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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Renewal of Joyce Carlton Ch. 02

group Romantic1 2017-12-29

I stopped by the drugstore and picked up my prescription, and then a wine shop and got a bottle of red wine on the way to Ray and Kim's. Kim read my mood; she said, "Though you left us and went home and to work, we still love you. Can we postpone this lovely activity for a few minutes?" Kim and I both assumed a pout, but pushed Ray towards the kitchen. Kim said, "You keep dressing like this and all sorts of wonderful things will happen to you. I opened my mouth, and Kim French kissed me, in the process depositing the mix of her saliva, my vaginal juices, and Ray's cum.



group susurrus 2017-12-29

I finally figured, 'Fuck it, I'll try to get to some kind of lodging and food, and I'll deal with it when it's daylight again.' The lights of a bar showed a block or so ahead of me, so I decided to grab a quick drink and get some advice on a place to stay the night. I sure as hell don't want to drive all the fuck back and risk getting even *more* lost at an even *later* hour, and even if I *do* get to a hotel, how am I going to find my way *back*?" Sure I'd put such things out of my mind when I joined the ranks of the straight working world, but I found my cock hardening at the thought of spending the night with these hot bodies.


full moon

group 2017-12-29

Here is a story of the two couples who had a little too much fun during a full moon. The girls jumped in the pool and started playing. A couple people who lived in the complex came out and sat at the pool with there feet in the water. Not a care in the world until some of the girls started to take there cloths off. The girls swam to the side of the pool where the steps are so they can be mostly out of the water, but still in it if wanted to. Now the moral of this story is, be careful where you are who you are with on a full moon.

The Awakening Ch. 04

group InsatiableDesire 2017-12-29

As he showed me how the condom felt sliding in and out of my pussy I couldn't wait for him to pull out so that I could take it off and feel the soft skin of his card cock as I slid my lips up and down the shaft and ran my tongue over the head. As he brought me to shake and cum in waves I looked over to see Sam stroking his own, very hard cock as he watched Kyle pleasuring me. As we rested, Sam apologized to Kyle for distracting me and taking my attention from him, but Kyle silenced him saying he had enjoyed watching us and feeling my mouth on his cock, but that the condom certainly didn't help the feeling.

Jayne Turns Fifty

group 2017-12-29

I gasped as I felt Sven open my pussy and start to push his thick cock into my moist hole, I pushed back against him as he pushed the length deep in me, " There you take it all you old slag of a woman, show your husband how you like young Danish dick!" Sven's coarse language shocked me but also turned me on, I had almost forgotten Simon, he was standing across the room watching intently as his 50yo wife took on three young cocks, " Oh yeah bitch!

Shopping After Work

group hotcat 2017-12-29

As I press my breasts against your back and slip my arms around you, I murmur "Baby, lets find a bed…" We gather up the wine and glasses, and traipse into our bedroom, you and me with our arms around each other and Angelo following after, his eyes dilated with lust and his cock arching out in front of him like some rhinoceros's horn. Angelo's got one hand behind your head, steadying you as he pumps his dick in and out of your straining mouth, and with his other one, he's thumbing your hard little tits, pinching your nipples and milking you. Knowing how hot you are, I rise up and start to slide my fingers in and out of your pussy, thrusting my slim, brown hand into your open wetness.

The Fuck Game

group joesal 2017-12-29

"The rules are simple" the voice said "run into the maze." "The longer you last the less likely your are to get gang fucked" the voice continued "Once you are cornered you must submit" it paused "For your viewing pleasure we will show the orgies as they happen in the fuck zone" and with that a big screen activated showing the area where the hunters would enjoy the fruits of the spoils of capture. The fat guy I ws fucking grabbed my dick in his firm hands and began tugging away, the otehr three all stood around me stroking their cocks.

Job Interview With a Twist

group Lykan 2017-12-29

Katie answered, "Why honey, I think he wants to make sure we'll be able to deliver our end of the bargain." Her hand slid to my groin, her fingers lightly playing against my balls. Alice leaned back and closed her eyes as Katie pulled first one dark nipple, and then the other into her mouth. When Alice slid her mouth from the head of my cock to suckle my balls Katie sat up on her knees. Alice's tongue flicked wildly over my cock as Katie's cunt squirted her cum over it. Alice broke her kiss with Katie to see what the problem was, only to find me sliding the tip of my cock up and down her slit.


Tina the Slut Willingly Services My Friends

group g43 2017-12-29

She seems to be horny and wet all the time and she rubes herself and masturbates in front of me even when we our just watching tv, but most of all she loves to be fucked in public, Tina would tell me she just need to go out and have a nasty time when I was not home and it brought new things to our own sex life. (Telling us fuck me until I am dry I have needed this for a long, long time fuck me good, fuck me fuck me like the slut I am and just did not show hubby until now.) When the night was over Tina get off the table, knelt down and let the guys and me cum on her face and in her mouth one last time.

