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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Education of Jen Ch. 1

group JenJo 2017-12-30

My boyfriend, Hank, was telling me that his best friend Jim had just broken up with his long time fiancé, and he was taking it pretty hard. Hank pulled aside the think strip of panty covering my pussy, and both he and Jim caressed my cunt. "She loves to be finger-fucked," Hank whispered to Jim. On the drive home I sat between Hank and Jim. I was rubbing their hard cocks through there jeans. I couldn't even wait till we got inside of the house before I pounced on Jim because I wanted to see his hard cock because when we were dancing it felt a little bit bigger then Hank's cock which when fully aroused is about ten inches.


group michellefiamma 2017-12-30

When we ask Natalia to bring us something "traditional", a slow smile curls her generous lips and she nods, her dark eyes warming. As I become hotter and more aroused, I begin lifting my hips slightly and she presses her tongue deep inside my pussy. You grasp her hips and begin thrusting, watching Natalia's head pressing harder into my pussy on your in strokes. Natalia has lowered her pussy onto my face now, but is doing most of the work herself, sliding around against my lips and tongue. You watch Natalia's mouth moving up and down on you as her pussy slides around on my face, my red hair fanning out from beneath her dark thighs.

Law Enforcement Threesome

group fotographer82 2017-12-30

Somehow, I think we got a little closer after my buddy had watched videos of my girl sucking my hard cock. Dave and I were both beating our cocks and really horny and I said, "Hey dude, fuck this...let's go try it with Jess one more time." I pulled off my boxer briefs and got on top...I started by rubbing my cock head up and down the inside of her pussy lips and she began to moan. Before long, I was fucking Jess and Dave was across her, sideways, with his cock in her mouth, while he was sucking all over her big nipples. She was really fucking back against me now, and sucking Dave's cock like she wanted every single inch of it.


group atmueller 2017-12-30

Carefully, she felt for the brandy snifter she'd bought for the occasion, with a finger delicately pushed semen from her cheeks and nose into it. She opened wide for two or three, carefully held the sperm on her tongue, and then let it fall from her lips into the snifter. She slurped hard and fast, using her free hand to help him along, letting him twitch and shudder himself into her, let him slide out slowly, milked him on to her pouting mouth. Then, delicately, she spat the load into her glass, letting it slide slowly from her pursed lips. The brandy snifter reeked, she stopped breathing through her nose, opened her lips willingly as he tilted the glass up slowly.

Unlikely Coworker Threesome Ch. 01

group walterio 2017-12-30

Wes massaged the lovely shapely ass cheeks as Crystal began to eat the cute brunette's pussy. Susie felt a cool substance enter her anus and she knew that Wes was preparing her for his cock. Susie never did stop Wes. Not even when he unzipped her dress all the way and pulled it off of her body. Susie began to bob her head back and forth on his cock, sucking hard on his huge member and testing her gag line. Wes stood before the shapely Susie as she sucked ravenously on his impressive cock. Her hand cupped his balls and gently caressed them as her tongue licked at the head of his dick each time it came out of her mouth.


Late night Couple!

group discreteoral4you 2017-12-30

He helped her take her shirt off and started to suck on her breasts and run the tips of his fingers over her naked body. I then started to suck on her pussy lips as she gave out small moans of pleasure. It turned me on so much that I slide two fingers up into her tight wet pussy and started to finger fuck her while sucking on her clit. She then slide over to me and started to suck on my cock, sliding her lovely lips and tongue up and down the length of it. I repositioned myself on my knees near her head and she continue to suck my hard cock as he slide up inside her from behind.

Cassandra's Revenge Ch. 02

group Winderboy 2017-12-30

First, Cassie's red face shifting between multiple expressions of pure lust and amazing pleasure; then a quick flip to Pat's grinning face before panning down for an extreme close-up of his dick sliding in and out with Cassie's glistening juices covering every inch of his tool; next a similar scene from further away of her own cunt being split wide by Don's shiny prick; finally, a shaky image of her own husband being ridden by a very pregnant Peach with strokes that they would later swear had to be hitting all the way up where her baby rested.


The Adventure Ch. 08

group Harryandsally 2017-12-30

Sam didn't take a moment to take her up on the offer, swapping places with Kirsty and getting down to suck Jake's huge cock. She was preoccupied with finishing Paul off and hadn't really thought about Dan. She was quite happy having him come inside her though, she loved the feeling of his warm juice pulsing out in between her legs. Kirsty sucked Jake, making sure he was hard again, while Sam and Laura were pleasure orally by their respective men. The lads started to fuck her slowly now, Jake could feel Paul's cock through the thin wall separating her arse and pussy.


