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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Amber Plays Pool

group nikki_2021 2017-12-28

"How about we play something different, this is getting kinda old," Oscar said, racking his pool cue as Sam sank the black ball yet again. "Well, almost a 50/50 chance that the next one I sink is one of your's buddy," Sam laughed at Oscar as he took his shot, dropping the 11 into the pocket. "Well given that both of your balls remain on the table, is there any point continuing this game, or do we just let you take off an item of clothing and tell us who has to get naked for your winning the game?" Sam asked Amber as she moved to give the cue to Oscar.


It's Good To Have an Older Sister Ch. 04

group vastiesmith 2017-12-28

We all were dancing and having a good time when Barb asked me, "Hey Jane we know it's your party but everyone wants to know when are the games starting?" Jo looked around the room and said, "I'll check you Sue. Sue came over and stood in front of Jo. Jo knelt on her knees and as Sue pulled her panties to the side, Jo took her fingers and pulled her panties all the way over showing everyone her very nice shaved pussy. The boys stood there holding Sue under her arms with their cocks pointing at Jo sucked on Sue's pussy for maybe 5 minutes. The boys said, "No way I'm not sucking any guy's cock.

Captain Pizza: The Two Women

group medley 2017-12-28

“I’ll shut the light off so my neighbors don’t see your cute little ass walking up my driveway.” Heather said. Don’t take off your shoes though, it’s so cute to see your bare ass with those hiking sneakers on, and the scrunched up gym socks are great.” Heather continued to rub Dianne’s breasts now moving to the other one, while I set the food on the rail. The two women were all over me they ran their hands over my chest, my ass, Dianne began to suck on one of my nipples, as Heather softly grabbed a hold of my penis.


Liz.....Round 2

group Croozer 2017-12-28

An awkward silence fell over the table, when all at once, Molly smiled oddly, and asked, "Are you enjoying staring at my boobs?" I stammered a reply, but she cut me off saying, "No big fact it pleases what you see?" I nodded, and said, "What size are they?" Instantly she replied, ൰D, all real, and very firm." She pulled the sides of her blouse back revealing a black lace bra and the deepest cleavage I'd seen in a long time. "Tell you what," she said, "Lets' have a look at what Miss Lizzie is wearing under those clothes." Molly sat on the edge of the bed, and pulled the sweater Liz was wearing up over her breasts.

Cum Slut wife or Cum Loving Whore, you decide!

group 1superhornyguy 2017-12-28

I next asked my buddies instead of playing poker, how would like to have my wife suck each of their cocks until they came, one at a time, but no fucking her, only blow jobs, and that she would choose who went first, at first they all thought i was joking, but i explained my situation to them and then they all agreed, so i set it up for our usual time on Saturday so that their wives would get any ideas about what we were all up to.


group tinaneesen 2017-12-28

Once when my husband Gordon finger fucked me as his friend Don kissed me and caressed my tits and secondly when Don nestled his deliciously thick and wonderfully hard cock in the cleft of my bum as he rubbed my clit and Gordon sucked my tits. It was only a short time later that as I was kissing Don and he was rubbing my tits that Gordon caressed my pussy lips as a prelude to shoving his fingers up me and finger fucking me to that first, ice-breaking climax. Don moved closer to Gordon, ran the back of his fingernails across his chest, let his hand wander downwards onto his cock, stroked that and then looking right into my husband's eyes said quietly.


Carla & Jerry: A Girl Story Ch. 01

group Marlene 2017-12-28

After all, how many grossly oversexed supposedly hot looking girls do you know who just like to lay there while you watch a football game and suck on your dick for as long as you can stand it and then let your cum shoot into their mouths? The guy fucking his mouth pulled out and his dick pulsed a jet of hot cum into his mouth and then all over his face. The guy that had been fingering Jerry's hot ass hurriedly came around to my face but before he could get his dick into my mouth he blasted cum all over my silk top, neck and lower face.

The Adventures of Juggs (2010 10)

group brian358 2017-12-28

Are they going to give me a lovely big mouthful?" She looked at the funny faces Tony was pulling in his moments of ecstasy and suppressed a giggle. Jenny continued to massage Tony's rock-hard cock between her tits for several more minutes before deciding that she couldn't wait any longer for her reward. "Perhaps you need a closer look!" Jenny let go of her huge breasts and reached out behind Peter's head. "How long can he stay in there?" Martin wondered aloud as he marvelled at the sight of Peter's head being swallowed up by Jenny's huge tits. As Martin and Paul kept sucking at her tits, Jenny became increasingly turned on, and then she remembered what Tony had said earlier about her becoming a porn star.


