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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Dinner for Two

group keripinkpanty 2017-12-29

Above all I am honest with her and she is with me, so when I told her I wanted to be dressed like a two bit whore and fucked with the largest "strap on" she would dare use, I was scared she would leave me. "Do you want to suck on a nice thick black cock?" As she said it a second time she pulled something into view. "No, I don't think you want it" was the reply, but I didn't give them a choice I pulled the dick that was in my hand back into my mouth and pushed back allowing the second cock to slide back in to my waiting ass.

Strip Poker

group Trimpostinger 2017-12-29

Kelly wanted to play cards at the table, but I argued that in strip poker you need to be able to see the whole person all the time. Looking over at Ding, he was going to need some help, and as Kelly dropped in the ante for the next hand, she only had 10 left. Alice was now the short stack, and as Ding, Kelly, and I took turns winning the next small hands, she realized she had to make a move. With half of Alice's bra money, I easily had the largest stack, but I played second fiddle to Ding as he slowly ate away at Kelly. Kelly bet a bit too boldly with a week hand, and Ding took a fourth of her new chips.


Beach Party Daze Ch. 04

group sandysummer 2017-12-29

I sat in the middle one, between Jim and Becky. "Bob." Becky spoke as Jim sat down again."Jane just rang us. "I want you " Becky reached for the buttons on her top "to fuck me." Jim quietly stood to hand her a large black dildo. Becky moved the plastic cock in and out of her mouth several times. Her knees were far apart and all I could see on the bed was her tight red cunt with a black dildo going way into her. She moved to the edge of the bed, her legs touching the floor. I glanced at Jim. He had his cock in his hand, slowly working it to hardness. Jim had his spare hand on her tit, mashing it.


Summer Storm Ch. 02

group Gary_Alexander_2 2017-12-29

As I stood there in my panties, we both looked at the bikini: it was one thing for Carl to watch me changing into the shorts and skirt and sundress, because he'd already seen me wearing this little -- but I'd have to get completely naked in front of "my husband" to try on the bikini. Larry took a dozen of Kathy, and then said, "I have an idea for a shot: Carl, get in the photo. Kathy and I put our tops back on, and Linda took the camera from Larry and said, "Now it's your turn. two..." Just as Linda said "two," Kathy and I each grabbed a side of Larry's bathing suit and pulled it down to his ankles. "Hold that pose," Terry said, and Linda brought her mouth back to the tip of Larry's cock.


Hey Santa Claus 2

group biguy52x 2017-12-29

Afterwards I looked over at Red and his cock was tenting his jeans. She looked at Red and asked if he liked momma's tits? I got between her legs and started eating that pussy. Red moved up and pushed his cock into R's mouth. Red moved into my position and starts fucking R. Soon I had her as clean as I could and I saw Red's cock was hard again. We moved around and Red started licking my asshole. Red said he wanted some Santa ass. Red pushed his cock into my ass and started fucking me. She watched her son fucking my ass as I began eating her pussy again. Red started calling R a slut that would fuck Santa any day of the week.

A Birthday She Won't Forget

group Hedd 2017-12-29

With a big smile, you said mmmm your making my pussy wet as we locked lips my hands needing her nipples through her blouse her hands dropping to the towel it fell to the floor her hands reached inside of the bikinis and stroked the full length of my 8" cock.

The Gift Ch. 01

group SLCLover 2017-12-29

I know it's so dirty—and I'm sure some men out there would recoil at such a thought—but sometimes I get myself off just thinking about another man's dick pounding her tight little pussy while she sticks her tongue down my throat, or watching her slowly suck on someone else's cock and then kissing me with the taste of his cum on her lips. I got to the bottom of the stairs and turned towards the doorway of our office in time to see my cock on the screen completely come out of and slide back into Keira's ass, juxtaposed with the back of Juliana's red head.


Sleeping Boyfriend Ch. 03

group fhswarrior 2017-12-29

Sheila knew that Turk loved to jack himself while he sucked cock, just like when he did Rick two nights ago. As Turk left the room, Dan felt the awkwardness of being alone with Sheila for the first time. Dan, still slowly moving inside her, was licking the head of Turk's smooth cock. Sheila reached up with her hand and massaged Turk's balls, occasionally encircling his cock and jacking it into Dan's mouth. Slowly, Turk pulled his cock out of Dan's mouth and jerked the rest of his man-juice on Sheila's tits. While Sheila looked on in amazement, Dan and Turk leaned down and licked the cum off of her.

