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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Mix and Match Ch. 02

group scenester 2017-12-31

A look of sheer pleasure washed over Jessica's face, and her mouth gaped open as she must have felt herself parting over Francis's thick cock. I remembered the gleam in Francis's eye as he and Misha talked about swapping, and the way he had looked at Jessica just then. She smiled as she watched me stir then, looking up at me the entire time, she brought her head forward and took me slowly, fantastically into her mouth. As Francis picked up his pace, his breath came in ragged gasps, but Jessica's own groaning was steady and as she looked up, her eyes were fixed on mine.


Camping Bi the Hot Springs Ch. 01

group ILCHANTILLY 2017-12-31

Renee decided to have a little fun of her own and started licking up the shaft of my cock, teasing the tip with her tongue, and sliding back down to my balls. I was sucking on Rhonda's clit, and licking Bills shaft and balls as he was fucking her, and WHAM, everything went black and then cum was flowing out of my cock and into Renee's throat. Again groans turned to moans as Renee started to lick Rhonda's clit and pussy, and I sucked Bills cock into my mouth slowly stroking his balls.

The Night after I Broke up With You

group Waxtraxs23 2017-12-31

his face covered in my goo, david moved himself down so his dick was in my face, So as Taylor pulled me off the couch a little so he could spread my legs apart, exposing my pussy and ass, he's tongue made its way to both, I took David's huge mushroom head in my mouth, tasting his pre-cum and the feel of Scott's thick dick in my mouth and Taylor's tongue in my ass made my juices flow. his face covered in my goo, david moved himself down so his dick was in my face, So as Taylor pulled me off the couch a little so he could spread my legs apart, exposing my pussy and ass, he's tongue made its way to both, I took David's huge mushroom head in my mouth, tasting his pre-cum and the feel of Scott's thick dick in my mouth and Taylor's tongue in my ass made my juices flow.

Wild Night

group Lovegal 2017-12-31

By now Josh and Fairy were fucking like crazy and keeping a lot of noise I knew the guys downstairs heard them. I felt a hand on my breast and I realized that Fairy was massaging my breasts while Josh fucked the living shit out of her. I felt Russell leave my cunt and I heard Fairy moan, I felt her asshole and I could feel her getting fuck in the ass. Josh replaced his hand with his dick, he wasn't as big as Russell but it still felt good to have someone inside of me. Russell came and put his dick in my cunt and started to fuck me all over again.

Hot and Sweet Ch. 05

group errant_dreamer 2017-12-31

I must have come four more times before Kyla moved over and began sucking András' cock while still getting fucked by Istvan. I delighted in the feel of Jana's firm ass against my belly, her tight cunt around my cock, the way her pussy lips clung to my cock as I drew it back and the way each of my forward thrusts drove her tongue a little bit deeper into Kriszta's pussy. I could look up Jana's tight belly and watch Kriszta's nimble fingers squeeze and roll Jana's small nipples while their tongues flicked across each other's lips and slid past each other into their mouths.

Unexpected Fantasy

group zamore 2017-12-31

Luckily Ken who is a very cool headed guy, managed to sweet talk the neighbour into leaving. "If I give you a look underneath my dress, you'll leave?" She said. My girlfriend told him no way, and pulled the dress on over her head. "And besides, you must be a real slut to take your dress off like that for a complete stranger." He reached out and brushed his hand along her side, down to her ass, pulling her closer. "Very nice," he said, taking a good look. "We've got a real slut here, isn't that right guys?" he said, landing a sharp smack on her ass. He just turned to me and said, "Look man, she's hot!

Claudia Meets Mr. Z & Viv

group sexy_mama_09 2017-12-31

Three closed off booths for private parties, two tables for meals and three seats to wait at the bar for an opening. Jerry hurried her along, "Go Claudia, if you want your job, keep Mr. Z happy. Claudia was trapped between them, Viv's fingers ran across her breasts, touching her nipples. Viv wasn't to be left out, she lifted one leg over Claudia's face, resting it beside her head. Claudia's experimenting with women went as far as a tongue kiss. She treated Viv to the same, two fingers deep, fucking her pussy. She clamped down on Viv's pussy, teasing her with tongue and fingers. Viv's orgasm lasted longer, she dripped on Claudia's face.

Chelsea Gets Stuffed

group gentleman311 2017-12-31

Brian didn't take long and pulled out of her mouth and began jacking himself off, pointing his cock at Chelsea's open mouth. Brian started moaning louder, and as soon as Chelsea turned her head Brian erupted, shooting a long thick stream of cum into her mouth, with another hitting her bottom lip and dripping down her chin. She moaned with my cock in her mouth as James began finger fucking her. Chelsea pulled my cock out of her mouth long enough to turn back at James and yell "fuck my pussy mother fucker! Jamie spit down on his cock to lubricate the head, and stepped forward to slowly work his dick into my girlfriend's virgin asshole.

