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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Head spinning fmf threesome

group toys4twat 2018-11-05

Cindy went to undo Stephanie’s pants next, while Steph was trying to take off Cindy’s shirt. Cindy pulled off her own pants and her panties at the same time while Stephanie took off her thing G-string panties, followed by her bra. Cindy got on her knees, spreading Stephanie open and began to lick her pussy. I moved over and started sucking on Stephanie’s breasts, she pulled my shirt up over my head while Cindy continued to lick Stephanie’s pussy. Cindy reached up and started to play with my balls and Stephanie worked my cock. I pushed my hard cock all the way in, pushing Cindy’s tongue into Stephanie’s pussy. Cindy grabbed my cock, pulled me over behind Stephanie and guided my cock into Stephanie’s pussy.

Her boss and her husband

group stanwillgets 2018-11-05

Toby, being the one who likes to work his hips rather than his jaw starts talking in the heat of the moment "You` re getting fucked from behind, it could have been anyone thrusting the dick in your pussy...I`d rather have you blow me and watch someone else fuck you from behind!" Hannah immediately stopped her movements and Toby himself felt that he` d somehow crossed a border. Julies husband takes the invite as a full invitation to french kiss her pussy, but Hannah is strict: She pulls him by the hair again, this time much harder, and tells him to do what the fuck he`s told to do from now on. Toby starts fingering Julie, taking a real good look at her pussy and notices that` s got massive delicious lips.

A Beginner's Guide to FFM

group pandsal 2018-11-05

At one point Julian actually said, "Well, I'll get the camera if you two want to get going with each other." Valerie and I just looked at each other, eager to make it work but not knowing whether to laugh or cry because we just weren't turned on. In fact, I thought, the only person getting any kind of sexual charge would be David, masturbating at home with a pair of knickers I had left him to use while he was picturing the ffm in full swing. It took longer than I had expected - largely, I think now, as a result of Valerie's consummate control - but at the very moment I gave myself up to the spasm of ultimate release, I was aware of my hand bringing Julian to that same incomparable moment.


My First Bisexual Couple

group oldhippie1949 2018-11-05

Patty reached down, took my hand, pulled to her mouth and began sucking my fingers and licking my palm off. Now that I was feeling so daring, I decided to go for it and so I leaned across Patty and put my lips over the head of Roger's cock. I pulled Roger's cock away and gasped, "I'm cumming...I'm going to cum...uh...uh...oooooo." Patty vagina began to squeeze as I exploded into her. "Here, let me help you, Stew." Roger leaned over and began inhaling my soft little thing into his mouth. "Come on, Stew, fuck me." My mind spoke up, "Hmmm...another crossing ahead.." Patty took my dick and rolled down a lubed condom.

A Summer Job with Fringe Benefits

group realoldbill 2018-11-05

I found it with my tongue, pushed aside a flap of soft flesh, and she went absolutely ape, crying and writhing, as I stretched out her little nub and licked it hard and fast, nipping at it a few times as it swelled and hardened. Ginger sucked and used her tongue until I was fully aroused, absolutely stiff, the skin fully stretched, and then she eased it out of her mouth, licked its blunt head and said, "Fuck me.” By then it was straight out and curved slightly upward, banana-like. When I got to my father’s office with his mail, I didn’t knock and found Cindy lying across his desk and my father’s big prick in her upside down mouth, and I'm sure, well down her throat.

Yvonne's Sexual Awakening

group candytales 2018-11-05

We were soon fucking rhythmically and I was grunting softly with every deep penetrating stroke but Yvonne had decided to get herself involved by climbing onto the sofa adjusting her stance slightly so that she could hold her lovely bald pussy against Clive’s face. Clive watched us and happily stroked his lovely cock but we were so close to cumming and as she rubbed my tender clit Yvonne kissed me hard and it brought me off almost instantly. By the time Yvonne returned with three mugs of tea Clive and I were already in a classic sixty-nine position with me straddling his face and sucking his delicious meaty cock as he licked my succulent womanhood from top to bottom and finger-fucked both my juicy holes.