Unexpected Bonus

group NikkiDawn 2017-12-29

Nikki put the bag on the bed with a feeling of deja-vu – the room was set up exactly like the last hotel room where she screwed with Mark. Handing the book to Mark, she turns to Terry and smiles. Nikki begins to explore her playmates' bodies, her left hand finding Mark's stiff cock, her right Terry's breast. Breaking free of the kiss, Terry looks down into Nikki's face and orders Mark to strip and lay on the bed. Mark watched Terry and Nikki move across the room caressing one another. Terry got up and walked to the side of the bed as Mark reached down and pulled Nikki up to lay beside him. Without waiting for Mark, Nikki opened her mouth and took Terry's cock into her mouth.

The Conference Gang

group SecretHowl 2017-12-29

I moaned again, and closed my eyes as Gary took a nipple into his mouth and Drew planted soft kisses on my neck. Drew held my head tightly to keep me from pulling away as his cock began to spasm shooting it's load into my mouth. Gary got off the bed, and pulled me to my feet, "Come on Kirsten, the party's just getting started." Suddenly, the door opened, and Tom walked in followed closely by Dan. Tom had a massive shit eating grin on his face as he looked at Gary on the floor pounding my pussy, "Thanks for the text bro! Brad pulled my head up by my hair and looked into my face, "Tell them how much you like it, tell us what you want." He hissed.


group magas911 2017-12-29

"Just a slut for black cock," Becka quipped, as Sara slid out of the seat so Jamal could get up. "Well, good white nigger loving cock sluts were born with three holes for a reason, Naomi," he said so matter-of-factly I felt like it had to be true. "Fuck, you are one hot white bitch," he said, as he watched me both ride his cock and likely give confused expressions as I pondered his words and enjoyed his dick. "She is still munching black pussy," Becka countered, before adding, "don't play all innocent for our dear slut Naomi, you love cunt as much as you do dick."

Julia's Desire

group JustDick2U 2017-12-29

The smooth feel of his knob and the faint taste of his pre-cum really had me going, I started to pump my mouth up and down on Brad's cock suck and slurping as I did so. Julia pulled me close to her and we gave each other a huge kiss mixing Brad's and my cum in our mouths. She enjoyed seeing Brad's cock slip deeper in me and asked "are you enjoying Brad's huge cock going into you just like it went in my pussy?" Julia wanted to see Brad fuck me hard now and moved my face out of the way and pushed me down on my stomach.


The Ranch

group 2017-12-29

His cock got rock hard and he bent her over and shoved every inch in her cunt and began fucking her. He woke in the morning with his cock rock hard and turned her on her back and spread her legs and licked her pussy. His face was wet with her cum when he then got on her and shoved his cock in her and began fucking her deep and hard. He kept finger fucking her as she gave his balls a lot of attention till his cock once again got rock hard. He then grabbed her and held her pussy tight to his mouth as he tongue fucked her then licked her ass.

Truth Cries from the Semen

group Gisevius 2017-12-29

Something deep-seated in me connected with the submissives in the videos- not their "character"- but instead the real "actress": the feeling of helplessness, the loss of control, the surrender of dignity and individuality to the group, the overwhelming sense of doom of being "degraded and used" – of wanting this to happen to them. Just when I thought my mind had made a breakthrough and resolved the matter by rigorous thinking once-and-for-all, I'd in matter of hours or days return to friggering myself off, hornier than ever, vividly imagining myself doing very unsafe things with groups of anonymous men at local dive bars or in porn theaters. I haven't had a boyfriend for a couple of years; I just masturbate to group sex/semen videos all the time and dream and dream.


Young and dumb

group wild_celt 2017-12-29

The talk and chat got seriously naughty, Hayley was asked by another girl did I have a good cock, to which I said she couldn't get her hands off it, and she's used her mouth on my cock rather than on stories, I might have fucked her all summer long. The other 2 girls there gasped and grinned, Hayley looked shocked, but turned on and Grant just sat there stunned, come on Grant, I said, haven't you had a threesome before? I lay Hayley down and starting foreplay on her, telling her to start sucking Grant's cock deep inside her mouth, I licked her nipples until they were hard, then worked my way down her body, around her pierced belly button and between her legs, where by now she was soaking wet.

Gina Ch. 05

group 2Write2Live 2017-12-29

Gina moved her free hand to Sue's pussy and began caressing her clit. Rob came quietly also but Gina felt his ejaculation and Dick going back to sleep. Sue laid Gina down on the bed, snuggled partway on her and began kissing her. When Gina felt something she paused in her worshipping and wiggled her bottom backing it up a bit until she bumped Rob and she knew what was rubbing against Princess. Rob seeing Sue's bottom in the air at the edge of the bed moved to Gina and straddled above her face.

