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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Should I Fuck My Best Friend?

group some_boy 2017-12-31

Eventually I had him almost naked, and when the last bit of sheet pulled over the top of his prick and dropped all at once in a pile on my hand in his lap, Kim let out a little gasp. I did a few slow strokes just to tease her after that, let her get a good look, then sat up, bent forward and gave it a soft slow kiss goodnight before covering him up and laying down to close my eyes for sleep. I flung the sheet the rest of the way off, and Kim reached a hand over Kevin's waist to run a finger along the curve of my hip.

Kris and Kelli Ch. 03

group wizarddriver 2017-12-31

The incredible feelings of Kris's mouth on my meat and the sight of Kelli massaging her tits was just too much and my balls started to join the party by wanting to spray my hot cum down Kris's throat in several upcoming spurts. Kelli and I both stared as Kris's cum splattered heaving full tits eased apart and lay on her chest as Kris gasped for air as we watched the hot flesh ripple in response to Kris's heavy breathing. Then her mouth reached Kris's tits, and Kris arched her back high off the carpet as Kelli's tongue tantalised every nerve ending in her breasts as it worked it's way back and forth across her skin; slowly heading down towards her nipples.


Pizza Delivery

group alwaysupforu2004 2017-12-31

As their mouths searched each others, Woody's hands roamed all over her back, starting on her shoulders and moving down behind her shoulders, pulling her hard into him. Her fingers pulled and squeezed her nipples as Woody's tongue began to work between her legs. His finger moved to her pussy, and he entered her slowly as his wide tongue began to press against her clit. She was caressing her breasts hard, and moving her hips to meet his tongue, pressing her pussy into his mouth harder. She moaned louder, and her hand moved from her breast down to her pussy, and she began rubbing herself while his tongue worked inside of her. "Would you like to feel my cock inside your beautiful pussy now?" he said, smiling at her.


A hot experience never before

group urpussysucker 2017-12-31

Then he took 20-25 pics of us in various hot positions like kissing, hugging, caressing boobs and she holding my penis and all that. He immediately came forward and inserted one hand from top and another from bottom of the t-shirt and grabbed both the boobs and started playing with the erect nipples between his thumb and finger. Now, since she was free with my friend, we saw few porn movies on my mobile at a public place too and showed my wife his erected dick through his pant. Within no time, my friend’s pants were lowered with his big dick in my wife's lovely hand and my friends hand on her naked boobs.

Nadia Chronicles: The Slumber Party

group closer 2017-12-31

She would probably walk home with her house-mate Margaret, lock her door and masturbate herself to sleep. "Can you guys make sure he gets home?" She gestured to Richard, a man Nadia worked with sometimes. "Sure." Nadia said, laughing lightly. It was decided that Richard would sleep in Nadia's room, since she didn't have a roommate. Richard and Margaret chatted in the living room for awhile and Nadia joined them again. All three shuffled into the room, Margaret hopping onto Nadia's huge bed first and sliding over to the wall. He chatted casually with Margaret as his hand approached Nadia's breast. Richard took Nadia's hand and placed it lightly on top of his manhood. All covering was gone and Nadia was riding Richard in full view of Margaret.

The best health care policy

group ebfent 2017-12-31

So I continued up her leg I could feel the heat of her pussy and then felt her hand going lower on my stomach I had not been aware that my cock was also rising but she sure did. Just then the door to the exam room opened and Connie walked in to tell the doctor the rest of the staff had left for the night and before she went she wanted to see if the doctor needed anything. We got very loud The doctor told her this is how you fuck a cock like this and then asked do you want to ride him?

Lana's Alex Encounter

group RubieRed 2017-12-31

Lana's hands begin exploring his body. Lana can no longer resist she wants her bare body pressed against his. Alex can't believe he finally has his mouth where he has been longing for since the day he first met Lana. She lies there with her eyes closed, completely lost in the feel of Alex's touch. He allows his tongue to dip into her sweet hole and he moans against her clit as he feels the walls of her pussy quiver against him. She feels warm and relaxed as he pleasures her, bringing her to places she didn't know existed. He drives his thick cock deep into her and he can't hold back a loud moan at the feel of her hot sex wrapped around his throbbing cock.

My Girls-Kate and Pam

group NickyFaulkes 2017-12-31

Then as Kate bent forward to lower her panties from her damp clean-shaven pussy, Pam turned to let her bare wet lips peek between her thighs as she drug her thong down over her heart-shaped ass. Wet your lips and get ready to show me what a good kisser you are." With my hand on Pam's left arm and Kate's right I moved them into position-facing each other. After teasing her exposed nipples long enough, I let her lay down on the seat and put her head in my lap, but only if she pulled her skirt up and played with her pussy while I drove.