Three's Company

group wendysue 2017-12-28

Sabrina, grabbed my hand and started to lead me to the bedroom (I nearly tripped over my own feet as I looked back over my shoulder and saw Kelly slide the vibrator into Jill's soaking cunt.) In the bedroom, Sabrina slowly, dried my entire body off with a towel. This time, I couldn't hold back any longer, and pulled out just before I came all over those magnificent breasts and sat there, catching my breath as I stared at Jill and Sabrina lick every drop of my cum off of Kelly's body. As my gaze moved around the room, I saw all three girls standing in the bedroom door; Jill in her swimsuit, Kelly with a dildo, and Sabrina with her handcuffs.

Literotica Author Benefits

group toysrfun 2017-12-28

And they were not just from guys who wanted to fuck me in the ass and suck their cocks (although I got lots of those offers). "You are such a good cock sucker, I bet you have had lots of practice" Next time I want you to bring one of your male friends over here so I can watch you suck his cock while I fuck you with this strap on" You'd really like that wouldn't you" And then she would proceed to really fuck him hard. "Do you love being fucked in the ass, baby", Liz asked. The she took the strap on and fucked me hard in the ass while Don sucked my cock.

Geek God

group astuffedshirt_perv 2017-12-28

I took to it like I suppose only an 18 year old can-3 hours or more every day, mostly late at night, trying new positions, going up in weights, sometimes so exhausted I had trouble getting my T-shirt off afterwards. Kelly, apparently the drunk girls name, yanked her arm away from her friend, straightened up, and walked over to me. "Yeah," the other girl said coyly, looking at Kelly and wiping her mouth. I took a quick shower, put on some anti-perspirant, and returned to my room wearing only my towel, carrying my toiletries in one hand and dirty gym clothes in the other.


The Club

group Lovelylucie 2017-12-28

One afternoon as James and I were sat in our back yard enjoying the warm weather reading our books, I decided to broach the subject of maybe expanding our social circle, perhaps by joining a club or something similar to occupy our time and to have more fun. "Mary, you know James and I are at stalemate now the children have all left home, well we were thinking of joining some club or something to give us some different interests we can share. On arriving home I related the conversation to James, who I thought would be as stunned and shocked as I was, but to my surprise wasn't, saying he had had his suspicions for quite a while but hadn't wanted to say anything to me for fear of my feelings towards our friends changing.


group 2017-12-28

Five minutes before quitting time TJ called both Ed and jan into his office on the precept of There on the TV was the image of Jan sucking on Ed's hard cock and obviously on Jan's expert technique at giving head and asked Ed if the little bitch was as good as she Jan was still sucking on Ed's prick, but stopped when the newcomer entered the room. beating his own meat, and Jan's sucking on his asshole he was ready to shoot a big load, but just before he was about to cum, however, TJ pulled Bobby's cock out of his mouth and had Jan stop the big pecker slipped behind Ed and buried his hard meat all the way up Ed's slippery asshole!!


My UPS and Downs

group jim313 2017-12-28

I asked Karl what he thought of George’s organ and it got him started on describing everything about George’s body that turns him on and by the time he was halfway through my cock was fully erect and Karl suggested that we go inside and slip on the robes that were on the bed and then join them in the living room. Karl was still sucking my cock as George suddenly grabbed me by the hips and stroked deeply in my ass and I felt his organ swell and begin erupting gobs of cum deep inside me which felt so good that it was like having another orgasm, almost.


Just This Once

group RedHairedandFriendly 2017-12-28

Amber bit her lower lip and then felt Jon's breath brushing against her neck. "Mark, you concentrate on the front while I learn how straight this lass's spine is," Jon whispered and gathered Amber's locks into one hand, swept it over her shoulder and let it spill across her chest. Her left hand came up to play with Mark's blond hairs and she felt its softness against her palm. She watched Mark step away and felt Jon's hands on her jeans. Firm hands spread her cheeks open and she pushed down on Adam's cock as well as relaxing her muscles so Jon could enter her easily. The smile on her face hid the secret buried deep inside that no one, but Mark, Adam, and Jon knew.

The Teacher's Party

group Sara_Bellum 2017-12-28

Kotaro responded by slowly tilting his head to one side and moving his lips down until they finally met Melissa's mouth. Melissa felt her head pulled back, and Kotaro's lips moved from her mouth to her neck. Moving her head back, Melissa then slowly slid the Japanese teacher's cock out of her mouth, sucking firmly. Her mouth bulging, Melissa slowly turned her head to the left and saw the math teacher watching them from the doorway. She turned towards the door, displaying her exposed breasts, and gently held the science teacher's wet cock in one hand, stroking it in an obvious way. Walking slowly, tentatively, the math teacher approached Melissa as she continued to leisurely stroke Kotaro's cock with her right hand.


Stacy's First Swing Pt. 03

group Boondocker42 2017-12-28

Jared continued to gently suckle her fingers, staring into Stacy's eyes as she knelt, hovering above Betty's face. Stacy sat there a moment or two, Betty's upside-down body held close to her own, her husband's cock bobbing just a few inches away. Betty pressed her fingers back into Stacy's pussy, wriggling and flexing them as she explored the young woman's inner self. Stacy's dazed eyes stared at the sight; her husband's cock just beginning to lose the throbbing hardness of full arousal, Betty's pubic hair thickly matted and her nether lips open and inflamed. Stacy was gradually wriggling farther down Betty's body as she craned her neck and strove to push her face further and further into the other woman's seeping well.