Dave and Linda Ch. 02

group platilove1 2017-12-31

Linda looks up at Jeff and wraps her hand around his dick. Then I want you to fuck him like he did you last night." Dave reluctantly lowers himself to the floor behind Jeff and looks into his ass. Linda reaches under Dave's chin and grabs Jeff's dick in her hand again. Linda spits out his dick and pushes Jeff's head away from her pussy. His invading of Linda's pussy pushes against Dave's dick in her ass and it feels as he himself is fucking her. Dave looks over at her and whispers back, "Thank you too." Dave and Linda lay there embracing each other with Jeff lying across the bed at their feet.

A Kitten's Tail Ch. 16

group wolfdragon76 2017-12-31

The memories of the nights we had spent together had me wet when we arrived at the cabin, and his kitten playing with my pussy while we watched had me right on the edge of climax, but the feeling of his thick cock slowly sinking into my ass for the first time made me cum so hard I almost passed out. I almost melted when Master Alonso had Kiera and Marta step out of the line, giving them the special job of making sure our asses were properly lubed and warmed up before our turns. I had been pushing myself the past few days, taking cues from Julien on how to be the Master my pets wanted me to be, and I could see how excited they were over it.


Speak Princess Ch. 01

group ELroleplay 2017-12-31

"Little girl, speak." Emma sat there nervously, saying nothing, looking down. "Oh, little girl." He slid a finger in, making Emma gasp, pulling at his hand. "Do you want me to stop little girl?" Emma nodded vigorously, her eyes shut tight. "Hmm, honestly I didn't think you could do it." Logan said, joining Daniel on Emma's side. Daniel pulled out his cock, surprising Emma by his size. little girl.." He grabbed her head, pulling her down, making we choke and drool all over his cock. Mike pulled his out, rubbing it slightly walking straight for Emma. "Good girl." He grabbed his money and left the room, leaving Emma naked on her bed with two other men closing in around her, and one in disbelief.

Educating Mary, Part 4

group mellencamp101 2017-12-31

“Yes, Mistress, thank you,” said Mary as she swung a leg over Reggie’s face and lowered her pussy onto his mouth with a smile of anticipation. The cock was much too big for her to get all of it inside her mouth, so she put her hand around it down at the base, just like she had with Reggie’s, and began stroking it in rhythm with her sucking. Come on, Reggie, open wide.” Mistress smiled as, with a twist of her wrist, she brought the wet cock towards Reggie’s mouth. Just as Mistress was coming down from her orgasm, Mary felt Lawrence hammer his cock deep in her pussy and loud groan.

Fire Station Ch. 01

group supple_tongue 2017-12-31

Nate notices the flush on your cheeks and looking directly at you he feels he can see the desire and hunger in your eyes and so decides to takes a chance - he tells you that he has fantasised about you more then once whilst he pleasured himself and that he hopes you don't mind. You are distracted by a noise to your left and, opening your eyes, you see that Mike and Steve have come back into the room and are standing there with their trousers wide open, cocks in their hands lazily wanking themselves whilst they watch you squirm and moan from Nate's tongue.

Janie's Revenge Ch. 01

group moodcouple 2017-12-31

"This is Jenny," Nora said indicating a beautiful young black woman sitting next to Ted. Janie could see that Jenny held Ted's penis in her hand. As Janie tore her eyes away from Ted's sex, Nora said, "Bette's in the bedroom with Troy and Pam. They'll be out in a little bit. Even though he looked to be at least 60, Lee was a very handsome man with a full, white beard "I think I'm going to need some wine," Janie said, trying to get used to what she was seeing. Janie began rocking forward and back, completely lost in the feeling of the incredibly long dick buried in her and the pleasure of having her clit gently stimulated by a woman at the same time.


One Interracial Encounter

group bigd23 2017-12-31

My cock soon sprang up again when I first got a view of Sara's perfect slim ass and golden brown legs and immediately after I stared at Lisa's round ass that was wrapped in a pair of the shortest boy-shorts. As I led them into the apartment, I got a close look at Sara's cleavage and actually felt Lisa's side brush against my hip and left arm. "You know, Sara never gets to meet tall handsome guys and she cannot be attracted to anybody that's shorter than her" Lisa explained to me, taking turns and now rubbing her thigh. Since Lisa already admitted that she plays with herself sometimes I looked at her and asked if she gets wet watching a scene like the one showing on TV right now.


Anal Alison Ch. 02

group Frankly Speaking 2017-12-31

Alison got in position and Tracey knelt down behind her and started licking her cunt and asshole cleaning my cum from her ass including a bit that had leaked down one of her legs. She moved over to Tim and sucked his cock clean of cum and ass juices. "Good" Tracey turned her back to Alison moved her body close to Alison as she slowly rode my cock in her ass. Alison raised her arms to Tracey's hips and pulled her closer and she worked her tongue into her ass and then moved to her cunt. After the guys filled Tracey's holes, Alison moved over to lick their cocks and then suck the cum from Tracey's ass and cunt.