Back Nine Rained Out Ch. 01

group fjordhorse 2017-12-31

Ever since we started with the racy innuendos, I was sporting a semi that must have been obvious to Ally and Jill because Ally then said, "I remember you told me, Trev, that you play with golf clubs that all have stiff shafts. She then said, "Looks like our playing lesson has moved indoors and, unless I miss my guess, you have brought that stiff shafted trouser mashie with you." Then she let go of my wrist, reached down and gently raked her fingers up the full 8" length of my throbbing cock. And then I want you to take a look at Jill's set-up; I think she stands too far from the ball," said Ally.


A Ball Game Balling

group English Bob 2017-12-31

Joey's climax lasted longer than Frank's and his cock spasmed several more times before he finished, leaving my wife's breasts wet with a mixture of lotion and semen. As Janice and I had done this many times before, my climax was not as strong as Joey or Frank's, but having both my friends watch as I released over my wife's feet was a big enough turn-on to make up for it. Janice cried out several times during her assault, shuddering into orgasm time after time until eventually Joey filled her throat with his hot cum and Frank withdrew and released the contents of his balls over her butt and lower back.

Discovering My Nasty Wife Part 2

group Mrbigdick2014 2017-12-31

"You would want me to enjoy myself and make you jealous then, no matter what?" Is that what you're saying?" She asked. If you decide that you don't want me to do this, then you will have to promise me, you will never, ever ask me to fulfill this fantasy of yours again." Do you understand?" She asked nervously smiling, but looking me straight in the eyes. "I understand!" I said feeling myself shaking with anticipation and in fear of what my long desired fantasy was now reaping me. You must understand that if for any reason what-so-ever I feel you can not handle this, I will void this agreement, and you must promise to never ask me to do anything like this again.

The Trip

group The_story_writer2003 2017-12-31

the smell of their arousal reaching us, each one of us trying to adjust our trousers to ease our hard cocks, Sammi's eyes never leaving the two girls as she licked her lips, they slowly moved closer to us, letting us slowly trace our fingers over their hot skin... I press my cock to the blondes lips, forcing my cock into her mouth even as Sammi starts eating her pussy, licking, flicking and sucking her soaked slit...Taylor's fingers slowly caress the blonde as he looks at me. Each of us is kneeling round them now, they are in the centre of the bed, licking and sucking each other, Tom, Ben, Phil, Taylor and myself are kneeling round them, cocks in hands as we jack ourselves, the hot cum blasting out to cover the girls again...


group ~¤MzJones¤~ 2017-12-31

Just one week from that July visit I pulled the covers tightly around me and began to touch my breasts, my nipples became instantly alert. I placed my right hand over my breast squeezing my nipple between two fingers and ran my left hand down my stomach, under the elastic of my white cotton panties and began exploring myself. Uncle Jack peeked his head through and said "Annie, I think it is time we had a talk." I nodded and motioned for him to sit on the bed with me. Looked at myself in the mirror and just as the clock began to chime twelve I walked out the door and headed to the library. Uncle Jacks fingers finally reached the edge of my white cotton panties.


My Dare Ch. 02

group Chuck_etal 2017-12-31

She turned to look over her shoulder and said to her roommates, "My Dare-get naked." I looked at her curiously as Jenny pulled her dress over her head like Amber had and Susan pushed the straps off her shoulders before pushing the dress down and over her hips. When I got up to refill glasses, Amber and Jenny quickly sprang up to excuse themselves-both claimed to be "really tired." When I turned to Susan, assuming she would join them, she held out her glass expectantly. With some help from Amber, who was only too glad to hold Susan's ass in place at the sink, she was able to show them how she first took Steve's cock, then Amber and Jenny held her legs as she demonstrated the final position.

I don't know who my baby daddy is?

group 2017-12-31

I told my husband about it he said I should join them Jim, Phil, Dave and John were very pleasant and Jim poured the drinks and they looked like huge measures said it I felt hands pulling at my panties and hands Dave looked at me and said, 'Shit, I thought you wanted I felt Jim and Phil release my arms and at that point it between my legs and grabbed John's head, pulling him pussy pulling my lips apart and it felt wonderful. could feel someone moving my legs apart so I let Phil's Phil was getting impatient and started to pull my head Once Phil had cum John and then Jim took their turns

Pussies Taste So Good This Evening

group temp171 2017-12-31

Dorothy's nipples were big and erect, and with her eyes locked alternately to mine and Ingrid's, she began to pinch them, and then lifted each breast in turn to her mouth so that she could suck them. Ingrid began, almost imperceptibly, to shift her weight from one knee to the other, and her wonderful pussy, all engorged and wet and wide open, was tantalizingly close to my mouth, but I couldn't take my eyes off Dorothy. And as our climax subsided I heard someone else's moaning; Dorothy rolled partially off me, toward the head of the couch, and I saw, a few feet away, Ingrid in the armchair, naked, her knees up over the arms of the chair, and both hands slowly but fiercely kneading her pussy.

