01

The young girl jumped on the back of Axle's bike and Chad swung in behind the other nine bikers as they headed north up the highway. The girl immediately sank to her knees and pulled his rapidly swelling cock out of his jockeys and took it deep into her mouth and began to suck. "Go ahead," he said and Chad slipped his cock into the girl's wet stretched snatch and began to hump deep into her. Without looking at him Valerie got up from her knees and went into the shower facilities while Chad crawled back into the still warm sleeping bag.

A New Friendship - Final

group Jaywesal 2018-01-01

Looking up at me Jan let the cock pop out from between her lips and said, "Damn Stan it IS uncircumcised!" With that she pulled the foreskin down and her tongue began to dance around the head, my cock growing with each lick. Jerry could only sit and watch the scene before him...Stan's cock slamming in and out of Jan...Val jacking her off...her pussy pressed tight to Jan's mouth... Watching this Val licked her finger and spreading his ass cheeks she pushed against his tight she buried her finger deep in him she could feel the throbbing of his cock completely emptying into Jan. Her finger went deep into his tight puckered hole and began finger fucking him.


Saying Stay Ch. 02

group LingerieRobot 2018-01-01

"Like I said, you should have got those tests." Grumbling, I searched through the assortment of smut, sex toys and rare non-pornographic items that littered the nightstand until I found a big box of condoms, one of which I quickly applied to my erection. Julia leaned back on the bed while thrusting her hips in the air, her body seeming to be just an extension of the motion of my cock. "You like that, eh?" I said, trying to keep a shit-eating grin off my face as I thrust into her quivering cunt. It's like, I'd spent the past three years watching porn every night, but I had never thought that kind of thing could happen on the other side of the screen.


Game of Phones

group Vaginalpuppetry 2018-01-01

Megan was a close friend of Charlotte's, and also the recent wife of Sawyer's best friend James. Charlotte was doing most of the talking, I believe the exact words she used were 'I swear if I ever find myself alone with James I am going to seduce him, you can't keep teasing me with stories and photos and not expect me to jump him at the first opportunity.' And then Megan laughed and said something like 'I think that would be super hot, sneaking up and watching through a window while you get plowed by my husband. "Wait, so you just found out today, like a couple of hours ago, that Megan and Charlotte are okay with boy swapping or whatever you call it, and you've already started coming up with schemes to make it happen?"


My Mate and His Mom – Episode 2

group daviea9 2018-01-01

“What are you doing?” I asked “I’m just looking to see what she has in the way of sexy undies or nighties in case we fancy wearing some.” I remarked that she might well object if we did that but he said that as she didn’t seem to mind us sl**ping together he doubted she would. Jean was watching me intensely staring at my face and at the pleasure reflected there and as she felt me start to cum she increased the frequency of her thrusts and said “don’t hold back, I want to feel your spunk spurt inside my pussy and slap against the back of my womb.”