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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Plan Ch. 04: What about Tina?

group insatiablerob8 2017-12-31

Watching me drive deep into Racheal, Tina whispered urgently and pushed her fingers deeper. This was an unexpected turn...Racheal's hot as fuck but who thought she would be the key to Tina's decision. Racheal looked at Tina, "Mmmmm, don't you love that thing." I put my needs aside to focus on Tina, "I know Honey, this is a big night for you...I want to make it special. To start things off, Racheal and I massaged and licked her for a long time; we wanted to make her feel at ease and relax. I knew Racheal would be all about double-penetration and yelled, "Sweetie, there's lube in the drawer!" Tina came back and lubed things...she rubbed some around her ass and they both moaned when she pushed some inside.


Am I A Slut? Ch. 02

group showandwatch 2017-12-31

Hands continued to rub my tits and play with my nipples, and I loved the feeling as I sucked on the throbbing dick in my mouth. This excited me and I stood there, naked to the world, looking around at the group of satiated men around me, as this other man licked and sucked all the cum out of my cunt and ass. I had already had the delicious thought of pulling on my little top and skirt and walking right through the store to my car with all the cum still on me, but now I realized that I did not want it all stuck in the car seat.


Uncle Charlie, Sam Ellis and the Barn

group jwseekolder 2017-12-31

I was getting closer and closer to the edge and then suddenly Sam pushed really hard and shouted "you're going to get my spunk, Charlie, get the boy to give me his." With that, Uncle Charlie stopped sucking on my cock and said to me "Finish yourself off over Sam. Spray his face with your spunk". Sam then started to wank Uncle Charlie and as he was getting close to his climax, he said to me "Open your mouth, you're going to take his spunk there but do not swallow it". Sam said "let's mouth-fuck him good and hard so we fill his throat with our cum" and with that they both intensified their pushing until I felt that my cheeks were going to burst.

When plan A fails, go to plan B. With a double vag

group floco2015 2017-12-31

We are driving her crazy I am tongue fucking her again in her pussy and ass driving her mad, Allison is close to cumming again and we both work to bring her another climax. Rich reaches out to play with Allison’s tits, but she pushes his hand away and tells him don’t move let me fuck you. Allison is moaning with pleasure as she fuck Rich and sucks my dick. Allison told Rich she wanted to have to dicks in her pussy at the same time, was he up for that. Allison is breathing heavy; Rich and I haven’t even started fucking her yet. She is fucking me back as I drive my dick deep into her pussy until we both cum at the same time.

Brad's Road Trip Ch. 18

group SpotInTheSand 2017-12-31

I told her about everything I'd done to Sara (and what little I'd done with Liz), and she'd wished that she could handle business again, but she was at a restaurant with her family and spending 10 minutes in the bathroom would be extremely difficult to explain. She threw me a demur smile, the first time I think she'd ever done anything demurely, and she turned her attention toward Liz. She was still half-sitting on my lap, but she was having girl talk now, presumably sharing with her best friend some of the naughty details Janine had given her about last night. Simple Man was perhaps my favorite song by the band, so I sang the lyrics into Sara's ear when they played it in the middle of their set.


Trish's Threesome

group wet_princess69 2017-12-31

After first licking the head of Will's cock all over to make it slick for the pumping of her lips on it, Trish took his knob fully into her mouth and shut her eyes as she went to work. For awhile Stella just watched her husband fuck Trish's face, and then the blonde burrowed down between the other woman's legs and started to eat her pussy. Trish had never experienced such a sensual combination before – a fat cock stretching her lips and pumping in and out of her mouth, giving her a satisfying sense of oral fullness and power over a man while, at the same time, a woman's mouth licked and sucked at her twat, giving her pleasure as only a woman could do because only a woman knew just exactly where another woman needed it.

Richard's Rules Ch. 02

group highclassic 2017-12-31

With his soapy hands he 'cleaned out' her navel, then willingly plunged into the black triangle, lathering it up like a shampoo, and ran his fingers into the soft folds of skin beneath, and finally down the front and insides of her thighs. Margaret and the two younger girls were still in their bathing suits in the kitchen, but Doris, and soon Betty, emerged from their room wearing shorts and loose shirts. From his experience with Betty he thought he knew what she wanted him to do, so he ran his hands lightly over her skin, brushing off the visible loose sand.


