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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


group AaronAardvark 2017-12-30

The very first time we played Angela was my mistress, she had to embarrass me and allow Christine to 'accept', i.e. have lots of orgasms. When three of us had played the basic game several times, after we kept Angela away from the cards, we noticed that the level of undress remained pretty even and the gap between 'winners' and 'losers' was not so great as we had hoped. If you are teasing you really need to get Adrian to beg you to let him come, because if you don't you'll either have to have a second turn, or lose your opportunity to set him on a hair trigger for the next person.

Fun at Drs. Dinner with Friends

group Paris Waterman 2017-12-30

Sharon returned to Rosa carrying a small box which she promptly opened and took out what appeared to be a large black cock. Sharon signaled Cindy that she needed a break and slowly eased the great prick from Rosa's sodden cunt. 'How can Cindy fuck so hard and so long,' the doctor wondered and reached for a towel, then applied it to both women's faces in turn, ensuring to get the sweat before it burned their eyes. Rosa slyly placed her hand back on the table and tried to jerk it away when Alice grabbed it and gave it a lick. Rosa stroked him, wishing she could see what she was feeling--his hot, thick come hitting her hand and stomach.


The Temp Ch. 1

group Threesheets 2017-12-30

Having finished in what I thought was a good time, I went to the office to let her know the task was completed and find out if anything else needed done before I made a supply run. She kept her head down, and just said yes Sir. Seeing the position she was in I took one step closer to her, she couldn't back up any further, I just reached out and lifted her chin until she was looking me in the eyes, I told her, she was the boss out side the office but remember this little exchange.


Fantasy #1

group HorneeCouple 2017-12-30

After one of Scarlett and mine great fuck sessions, she looked up at me and told me that one of her fantasies is to watch me with another girl. Scarlett sat on the bed behind me and nibbled my ear and asked how I like what Shelly was doing. When Scarlett knew I was close to cumming she got off my face and watch my face while I came into Shelly's hot mouth. Her moaning got muffled when I seen Scarlett grabbed the pigtails and grinded Shelly's face into her pussy. When I thought she was lubed up enough I fucked her ass as hard as I could making her cum all over Shelly's face and the bed.

Final Vows Ch. 06

group 0131aj 2017-12-30

All this time Mother was lapping at her sensitive cunt and when she started to finger fuck the young nun, using her tongue now to tease Sister Maria's throbbing clit, the younger nun's orgasm burst upon her just as the priest also came and began pouring spunk down her throat. Over and over the young nun was fucked as each priest took their turn with her while Mother Superior worked hard in reviving each of their cocks when they had finished with Sister Maria. The second priest came soon after in her cunt but lay where he was, holding on to Sister Maria in case she tried to escape Father's cock fucking her arse.

Off to Russia with my sexy interpretor.

group wetchin54 2017-12-30

My cock was in pussy, but it and my balls were getting licked and lapped, as was Sasha's cunt. Then Sasha pulled away, spun around, pushed me onto my back, looked at the other woman and pointed at my cock, then straddled my face and said Lick me, eat my pussy. Sasha stiffened, moaned, said "what a fucking tongue" and flooded my face with lady lotion. Her tits flopped and rolled with my thrust, her smile never went, I felt a tongue on my balls, then my shaft, it must have hit her pussy too cause soon she stopped bucking, moaned a long low growl and warmed my dick with another flush of cum, just before I shot off deep in her womb.

Marilyn's Adventures in School Ch. 02

group walterio 2017-12-30

Audrey continued to eat Marilyn's pussy and finger her asshole as Rachel worked the young girl's firm tits. Marilyn unintentionally released her grip on the big cock and Geno drove it all the way into her pussy. Geno then pushed his cock into her pussy and fucked her doggy style with the butt plug in her ass. Marilyn felt yet another orgasm approaching and when she climaxed Geno pulled the butt plug from her ass. As her body trembled in orgasm, Geno moved his cock from her pussy to her ass. Geno leaned over her body with his cock still in her ass and held her breasts in both hands. It feels so good to have cocks in my mouth, pussy and ass at the same time" Marilyn replied.


DPP: A Wild New Experience

group buffbody 2017-12-30

I suck on the blond man's cock, making nice and wet, then I do the same with the dark-haired man's cock, still lying on the sand. While the blond is busy trying to squeeze his monster along with the other cock, I am lip locked with the dark haired man. While the blond man moves slowly and my kisses with the dark haired get more passionate with intensity. I can now feel that the dark haired man is also enjoying the feeling of the blond man's cock rubbing with his in my pussy. I can see the lust in the dark haired man's eyes, he is totally enjoying, while the blond man moves his head and turns my neck and kisses me passionately.

