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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Whatever. I Can Do What I Want

group LorenzoAbajos 2017-12-28

It was a busy night in the bar, and I was tossing bottles and making weird ass drinks for a crowd of college assholes. Jeff and two other bouncers were now standing by at the sides of the stage, just in case it got a little rowdy. The guys in the audience and the girls on stage were trading comments like that. The loud and gutsy little blond from earlier began taking off her tee-shirt completely. In fact, every girl up on the stage had their own hand, and some fingers, in their pussy now. As she humped her cunt into his face other men, and a couple of women, also moved forward, as the other girls gestured them in.


group d4david 2017-12-28

You have to show this type of pussy whose boss and make it beg...ain't that right bitch...' I kept my face turned away from looking Charlie in the face as he hoovered over me, the obscene sounds of Charlie's penis going in and out of my come filled anal canal made enough noise to keep the rest quiet. Brain and Nelson stood over us stroking their penis as Daniel went to the fridge to get beer, Bruce continued to rub his penis across my clinched lips till Charlie rammed into me hard enough for me to try and scream. Bruce recovered in time and grabbed my right calf and roughly pulled my leg up till I was turn awkwardly away from Daniel's pointing phallus.

Fantasy Fulfilled or Only a Dream?

group Chance_is_a Lady 2017-12-28

The man behind me pushed his cock into my pussy, thrusting into me a couple of time before pulling out and pressing into my ass. Sam raised his hips off the mattress enough that the tip of his cock was at the opening of my pussy. Within a couple of minutes, Sam slammed himself hard against my face forcing his cock even deeper into my throat as he shot his cum in me. I felt that we had exceeded the length of time the second round took and my body was starting to tire and feel well used. Mac still thrusting into my pussy began pulling me hard down onto his cock.

Sweet Caroline

group sweetsubmissive_88 2017-12-28

I felt his other hand wedging between my ass cheeks from behind and gasped when a finger slid between my pussy lips and found my clit. James's hand found my other breast and squeezed, rolling the nipple between his fingers as he continued to suck the tit his mouth had already captured. Max and Patrick both began pinching and playing with my breasts while James continued to eat me like a man who'd never had a meal. Max thrust deep in my throat, James slammed hard in my pussy, and Patrick pressed deeper into my ass. Max sucked my clit hard into his mouth one more time before slamming his cock into my pussy.


Me, My Slutwife & Emily

group NonStopFunGuy 2017-12-28

Standing four inches taller than my wife, Janae had the long golden-blonde hair -- usually curly, but that night, straight -- with china-white porcelain skin, big rounded eyes, pouty lips, and a curvy size-6 figure topped by those ample breasts. My slutty Asian wife watched the white stud's boner disappear into Janae's shaved, pink married twat, while the blonde looked across the room at the black stud fucking Kitty doggy-style. Kitty's head fell to the bed, her eyes clothing as she moaned with intense burning in her pussy, feeling herself stretched open by the huge black cock savagely thrusting into her tight little cunt.


The Morgan's Babysitter Ch. 02

group Mysticalvixxxen 2017-12-28

I thought about the feel of his hands gliding across my skin, the sounds he made when I had his cock in my mouth and the way it felt to have him tell me what to do and place me wherever he wanted me. "You know," he said quietly, "you have the nicest skin." He began making slow, lazy circles on my thigh with the back of his knuckle, so lightly that it felt almost like breath, "Smooth and soft." He grinned at my cheekiness and said, "I thought you might like the movie I just watched so I left it on the player for you." The heat rushed to my cheeks and he laughed and winked at me.


Danger Ch. 13

group snowsquall 2017-12-28

Ingrid and Heather took Danger by each arm and led him over to the right side of the cave while Lorna and Petra took Todd to the other side. When Todd had Lorna naked he turned to see Petra's inviting cunt exposed to him so he slid his rock hard cock along the length of her slit a few times before slipping into her hot box. It didn't long to rest however, as soon as Ingrid had picked herself up off the sand Lorna, who was ready for a fuck, knelt in front of Danger and stroked his cock back to full length. Petra was rubbing Naomi clit with one hand and gently caressing and squeezing Drew's balls with the other while the heat caused by Naomi's face between her legs started to spread throughout her body.


Mixed Feelings and Excitement

group Iceblond 2017-12-28

He touched the almost bare breasted blond woman a lot and she all the time responded by looking into his eyes with a predatory cat like smiling expression, returning his touches by touching his lips, cheeks and arms with her finger nails, making a point to all of us: that he was hers and we should understand that they were ready to be fucked good and proper tonight. Susan was taken aback and confused and didn't know what to say in return, pushing her hand deeper in between my legs for comfort and was about to say something, when the woman stopped playing between my open shirt and leant across the table and cupped the side of Susan's face with the palm of her hand purring in a sympathetic way that she didn't mean to offend her, but that she was just so sexually turned on by us.


