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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 02

group SteveWallace 2017-12-30

I'm not sure how he got it all to my front door, but after he knocked and I opened the door, I found him there with several bottles of expensive wine, a carafe of coffee (my favorite blend), and a tray with two covered dinners on it -- hot and ready to serve. Mark told me it was a business expense, and not to worry; I was not to spend a cent, but he did want to be sure I was happy and appropriately dressed for the occasion. I turned to ask Mark, but I saw Andy beside him talking in a low voice I couldn't hear and pointing to some of the pages on the table.



group tanyacd65 2017-12-30

“You’re a whore with your cunt in the wrong place and you want to be fucked like a real whore, don’t you?” he asked, pulling harder on my nipples. “You wish you didn’t have these and you had a cunt instead, don’t you, slut?” “Yes,” I whispered once again as I felt his cock pushing slightly to enter my hole. “You want my cock inside you, don’t you, slut?” he said, pushing a bit harder as my hole opened up for him. What is it you want, slut?” he asked, now pulling both my cheeks apart with his hands while his cock knocked at my door of lust. Let the world know what you want,” he said, pushing his cock to make my hole open wider but not entering me yet.

I Bump Into Shirley & John

group Boxlicker101 2017-12-30

Shirley lay on her left side and John was on his right side when she took the tip of John's cock into her mouth, then slowly moved her lips down, enveloping most of that big tool. I started gently squeezing and releasing the part of her pubic area that I had in my hand, synchronizing the squeezes to the strokes of her mouth on John's cock, and turned my attention again to Shirley's feet. With my left hand gently squeezing Shirley's pussy, I took the four smallest toes on her right foot into my mouth and sucked on them for a few seconds. The bed had been rocking gently from Shirley sucking John's cock but when I was halfway to the end of the second pussy lip, it started shaking.


The Rumor Ch. 1

group Night Writer 2017-12-30

Tina, a blonde coed, was sitting in her chaise lounger on the balcony in her string bikini top and cut-off Daisy Dukes reading her Cosmo, glanced over the top of the magazine and noticed a young man of about 24-25 years old with brown hair and a somewhat muscular build in a uniform walking down her street. As he walked past the living room to get to the basement, Steve looked in and saw two young ladies sitting on the couch. Tina raised her pussy-soaked face from between Jenny’s legs, moved up and the Jenny began to lick her own juices from Tina’s lips and chin and tongue.

I'm a fucking whore

group 2017-12-30

My juices are flowing now...Tim then reaches around to my front and rubs my hard nipples in his hands. Tim sees that my hands are on my pussy and he wants some of the action. His tongue feels soo good, that I'm pulling his head in deeper, Tim slips a finger in my pussy and I cum again. Tim is behind me rubbing my tits and the neighbor is getting horny by our actions. Tim lays on the bed, i crawl on top of him and slide his dick in my ass and the neighbor is sliding his cock in my pussy. Tim, then says that he is ready to cum again, he pulls out of my ass and squirts his cum in my mouth.

Three's a Pleasure

group mindlover 2017-12-30

For your thoughtfulness, I lean over and kiss you again and feel your hand slide higher on my thigh. Melanie walks back to me and cupping my face between her hands, bends over and kisses me on the lips. Opening myself up, I watch as Melanie leans into me and runs her tongue along my calf and up my thigh, pausing periodically to linger and caress. Melanie lifts her head and rests her cheek against my pussy, pressing her face against my curls as you rock into her, gripping her hips and pushing deep. I open my eyes to see your tongue dart into Melanie for a taste and then come back to linger longer.

Friday's Surprise Surprises All

group curiousandkinky 2017-12-30

I stand there and watch him eat my wife's pussy, her hands one on his head and the other on her breast fondling and caressing each with her eyes closed and mouth open, the look of pleasure. With my dick leaking cum into her mouth I start to pump her mouth with slow short strokes while watching Randy tend to her hungry pussy. I stand there watching my lovely wife getting her pussy fucked hard and listening to the both of them start talking dirty. I start to pump her while holding her calves in my hands nibbling on them while watching her suck Randy's dick knowing that I'm going to blow very soon.

Best Test Drive Ever!

group Cindytranee 2017-12-30

I told her about the lady in her 80's that got a Camaro sideways on a busy street when she wanted to "see what this baby will do." I told the girls how we had named her "The Little Old Lady from Pasadena." We laughed about that as Kim pulled into a park. As I slid my cock in Kim's tight pussy I looked over to see that Stephanie had opened her door and stepped out. When I felt like I could go on I stopped licking Kim and slid my cock back in her pussy. I slid my cock in Kim's tight ass using her pussy juice for lubrication. Stephanie licked up all the cum that came out then put her mouth around Kim's hole and tried to suck more out.