Secret Suppers

group 2017-12-30

Anthony invited Lydia and Phillip to collect anything they might need from their room and make their way to the suite he and Sumi had booked on the top floor of the hotel. Lydia walked towards her reflection, pulling her breasts free above the corset line then nipping and pinching her large, full nipples before sliding her hand down to her swollen pussy, feeling how wet, hot and slippy it was. Anthony grabbed the heels of Lydia’s shoes and lifted them up and wide, sliding her ankles over his shoulders, before steadying his cock against her soft, wet hole.

Nothing Like Four Play

group nickyfreckle 2017-12-30

In her mind she played back the last time she had made love to Michael, her body under his, his meat impaling her in long deep thrusts, she imagined the look on his face right before he blew his load in her, the thoughts of his rod shooting his sweet seed into her sent her over the edge and into the beginning of a delicious climax. Feeling the first waves of his orgasm coming on, Michael removed Scott's hand from his cock and pushed himself into Jeanette's twat, just in time to shoot three powerful shots of his fuck juice into her. Michael pulled his semi flaccid dick out of Jeanette and watched as Nicky's ass got fucked viciously, Scott's hands grabbing at her lower back pulling her on and off of his cock.

My Girls-Sue Ann & Sandy Ch. 01

group NickyFaulkes 2017-12-30

There was an hour-long pause (okay maybe it was just a few seconds) before she said, "I want you before." Sandy pulled her mouth off of me and loud enough for Sue Ann to hear her she said, "I love it. I want this cock in me." Sandy looked down at me and said, "She's gone to get a dildo so she can fuck herself while I fuck you. I've never been with a girl before-this could be interesting." Then she sat up to listen to Sue Ann on the phone and said, "Yeah, you've got it? Over the phone I heard Sue Ann say, "I'm dragging the head up and down, getting it wet and spreading my lips open with it.

Old Europe: Sex & the Single Soldier

group DavidShaw 2017-12-30

I was looking at Monica's face behind her veil and I saw dark, intelligent eyes, a firm chin, a small smiling mouth with deep red lipstick setting off perfect teeth and a nose which was too big to make her beautiful but somehow seemed to reinforce her personality. Only the granny didn't just hold it, she ripped the top off the packet with her teeth like John Wayne pulling the pin out of a grenade as Philice eased my prick out into the open, waving it around with her hand with a look of concentration on her face as if she was a conductor giving an orchestra the tuning up signal with a baton.


wife and the stranger

group thaone7421 2017-12-30

yes I knew you would be glad to see him.She then told me to hurry and shower that we were all going out to dinner and drinks,When I got to the restroom I couldm't help but to think that my wife had fucked Mike again without letting me know,So before I entered the shower I called for her, that morning saying he was going to be in town and wanted to come by to visit us,so she just invited him over to wait here and till I got work in the morning,When we got inside I was very tired and just wanted to go to bed,she said she was going to drink one more drink

Larry's Lambs

group kewtieboy 2017-12-30

My cock had already started to rise as I tried to imagine what filth he might get up to with them and the thought of joining him on one of his escapades was definitely enticing to me though I doubted my sweet little Terri would see it that way. One really good looking guy had said he would love to come and "give us both one," but I couldn't even show her the e-mail. Terri was calling and I went through to the front bedroom where she was behind the curtains in the dark looking over the road at Larry's house. "What's the biggest cock you've had Terri?" said Larry carrying on with his theme.



group 2017-12-30

Mia turns towards the desk and as fate would have it… at the same moment the young man’s head comes up and slides accidentally beneath Mia’s cream colored, upper-thigh length pleated skirt. The combination of the sensual chiseled worker across the street, the excitement of her brand new beautiful surroundings, the air-conditioner and the lingering image of Alan’s face between her pantyhose covered legs brought the all-to-familiar sensation to Mia. She definitely felt the need to touch herself. Mia watches the screen as Alan brings his right hand to Rachel’s abdomen and begins to slide his fingers downward. Kneeling between her open legs, Alan watches Mia begin to move her head forward and then back, making sucking sounds with each slide backward.

Huband Delivers on Wife's Fantasy

group sammdavis113 2017-12-30

He seemed to struggle to get his tongue into her, knowing he was fighting against her wet panties which stood in the way of her flesh, but not the sweet taste of her pussy still slightly soiled with the sweat and cum from the previous men. It seemed that taller one could barely fit his hand around his cock as he slid his palm closer to the bulging head which was now shiny from sweat; and what looked like a little pre-cum starting to drizzle out with each stroke. Each time his tongue reach a little deeper, gently reaching towards to the inside top of her pussy firmly, and then swallowing her outer lips whole as he drew back.