Exploring Fantasies

group The Gentle Man 2018-11-05

As his tongue would explore her wetness and her body would begin to quiver, he would hear the sounds of rustling clothing and soft sighs and moans coming from the group of people who were becoming aroused as they watched. Dizzy with desire, he held her head in his hands and thrust his cock in and out of her mouth, all the while watching the other two couples. The woman who was being licked while she rode her man had been watching him and his wife and his wife’s orgasm had touched off her own orgasm, helped no doubt by the cock in her pussy and the tongue on her clit.

A very Naughty Girl - Goes to the Carwash

group DarkSide 2018-11-05

I started to grin, I felt so randy and horny that my pussy was leaking copious amounts of cum onto the car seat. I was a little disappointed when the car was being washed as I knew they could not feast their eyes on me, but it didn’t stop me from fondling my breasts and tweaking my nipples. Mr. Wash had once again got hold of a chamois leather cloth and was busily polishing the bonnet, removing all evidence of the grease that my hands, body and spunk that splashed on the car and Mr. Squirty, bless him, wiped the spunk off my arse so that it would not soil the seat.

Two Beats a Cheat - Part Three

group storyo 2018-11-05

She let a long line of saliva drip from her perfect lips onto his cock then Jackie held her tits around him rubbing around his full length and before he could catch his breath he felt the tingle, his body thrust up into her tits and his balls cut loose flinging white arcs up toward his face. "Jesus fuck!" He gasped as Maria slid up his body, her tits sliding in hot jizz till it pooled between them on his chest till she scooped it up with her hand, tasted it then let it drizzle down off her nipple back on him. Jackie rode his cock hard with an intent, determined look on her face and Andy could feel her contract around him repeatedly.

Vignettes: She Asked Me To!

group boo_dreaux 2018-11-05

Taking a few sliding sucks on my cock, she lifted her head and let my dick fall from her mouth, but kept her hand stroking me, thankfully. As I entertained Eli with my head and mouth between her legs, she was leaning over and sucking on Greg's cock. Getting down on my knees between Greg's legs as he pumped his cock upwards into Eli, her moans of pleasure becoming quite vocal, I started licking her clit and rimming her stretched pussy-lips. When Eli started her orgasm, I licked her clit and let my tongue travel down from it to Greg's pulsing cock. Eli had three good back-back climaxes and after her last one, she lifted herself from Greg's still-hard dick, and pulled my lips to the head of his cock.

My Birthday Present (Part 2)

group Bman8in 2018-11-05

I looked at Jewel’s glowing, lustful eyes and started to slide my hard cock into her hot, tight, red-headed pussy! “José!” she said when she was able to control her laughter; “I want you to lick my pussy clean and suck up all that hot cum that Scotty deposited there!” José continued to stare at Jewel with a confused look in his eyes. I pushed her forward at the hips exposing her puckered, pink ass-hole to my view; I could see only the base of José’s hard dick and his hair-covered balls dangling down; the rest of his massive penis was shoved deep into Jewel’s pussy.

Five Nights Ch. 05

group Noreasonneeded 2018-11-05

“Get your tongue in my pussy!” She sounded mean, but she was grinning, and Marybeth got her face down and I watched her suck the lips of Sue’s pussy, pulling them away from her body, then jam her mouth into the hole, drilling for Sue juice. “Get off, slut,” she said, “it’s my turn.” And as Sue slid to the side, Marybeth took her place, planting her cunt on my face, and driving my cock into her mouth, humming and groaning onto my shaft as I stuck my tongue into her lava pit. Sue was licking her clit, and my balls were her on her nose as I rested there a minute, feeling the heat, then I pulled out and dropped my cock to Sue’s mouth, and she sucked it enthusiastically, loving the taste of her friend’s pussy.