The Train

group ThatSexyIrishGirl 2017-12-30

The women are in a 69 as the man continues to slowly stroke his beautiful cock. My lack of response does not deter him from kissing down my body, taking my throbbing nipples into his wet, warm mouth and slowly sucking on them. His hands on my hips, pumping, pistoning deep into my pussy, the women licking and suckling my nipples, the first man's tongue expertly loving my engorged clit. "You know I really do love to watch you masturbate," my lover's voice whispers in my ear, "but I'm more in the mood to suck you off." My soaking pussy is suddenly being kissed and licked and sucked by the woman I love so much...

Hot & Wild Times in an Adult Theater

group gushingirl 2017-12-30

I ask the guy working there (in a loud enough tone so most everyone in the store heard me) If I could take my toy into the theater and use it as I watched the movie. Soon 4 more guys that watched and heard me buying my toy showed up, one sat in front of me, one in back and left of me, the other 2 sat in my row on each side, 1 guy was 1 seat to my left, the other 2 seats away on the right, (I felt surrounded, very wet and excited). As I walked through the bookstore the guy at the counter, ask if my toy worked...I smiled and pointed at my dripping skirt.

Jenn & Ross Punish Katie

group ImmortalRomance 2017-12-30

"Because we need your opinion on what looks nice on us," Jenn said as she checked to make sure the salespeople were all busy, before dragging Ross and Katie back to the corner dressing room. "That shouldn't be too hard," Jenn said with a giggle, giving Katie a wink before grabbing Ross's tight ass cheeks, pulling him in closer. As Katie watched, fingering herself, she hoped no one in the department store would hear Jenn's loud cries of ecstasy as Ross began to pound himself in and out of her repeatedly. "I'm cumming, too!!!!" Jenn screamed, her pussy getting so tight around Ross's cock, the walls squeezing him as he was spurting his hot seed very deep into her lovely body.

Milf & 2 Boys

group 2017-12-30

Tim and Jeff loved to eyeball her as she walked by every day and would often make crude gestures behind her back which she often missed but sent knots forming in Billy's stomach every time he saw them looking. "Hey Billy, I'd gonna fuck your mom right up her sweet ass." Tim would say. "I know man," Tim said, turning away from the porn on Jeff's computer momentarily. She looked incredibly sexy in her genie costume, which was made up of silk and transparent materials, doing little to hide her enormous cleavage with her 34D breasts, which Tim and Jeff's eyes were glued to. As her shapely ass jiggled while she walked away, Tim and Jeff knowingly smiled at each other trying not to laugh.

Caught In The Act Part 5 (The Final Humiliation)

group 2017-12-30

As I leant further forward, head bobbing up and down, spit starting to roll down my chin and his cock, I felt my skirt being lifted up from behind. As I continued sucking and licking the massive cock, I felt the guy to my rear sliding his hand inside the panties and with the aid of my slick, lubed up ass, start to finger me. I rubbed the warm liquid over my thighs, then lifted my fingers to my mouth - but before I could taste my own juices, the man to the left of me grabbed my hand and started to lick and suck my cum.

Up, Up & Away

group Brandy 2017-12-30

I reach in and take the envelope and slowly open it, I remove the letter and look at Ginny who smiles, lifts out the camera and hands it to Craig. Just as that wonderful cock touches my lips, I feel the ripping pain as Ginny rams the butt plug into my ass and causing my lips to open as Craig shoves his cock into my mouth. I feel a buzzing on my pussy as Ginny starts to fuck me with a vibrator, feeling it as it enters and rub against the butt plug, feeling it slide in and out as my mouth works Craig's cock.


group mooseinMD 2017-12-30

Janie was shocked for a moment when John's gorgeous deep blue eyes were looking over at her, but this time there was no nervousness; instead she showed off that sexy smile of hers. Embarrassed, she knew that John was well aware she wasn't listening, but as long as he knew she was looking him up and down or thinking about him and Erica it was all right. Erica still had on her glasses; Janie assumed John liked them, remembering he might have mentioned how great Erica's new glasses looked at dinner. Janie watched as John moved in and kissed her best friend; this made her more excited than she ever thought it would. "John, baby, we have to make our guest feel welcome," Erica said, looking over at Janie.


Show Business

group FloridaSmoothie 2017-12-30

Katy and I did not dance much, instead we watched the interesting couples dance and we checked-out the other areas on the first floor: a large hot tub, a sexy toyshop, two rooms with doors for private play, a nice large carpeted coed locker room, and a porn video lounge with sofas and an open room off to one side. Then very quickly four things happened: another young couple with an attractive, long dark haired woman came in and stood facing and watching us; one of the sofa couples moved to the other sofa next to the other couple; one of those women started to play with a breast of the other woman; and I unzipped by pants so my hard-on could get comfortable and Katy could play with it.

