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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Transformation Ch. 01

group twoup 2018-01-01

You know how hot working out gets me....I promise to be good when we get back home," said Jessica now rubbing her hands across Alan's chest before reaching down and grabbing Alan by his cock. Jessica couldn't believe what she was seeing and then it dawned upon her that she was standing there staring at this guy her mouth ajar her eyes wide open and that was just the outward visible signs inside she was tingling blood moving rapidly to her sexual organs. Jessica tried to get Alan to have sex with her but he just wanted to watch the world cup football so Jessica went to bed yet again unfulfilled left to play with her pussy thinking of big Brad.


Bahamian Heat

group shadowfaxracer 2018-01-01

I could feel my cock getting hard just watching Sammy's black hand's touching my wife's white skin. Immediately I saw Eve's body react to the touch of Sammy's large black hands in her pubic region. Eve moved her body around so I could watch Sammy's hand groping her cunt while I sat in the captain's seat. I kept sucking on Eve's clit even when I saw Sammy's huge black cock addressing Eve's cunt. I watched how with each thrust Sammy's cock went deeper in Eve's now stretched cunt. Sammy let go of my head and instantly started to mount Eve. Ray started looking at me in a way I knew was not going to be good for me.

Happy Birthday Pussy Test

group bee-ess 2018-01-01

I left Neera when she stopped fighting and then walked across to Minu and caught her by her ponytail and said “Minu. Minu walked to Tara and said, “Happy Birthday sister,” and kissed her on her cheeks. I pushed Minu back on the couch and asked Tara, “ Hold this bitch down while I suck her nipples.” Minu started to cry, “After yesterday’s fuck, my cunt is wide open. Minu quickly said, “Darling, I loved your fucking. After about five minutes of finger fucking Neera I stopped and asked her to get up and come to the next room. I took aim at the pussy mouth and slowly inserted the tip of the dildo cock into her open cunt.


Love My Job!!

group zimabean 2018-01-01

My buddy was getting married so me and him and two other friends were able to hitch a ride on one of these deadhead flights to an airport near Las Vegas for his bachlor party. I have always liked fucking married women, there is just someting about dumping a load deep in another man's pussy. I immediatly removed my clothes and jumped on top of her and pushed my cock deep into her fine pussy. It took me a minute to get her to orgasim hard and another minute later I was blowing a huge load deep inside her filling her married womb full of my cock sauce.

Good Girl vs. Slut Ch. 12

group HiddenDevil_ 2018-01-01

The petite cheerleader couldn't help noticing that every pair of male eyes locked onto the two of them as they walked, attracted first to the sight of the leggy blonde, her massive tits bobbing, and then lingering on the dainty, cute little brunette following closely behind, wearing a short dress that made every one of their cocks hard just thinking about the body beneath it. The petite cheerleader couldn't help blushing as she felt two pairs of eyes hungrily take in the sight of her; barely five feet tall, with the cute face and pouty lips of an innocent eighteen-year-old, in a dress that showed off her perky tits and stopped near the tops of her thighs, and tightly hugged every inch of her dainty, slender body.


Fast Food Reunion

group Steve Orshon 2018-01-01

I wasn't terribly surprised when Judy had me stop right in front of Sheryl's house, thinking that she would want to talk or something, but then she opened the car door and asked if I was coming. I was easily ahead since I still wore my pants and I figured that if the girls were going to chicken out, now would be the time, especially if Sheryl lost next since she was looking both nervous and excited. The next hand was lost by Sheryl who looked like she was ready to run and hide, but ever the trooper mimicked Judy's proud display, and pulled her bra off as Judy and I gazed at her. As she had with me, Judy slowly worked her way down Sheryl's chest stopping briefly at each nipple before kissing further down.


The Darker Side Ch. 01

group dark_poet43 2018-01-01

Damien, you're looking for sexual undertones where there are none- not as deeply as you are going, anyways." Casey did not back down from his stare, as much as it made her blood curdle. She roughly shook the hand off, then turned around to look up at Damien's laughing face. Damien made a sharp left turn, and just as Casey was about to round the corner, she caught a brief glimpse of something from a small room across the hall. Damien smiled down on her, like how God would look lovingly down on one of his angels, and lifted his hand to stroke Saundra's cheek. Damien then turned to Casey, smiling in a friendly manner, and gestured toward the sectional.

Pregnant Threesome

group biggshow13 2018-01-01

She wrapped her legs around my waist, and I moved inside of her slowly, wanting to savor the feelings running through my cock. My cock popped free of Jennifer's wet pussy, and I saw his eyes dart to it, and then widen. I laughed, and saw Michael's eyes drop to my still hard cock again. Jennifer was watching us in amazement, and as I moaned softly, she smiled, remembering it had always been a fantasy to be with a man and woman at the same time. It wasn't long before Michael moaned heavily, and his cock tensed in my mouth. With a last, desperate thrust, I shot the first load into Michael's ass, and watched as his own cock shot again, without ever having been touched.

