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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Night I Came Home Early

group Kip Carson 2017-12-28

Stef began moaning and her] hot pussy juices gushed into Amy's hot mouth. I removed my boxers, and began to rub my stiff cock against Amy's hot, moist pussy. She began watching as I thrust my large cock deeply into our young neighbor's tight pussy. I obeyed my wife, and you could hear my balls slap against Amy's firm buttcheeks as I slammed my cock in and out of her wonderful pussy. I obliged my wife, and I slammed my hard cock deep into her hot wet pussy. I watched my wife lick my cum from Amy's hot, young pussy. I began shooting my cum into my wife's hot pussy. Stef began sucking on Amy's clit, as she plunged that long dong very deep into her.

Summer Had Finally Arrived Ch. 01

group wedding_surprise 2017-12-28

Billy's cock was now 9 inches semi-hard and rubbing up and down the crack of my ass through the material of the thong. I felt Tony begin to enter my ass again, filling me all the way with his big cock. There I was on my knees, bending over the side of a boat, looking over the cool blue water getting ready to get a huge cock up my ass. My ass felt empty after that huge cock had its turn and I needed more so I said, "Who wants to fuck me?" I looked over my shoulder and saw Billy with his huge cock in hand approaching my ass.

The Long Weekend Ch. 16

group beachsf1 2017-12-28

However, she dare not move or make any noise, but when Jr. pulled out and started stroking his cock and his semen spewed over the face, throat and tits of the BBW, Annie led out a groan. Overhearing Annie's voice, Oh my God, thought Jake, she is having phone sex with her husband and she wanted me to hear. "I just put the phone on mute for a minute, so you will still have to be quiet Jake." Annie said as she stared at his cock. Come closer." ordered Annie as she let her knees fall apart so that Jake could step between them. She did not have to ask twice as Jake started pumping his cock while he opened his mouth and extended his tongue to lick her.


Jodi's Juicy Burger

group Dakobstah 2017-12-28

In fact, she might let both of them fuck her at the same time, one splitting her round ass apart with an oversized dick the other getting too red lipstick tattooed to the base of his cock. The black guy spit in his hand and started stroking his cock, letting it slide along the top of her ass cheeks. My nuts ached as they never had before, my head was so sensitive I could hardly stand it but at the end of the night she was there covered in cum, bent over a table, looking at me as she playfully licked semen from her fingers.

More Than Even

group L8ly75 2017-12-28

As I went by the side of the house to the kitchen door, I looked in the window and saw Mary bent over the back of the couch with her fat ass in the air and my husband shoving his erect penis into her gaping cunt. The next morning Mark got up put on his golf clothes and as he left the house said that he had bought an exercise machine from a guy at work and would I stay home until he delivered it. I was so thoroughly satisfied and felt so good by the time my husband got home, I thought, "Who needs him?"


Sharing My Fuckslut

group 2017-12-28

"Fuck her," I said, "until she can do what she it told!" I could hear his balls slapping on her ass while he thrusted in and out of her pussy. Kelly's face blushed to red, deprived of air, and getting her pussy fucked by that big dick. She enjoyed licking her juices off his swollen member, and I slid my fingers inside her to feel how well he had fucked my wife. After several minutes of fucking and sucking, Mike and I reached over Kelly's back and locked hands so that we could squeeze every inch of dick into her that we could. He slapped her on the other cheek and told her, "That cunt feels so good on my cock, you are such a filthy slut!"

Ben & Gabrielle Ch. 07b

group TheMadSonneteer 2017-12-28

Gaby moved both hands to Ben's shaft, while keeping her mouth wrapped around the head of his cock. Ben took hold of Gaby's wrists and pulled them to her chest, pinning them there as Dylan's tongue found her clit. Ben, his lips still nuzzling Gaby's neck, knew by the way her body reacted that Dylan had increased the speed and force of his finger fucking. Gaby let the momentum of each thrust Dylan made force Ben's cock into her throat, then rocked herself backward to meet the next. Taking his cock in his right hand, Ben removed it from Gaby's mouth. She moved her right hand to the shaft of Ben's cock, and looked up into his eyes.


Back Seat Meet and Greet

group NeedAThird 2017-12-28

Here is a quick side story, Nicole once found a guy that made her pussy just tingle in anticipation during drinks at a meet and greet and wanted to fuck him badly on the spot (or in this case take him back to our king-side bed that night). So sliding my free hand around the back of the SUV seat I grabbed a nice handful of hair and with my other hand I grasped her sensitive pink nipple between thumb and forefinger and pulled back on her hair and rolled her nipple while whispering "mmmmm baby girl you are being so bad tonight, we are going to fuck you so hard".


Holy Orders Ch. 02

group Mikro 2017-12-28

"Look," I said, "at this rate you will never get the work finished by Friday like you're supposed to, so I have a proposition for you." "So let me get this straight my little cock sucker." Bill said with a smile, "If we finish say, Thursday, then we get to fuck your brains out in any way we want all day Friday." There was no way I was going to tell her about the bishop, but I thought she would relate better to the builders. As all three fell from me my legs were pulled up and laid next to my head, I took hold of them not knowing, or caring what happened next, my own overpowering orgasm was mounting to a crescendo and needed cock to complete the ride.