Crystal Clear Ch. 26

group Romantic1 2017-12-30

Synopsis of This Story Up to This Point: After a motorcycle road trip laced with grief, love, incest, and sex (read my Road Trip series), Jim, girlfriend country singer Crystal Lee and her sister Ellen, a love interest named Claire, and a nymphomaniac housekeeper Nadia lived together. The group heads to the Lee's for Christmas, where Jim successfully seduces Crystal and Ellen's mother Kim, and Nadia scores with Don their Dad. After the next round of swap between her daughters, Kim intervened and allowed Crystal to dribble the remaining cum and juices from her into her mouth. Ellen moved slightly above her mother and allowed the cum to dribble from her mouth into Kim's, purposefully misdirecting some of the fluid so it ran down Kim's breasts.


Unicorn Surprise Ch. 01

group TCStam 2017-12-30

"By the way," he called from the bottom of the stairs, "I have someone coming by later today for some work on the house." And with that, the sound of the garage door lifting ended their morning time together. Carol went back to her computer, determined to get everything completed in record time, so she would have a few minutes to freshen up before Tony came home for the day. Kirsten was just finishing, and said, "Please, let me get that for you!" Carol was slightly uncomfortable, it felt odd to have someone serve her like that in her own home, but it wasn't a bad thing. Natural body responses were starting to take over, and the shyness Carol had experienced began to slip away as easily as Kirsten's shorts.

Spring Break Ch. 01

group MakingYouSing 2017-12-30

With one hand, I held her head still, while the other stroked my cock over her neck, her cheeks, her lips. Tightening her hair until it must have hurt, I pulled her all the way onto my cock, parked the head in the opening of her throat. He looked like he was trying to slide slowly in, but my slut doesn't want it slow. I watched Mark violently fucking Vanessa's throat, watched her eyes clench shut, her body tense and buck a little every time he closed off her windpipe. Vanessa was sucking in deep breaths through strings of cum, lapping hungrily at what dripped into her mouth, glorying in the feel of semen on her skin.

A First Time for Isabella

group aksarben 2017-12-30

I could not believe my eyes when I saw it Isabella start to squeeze and fondle Jazmine's boob as soon as her hand touched that warm wonderful flesh. Now, I have seen several strippers kiss a man, or a woman, on the cheek, in that open mouth wet kiss that shows how much they appreciate that extra dollar, but this time, Jazmine took Isabella's jaw in her hand and they shared the most sensuous kiss I had seen outside of our own bedroom. Jazmine immediately began her seductive dance, moving across Isabella's body, flipping her body over to put my girlfriend's face between her legs. I saw Jazmine enter a finger into my girlfriend and that was it, Isabella started thrashing, bucking her hips and digging her nails into the back of my hand.

With Three You Get... Ch. 04

group Rathgon 2017-12-30

Mark sat forward and began rubbing Dinah's feet and was starting higher when she stopped him, "That's far enough, I told you I was done for the day," she said, somewhat more sternly than she had planned. He felt his cock firm up in his shorts and was getting ready to plead his case for returning to the room again when Ivana came up and kissed him on the cheek before turning to Dinah and asking her to dance. After a settling moan Janet lay down on Mark, her breasts pressing against his chest, and began rocking her hips as she kissed his sex slippery face.


The Chef Takes On Two Men...

group sexynursechef 2017-12-30

Craig moves up to kiss her lips and I take both breasts into my hands and rub and pull slowly on her hard nipples. We reach down and pull off her panties and Craig moves between her legs and starts to lick and suck as she works my hard cock with her hand and mouth. Lisa is screaming with pleasure, so much so, that she can't suck Craig's cock, so he gives her a rest and positions himself under her and licks that swollen clit as I work that ass. I pull her legs apart and start sucking her toes as Craig moves and slides his cock back into her wet pussy.

Emily Does Provincetown

group davidwatts 2017-12-30

In my mind, I tried to conjure up what Emily and this woman would be like together, typical guy stuff, while the waitress looked over the license. I thought you were so much younger" the waitress said with embarassment, blushing much like Emily now was and handing her back her license. "David here told me that you thought I was his daughter" Emily said to the waitress. "If you aren't busy, why don't you come by our room tonight Kyle?" Emily said, handing the waitress a napkin on which she had apparently written our motel and room number. "Okay, but someday if you want to do something with a guy and have me watch, that'll be alright with me, I guess" Emily said.


Jen and Stacy at the Bookstore

group dickdanger2005 2017-12-30

Jen decided she needed a dick in her mouth, so she pried her ass off the guy's tongue and said, "Let's see that cock daddy." By the time she got on her knees the man had already put his crotch up against the hole. She loved the fact that the glory holes were so big, because it allowed her to do one of her favorite things: she took the guy's cock completely down her throat, and while it was embedded there, she used her tongue to lap at his balls. Finally the guy could take it no more and said, "I'm cumming," probably trying to warn Jen in case she didn't want to swallow.