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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A crazy night in Singapore

group urpussysucker 2018-01-01

I asked if she had any and said no, she was not expecting an evening like this, but we could do other things. When some urine started to come out, I could not resist anymore and I pushed my face between her legs trying to taste her golden honey. I asked her if she was ok and she said yeah but it was crazy that it turned her on big time and that she felt empowered. I started back to work on her clitoris and put my index in her pussy and my middle finger in her ass. The second time she came, I could feel her pussy and anus muscles contracting multiples times on my fingers.

A Frustrated Wife Ch. 04

group skadoo 2018-01-01

The attention her breasts are receiving from her friend and the attention her pussy is getting from Mike's tongue and fingering skills are causing the married blonde vixen to moan and pant uncontrollably. Faster and faster, deeper and deeper Mike's fingers plunge inside of Stacy as the tongues of two people lick and suck upon her pussy lips, causing the married blonde to grasp the bed comforter tightly in her hands as her breathing becomes labored. Serena begins to run her tongue over the clit in a circular motion, this brings one of Stacy's hands to rest on the top of her pornstar friend's head pushing Serena's mouth harder into her clit.


Missy Ch. 02

group Lionheart72 2018-01-01

Missy lowered her head and started to lick and suck on Julie's nipples, while her hands moved to push Julie's panties down off her hips. Missy leaned forward, wrapping her hands around my fiancée's ass, and lowered her face between Julie's legs. Taking my shaft in my hand, I leaned forward and started to rub the head of my dick across Missy's pussy. As I did, I watched Julie twisting her hands in Missy's hair, holding the petite blonde's face firmly against her pussy. Holding her firmly, I guided her hand down Missy's belly to the wet tangle of her pussy. I pulled my hand away, using my fingers to hold Missy's pussy open and allowing Julie to explore it on her own.

A Night On The Town

group Oregonian 2018-01-01

My hand slides forward and brushes your inner thigh as I pull your head back for a deep kiss of your red lips and then exposed, upturned neck. One set of hands helps slide your shirt off your head, while the other takes advantage of your temporarily bound, up-stretched arms to pull the cups of your bra to one side and aggressively grab your supple breasts in each hand, sucking your exposed nipples into his mouth. As you arch your back further and push into my tongue, you feel my hand grab your ass and my fingers brush your tight asshole as I squeeze and spread your soft cheeks to better get at your honey.

Unexpected threesome

group 2018-01-01

Obviously looking for a bit of privacy, the older guy was bent over fiddling in his rucksack and then took out a cam and walked over to a tripod I hadn't spotted and then began to spin it around . The action continued in this manner for some time and then it was the old guys turn , she unmounted cowgirl and then as though 69 she began to finish the guy laid down in her mouth but rather than the guy eating her out the older guy had moved to take her doggy whil the guy on the rock laid with his face inches from the penetration. She fucking loved that old guys cock and the joy in her face as she took him hard from behind was something I will remember, the guy laid down eventually came over her tits as she wanked and sucked him.


He's Very Big and Very Tight

group libidinal 2018-01-01

“Now watch me lick something else,” I said, suddenly getting Steve to turn over on his stomach as I spread apart his cheeks, exposing his asshole, making sure Annie had herself a good look of the puckered sphincter. So I pulled my face away from Steve’s bottom and turned around to face Annie, spreading my legs wide, the two of us now just fingering our own pussies as Steve watched, fisting his shaft. “You know anytime you feel like joining us a little more intimately, having a taste of Steve, or me, whatever, just jump right in,” I told Annie, seeing her excitement build.



group 2018-01-01

one!" Alicia then opened her robe and let Alex feast on her already wet vagina, her mind drifting Dan and Donna O'Brian were sitting as usual, alone at a table way at the rear of the lunch room. stepped in and said, "Look at me, Dan, I have the body of a woman, with a young vagina that Alicia commented that the Donna's mother certainly had good taste in decorating, as it looked like Donna's hot slit, and said, "She really gets wet doesn't she, leaks like a drippy faucet!" Dan "Yeah," replied Dan, "Alicia needs it too, am I right, girl???" "Fucking stop talking and do me," looked over at the older boy, and taking his cue, did the same to Donna, getting his cock head up

Black Lucky men in lanzarotte part 1

group cheakyboy 2018-01-01

My wife and i took turns in carrying our video cam bag which was fairly small by modern day standards but still a decent size bag with all its stuff with it , oboh offered to carry it but there was no way i was gunna let him , no offence but he looked like a hundred metre sprinter and some of videos we took already had my mrs taking my cock up her arse and cumming in a big way .