Around the World in 80 Fucks 02

group cheetah83 2017-12-30

Darren squeezed his young wife's ass as they waited in the windy loading area to be seated in one of the clanking lift cabins that took you to the top of the mountain. Darren could hear that the shy Charlotte was already starting to moan in Dan's arms, and the fact that her ankle occasionally came against his knee in the tight space between the seats turned him on very much. He came to several seconds later, just in time to catch sight of the beautiful girl spitting out his cum in the sandwich box while the yuppie Dan was shooting his load up his wife's throat.

The First Time Sharing My Wife

group vegascouple 2017-12-30

Starting from the beginning, my wife and I were making love one night, I started getting extremely excited, and out of nowhere I whispered in her ear “I want to see you take a big black cock.” We stopped everything, and she looked at me with those “I can’t believe you just said that” eyes. My wife texted me and said she was all good, and liked Joe. Asked me to go get the room, and she would meet us up there. He pulled his cock from her pussy, and tore off his condom, and began to stroke his cock, aiming the head over her breasts, he squirted another massive load of cum all over her breasts… She was so in heaven at this point.


group oralman12 2017-12-30

We got home and was back to normal and a few weeks later wife and i sat down to look at our holiday video and boy was she shocked soon as she saw them she asked met to turn it off and started crying ,i told her to watch as did o run my hand up her skirt to her thong which was wet soon as my finger went in she moaned .I pulled her head down onto my cock and told her to suck my cock like she sucked theres .I stripped her naked told her bend over coffee table as i fucked her and to keep watching video ,then i put my cock by her ass she saod no but told if she didnt i put video on line ,i eased it in and fucked her .My wife came loads as she told mde to fucked hard which i did then i pulled out grabbed her head pushed down onto my dirty cock for her to suck till i came loads into mouth.

Blindfold Ch. 01

group mynameisgrem 2017-12-30

Each time as my hands move around you, another button gets undone, then another - until at least you feel me peel open your shirt dress and your front fall open to the cool air in the room. Then you feel me sit down on the bed again, and my hands return to your neck, stroking the nape, brushing both the left and the right hand side down to your shoulders. You find yourself laying back and submitting to the hands on your body, letting them slip over your mound, finger your nipples hard, and brush over your mouth in a slippery way which you realise must be lubricated with your own juices.

Triple the Fun

group SpicyBlue 2017-12-30

Stef then steps toward me, drops her hand to my bulging crotch, and fondles my cock as she gives me a long, lingering, open-mouthed kiss. My cock is standing out stiff and hard, and as I continue to fondle Stef's breasts, Jess kisses my balls lightly, then runs her lips and tongue across the head of my cock. "Yes, I think it's definitely Shawn's turn." She leans over to kiss me fully on the mouth, then gives Jess's wet pussy an almost-absent caress. As I continue to kiss and lick her ass, Stefanie thrusts a hand between her legs and begins masturbating as she pants.

Bex: New Years Eve

group SexyBexy96 2017-12-30

I want you but know we have to be somewhere, so even though I can feel you're hard through your shorts, I keep protesting, but still give your cock a squeeze with my hand as your lips close in on my neck, and you bury your face in my tits, breathing hard on me. I want to make you proud of me, so I pull him down, spreading his legs, and as he squeezes his dick I suck his balls, and move my fingers around his ass, sometimes stopping to lick from base to tip, letting a huge string of spit stick to his cock from my lips.

Two At A Time

group GentleGeorge 2017-12-30

Unlike the second boy, he quickly got up, walked towards the door, whistling as he went. Sara rode him for about five minutes, when the second boy went down behind her and began licking her ass and his fellow student's balls. Since she had not ringed the bell immediately after the two students left, Sara heard a knock on the door. Sara told her that she could watch until the boy started fucking her ass, then she was going back to her clit and make her cum. Sara rolled off the girl, who got up and helped the boy take the condom off. They left the room, and Sara lay on the bed for about five minutes until she rang the bell.


Mattie Lake Pt. 02

group joefelton 2017-12-30

Maria looked directly at it and grinned, "Good job, Angela!" Then she reached out and grabbed her husband's big black dick and put it in her mouth. After about a minute of this she pulled her mouth off of Marcus' dick and moaned, "Yes, I'm coming!" Her pussy began to spasm and she felt her muscles contract around Jason's dick. After a few minutes of this Maria pulled her mouth off of her husband's cock and yelled, "Yes, I'm coming again!!" She rocked her hips, pushing herself back onto Jason's hard cock. and yes, as you could probably tell from the amount of come I shot onto Maria's face, I loved what we did today." Jason looked at his friends, and they all laughed with him.