A Racist's day of cuckold BBC humiliation

group MystaE 2017-12-31

"Give him to Mo," said the man in my wife's ass, "and "He's always wanted to fuck my ass," said my wife, "now cock that had been in my wife's ass pulled out and began The guy in my wife's mouth moved down to her pussy as the cock in my ass as I saw my wife begin to deep throat began to cum like a madman. wife as her mouth came free of Karl's cock, "he must "Well," said the big man called Horse, "her husband Horse grabbed my wife by her 24-inch waist and shoved began to lap the cum out of my wife's pussy. from my wife I felt Mo pull out of my ass only to be

First Time Slut

group Zgirl874 2017-12-31

I thought it was going to be a short kiss, but Jenny surprised me by putting her hand on the back of my head and slipping her tongue in my mouth. I plunged my tongue back into Jenny's pussy and licked her like crazy until she came, writhing with pleasure. Another guy, Dave, took my place at Jenny's pussy and started to fuck her. Jeff started breathing heavily and I felt Matt start to cum in my pussy. "Harder!" He really started to slap my ass then and I loved the pain mixed with the pleasure of his cock inside my pussy and rubbing against my clit.


Dentist's Touch

group wildtime2000 2017-12-31

Stella laughed, and while Carol's head was turned, looked the younger woman over -- not the first time she had admired her form, either. Stella's eyes were closed, her lips were pursed inward, and she could feel the heat radiating from her face. Later that afternoon, while Carol finished cleaning up after an appointment, Stella came in to the room, checked to make sure no one was in the hallway, then snuck over to her. "I think..." Stella began, standing almost intimately close and her gaze traveling from Carol's blue eyes down to her lips. Realizing what she was doing, Stella quickly pulled her hand away and gazed in to Carol's eyes again, smiling.


Letting it all "hang out" 2

group Bigrodtaz 2017-12-31

Jack's cock in my ass, stayed nice and hard so he started grabbed a towel and as his cock slipped out of my ass he replaced When Bob was satisfied, he stopped and asked Jack who he Bob smiled and then said, "just wait until she gets here, if you like Jack's cock, you should see what she Bob's cock was poking her at the top of her skirt. I looked her in the eyes as I started to stroke her cock, feeling hole.They both looked at me as Bob slowly slid into Jack's Kelly continued to ride me while I was stroking her cock. Kelly's hand moved to the base and started to stroke

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

group lothlorien 2017-12-31

As we kissed, Jim's arms came around and pulled me tight against Ann, and I wrapped my legs around both of them. As we rocked back and forth, I could feel the head of Jim's cock barely touching me as he pushed it back and forth between Ann's legs. By squatting on either side of Ann, we could hold her pussy up the pulsating warm water while our hands and mouths could enjoy every inch of her tall athletic body. The water made Ann's breasts float up instead of falling to the side, and with no effort I was able to take most of one in my mouth and massage her nipple with the back of my tongue.

Kiki's Pornographic Rebirth

group RDean 2017-12-31

Val handed Autumn the camera, she set it to video and caught Valentine stripping the panties off her lover. Valentine fingered herself and rubbed herself off, and she was not quiet, she swiveled and growled, and made a peeling sound as she ripped off the couch onto the floor, she was not done, she was certainly having multiple orgasms, until she lay panting and sweaty on the floor. Autumn fell on top of Kiki, panting and sweating, Kiki felt trapped her back and ass stuck to the bare black vinyl couch. Kiki was very relaxed as Autumn was sandwiched in-between the other two, and consented to watch Val's extensive Kiki Lee porn collection.

Sex With A Stranger

group akasteak 2017-12-31

"Oh yes baby I want to see another cock fuck this pussy so bad." As I thrust in and out of her she said "Call Mike" I didn't want to miss this opportunity so I got off her and grabbed the phone and dialed his cell phone. I watched how much she was enjoying his cock deep inside her as she moaned and he held her legs up and thrust in and out, turning me on more and more. After a little bit I walked back over and began to suck and lick her nipples while he fucked her harder. "Wanna fuck?" I asked her "YES!" I laid her back, opened her legs and slide my hard cock deep into her.

Andrew & Candace Ch. 01: Sharing

group DesmondDesmond 2017-12-31

...I caught Nick's eye, he had been staring at the point where his cock was merged into her flesh, and he smiled at me before switching his attention back to Candace's lovely backside. He'd had to concentrate quite hard on getting his well-sized dick into her; Candace was no anal virgin, that would have been going too far and if she hadn't had a man there before we'd met it was a job I would have wanted for myself, if I'm honest. "Candy?" Her gaze flicked away from Nick getting his straining cock back inside her and she saw the toy in my hand, "I want to hear you cumming.


threesome in a car outsde a shpping centre

group jackelaine 2017-12-31

Anyway,back to the bar in Tallaght,Dublin.It was only a short walk from the Square, a big shopping centre.Elaine was also wearing tight white trousers,and Tony had been teasing her about her visible panty line.And to top it off,she wore a pair of back high heels.Every time it was my round,Elaine would go to the bar for me.Well, I was paying.And when she brought the drinks back,she would bend down to put Tonys on the table in front of him,giving him a perfect view of her bra-less tits.He was loving it.As the night went on,one by one everyone left bar us three.Tony asked Elaine if she missed his cock and if she ever thought about him.Elaine laughed and said no,she had a better and bigger one now,mine.This wasnt at all true,and Tony knew it.Me and Elaine often fantasised about him in bed with us for a threesome.She would even call his name out while I fucked her.And he knew because I had recorded it.And shown him.I mean, fairs fair.Did I mention we were both dirty bastards.Then Tony asked Elaine for a look at her tits.Course Elaine said no.But He kept on and on.