Angels Who Called Me Snowballs

group onwardbob 2018-01-01

When Cindy stopped laughing, and sounding like she meant it, she said "Last chance Dana darling, agree to sleep with me...or, I tell Bob you're dirty little fantasy! Fuck the snow, come on lets give it a try!" Turning her suggestion in to a dare, she challenged "So yeah, who's got balls big enough to join me," reminding us "Anyway, the damn things only a couple of feet from the door anyway!" She was right too; Chuck's Jacuzzi sits on the patio between two wings of the house, so it's mostly protected from the wind.


The Handyman

group Gindrinker 2018-01-01

She was torn: part of her wished she had never suggested contacting this man; it felt like one of those invitations you send out to your neighbour for a barbecue and then regret the fact you are going to have to make polite chitchat with someone who you have nothing in common with; however a much deeper part of her was terribly excited: the thought of her body exciting another man, seeing his cock get hard just from looking at her, acting like a slut for the first time, having her body used, filled and fulfilled. "I think she needs some more cock now Adam." Paula slid her pussy away from Julia's mouth and grabbed his semi hard cock.


Mark's Accident

group SierraSprite 2018-01-01

But early every morning when Debbie appeared before going to work, Mark still stared silently at her showing no signs of recognition and uttering no words to her or to any of the medical staff. On the fourth morning, the doctor appeared with another person and introduced her as the staff psychologist, Ms. Anderson, who said, "I know you are concerned, but patients with Mark's type of injury frequently do not regain speech for a while, sometimes a month or more. On his second day back at home, Mark got out of bed, pulled on his workout shorts and went down to the gym in the basement. Sheila responded, "We wanted to talk to you about Mark coming back to school.

Happy Endings

group HenryGatewood 2018-01-01

Ren watched her go with a thoughtful look on her face, smiled nervously at Myr and then busied herself with a cloth, redundantly wiping the already-gleaming surfaces beneath the large mirror. The room beyond was lit only a little more brightly than the corridor, but now her eyes had adjusted Myr could see Ren's face as she watched, intently, whatever was happening behind the door. "Watch," she whispered, turning Ren's face gently back towards the room, where the man - Harvey, presumably - was still fucking Kerry into a state of senseless moaning.


Christmas Cheats

group emmakaufmann 2018-01-01

"Hey, I'm cold too," Mike said, zoning in on the other breast, but she batted his hand away like a fly that was irritating her. This time, when Mike shoved his hand up her dress she just lay back and opened her legs a little. Flicking my tongue against the nipple I felt the motion of the cab, heard her whisper 'yes, yes,' as Mike moved his hand under her skirt. "I don't know." I said, looking over at Mark who had half closed his eyes and was trailing his hand along his erection, clearly visible in his trousers. "I suppose that's one way of keeping him quiet," said Agnes as he shoved his tongue into my pussy and a sensation like molten caramel liquefied me.

My wife shows me who I am.

group tim_likes 2018-01-01

I walked to the bedroom door and seen a older Mexican guy laying in my bed and my wife sucking his cock. I stood at the door watching for a minute then he started telling her how good she could suck his cock and I walked in the room and sat down in the chair in the corner and pulled out my dick and started stroking my dick. He looked over at me and said "look at your sissy ass wishing you could suck on my cock" I just sat there with my dick hard as a rock watching my wife be a slut. My wife turned to him and said "go ahead fuck that ass" He pulled out of her then got behind me and rubbed the head of his dick around my asshole.

Mike, Robin, & Me Ch. 02

group wileycoyote035 2018-01-01

"Uh, fellas," Robin says, "you're not the only ones who got excited." We look over at the same time and notice that Robin has one finger inserted in her pussy as her other hand toys with her clit. I see her stroking Mike under the water, his cock hard under her manipulating hand. I feel Mike's cock jump and see that Robin has her hand up under his balls. "Are you ready, Mikey," she whispers, "We're going to make you cum." I feel Mike's cock jerk when she says cum. Mike's legs begin to shake as we double-team him, me stroking his cock and Robin stroking her finger in his ass. I sense Robin removing her finger from his ass, and feel her grab my hand.

Test Drive

group jeninflorida 2018-01-01

I walk over to the family room and in a sexy way ask, "So honey, I think it's time for a new car. He shook my husbands hand and told us his name was Tom. We were upfront with him and told him not to play the "Car Salesperson Game" for we will walk. I was interested in the Murano but Tom didn't care he took us to the car that Mike wanted to see. Andy didn't flinch or say anything, she just started talking about the SUV and why she liked working at the car dealership. My body craved to have him in me and as we drove home, I started to fantasies about watching Mike undress and seeing him aroused. Knowing that Mike watched Andy's and myself playing in the back seat.