First of Many

group melodytokis 2018-01-01

Randy and TJ grin and get Melody to a recently emptied blanket on the floor. Randy pushes his hips forward sliding his cock into her young wet mouth. Melody is distracted, focused on the cock in her mouth. Melody's eyes come up and she gives off a muffled scream around the dick in her mouth. Randy has a hand in her hair guiding his cock in and out of her mouth. Randy keeps fucking her mouth and TJ pounding her pussy. Melody screams with a mouth full of cock. Randy takes ahold of Melody's ass parting it. Melody moans and whines around the cock in her mouth. Melody moans feeling the hot cum filling her ass.

Urban Myth

group girt 2018-01-01

When I came in, I had noticed what I thought were black circles painted on the walls, but now that I looked closer, I could see that they were actually holes, with what looked like felt curtains behind them. His manhood was filling my mouth, as I moved my head gently forwards and back, but I imagined that I could feel droplets of my juices dropping from my yearning cunt onto the cock that was brushing against it, so insistently. As the prick at my front end was thrust forward, driving its way into my mouth and throat, I was forced backwards, only to feel the cock up my arse go deeper into me, and then I would be slammed forward as the dick fucking me reached the end of its forward lunge.


Amy's Vacation

group craigool 2018-01-01

Greg reached up under Amy's dress to pull off her panties, and then Ellen smothered me in a kiss while Betsy ripped off my pants and underwear. Greg and Amy had switched to doggy style to watch us, Ellen riding above me with her soft body, taking my boner deep inside her with every thrust of her hips, Betsy riding my tongue with her wet pussy, kissing Ellen as she rubbed Ellen's soft boobs. I stripped, stroked myself hard (which was not too difficult, watching Amy eat Betsy's dark gash, her pussy gushing like she'd struck oil!) and plowed into Ellen's soft, slick channel.


Mission Beach Ch. 01

group SixtyMinuteMan 2018-01-01

I picked Marie up over my shoulder, which caused both girls to laugh and scream, then as I started toward the bedroom turned back and looked at Heather. Nice body, pretty if somewhat tired and harried-looking face, hole for a nose-ring, red-brown hair worn just on the edge of mussed-up, short black skirt and white shirt a bit rumpled, black vest with only one button done, she looked like she'd just rolled out of bed, probably hung over, to come to work.


jacuzzi at the gym

group divedog1960 2018-01-01

pushed down onto his bed then him climbing on top of me and kissing and pressing his body onto mine as i am pulling his has into me and pulling his ass wide open he is humping me and burring his tongue down my throat again and then sucking on my neck and ear area while i am telling him that drives me wild and gets me so horny not to stop...

Who would have thought

group smooooothone 2017-12-31

The next thing I know we are in her bedroom and naked on her bed when she suggests we shower together which we did and that by itself was something I had never done before but after washing each other she just gently pushed my head down and said please lick my pussy which I did and it was something I couldn't get enough of as it must have been 10 minutes of me licking and sucking her clit and putting my fingers in her when finally she shut off the water and let me to the bed where she sucked on my cock till I came in her mouth and then she lie down on the bed and said suck my pussy again and in the back of my mind I am thinking how my cock went soft and will it get hard again.

Case of the Lost Drone Ch. 03

group WifeWatchman 2017-12-31

"Your biggest problem is likely going to be State Senator Maxine Watts." said Mike. "Inspector Troy," said State Senator Richard Langdon (D), who I hadn't seen in a long time, "first of all, I believe I speak for everyone in saying how happy we were that your daughter avoided being killed, and we are in admiration of your Police Captain's actions in saving her. His reverie was broken by a voice: "Sir," said his assistant, a pretty young woman who could suck a golf ball through a garden hose, and practiced on Senatorial cock quite often, "the Cannon Building says they'll put security in place for you to look at the penthouse office suite tonight."


We Go Deeper With the "Club" Ch. 01

group syn4321 2017-12-31

So to that end, since Louise and Jerome were both pretty horny people, for the next five or six weeks, they were more or less fucking up a storm-marathon sex sessions once or twice a day at Louise's dorm room, frequently with me joining in in my new cuckold capacity and often with Louise's roommate, Lynne, and her boyfriend Brad watching as well. It was only a few minutes into him and Louise making out when Jerome ordered me to pull down my pants and show everyone my small five inch erection and how throbbing it was, and then, I think quite spontaneously, he told me firmly: "Tim, get down and present your ass for me now, please." I did as I was told, and with but a bit of lube, I was soon getting the fucking of a lifetime.