My Wife Aathi's Blindfolded Birthday Suprise

group altaff143 2017-12-28

She would walk in the compound like that or sit on the steps of our room door making sure it rode up giving him glimpses of her ass and pussy as sat there legs spread decently wide. Guy 5 got impatient and not wanting to wait made everyone stop he lay on the bed made her straddle his cock into her pussy the other guy got back into her ass and guy 4 was in her mouth again. That went on till 4 am and I lost count of how many times each had fucked her but I know for sure UJ and I got 3 times each and the guys had started to spray her with cum all over her body.


Swinging Lesbians

group Hyperdebut 2017-12-28

Imogen was laying on the bed, her head resting on the pillow with Tanya sitting directly on her face. Tanya grabbed onto her tits while she was being eaten out, squealing and moaning, spraying Imogen's face with her juices, droplets flying everywhere hitting all of us like rain. Tanya was very fast at eating, she could have me dribbling all over her face in seconds but Sarah had a different skill set. Screams and moans were filling the room as I was being eaten out while Tanya had now started to eat Imogen's tiny pussy. My pussy dribbled all over Sarah's hungry face as I collapsed back and let out a long, deep breath. She started cuddling and kissing me, Tanya and Sarah doing the same.

Busty girlfriend in bar

group hector31 2017-12-28

The beefy guy grabbed my girlfriend and spun her round to face me lifted up her skirt and the young birthday boy undid his jeans and guided himself into my girlfriend, I saw her eyes rolled back as she took his cock and she gave a faint groan as he gently thrust into her. SHe was panting hard and fast, faster than i could thrust and withn hardly any time I exploded inside her, so much so the creampie just spilled out and over flowed her pussy, as my cock twitched and twitched emptying its load my girlfriend looked at with with her beautiful brown eyes and kissed me softly, her own body twicthing from her intense prolonged orgasm.

What happens on the island - Part 2

group dirtymindedmale08 2017-12-28

She rubbed some baby oil onto her hands, then began fingering my ass and stroking my cock and balls while he watched. "I'm going to suck you until you get hard again," she said, looking up at me with her big green eyes and dirty blonde hair, "and then you two are going to trade places." She picked up the bottle of baby oil and started fingering his ass slowly while she sucked me hard. She was a lot tighter than Adam, of course, but we managed, with a little more oil, to get me balls deep in her ass. As I fucked her, Adam reached between my legs and began fondling my balls, and I came again, deep in her ass.

I take 4 cocks (written by Themeparks and Db-11 (m

group db-11 2017-12-28

She quickly worked her way around all of of us sucking and licking our cocks in turn while grabbing a handful of balls each time as well. With that we bent her over the table and took it it turns to slid our cocks into her welcoming pussy, give her a couple of thrusts before pulling out and letting her suck us clean. One guy was saying that 'bitches with big tits should always be fucked hard so we can all see those huge hangers bounce around' as this was said the two cocks in my pussy and ass started to fucked me real hard….it turned from delightful pain to hard hurting pain as my ass and pussy were being destroyed…….all of these guys were just watching my 'tit meat' as they called it, bounce around.

Lusts of the Flesh

group Jaymal 2017-12-28

Especially if, like Danny, you stood at six feet, with dark hair and a face that would pass in a shaving products commercial; enough people in his lifetime had said as much for him to know it was true and there was no virtue in false modesty, was there? Because all it took was one glance at an attractive woman when she was splashing in her outdoor Jacuzzi and he was history.' Danny's own eyes settled on a young woman seated mid-way down the hall, a woman he had noticed at the church several times before.


Fulfilling My Wife's Lezdom Fantasy

group JackTheCrackAttack 2017-12-28

Jenny was really getting into it, telling Lexi, "Well, your punishment isn't over yet slave." Immediately, Lexi turned over and put her ass on the bed so it wasn't exposed anymore. A pathetic slave like you doesn't deserve to eat my beautiful pussy..." Jenny spread her ass with both hands, exposing her beautiful tight little pink asshole, and continued, "...trash like you only deserves to eat my dirty asshole." In a muffled voice, Jenny moaned to me, "Oh honey, my pussy's been so lonely when I watched you fuck Lexi." I talked dirty to her again by whispering, "Look baby, I know you love the sight of Lexi taking it up the ass, but I know that what really turns you on the most is when you have my tongue in your ass or when I stick my dick in your tight.


With Three You Get... Ch. 02

group Rathgon 2017-12-28

The ecstasy was extreme, Mark opened his eyes to see Janet continuing her pussy play, then his cock was enclosed again by Dinah's warm mouth. Janet watched, her pussy alive with passion, as Mark's cock disappeared into Dinah's mouth, Dinah's head bobbing as her hand stroked up and down that part that was not in her mouth. "Even when he's excited it takes so long for him to come," Dinah said to Janet conversationally as her hand stoked Mark's cock faster now. Staring straight into Dinah's, looking for any hint of jealousy (and finding none) Janet took a long slow lick across the top of Mark's cock, wiping all the precum away as her hand encircled and stroked up and down the shaft.