Costume Party

group EnjoyBoth 2018-11-05

I have no idea how much time had gone by, only that there were more people watching and Brian had placed his hands on the sides of my head trying to guide me as he began to fuck my mouth. I placed my hands on her ass pulling her closer tongue fucking her pussy and sucking on her clit to bring her off two more times in near succession. Jessica, on the other hand, took a few minutes to gather her composure and when she stood up, her own cum from being fucked so good, oozed from the head of her own cock that was still pulsing, head above the black laced panties she wore.

White Mistress For Black Sluts

group Samuelx 2018-11-05

And I love to fuck Black men ( and occasionally Black women ) in the ass with my thick strap-on dildo. I love sexually submissive Black guys like Anthony Mulenge. And lots of these supposedly macho Black guys love getting fucked by a bossy White woman with a strap-on dildo. A big part of enjoying my newfound freedom and awakened sensuality is finding Black men whose asses I can ram with my strap-on dildo. I love to look inside a Black man's gaping asshole after fucking him with my strap-on dildo. This sexually submissive young Black woman was looking for a bossy mature White dominatrix and that's exactly what I was for her. Face down and ass up, that's how I fucked my sexy Black female submissive.

78% bdsm

Blacks And Jews Orgy

group Samuelx 2018-11-05

Add to that the fact that I'm always getting a crush on sexy Black women who never return my affections and you will see why my love life has gone to hell. I saw a blonde-haired White chick kneeling before a big and tall black man. Not far from them, I saw a big black woman on all fours, face down and ass up as she got butt-fucked by a skinny Asian guy with glasses. Jacqueline Stone was a six-foot-three, busty and big-bottomed, deliciously blonde-haired White woman. Jacqueline got on all fours, spread her plump white ass cheeks wide open and asked me to lick her ass. I took my sweet time as I worked my seven-inch rod into Jacqueline Stone's very willing ass.


Surprised by his girlfriend

group MelonHead 2018-11-05

He could feel his cock start to strain against his jeans and then even more as Hannah pulled off the other girl’s top revealing her large perky tits encased in a lacy white bra. As his mind turned back to the scene in front of him he saw Sarah sucking on Hannah’s clit as she slid two fingers back and forth in her now extremely wet pussy. Tom ran his hands over her tits and began to pinch her nipples; he forgot Sarah was there until he felt her mouth on his still hard cock. Tom could see Hannah’s tongue on Sarah’s clit as he fucked Hannah harder; her muffled groans of pleasure getting louder.

A Woman Who Loves Anal Sex

group Samuelx 2018-11-05

My first anal experience was with Marcus Molder, a tall and good-looking black man I knew. Marcus made me cum several times while drilling his cock into my pussy and fingering my asshole. I felt his long and thick cock going up my ass and it hurt like hell. Any woman, no matter how strong and independent will scream like a banshee with a foot-long cock in her ass. Juan Carlos was packing a nine-inch uncircumcised Latin cock with hairy balls even bigger than those of Marcus the black stud. Straight men who are into the whole strap on dildo experience are as closeted as we, heterosexual women of all races who love getting fucked in the ass.

Carol's First Threesome

group sbk1 2018-11-05

  Greg all of a sudden pulls away from my wife, pulls the covers back and crawls between her legs and gently starts kissing her ever so softly around her vagina and slowly working his way to her neatly trimmed golden triangle.   It wasn’t long before my wife said “ I need some DICK!”   “I don’t care which one but I need some dick NOW!!!” With that I worked my way up her body, took my cock in my right hand and rubbed it up and down twice and pushed the head inside.