College Cathouse Ch. 11

group DaviBlack 2017-12-28

Kelsey stood there as Jess and Stacy flirted and teased the guys while I handed out some drinks. "Yeah," Jess agreed, reaching out and grabbing my cock through my jeans, "But do that later, right now you got a couple of ladies to tend to." Stacy wrapped her hand around my cock and with three skillful pumps I exploded, spraying cum across Jess' stomach and onto the bottom of her tits. The next night when Jess and Stacy started working cocks in the living room I pulled Kelsey aside in the kitchen. "You're sure there's no way I can fuck her," a guy asked nudging me as he watched Kelsey slowly wipe the cum off her tits.

sl**ping Suck

group 2017-12-28

"Fuck....Mom...that's soooo fucking good...goddam it...shit, that's so hot...," Anna hissed, eyes closed and hands on her mother's head, pulling her face tight into her gash, urging her on. Then as Betsy bathed her sl**ping son's huge balls in her mouth, sucking them both inside and lathering them with her tongue, the boy's body involuntarily stiffened even as he snored, and Anna took the first three jets of boy cream into her moaning mouth, then pulling her mom up for the rest. The two women stood and embraced, shooting the massive load of cream back and forth into each other's mouths, sharing it, swallowing some, pumping the rest into the other's sucking mouth and finally licking all of it from their faces, Anna's hand and Betsy's tits, where a river of it had run.

Late Night Appointment

group pandsal 2017-12-27

Mrs Ford-Ramsey had been a client at Valentino for more than a year and for most of that time it had been her custom to arrive for her fortnightly beauty treatment semi-undressed. When Karen moved to her client's other nipple, Mrs Ford-Ramsey's self-stimulation continued with a hand inside the waistband of her knickers. "Yes, my dear, like that." As Karen's head bobbed faster, sometimes teasing the sensitive bud with merely the lightest touch of her tongue tip, then descending to engorge it between her tensed lips, Mrs Ford-Ramsey began to pant with pleasure. As Tricia took up position the first image of Laura Ford-Ramsey in her underwear appeared on the screen, Valentino lifted his wife's skirt, lowered her knickers, unzipped and readied himself.

A Night in Waikiki

group i69DrDave 2017-12-27

Your legs are firm and sexy and I as I slide my hand under your suit and start to massage your firm ass. I slide the suit away from your pussy and start massaging your clit while sucking your nipples. You feel the warm massage oil being poured on your back and it starts to go down between your ass checks. The tongues in your ass and clit stop and you feel my cock slide into you. You explode and seem to fall forward and start shaking just as the cock in your pussy comes out and you feel the hot cum go all over your ass and a tongue liking your ass.


At My Friends; Steve's House

group xyzxyz29 2017-12-27

Steve told me to suck his cock, so I got on my knees with my ass in the air facing Stan. Steve was so turned on, he told Stan to take a break, because he wanted to fuck my ass and told me to sit down on is cock. I began to lick Stan’s ass, and he said the last time he had his asshole licked was over 30 years ago and that his current girlfriend who lives up North would never do that and does not really like sucking cock. I was really horny and turned on, so I told Stan to lay on the bed, because I wanted to sit on top his cock and fuck him.

Checking Her Plumbing

group CelticAngel1605 2017-12-27

I stepped out of my stilettos next to the pile of Chris' clothes and walked to the shower, wrapping my fingers around the handle on the sliding glass door. I looked John in the eye as a slow grin spread across his face as he realized his voyeuristic fantasies of watching me were finally coming true. Placing one hand under my leg to help John steady me, Chris dipped at the knees, thrusting forward until he drove himself home in my pussy. Chris followed me first, a guttural oath rending his lips as I felt molten ropes of his seed splash inside of me, spreading warmth through me, his cock twitching hard over and over as he ground into me, filling me.

Birthday Beach Bang

group ShannonGoodreade 2017-12-27

Those twins must do everything together, because just as I felt Tom's cock start to swell and quiver in my mouth, Tony let out a moan a pumped a hot load of cum deep in my ass. Craig finally nudged Nick with an elbow, and said, "We love birthday parties, don't we guys?" A couple of silent nods were all that Nick and Jon could manage, but they all started to peel off their wet clothes. I just started pumping his shaft with one of my hands, when I felt Craig shove his cock up into my dripping cunt. Jon is in my mouth, Craig is fucking me hard and fast, and Nick has his cock buried deep in my ass.