Birthday Treat

group KissingMarriedWomen 2017-12-31

I let my hands stray downwards to cup their buttocks, and realised that Melanie had been right when she said she was wearing nothing as a treat for me. Gradually my hands worked their way down until I was stroking their thighs - in Melanie's case through her thin skirt, in Hannah's case her nylon-clad skin. My fingers rode up Hannah's thigh, taking her skirt hem with it, finding the lacy top of her stocking, stroking the hot smooth skin above. Hannah gasped into my ear, 'Oh yes, I'm going to cum, yes, oh yes ....', but suddenly Melanie gave a little cry and her body went rigid, and then began to jerk up and down under my fingers.


Welcome to My Mid-Life Crisis Ch. 05

group xxistential 2017-12-31

Frank could feel himself turning red and Sandra close the car door and the girls pulled out of the parking lot. Denae went off to the kitchen to help Sandra while the other two girls drug Frank off to the living room to entertain him. "You see girls," Sandra said, "that is what I need to hear, not yeah it was great!" And with that, Frank saw Sandra really smile for the first time. "Why do you think she wasn't hungry when she got her," said Sandra setting the girls into a fit of giggles. So there he sat, in his boxer shorts, in between Denae and Sandra, with two other 20 year old girls in sexy lingerie across the table from him, drinking champagne and eating chocolate covered strawberries.


Hero's Life Ch. 06

group PacoFear 2017-12-31

Peaches stuck her tongue out at Sam in little-girl fashion. I let Peaches keep talking from the backseat and looked at Sam as she steered my car from the parking lot and onto the road. "Follow me upstairs guys," she said more huskily than I'd thought her little body would be capable of, "I'm making good on a promise to Hero from this afternoon." She slunk down the hall, hips rocking to and fro beneath the silky brown dress. "Not too much," she said, "I want the first time I come to be on your cock." With a few more licks I rose and straddled Sam's lower leg, pressing myself to her saliva-moistened ring.


Beg for Mercy

group ruffredmuff 2017-12-31

My girlfriends tongue was soon replaced in my mouth by a hard cock so I naturally started to suck it on. 7 minutes and I started to quiver as my pussy was pounded mouth let loose of a huge load of hot cum which nearly The cum from my pussy was rubbed all over my ass "Are you begging for mercy," asked vibrator bitch? Next thing I know another big cock is slamming my pussy between the nipple biting, neck sucking, pussy and ass had their cocks in my ass and pussy and mouth.I only needed me as she started to lick my pussy as vibrator bitch worked girlfriend started to push a string of beads up my ass, one

Be Ours

group Beelzebub72 2017-12-31

I could feel her heat as my hands slid to her tight ass squeezing and pulling her close. As I slid my soaked cock into her waiting mouth I watched Brad slide inside of her waiting cunt for the first time. As I slid my cock into her wet pussy, I also began to play with her ass with a finger. She pulled Brad from her mouth looking back at me as I slowly pressed my tip into her ass. Her hand returned to Brad's cock as she placed her head down and pressed me deep inside of her. I felt Brad's cock moving inside of her pussy as I began to fuck her ass.

foreign tales...

group 2017-12-31

he reached out without a word and began to stroke my own dick to hardness. husband had a mouthful of cock, she looked at me and give me the slightest Ben's dick looked quite nice, and I suddenly craved the taste of it. a hot wet mouth on our cocks and the feel of another's hard manhood in our her head toward me, and she immediately took my dick into her mouth, again worked the head of my cock across and into the lips of her pussy. Ben moved across the bed and positioned reacted like I'd tasered her, released her oral grip on Ben's cock and reached down, scooped up a bit of my cum with his finger and tasted it.

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity Ch. 02

group hotjavaguy 2017-12-31

We enjoyed the view from the terrace, were awed by the game room (where for just a brief moment 3 stunning models, two centerfold quality women and another hunk of a guy, came in and measured the three of us and a brief discussion was had about the kind of clothing would be best for tonight, it was more them telling us then us making requests, but at this point we were all willing to go along), then we moved to the ample bar, where we all got our drink of choice and I think all of us began to wonder just how big this suite was when we reached the dinning area and finally ended the tour in the sitting room which was set to entertain, Troy inviting us all to take a seat on the couch and enjoy the rest of the 'show'.


Best Friends

group Jon T 2017-12-31

Jen moved from his lips down his neck to his smooth chest, stopping at his nipples to lick them, then trailed her tongue down his stomach and put her mouth around his cock, but through his boxers. "Oh God, suck him Andy," she said, "please suck Jon." Andy didn't hesitate a minute this time, he kissed his way down my smooth chest and stomach, following the path his wife had taken on him, he took my 7.5" cock into his wet mouth. Andy pulled my cock out and started to jerk me off, a little afraid for me to cum in his mouth. "Oh fuck," Andy screamed, "this is it.." I pulled his cock from her pussy and wrapped my mouth around it, as his cum started shooting.