Emily - Our Tex-Mex Waitress

group CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-05

On one particular night, not long ago, as I was seated across the booth from my wife, Emily stood at the side of our table, taking our drink orders, I scooted over and patted the cushioned seat next to me. As we both lie naked and exhausted from a tremendously wild love-making session, Maria asked me if I liked Emily. Maria moved to her right and patted the bench seat motioning for Emily to sit next to her. “Aye,” Emily replied to something Maria said in Spanish, as she looked at me and smiled. “Can you give me fifteen minutes to close out another table?” Emily asked. Maria took Emily by her hand and walked towards the front of the restaurant.

The Intern

group AndreaDetroit 2018-11-05

Dominique's going to bring the coffee in a few minutes.” Like him, I'd been looking forward to fucking and didn't want to be disturbed before its rightful conclusion. "I want to see his big fat cock fuck your hot little cunt.” My fingers traced the outline of her damp sex through the satin-smooth underwear. “Yes, come on, Chris," I said, managing to keep a straight face at Dominique's use of Daddy. I opened my eyes and I saw him step away from the young intern, his cock glistening from her orgasm, a look of satisfaction on his handsome face.  I saw Dominique's eyes widen and a wickedly decadent smile appeared, her lips curling at the corners as Chris penetrated her backside.

Not Too Late

group Noreasonneeded 2018-11-05

Not just having sex again , I told myself as I drew my mouth slowly from his shaft, lips tight and cheeks sunk in, sucking hard, having hot, wild sex with a guy I just met while his friends watch, waiting for their turn! Then he grabbed my ass cheeks and shouted, sharp and fierce, and I felt his cock push deep inside, felt the pulses in his shaft and the sudden sloppy slick feeling as ropes of his semen filled me, coated me inside, the delicious sensation of a man’s hot cum in my cunt! He was hissing breath and making yummy sounds as I grinned and put my hands between his legs, grabbing his ass and pushing him against my face, pressing his cock against me, rubbing against it like a purring cat on a pants leg.

Meeting The Neighbor While Shoveling Snow - Part Four

group Mysteria27 2018-11-05

Holy fuck you look like a hot wife.” Peter pulled my thong down and slipped his finger into my pussy and finger fucked me hard until I came. I parted my legs wider and Claude pushed his large cock into my pussy. I noticed that my husband was now naked and stroking his cock, while I got fucked. Troy pushed his cock into my pussy deeper and harder. My husband came to the bed and played with my pussy. His cock was there for me to suck, while I fucked Troy. I sucked his dick, while moving my pussy up and down over Troy’s hard cock. I couldn't get the image out of my mind of my husband licking the men's cum from my ass and pussy.

A Trickster's Bisexual Black Orgy

group Samuelx 2018-11-05

Stella came with her good friend Monica Chavez, a tall and slender ( yet deliciously busty and big-bottomed ) young woman of African-American and Mexican descent. A tall, blonde-haired and green-eyed Irish-American chick from the women's volleyball team who seems to only date Black men. She came with her boyfriend Jason Thorne, a tall and burly, ruggedly handsome Black man who's captain of the Saint Dominus College men's swimming team. I also asked my good friend Kyle Henderson, a tall and model-like, extremely handsome young Black man who's the captain of the Saint Dominus College men's Baseball team. Jason was in heaven as Monica and Isabel teamed up to suck his big black dick and lick his balls.

The Creek - Part Three

group Arcane 2018-11-05

Logan, Sophie, Maggie and Jeremy were all down by the creek cooling off. Logan and Jeremy both had semi erect cocks because the two girls had decided to wear skimpy bikinis. Logan felt his cock twitch with excitement; he knew Maggie would have something fun in store. Logan and Jeremy started to pump their cocks furiously, putting all their effort into their arms. Logan moaned and hot globs of cum erupted from his cock, spurting everywhere and splattering onto Maggie’s chest. Logan, Sophie, Jeremy and Maggie stood reunited on the bank of the creek. Logan felt Sophie having an orgasm, her juices spurting out of her pussy and saturating Logan and Jeremy’s cock. ‘You better eat my pussy good, bitch,’ Maggie yelled enthusiastically, spanking Sophie’s plump tits.