Weekend Getaway Ch. 04

group lckscknfck7 2017-12-31

The twins more than made up for her, I think." Vera smiled and looked as the other girl was now sitting on Ken's lap, facing him, and guiding his fat cock into her asshole. As we walked through the garage to get our clothes, the Hispanic men – apparently waiting for Andi's return – eyed Sarah and pointed at their small hard-ons as if she might be interested. Feeling just a small sting of jealousy, and a desire to do something Andi would never do, Sarah decided she was going to suck my cock after it had been in her ass. Andi would sometimes meet Sarah and Ken for weekend get-a-ways, and I think she ended up taking a summer job at Vera's cabin.

The Erotic Adventures of Juicy Kelly &...Ch. 1

group irish626 2017-12-31

I went back to the book, when a girl came and sat in front of me, she was in a leopard string bikini, and I would see the outline of her cunt lips, and her breasts were fantastic, nice and round and hard. I went over to Greg, and grabbed his big cock in my hand and started stoking it, and I stuck my finger into Mirandas tight cunt, she was wet, he was hard... Greg started thrusting harder and harder, my tits were jiggling and bouncing while Miranda sucked them and she played with my clit... Miranda decided that she would clean me out, and lick all the juice and jizz from my hot cunt...

The Voyage Continues Ch. 05

group fntsymn 2017-12-31

Vanessa and Robert were quite impressed with the practice and said they wanted to talk more with them about all this and that they wanted to invite Edward, Pamela, Steve and Susan to the practice the following morning. "We are also inviting my parents." Amber said, "I've gotten them to start practicing yoga and we want them to know this part of our life too." "Well, thank you," Vanessa said, "We certainly accept you invitation, and I'm sure we will really enjoy it, right Bob?" Robert nodded, "Even though to tell you the truth it might be a bit awkward at first, you know actually spending time nude with you guys, but I'm sure we'll get used to it.


A Nice Way To Relax

group akasteak 2017-12-31

I called home and told my boyfriend to be ready to go out tonight. She's the bartender from the bar." My sentence wasn't even complete and Stacey turned to me and started kissing me. I glanced at my boyfriend and said "Well not as wet as me but she'll do" Sticking one finger deep inside of our new friend. My boyfriend continued to kiss Stacey and suck her plump nipples. Surprised at what I said he stood behind Stacey and shoved his hard now throbbing dick deep into her pussy in one sweep. Stacey even more turned on, flickered my clit in her mouth faster and now was shoving her finger into my drenched pussy.

House Perks Ch. 02

group SEVERUSMAX 2017-12-31

Rep. Sean Murphy of New York, the House Minority Whip, is here with me. "Fellow Members of the House Democratic Caucus, I regret to offer my resignation as Minority Whip. Instead of dragging the party through a situation like this during a new term and contest over my post, I will retire from the House immediately. "I nominate Representative Lance Panitski of Illinois for Minority Whip," Rep. Angelica Vasquez surprised herself by speaking up. Angelica headed to the Capitol, hoping to contact Philip, who would soon learn about the Minority Whip's resignation and replacement anyway. What he didn't know was that he had given her extra motives to stiffen her spine and take a bold step like immediately proposing Panitski for Minority Whip.


Our New Naked Adventure Day 03

group TXhardsucker69 2017-12-31

"Renee, I would love to see you again, and let me check with Bill, but I'm sure you're welcome here any time," Cindy said, and holding her hand over the phone asked me what I thought about having Renee come visit for the weekend. Bill grilled burgers, so we had a great meal, drank a few beers, and after a while, we'd all had plenty to get relaxed, and one thing led to another, next thing I know I had my legs spread and Roger was licking my pussy til I got really wet, and then, yes, I asked him to slide his dick inside me.


Party at Gigi's

group adoka 2017-12-31

Gigi came out in the middle of this smoke circle looking like he had the secret to immortality in the hip pocket of his jeans. I sat there, with my hand on my cock, working it into a hard on while GiGi's hairy ass blocked the TV screen as he bent over stripping out of his shorts. On the couch beside me sat Gigi, cock in fist, giving it languid strokes. I thought you would all get a kick out of it." Gigi ran a hand over her brunette head as if she were a favored pet. Glancing over at him I could see Slim's hand flying over Rick's cock. He stepped onto the table, ran the head of his cock over her face and shot his load over her closed eyes.

Letters to Nicole 18

group derek33 2017-12-31

My ass was shaking in his hands for God knows how many contractions, and he just held on and ate my pussy right on into a second cum! "He said, 'Yeah, I know; when we talk we're clear, but when we're together...we feel like a couple, and I just want to make sure.' "I smiled and said, 'Not a know I like you, Teddy, you turn me on sooo bad! 'Yeah, they kinda started slow...but pretty soon they're kissin hot just like in the movie, which by the way the two girls on there are laying out in a sixty-nine and just chewin' on each other's pussy lips and they're screamin'.