Birthday Treat

group Celtic_Heart 2017-12-28

Trying to sound as off hand as possible I finally asked, "You know when you said that given the chance you'd screw Keith's brains out, did you really mean it?" My best friend frigging herself as she watched me with Keith's cock in my and his hot tongue on my clit was all it took to send me over the edge. "Christ Sue, you feel so good, Keith moaned as Lisa impaled herself over and over on his cock. "Oh God Sue, I'm coming, I'm coming in you fucking arse." I pushed my hips back, taking him fully into me and then I felt his cock unloading it's load of hot cum deep inside my forbidden tunnel.

My first time bi continued...

group garyw 2017-12-28

I licked up and down the length of his cock a few times, then he turned so it pointed straight at me and I slowly took the end into my mouth. I was licking and sucking her like crazy and my cock was straining against the footstool, then I felt something cold falling onto my ass next to his fingers. My wife's largest dildo had been about 8 inches, and I'd taken that with a little practice, but while his cock wasn't as long it was wider and it had been quite a few months since my ass had been invaded like that. This time, however, he didn't pull back he just strained to get as far up my ass as he could and I felt his cock twitching just seconds before a feeling like a really deep enema.

A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 51

group Wm_Sexspear 2017-12-28

She lay on her back so her pussy was pointed straight at Carly, guaranteeing my sister a great view of Lynn getting a good screwing. Each piston-like stroke fully exposed my shaft to our audience, who then saw my penis push completely back into the puffy, pink, fleshy ring that Lynn's vaginal lips formed around me. Knowing Beth would understand my renewed lust; I asked her if she'd like to sit on MY lap (particularly since she still hadn't felt a penis inside her yet this evening). Carly and Jim were seriously starting to writhe, Beth was moving like a cat in heat. Reaching between her legs with her left hand to remove Jim's fading erection, Carly secretly wiped the few drops of ketchup she'd palmed during her trip to the kitchen onto his shaft.

Night of Erica's Twenty-First

group verysimplegal 2017-12-28

Realizing the person she was groping didn't even flinch, Melissa got bolder, and started reaching between his sexy 'victim's' cheeks, grazing along her butt crack gently and slowly. Melissa realizes what Megan's lover did for her and turned on her right side so she could finger Megan's clit with her left hand. Megan too was getting close to her point and Brian, realizing Melissa was spent and had stopped rubbing Megan's clit, reached around in front and started rubbing her frantically. Realizing she was right, she got up a little so part of the top half of her body was on Brian, then she slowly brought her mouth down to take him in.

It Had Been a Long Time

group psymonkros 2017-12-28

Long ago, I learned that if a woman takes it into her head to make love to you (got a better term?) to let her make all the moves. She stepped back and began to dance for me like a stripper in a tittie bar, jiggling her breasts and swaying her hips in time to the music, all the time looking me in the eye with heavy lids and a wisp of hair falling across her face, which she shook back and gritted her front teeth at me like an animal. Suddenly, she arched her back and threw her head up with a grunt like she had been punched in the stomach as she climaxed, which was good, because when she did she squeezed my cock so hard I thought it would burst.


And Personal Trainer Makes Three

group tk5555 2017-12-28

Fiona watch Jan climb on top of Frank. Fiona continued to toy with Frank's cock as Jan pushed her breasts into his mouth. Between the Fiona's hot, wet pussy on his lips, and Jan's mouth on his cock, he was nearing sensory overload. As it faded Frank felt Fiona sliding down his body until her pussy rested on the tip of his cock. Fiona's hand found its way to his chin, pushing him against Jan. Fiona was sitting in Franks lap, grinding against him, and squeezing his cock. Fiona had moved around and was leaning over the chair, her lips next to Frank's ear. Jan looked at Frank, the leaned over and kissed Fiona on the lips

Lap Dog

group Gehld 2017-12-28

I then rub myself in front of Pet, watching Jamie & Moire have massive hard on's in their trousers. I start playing with my cock, rubbing my ball sack while Pet kissed and licked my ass cheeks and legs. Jamie slides in and reaches for my ball sack I let him rub my sack while my lap dog Pet is licking my legs down to my feet and some how gets my cock in his mouth. I give Moire and other guy a dam good show on how I deep throat a monster cock like this. Jamie gets a finger in my ass while swallowing my cock and Pet is nibbling on my nipples.

The Blue Parrot

group fencerwilly 2017-12-28

Marszha had been sleeping between Karen's legs, with her head pillowed between the cheeks of her ass; she came awake a little blearily, but woke up when she got a good look at your 36DDs. She was a little surprised, but answered me lustily; kissing back, swirling her tongue into my mouth, and reaching for my cock, still rigid and now aching for a cunt and release. Sally, who had been getting gently doggie fucked by Mike at the side of the bed, move up behind Karen and rubbed her tits in my cum, smearing it between her tits and Karen's ass, then brought fingers full of it to her mouth to suck off.