MMF - BI -

group maturemancock 2017-12-31

As he stood against the units giving us all the talk, Donna looked at me in her knowing way and I knew that this was the day she wanted me to do what she’d asked. Holding his cock between my two fingers I pulled back his foreskin and licked his helmet, slipping his small cock into my mouth I began to toss him off with a steady rhythm, giving his eye a lick on every stroke, he was rubbing Donna closer and closer to her climax as her thighs were parted I could hear her wetness as loud as her groaning.

Missy Part III

group taboo_daddy 2017-12-31

“MMMM what you are looking for Ben?” Missy moaned and slid a hand inside her bikini, her pussy was soaked. MMMM Wyatt, why don’t you do me in the ass while Ben fucks my pussy.” Wyatt took a few more minutes but eventually pulled free of Missy’s wet hole. Alec watched from the house as his friend took position behind Missy and look on her face when he pushed his cock up her ass. “MMMMM baby boy I can never get enough of that huge fucking prick of yours.” Even their two cocks at the same time couldn’t make Missy scream the way Alec’s monster did as he plunged his way into her womb.

Anna Ch. 01

group amani195 2017-12-31

Anna and I tried hard to convince her that it really wasn't a big deal: we'd enjoyed her company and had a good evening of music, food and wine with her. Julie opened her eyes, looked at Anna then over to me, smiled and shut her eyes again. Once the shirt was open, Anna stroked Julie's chest, between her breasts down to her belly. Anna unfastened Julie's bra and let it fall open, revealing both breasts. As Anna began to kiss Julie's chest, moving inevitably towards her breasts, I tugged her jeans slowly. I saw Julie completely naked for the first time, looking very flushed, with red marks on her breasts where Anna had been doing her work.

The Long Lap Dance

group rogereyes 2017-12-31

Her free hand grabs the back of my head and pushes my face into her wet snatch so hard that it hurts my nose. It didn't matter because I wouldn't be able to even think about that until much later, right now the only thing that mattered was the feeling of a wet pussy grinding my cock, and the tits on either side of my face. Then I noticed that the girl that suggested the lap dance, Laurie was sitting in a chair legs spread with her hand in her panties, but it wasn't me she was looking at, it was my girl's ass that still was rocking slightly back and forth with the aftershocks of the orgasm that she had just had.


Jenn's New Job Ch. 04

group marquisdeslut 2017-12-31

"But I think they'd look better with some cocks in their mouths." She motioned to my boss and his best man, who wasted no time dropping their pants and slamming their rock hard dicks into the girls -- my boss into Yuni and his buddy into Mel. They began fucking their mouths slowly but forcefully while the girls rocked back and forth on the dildo. She'd moved the stool in front of the show so I could see lines forming there as well, everyone stroking their cocks and waiting to fuck Jenn's pussy or Mel or Yuni's mouths. I rammed Jenn hard and didn't know where to look -- at myself fucking her, at the facefucking that Yuni and Mel were getting, or at the dildo still pounding both their pussies as they slapped asses.

New Years '05

group pamper1 2017-12-31

She then broke the kiss and leaned down and popped the head of Michael's cock into her mouth to suck the left over drop come forming on the tip. Rio was moaning as her own fingers had found a nest inside her own walls as she fingered her clit while sucking the sweet pussy of Ana. Sutan sat there watching everything going on as this was pretty much the first time she had seen anything like it being the new girl and all. I leaned forward and took the head of the strap on dildo into my mouth, licking and sucking off my juices as my ass was in the air in front of Michael who slipped a finger into me as my sphincter closed around his finger.

Sue And Renee

group storyteller0069 2017-12-31

Renee again moaned with pleasure as she felt another woman's fingers touch her vagina for the very first time. She loved the smell of Renee's juices and wanted to plunge her whole face into her vagina, but knew there were still heaps of time for that to happen. Sue took Renee's swollen clitoris into her warm, wet mouth and sucked on it, making Renee moan louder with desire and pleasure. Brian used the tip of his tongue to push apart Sue's outer vagina lips, and felt his tongue being gripped by Sue's strong vaginal muscles. Sue withdrew her mouth from Renee's wet vagina and looked down at Brian beneath her crotch. Brian pulled away from Renee's lips and looked down at Sue slowly stroking his cock.


x marks my cock, cum slut surprise pt. 1

group Johnnytames69 2017-12-31

I sent them a picture of my 7 inch girthy cock, nice mushroom head and a spill a heavy flow of precum, they sent a pic of the wife an asian/american mixed woman with large d cup tits and a beautiful face, i paused and took another look, awww...struck, it to my amazement looked just like my college girlfriend Alicia from 10 years ago. I saw some guys hanging out on the far side, so pulled into a dark area and had her get out of the car, I gave her a cushion to kneel on and then had her suck me until I was ready to cum and then jacked off a thick load into her thirsty mouth, spraying her chin in the process.