MILF 2 (Alex, Savannah & Diana)

group Irishqt1980 2017-12-29

“Why seducing you Adam,” Diane said her right hand cupping my balls while Savannah kissed and licked my cut lines. “So I hear you haven’t been with a girl let alone a woman, I’d like to change that, especially if the rumors I hear are true and my son is fucking your mom,” Diane says sitting on the bed, “but first, I want to watch you and Savannah,” Her hips rocked against my hand and before I knew what was happening her entire body started to shake, I stopped my attention on Diane and turned to Savannah, I allowed my tongue to snake out and flick against her clit.

On the River's Edge Ch. 3

group Friskee_cpl 2017-12-29

Paul told us how during one of the scenes where two men were double teaming this young spunk in the back of a truck Helena got a bit carried away and started to grab at Paul's cock whilst he was working. Charlie the cameraman tightened the screws on the tripod and whipped his cock out of his pants and gave it to Helena." Paul said "Harry the director grabbed the spare camera and started filming it all" Helena said "Here I was sucking on two cocks I'd never seen before whilst another girl was getting fucked in the arse and cunt, all in the back of a truck." "Fuck me, fuck my cunt" said Sharon as Paul stood up, rubbed his cock on her labia, and then slowly entered my wife.

The Perfect Threesome

group bebechick 2017-12-29

"Mmm," I said, "the best of both worlds." Both men started running their hands all over m y body. First I leaned over Do and started giving him head while Nick continued to run his hands over my body. Once in I looked down to my task at hand Nick's dick I did my customary, running my tongue around the head placing light kisses on the tip. "Oh, oh baby slow down," Nick groaned, "your going to make me cum at this rate." At this point Do removed his cock from my pussy and was slowly starting to press at the entrance to my ass. As he slowly pushed forward I continued giving Nick a hand job and some light head.

A Bang at the Gym

group dutchman13 2017-12-29

One of the guys on her tits moved to fill her mouth again, just as the guy fucking her started to swell up just before blasting a load into her squeezing pussy. I took one of her hands and placed it on the half hard, wet dick that had recently shot a load in and on her, and she got the hint, and started stroking it. Now she has cocks in her mouth, her pussy, and one in each hand, and the guys still were touching her body all over, gripping her tits, squeezing her, pinching her nipples, pulling her hair to tip her head further back so that he could plunge even deeper in her throat.

My Gift

group Morghaine 2017-12-29

I position her by the bed and slowly lower the gown from her shoulders as you watch. Slowly and sensually I watch as you pass the brush between her legs. You reach for one of the dildos and watch me explore her with my mouth, and tongue. You reach under me, and as I lick her clit, you slowly slide the dildo inside of her. I lick it slowly before sucking it into my mouth. You begin to fuck me with the other dildo...hard, and fast. You rub me harder and fuck me with the dildo faster and let your tongue slide a little further inside my ass. I continue to fuck her with my mouth and the dildo until she collapses, exhausted.

Round Breasts Of Rich Housewife

group 2017-12-29

I was going to call our servants who might be sl**ping in the servant’s quarters near the garage but the driver hold my hand and said don’t call them now. They filmed videos with my mobile camera as it would be safe with me and I allowed them to film my breast movement.I promised them they can see it whenever they want. They were enjoying the dance of my round white breasts.I did that close to their mouth and as my breasts and nipples brushed their face I almost came with my pussy juice. Then once again I wanted them to slap my breasts hard on both sides as I never did this before.

Her Gynecologist

group fendelle 2017-12-29

Ellen took Nick's cock in her hand and began to stroke it. Ellen took Kelly's hand and placed it along Nick's cock. I was just watching and stroking my cock when Nick's hand took over. Kelly sat a few feet away watching." Ellen placed Nick's cock in her mouth and began to pump him with one hand, while her other hand was stroking me and keeping me hard. Ellen asked Kelly to come over and finish Nick off while she did me. Nick pulled me closer to him and we kissed, my cum dribbling into my mouth, his load passing from my tongue to his. Ellen began to hump Kelly's face when lips curled around my lifeless dick.

The Weekend Ch. 01

group FreddieK 2017-12-28

Squeezing it, rubbing it, licking it, pulling her plump ass cheeks apart and licking around her hole, and pushing my tongue as deep as possible into her anus, these are just a start to some of the ass games we've played. It wasn't just my saliva that made the panties wet because Kathy's pussy seeps out her delicious juices pretty quickly. Kathy was beginning to buck her hips in time with the finger I was pulling out and pushing into her butt. While I normally can spend hours eating her cunt and bringing her to multiple orgasms, we were under some type of time restriction just then – Kathy was expecting the first arrivals within the next hour.