Poll Dancing

group nicoloco 2018-01-01

Billie was more than Alvie's assistant, she was also the lube girl, in charge of getting Sarah's shitter cleaned out and working in a dose of sex gel. I know it's a business and these people are actors, but it was also real sex and Sarah was getting into it. I know us girls aren't supposed to be as visual as guys, but damn, I had a dugout view of some raw, steamy sex and it was getting to me. I should have been beet red and running away, but instead I was chatting about poles with a guy twice my age who paid people to fuck on camera.


Fun with a Married Couple

group ryan5242548 2018-01-01

He said he was looking for a guy who wanted to have his cock sucked by his wife while he fucked her. She knelt between my legs and then looked up into my eyes as she slowly took my cock deep in her sexy mouth. She leaned over and started sucking my cock again as John spread her legs apart and knelt between them. Fuck my pussy while I suck Ryan's big hard cock." She took my cock deep in her mouth again as John began to pound her tight pussy with his cock. I could tell John was getting close to by the way he was breathing and slamming his cock in and out of Amy's pussy.

sex d**gs and a threesome

group rocliff69 2018-01-01

Jane had quit swimming laps and was at the edge of the pool and asking John who his new friend was and then she got out and I introduced myself and shook her hand, and got a good look at her body which was very nice, big tits tight butt flat stomach and puffy pouty lips that just looked made for sucking dick! Before long we were all in the bed and i had made my way down to Janes pussy and was enjoying using my mouth on her sweetness, She was on her back with her legs spread for me and i was laying not next to her but like 3:00 with me being the hour hand and her the minute hand and she was stroking my cock while sucking Johns as I ate her pussy.

Pool Fun Ch. 3

group MsGoldenGirl 2018-01-01

John had just emptied his load into Amber for what seemed like the hundredth time when they were interrupted by Liz. Liz was licking Ambers bellybutton when she felt John's hands on her ass. Amber leaned into her sister and began to lick Liz's waiting clit. Amber never left Liz's wet pussy as Liz inserted John's cock in her empty ass. Liz was violently fucking Amber's fingers and John's cock all at the same time. Amber began to pump her hand at the pace her sister had set and began to lick her way over to John's balls. As John finished coming Liz pulled up so that John's cock came out of her ass and his last shot of cum went all over Amber's face.

Jim & Heather's Party

group BillnLynn03 2018-01-01

Though Jim was talking with me, I couldn't help but catch a glimpse of Heather's ass as she led Mary and Jenny down the hall. About that time, Bob said something to Heather and she took her place beside Sheryl and started to masturbate. "Hey guys, take a look at this pussy." Bob said as he ran his hand over Heather's ass. I had almost stopped fucking Jenny as I watched as Jim put the tip of his cock on Mary's asshole. Once I was drained, Mary and Jenny started to kiss and lick my cum off each other's faces.

I Did Bukkake One Last Time

group 2018-01-01

After a while, they changed positions and one went doggy style while the other girl got under him to lick his cock and balls as it went in and out of the first girl's pussy. While we were kissing I started to put my hand up under Lisa's dress to get to her pussy, she was really wet, all of this was really turning her on. It wasn't too long and the first of the men went up to Lisa and came on her face letting the excess cum drip into the bowl. I made my way up by Lisa so I could suck the cocks clean, this made even more of the men start to cum.

So Many Poles, So Many Holes!

group dirtyjoe69 2018-01-01

To our left Chuck and his wife Anna were grinding up a storm with Pete, Gary and their wives Jill and Sissy right beside them. "Jill," he asked Pete's wife, "have you ever had a cock in your pussy and one in your ass at the same time?" Jill's eyes bugged out of her head and she went silent. Since Jill refused to answer it was still Gary's turn so he decided to ask Chuck's wife Anna truth or dare. My wife took my cock in her ass and Gary's huge tool in her cunt while at the same time she was eating Sissy's pussy.

Jennifer Too Pt. 03

group ofloveandlust 2018-01-01

I don't know if I am weird or what but I liked talking to the new woman almost as much as I enjoyed our playtime. They are all modeling so that they can break into acting, your whole casual elegant look, all you have to do is say you are producing a new vehicle for pick-a-star and they will be on their knees before you can drop your shorts." Jenny would join me some days sunbathing nude beside me until I took her inside to make love to her. Jenny had been over and I had walked her home as usual and Jennifer met me not in the living room but was instead sitting in my den.