My Friends Trip to Charleston

group SaucySlut 2017-12-30

The next morning when the alarm went off, Rachel and I thought we'd send Alan off to work with a smile, so before he got out of bed, we pulled the covers back and started slurping on his hardening cock. I could feel Alan getting harder and I knew he was going to cum, so I covered his cock with my mouth while she stroked his cock and he shot his warm sticky sweet juice in my mouth, I swallowed a little bit, but wanted to share with Rachel, so after he shot his last salvo, I grabbed Rachel's head and gave her a deep kiss, pushing his cum into her mouth.


Beth Visits Austin

group SoftBrie 2017-12-30

The arrangement I had with Hammer and Roxy was to meet them at a club called The Pit, on Austin's East Side. When at last the hour arrived, I took a taxi to the club, timed to get there at ten p.m. When I got out of the cab, all I could see was a line of young people, dressed to impress, in front of a black facade. I was starting to feel nervous about the situation, but against my own better judgment I took a wad of folded bills out of my purse and counted five twenties into the gatekeeper's hand. Turning around, making eye contact, pointing and smiling, I walked up and down the bar while I orally pleasured the bottle and used one hand to finger myself.


Adult Theater Night

group davesnawtygurl 2017-12-30

she lets go of my cock, still stroking him as she massages the cum into her breasts, moaning around my cock, another man quickly replaces the shooter and add his own load, hanging over her as best he can, his cum dribbling down onto her tits and her massaging hand, the stranger leans forward and she rubs his cock all over her slick breasts, I am close so I pull out of her mouth to paint her face with precum, then step back so as not to finish too soon, there is another guy in the row in front, jerking hard and soon yet another load is sprayed onto her, this time her legs are coated, the void I leave is quickly filled with another man leaning in from the row behind as he jerks himself off onto her shoulder too.

First 3some creampie eating experience

group justaswingin 2017-12-30

He said in another text that Connie was tied up and he was going to start on her. I rolled her off of me and slowly put my dick up to her pussy and then it slipped right in and felt so good. I was close to cumming when she was giving me BJ so it didn’t take long and I blew my load deep in her pussy. After I don’t know how many minutes Bill was getting louder and then he said “I am going to cum are you ready”. He finally stopped when his dick was soft and backed out of her and I wasted no time going to work licking her pussy clean.

Sex Surprise Ch. 2

group La Shram 2017-12-30

Laying on my back with either hand inside a different girl now three fingers in Erica on my right, and two pumping inside and out, of Mattie, on my left, I moved Meagan's breasts around with my tongue. Stepping up to slide them off her feet, I took a deep breath, as Mattie let off my hand. Just after Meagan ordered Mary not to let me shoot, "not yet" she said again, Mary gave a good last pump and blow pulling almost all of me into her mouth and then tongued her way off. Taking a good breath of her panty aroma I saw Mary still in her blue tank top, and Erica lifting it, all while both her and Mattie reached to caress Mary's sexy little tits.

Cathy Ch. 04

group cathynova 2017-12-30

The man rocking in and out of her tight pussy let her ankles go and was kneading her small tits, she could feel herself getting excited once again and watching her boyfriend make the older Italian woman clean his ass coated cock was spurring her on. She wanted to suck her boyfriend's cock at the same time her ass was being skewered, but the rules allowed no contact with the person you came with during game hours, she grabbed the cock of an old Danish man and pulled it to her mouth, engulfing it as the other man fucked her ass hard.

Uno, Dos, Tres

group C Love 2017-12-30

Ethan had begun sucking on Carolina's breast, so I used my free hands to pull off my own shorts and shirt. Ethan pulled out of her and asked, "So you like to cocks in you, huh?" Carolina was still panting, but managed to say something in Spanish, all I made out was, si, dos, and bueno. As the two of us both wrapped ourselves around Carolina under a comforter I pulled off of my bed, Ethan kissed her and said, "Now you owe me a three-way with Christina." I felt Carolina rub her hand on my ass and squeeze it as she said, "That's fine, but if Greg happens to be in the area, we might as well make it four."

Fantasy Realised

group Satin_sheetsNZ 2017-12-30

I worked hard to focus around my own pleasure as I slid two fingers deep inside red in search of that hidden sensitive spot and was delighted to feel her hips press upwards and surprised when warm liquid gushed from her pussy. Moving to the floor we sprawled all together touching and teasing each other, fingers in pussies, tongues on clits, cock buried deep in mouths, pussies and between breasts. Taking him deep until tears formed and slid down my cheeks, suckling gently on his balls until with a final moan of pleasure Red and I were rewarded with gush after gush of cum splashed over our breasts.

Making the MILF List Ch. 05

group Contrasting 2017-12-30

Mom moved her arms onto the table and used them to press back at me but I resisted the motion, shifting away from her while keeping my cock head tucked inside her. "I am going to go into the kitchen and fuck your mother, in a minute, when I catch my breath." I repeated. They need to learn to fuck with us watching, with other people observing them having orgasms on our cocks." I stopped to let that sink in. I stroked her legs a few more times, pressing her body against the sink, making sure she could feel my hard cock.