The Birthday Party

group CandyAss 2017-12-29

One day my best friend, Kathy, said that she would pay me $500 up front to dance at her boyfriend, John's, birthday party. I start kissing John's chest making my way down his abdomen, and on down to his now rock hard cock. Then I stop sucking and proceed to climb on top of John and straddle his hard cock. I then reach both hands out and start jerking off the other 2 guys that have no hole to put their hard cocks in. The next day Kathy hands me another $500, making the total $1,000, and tells me that John said that was the best birthday party he has ever had.

First Time for Everyone

group BrettJ 2017-12-29

Danny's young, but he's a really nice guy with a good head on his shoulders," Karole told her new friend. She saw the care and kindness that Danny displayed while he was fucking Karole and wanted the same for herself, when the time came. Anita grunted and gasped a bit as her body adjusted to its first REAL cock, but as the warm sensations flooded throughout her body and Karole's soft, gentle hands massaged her from behind, she knew that she would enjoy all the rest. Anita took her time, she didn't rush anything, she kissed Danny, she let her hands explore her body and she enjoyed the feelings of novice-Karole's lips on her neck and ears.

The Hazing Ch. 01

group jallen944 2017-12-29

Pam washed her hands in the sink to get most of the dirt and grease off while Donna got the water from the shower head to a comfortable temperature. Pam leaned forward, still holding the sides of the tub, while Donna rubbed the bar of soap over her tense back, shoulders and her ass. Donna squirmed and screamed out loud as jets of hot water pulsed directly into her cunt again and again like it was the penis of the most virile man in the world shooting his endless streams of cum into her. Pam rubbed the smooth, plastic handle of the hand held shower head against the slit of her pussy like it was a vibrator.


A Small Test Ch. 02

group MandL 2017-12-29

As Lee spit-shined my balls with her tongue and gently jerked my cock, I asked Brian and Sarah if they wanted to see her tits, too. Sarah's mouth drew closer to Lee's and Brian uttered a quiet, "Damn." We turned to look at him, observing that while one of his hands massaged the flesh of my wife's ass, the other was tugging his foreskin back and forth over his hard cock. "Fuck yeah you want the cum, you dirty bitch girl," Lee muttered, bouncing up and down as she slid the palm of her hand over my nutsack in time with her stroking of my cock. "Slap her ass, Lee," I told my wife, feeling the cum rising in my balls as my cock slid through her gyrating hand.

Missy's Hunting Trip

group Savage 2017-12-29

Missy couldn't play poker worth a damn and even if I won tonight I new Missy was going to lose big time. I told Missy that she couldn't borrow any money from me when she lost all of hers, She got a little pissed by this and said she had something better that money and she might just have to anti up. She got them off and threw them on the table and looked straight at me as if to say, " Still don't believe me." I won that hand and I told her she could have her pants back, but she told me that if I wouldn't loan her money she didn't want her blue jeans as a loan either.

And She thought that she could cuckold Him

group magas911 2017-12-29

"I've been changing our lives, Harold." With that she flung her coat open and let it slide off her shoulders to fall behind her. "Demetrius lifted my body, pulling me upright in spite of my attempts to keep Claude's cock in my mouth. Dip your tongue into my dripping pussy and ass and lick up the mingled man and woman juices." Cassandra watched as Harold neared her. She had felt Harold's hands tighten on her and then suddenly she was outside with the sound of the front door slamming echoing in her ears. After a few minutes that seemed to last hours, the front door closed again and the male officer came over. Mechanically, she closed the car door and looked one more time at her, at his house.

The Lingering Scent Of Whiskey

group Severance666 2017-12-29

When I went to the billiard bar with my friends Dave, Bobby and Tom, I really thought I was just going to have a drink and a few rounds of pool. What I assumed was Tom slowly moved the dildo in and out of my ass while Bobby fucked my face for all he was worth. After taking a sip of whiskey, he said, "I've been wanting to pound this pussy since the first time I saw you." He gave the subject of his desire a friendly slap and freed his cock from his jeans. Tom's and Bobby's lusting eyes kept watch, I could feel them on my pussy and on my breasts. Spent, Dave and Tom staggered away, leaving me lying smiling, naked and covered in semen on the pool table.