Only In Paris

group californiaguy 2017-12-31

Veronica was ceremoniously handed the key and laughed like a little kid at Christmas as she opened the door and pulled her men into the room with her. Just as Veronica was reaching over to play with his balls, she felt her legs being spread and closed her eyes, anticipating whatever might come next. He could see that Paul was apparently past worrying about being watched, and seeing Veronica putting on the strap-getup-thing was clearly turning him on. His eyes opened and he moved his lubed hand to his cock, stroking it to hardness as he watched her move above him. Her head bobbed, and he closed his eyes, feeling her small soft hands and warm lips around him.


Endless Cum

group theguidinggoddess 2017-12-31

He pulled a large dildo out of his back pocket and stuffed it up her vagina ordering her to sit with that in place as he started operating the machine with the remote it began moving within her and removing her focus on serving him or eating. The next man stepped up to the hole and her Master was satiated in her mouth yet slapped her when she ceased sucking his cock. She didn't get a moments rest and the relentless cocks quickly filled all of her hole and hands and began pummeling her. Wrapping her fingers around his cock he used her hand to facilitate covering her breast with cum.


group querico44 2017-12-31

Greg said "I wonder what it's like to touch a guys cock, I've never done that before." Tony chimed in "Yeah me too, it looks like it might be fun." An idea popped into my head and I said "Why don't we go to the showers where we can do a little exploring?" Greg said "What kind of exploring you talking about?" I replied, "You know, like in the magazine. We'd be naked and could see what it's like to touch each others cocks." Tony got up, grabbed a towel and said "Let's go, I'm ready." We stashed the magazines and off we went to the showers.

All is Forgiven

group joiphulone 2017-12-31

Despite the wonderful feelings she was experiencing, Joy began to let her body fall to her knees at just the right angle so that James could see everything. Joy tilted her head and looked right at James as she licked Sean. "Oh baby, I want to fuck your tits and come all over your face." Sean said anxiously with labored breath as he climbed over Joy's near naked body. I want to cum for you babe." James begged knowing that Joy's pleasure was to hear him tell her specifically what his desires were. Hearing this made Joy squirm her wet cunt over James, rubbing her clit against the rope that bound him while pushing her breasts up close to his face.


Lustonbury Festival Ch. 02

group emily_hughs 2017-12-31

I stared in shock at the young woman, lying beside me as naked as I was, with her legs a little apart and her pussy lips slightly open. There was a tall, red headed girl standing right in front of him, her naked breasts pressed hard into Kyle's chest. Looking down for a second, I saw that it was the 30 year old male, his cock still firmly embedded inside Ashleigh but now thrusting slower, concentrating on groping at my body. As the man continued his hungry assault of my breasts, I looked over his head to see what Kyle was up to with the red head. I groaned loudly as the walls of my pussy contracted, and pulled tight around the cock inside me, but it continued to move.

Patty Used

group tonystokeswriter 2017-12-30

Patty smiled back at Linda, "I have fantasized about being with a woman for a long time, even before I met Jim. I tried it once in college with a friend and I liked it but she broke out in giggles so I did also, trying to disguise the fact I was getting into it. About the time Jim and I opened a second beer Patty looked at him and said, "You don't mind if I give Tony head do you?" "Of course not," he replied, "this is what we fantasized about." Jim and I were pretty well spent but the show was inspiring and we took turns fucking Patty again while she loudly licked, kissed and probed Linda's ass with her tongue.


Post Game Surprise

group mrshyboy 2017-12-30

I stroke his cock, the thought and feeling of two guys has me going, and my bf working on my pussy has my body about to cum, I feel the heat running from pussy down my thighs, tightening the muscles as the heat spreads throughout my body. They start fucking me slowly, I can feel their cocks rubbing against each other through my pussy and ass, rubbing me like I've never felt before. My breathing gets heavier as my muscles tense up, fuck I'm going to cum any second, the feeling builds, every muscle starts twitching as I feel an explosion from my pussy through ass then through my body.

Pool Party Plus

group CalLorenson 2017-12-30

Sherry was a lot of fun to talk with and the time and the drinks went quickly as we leaned against the side of the pool. While we talked, Mike casually rested his hand on Sherry's shoulder then slowly began to rub. Mike continued to rub Sherry's back and shoulders, but now his hands also wandered to her breasts. She stood facing me, allowing me to see her body as Mike sat behind her on the edge of the pool and rubbed her to excitement. Once again Judy nudged me from behind, and I could feel her position my cock against Sherry's pubic hair. I could feel Sherry shift position, and Judy pushed my cock between her thighs where it became trapped in the soft warmth.