Spin The Bottle

group aly77r 2017-12-30

You, Tasha and I are sitting on the couch, Sammy's on the eggshell chair and Sonja's between his legs. Sammy ponders for a long time, but then dares you to take off Sonja's underwear. I stop kissing Tasha just long enough to take my shirt and bra off, and then I reach for her again. They laugh at me, but not for long because I get up on my knees and start to lick Sonja's wet slit and finger Tasha's dripping hole. You feel a mouth around your shaft and mistakenly think it's Tasha, since you didn't see her get on Sonja's face. Tasha and Sonja are mesmerized by this action and start fondling and kissing each other.

Our 1st Orgy Ch. 02

group doomwolf123 2017-12-29

Evie lay on top of Laura and they started kissing, their tongues entering one another's mouths, whle their hands caressed each other's breasts. Laura's legs clamped hard around Evie's head, sqeezing her tight as she started to cum, but Evie carried on fingering her, thrusting her fingers forever deeper and deeper till Laura couldn't take any more and came with a cry, completely covering Evie's fingers and face. I couldn't take any more more of this exquisite torture and grabbed Rosie's thighs, pulling her tight onto my mouth, eating her like a man possessed as I grunted and groaned before exploding inside Evie. That's when Laura, grabbing my cock, pulled me out of Evie's pussy, hurting me a bit, but I didn't really care as she thrust my cock in her mouth.


Lynne On The Town

group whbonney 2017-12-29

Lynne was tossing her head as Rex ass fucked her and he told Jennifer, "Damn, this girl is really a whore, her ass is begging me to fuck it harder" as he slammed his cock into her ass, feeling his balls slap her cunt when they met. Jennifer got up from the bed and moved behind Lynne and began to lick her husband's cum from Lynne's well fucked ass, then she moved down to her pussy and told her to turn over. Rex pulled his cock from Jennifer's ass and put the head between Lynne's nose and his wife's pussy, Lynne moved a bit as she watched his cock slide into Jennifer's pussy and felt his balls slap her face as he fucked her.

The Temples of Tulum

group kinkynkazoo 2017-12-29

"You look beautiful," says Brooke, leading Nikki out the bedroom door and down the hallway, herself thinking of the previous evening’s events. She looks at Brooke who gives her a worried smile, knowing what’s going through Nikki's mind. Watching Jorge obviously being distracted by Brooke's display brings a smile to Nikki's face. "What's this temple for?" Brooke asks, trying to distract Jorge from Nikki's comment. After she leaves, Brooke lays on her side and asks Nikki, "What do you think of Jorge?" Thinking that Brooke was talking about the tour and not wanting to hurt her friend’s feelings, Nikki lies and says, "Yes.” Having lost all thoughts of her wedding, Nikki sits in fascination as Brooke continues her dance around Jorge's body.


A Promise Is A Promise Ch. 01

group elleann 2017-12-29

Anyway, our team was getting killed and there was only like ten minutes left in the game when Marcy came up to me right in the middle of one our cheers and whispered in my ear. Just then the team called a timeout and Alex, my boyfriend, who is also the quarterback, came running over to talk with the coach and when he was through Marcy walked up to him and whispered in his ear. As the guys came running off the field when the game ended, I saw a lot of them looking at me. "Ok, guys, show Elle what you're going to give her this morning," Roger said and suddenly the locker room which had been so quiet became noisy as anything.

The Favour

group darquestar 2017-12-29

We kissed for a few minutes, Sharon softly moaning into my mouth as I started rubbing my hand over her right breast, stroking the nipple through her shirt and bra, feeling it harden under my thumb as I pulled my mouth from hers and sucked on her earlobe. On the other end of the couch, Pete had his face buried in Lisa's tits as she used both hands to drag his pants and underwear down over his ass, then grabbing his cock and starting to stroke it. "Did you suck his cock, Shar?" She leaned down until her lips met Sharon's and they kissed, tenderly at first, then more passionately, moaning into each other's mouths as Pete and I continued our assaults on their pussies.

Poolside Fun

group Leslie 2017-12-29

From her position, Jena could see Robyn's ass from behind, and she watched intently as Robyn's pussy became wetter and wetter, her lips spreading and her clit coming into view. Robyn groaned as Jena worked her open mouth all over her wet pussy, swirling her tongue around Robyn's clit. Even though waves of pleasure were building in her body, Robyn could feel the orgasm building in Arnolds balls, his cock growing bigger in her mouth. Arnold groaned loudly as Robyn placed the tip of his cock on her lips, and she jacked his pulsing erection with both hands, her own orgasm sweeping through her body once again.