Let The Games Begin! Ch. 04

group antonia363636 2017-12-29

Julie's fingers were still preparing Linda as Bert started to sidle forward, Shirley's hands still wrapped around him. Julie, reluctantly, removed her hand from Linda, her Teddy outfit being admired by the men, and wiped the excess lubrication on her own ass that now gleaned erotically in the soft lighting, a task that Shirley would copy momentarily on either side of her own sexy lingerie. "Jesus fuck!" Tom hissed, his eyes only inches away, as he watched Bert's cock go further inside, almost half of its length now hidden from view. Bert had excused himself to clean up but was back within a minute to find that Linda's ass was still on display, oiled up as were Julie and Shirley, and still her sphincter hadn't returned to normal.


Three Way Fun

group pixandwords 2017-12-29

Or rather, Mary was lying on her back, her legs lifted high and wide, while Pat loomed above her, supporting his upper body on his hands either side of her head. I noticed for the first time that Pat had a lean, fit-looking body and I remember thinking that it wasn't surprising if Mary put him through a workout like this every day. Pat and I both moaned and blinked, and through bleary eyes we saw Mary standing at the foot of the bed wearing her familiar tight red sweater, plaid miniskirt and black leather knee-high boots. "Mmmmm!" Her eyes rolled back as Pat began to fuck her seriously, building a rhythm that pushed Mary's sweet face backwards and forward between my legs.


All in...

group jaismith 2017-12-29

"This way," Bob said to us as he took my hand in his, Jack following us as we walked towards the party rooms at the back of the club. Turning my head as Bob continued to eat me in ways I had never had before, I sucked all of Jack into my mouth quickly, hurridly. Taking a hand from Bob's head, I started stroking Jack as I sucked him, my only thought being to get him off quickly so that I could devote my full attention to fucking Bob. Just as his hand found my tits as we kissed, I suddenly felt Jack's mouth on my pussy, his tongue licking Bob's cum from my pussy-lips, his tongue dipping into my love-canal, licking and sucking as much of Bob's cum as he could.

Danger Ch. 10

group snowsquall 2017-12-29

At the same time Danger plunged his cock deep within Chloe body and released a load of hot cum into her cunt. Chloe was sitting quietly in the chair watching her friend go down on Danger's cock and thought that she had never done that to a guy and decided was as good a time as any. "You've never gone down on a guy before have you, Chloe?" Terri asked as she watched her friend's sweaty, naked body come closer to the bed, her large tits jiggling slightly with each step. When she felt Chloe had the hang of what she was doing, Terri slid up Danger's body and planted a passionate kiss on his lips and soon their tongues were engaged in a wrestling match.

The Job

group TheQuietAuthor 2017-12-29

I made sure to right down Mr. Kagoshima Maeda name and contact details which I had already found in the computer and walked out of the office with Mrs. Swanson eyes drilled into the back of my head. On my way back to Mrs. Swanson's office I could not help but smile, it had been quite a day so far, a new job and a date, and I had been asked for once. "What's got you so happy?" Alice asked as I walked past her heading towards Mrs. Swanson's office. "Looks like you could use some relief." Mrs. Swanson said with a smile as she ran a finger along the underside of my cock.


Kat and the House on Cherry Street

group Sylphetamine 2017-12-29

"You look after it for a bit till the paparazzi calm down." He watched the other man pocket it, and turned to Katrina, gesturing with open palms. Katrina's gasps and squeaks of pleasure were muffled by the penis in her mouth as the man at her rear continued to thrust deep inside her. He spread her legs wider and began to thrust a little harder, reaching forward to run his hand over her naked back and under her body to grasp her breasts, which were swinging fiercely as she was rocked back and forth. As different sensations in her body started to reassert their dominance, she realized that her knees and elbows hurt, she was sore between her legs, and her ass felt like it was on fire.

Afterwork Delight

group Sstugatz 2017-12-29

It isn't long before our tongues meet and our hands start running up and down each other's body. After a few minutes of heavy petting, the initial curiosity leaves place to a hot sexy mood and my hands discover your barbel as yours unbuckle my pants. It isn't long after you slide your hand down my pants that you find my throbbing tool, hard with my desire for you. I move in between your legs, place my hands under your bum, and slowly start pulling your pants down. After a few more moments of thrusting, you collapse on the desk, and it isn't long before I collapse over your sweat-covered body as well, kissing you softly.

Cumming Into Her Own Ch. 02

group UforMe 2017-12-29

But as she began to exhale, Wendy felt Rick's tongue slide over her pussy lips, and she moaned deeply. Each time he slammed his cock into Wendy's cunt, he watched her tits jiggle around her chest, her nipples hard, and watched her lean her head back, her eyes clenched closed. Wendy loved the feel of Rick smacking her ass, and began bucking her hips back and forth on his hard cock. Wendy felt Bobby's hands reach to the back of her head as he began feeding his cock into her warm mouth. As she felt Rick push his cock deep up into her pussy, her body was rocked by her third enormous, strong orgasm.