Briget Ch. 02

group velvethammer 2017-12-28

We never said a word; she just pushed me back onto the couch and pulled off my t-shirt and got between my legs and started squeezing licking and sucking my tits. I rolled off to the side and started finger fucking her beautiful pussy until she came and then she took my hand and we went to her room." "Come on, Denny, do me, I want you to do me good and fuck me like you fucked Briget." She was smiling, but her eyes were wide and feral, almost begging. "I'm sorry, I couldn't just watch anymore, I had to get in here, you guys look so hot!" Neither Roslyn nor I said much, but we didn't object: we were getting close to cumming.


Neighbourly love

group 2017-12-28

I shot Lucy a look which said what the fuck are you talking about who only smiled back, got up from the floor by the log fire and went over and sat by Stephen. Cathy still holding my thigh lent slid closer to me as we watched Lucy slide up to Stephen, put a hand strait onto his manhood and started to kiss with a passion while he responded immediately and very quickly they were both in a very passionate embrace. She looked over at Cathy giving my cock a good sucking and simulating a fuck and mouthed at me “luck basted” with a grin and screwed up eyes enjoying the moment, shortly she gave up holding back, jerking a couple of times as she cum and squirted all over Stephen.

Diary of a Bi-Housewife

group orie 2017-12-28

Erin put down the popcorn bowl, wiped her hands on her shorts, looked at me and said, "So, eat me." Teddy and I still made loud love in our apartment, even if Erin was in her room. We stood and Teddy asked Erin to stand and fix my dress. Teddy went to get us drinks and asked Erin to sit next to me at the head table. Teddy moved a finger inside her and Erin almost choked on the bubbly. Teddy said, "Spread your legs, my dear, you are not to come yet." She complied as she dug her nails into my thigh and almost spilled the drink in her other hand.


A Beach Adventure Ch. 4

group SunnyQLD 2017-12-28

Steve leant forward and tasted Katie's cunt honey with his tongue he lapped at it and teased her clit as the blonde laid back on the table and rubbed her breasts. When they were close to cumming Steve rose up and slowing placed the head of his cock at the entrance to Amanda's wet cunt. Steve slowly sunk half his cock into the withering redhead as Katie suck her tongue down Amanda's throat and straddled the redhead. Katie pulled her finger from Steve's ass, dipped the vibrator into her still wet cunt and proceeded to slowly insert into Steve's ass. He lapped at Amanda's tits savouring the taste of his own salty cumm whilst the redhead felt Katie's fingers at the entrance to her cunt slowly pushing into the folds.

Misti: Surprise Party Ch. 2

group FeJuggler 2017-12-28

At one point about halfway through our shift Lesley pushed me into the little bathroom and kissed me hard, shoving her tongue into my mouth roughly. Her tongue stabbed past my outer lips and started laving the inside of my pussy, the tip of her nose bumping up against my little ass pucker. Lisi gave an extra hard push and I cried out against Lesley's asshole, feeling my own rear spread wide as the base of that huge toy make its way inside my body. The cock in my ass slid all the way out and then all the way back in one quick motion, and I gasped out loud when I saw Lisi reach back and thrust two of her own fingers up her butt!

Straight Guy

group Schenkkan 2017-12-28

"Come on," Jason said, shifting his evenly spaced eyes toward Claire's close-set eyes. "Wesley's the one who'll be on his knees," Claire said. "And why would you want to do that?" Jason said, turning abruptly to Wesley. "Wesley's willing to suck you dry," Claire said in a burst of emotion. "Pleasure from watching Wesley in ecstasy," Claire said. In Wesley's mouth, Jason's wiener felt like the pulp of a plum inside a toaster oven set to warm. Wesley tightened his peach lips around the cock like a pair of hands trying to pin shut the innards of a turkey overflowing with stuffing. "Then, suck like the faggot you are!" Jason said and pulled Wesley's golden-yellow hair toward him.


The Erotic Adventures of Lenore Ch. 01

group Tenniecee 2017-12-28

Setting her champagne on the bed table, Lenore opened the envelope and read the note inside. As two pair of lips caressed her nipples suckling her like children nursing, Lenore arched her back uncontrollably as her body expressed a desire for more. Working in concert, the Other gently spread Lenore's pussy lips as the Visitor slid a finger deep into her cunt. The Visitor's hand stroked her the soft hair of her landing strip, then reaching lower, spread Lenore's pussy lips. Relishing the feeling of his hot cock as it sunk deeper into her body, Lenore spread her leg wider, inviting the Other to thrust his hot throbbing member deeper into her tight cunt. As the Visitor's tongue thrust deep in her mouth, Lenore's world exploded in a flash of white light.