Pleasuring the Gorgon Part 1

group angeloup 2017-12-27

Several minutes later and a whole lot of cursing, the creature — or snake haired human — was bonded tightly, double bonds on the legs and arms to be sure. "The bitch sure had a lot of fight in her, eh boss ?" He just couldn't be mean when he looked up to those disconcerting kind eyes, in that gruesome face. "My honest comrades" he was pretty sure not an honest thought had ever passed on their ugly heads, but didn't hurt to be polite. At that moment, the cursed creature decided to show him wrong, by opening wide her eyes, as she glared past them.She gave the most seductive, rapacious glare he'd ever seen. "Boss, look..." He glanced at the monster, where the fat finger were pointing.

LittleMissLipService gets more than she bargained

group LittleMissLipService 2017-12-27

and then suddenly there was a mouth on my clitty - it felt wonderful, but it took me a second to figure out that if Brent’s cock was in my mouth, and Jeremy’s cock was between my feet, then it must be Cindy sucking on me…..and it felt very nice as she teased and kissed and licked me, making me more and more excited while she played with my nipples and squeezed my bum… Dirty little Cindy had another motive as she was also busy sliding a slippery finger or two around my boi-pussy, teasing and inserting the tips of her fingers inside me only to withdraw and begin again….we were all getting into a nice little rhythm when I suddenly felt something pushing inside of me….I tried to look, but Brent turned my head back to his cock and Cindy told me to relax as she inserted what I later found out was a purple buttplug inside me - another first that day….with that task completed, Cindy again turned her attention towards my clitty as Jeremy announced that he wanted to cum all over my feet and toes!

Menage a Quatre

group Sonia_de_Beaumanoir 2017-12-27

On the fifth day of this, she appeared with another man, very well dressed in a suit and tie, whom she introduced as her brother, Monsieur Paul Barron. Paul, like Susan, spoke perfect French with a charming American accent. Susan led me out onto the deck and up a stairway into the yacht's dining room, where Monsieur Paul and another gentleman were waiting, both dressed in tuxedos. For his part, Paul had slipped the dress straps off of my shoulders allowing the bodice to fall, giving his hand free access to my breasts and nipples, which were hard and tender. I realized that I was lying on the bed with my legs spread wide, semen and cunt fluids dried on the inside of my thighs, and Susan's elegant dress lying as a rumpled mass of silk around my waist.


Three Is NOT a Crowd

group JeannaLynn 2017-12-27

He was fucking me fast and furious( I told you the sex was really good) I caught the bedroom door opening and realized Patrick was looking in. I grunted and moaned in the pleasures of my pussy being devoured as I stared straight into Patrick's hungry eyes. Patrick stopped at the foot of the bed, picking up my stockings and tied them around my wrists. Chris started fucking me harder, causing me to take Patrick's dick deeper into my throat. Now Chris was like a madman fucking me harder and faster then he ever had before. Patrick started twisting my nipples even harder, and Chris started smacking my ass with every deep thrust. Patrick shot he load of steaming hot sticky cum all over my face.

First Time Threesome Ch. 02

group Sweet_tits2 2017-12-27

Steve tells me "don't stop there, sweet thing" and I slowly lower my jeans and panties to expose my pussy. "I want to thrust my dick into you while Janet sucks on your nipples, and watch how you arch your breasts up to meet her lips" he tells me. Bringing my hand up from my cunt, I smear my wet pussy juice all over his cock and lean over to clean it off. I slowly and softly lick his cock clean again, gently all around the head, making sure not to miss anything. Wiping his cum off my face, I bring my hand to my lips, sucking it clean too.

The Yellow Cadillac

group sr71plt 2017-12-27

Lean back on the trunk, please." I did so, and he asked me to hold his smoldering joint and started tonguing my chest and nipples, his silky hair swishing over my torso, producing a not-unpleasant sensation. I don't know how all of that came to a climax, but it must have satisfied them, because they gave me a ride home in the rocker's yellow Cadillac convertible. I was leaning back against the side of the car, and she seemed to be playing my torso like her harp and spending a lot of time on my still-hard—or hard once again, as far as I knew—cock and my balls, while I weighed and squeezed her big jugs.

Brenda's Sex Orgy

group picule 2017-12-27

It got me a little excited, some penises I shook few seconds longer, and when one guy stood in front of me with a flower inserted inside of his urethra, I pulled the flower out of his erected penis, leaned forward and gave his a kiss on top of his swollen gland. Few seconds after I took the penis in my mouth, I felt someone penetrating my pussy and when I looked down, I saw the enormous cock of the host pushing his purple head in my pussy. Big mistake, because he came back with another man (never found out who he was) and when they saw me naked, he took it as invitation for some fun and wanted pictures of him and me, having sex.

81% orgy


group BadFr0g 2017-12-27

A nude and very cheerful Mrs. Janice Johnston bounced up to us in her bowling shoes, tiara, and birthday girl sash. I rose to the ball return to retrieve my ball as she leaned in to my ear and whispered, "and so is Jim." She gave a little point with her index finger near her mouth. I'll make Jim bowl with his left hand to even things out. Janice, now seated on her husband knee and playing with his erection, "Don't trip and fall on that thing Jim." "Don't stick it in the thumb hole. I took another play from Janice's playbook and climbed over his head, positioning myself at the perfect angle for Jim's mouth.