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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Houston II Ch. 15

group Paris Waterman 2017-12-27

John surveyed the room quietly while Martina sipped her beer, her eyes closed and her back arching as he absent-mindedly fingered her. Balancing herself by pressing her chest against the tub, Martina then reached behind her and spread her ass cheeks apart a second before John rammed his cock into her exposed rectum, forcing himself into her until the ridge of his cockhead slipped past the ring. Martina shivered when he pressed his palm flat against the welts on her rear, using a circular motion that kept on adding pressure slowly, and finally worked two thick fingers into her loosened, slippery ass. For emphasis, John slapped her cunt twice in succession, and then a third time, but this time his palm came down hard on Martina's aching clitoris.


What Riley Did To Me

group Sarishepard 2017-12-27

As I was gathering my tools to bring them out to my truck, Riley stuck her head in the doorway and asked, "Do you think you could check the shower real quick? Setting her phone down, she turned to me and offered, "You'll need to take a rain check on the glass of wine. Rayanne and I had grown apart to the point where sex between us was nothing special, but the thought of her offering herself to another left a squeezing pressure in my solar plexus. A minute later, as I climbed the stairs with a dusty sander under my arm, Rayanne met me with a glass of wine.


The 3 of Us

group Memphisgirl 2017-12-27

I turned my head to give my lover a deep kiss, knowing he could taste our friend on my tongue. My lover matched his thrusting in my pussy with his sucking of our friend and we were soon all feeling our orgasm grip us. When both nipples were sufficiently wet and tight, our friend moved down further to suck my lovers cock. As our friend was sucking my lovers cock, he slipped one finger down past his balls to the sweet little pucker of his ass. Our friend was standing between his legs lubing up his covered cock and my lovers ass, slipping one finger and then two inside him, twisting and scissoring them to prepare him for his size.

Crystal Clear Ch. 27

group Romantic1 2017-12-27

I knew they had filmed Jason for many scenes already, but the 'Big Scene' in the movie hadn't been done yet – a ski run from Piz Gloria down an expert slope being chased by bad guys with machine guns and a helicopter gun ship. Mark said, "We can play with the film speed a little to make it go faster, plus we're going to put small 'U's' on the back of your skis so that they kick up more snow behind you; that'll make it look like you're going faster than you are – it was Jason's idea."


Poolboy's Threesome

group VodkaGin 2017-12-27

Timmy begins to lie her down on the lounger and places himself between her legs, looking bewildered at her slightly wet pussy with the little tiny patch of hair just above her clit. Lisa notices that he is about to cum, she pull his cock from his mouth and she begin to stroke his cock over her tits. Johnny notices her pussy is getting wetter and begins to suck harder on her clit. The thickness of Johnny's cock makes it a little harder for her to take him deep into her mouth, but she try with all her might to feel that filling of being double stuffed by two luscious and hard young cocks.

A Christmas Gift From the Guys

group babygirl50 2017-12-27

Bob picks me up and carries me to the bed while I have my legs wrapped around him, I can feel the head of his cock barely rubbing my slit as he walks, he was hard as a rock already. I push him back saying, "Baby, let me suck you into my throat" he moves back and sits, I move between his legs, lowering my head slowly, a little going in each time, I bob up and down, onto his cock, slowly stroking him as he slides down my throat, I start to gag but regain myself as he slips a little deeper inside.

Sequoia National Park

group BoneHur7 2017-12-27

When Gina told her about my unexpected time off in April, Julie suggested that at that time of the year, the Sequoia National Park would be a great place for us to go. Gina asked her if she would like to join us, and Julie agreed. I smiled at her, and said, "Gina is right, Julie. We stayed up until almost 2 a.m. I fucked Gina at least four times in every possible position, and Julie watched the whole scene. He was looking at Gina and Julie with his mouth open, and I could see a bulge forming in his shorts. He cleared his throat, and said in a hoarse voice, still looking at Julie and Gina, "Hi. I...I am Scott.


One Long Night

group john duncan 2017-12-27

I fucked her in the cunt, mouth, ass; she swallowed my come, put her vibrator in my ass, told me dirty stories, dressed up like a tramp, and pretty much made her herself available all the time. At this point, I thought “Hmmmm, I don’t know if I like this very much.” Despite my feelings, she went over, sat on K.’s lap and gave him a long, slow, very deep French kiss. It was almost like time stood still as his cock began to disappear inside of her. I gave her a pillow, spread her legs, and started to fuck her like it was the last sex I would ever have.

The Club Ch. 04

group Fog43 2017-12-27

White linens, fine china, and candles now transformed the large room into an elegant dinner setting, with a three-piece combo playing cool jazz, tuxedoed servers passing hors d'oeuvres on silver salvers, and bartenders mixing high-end cocktails. The women, and transsexual or cross dressing men, wore a variety of cocktail dresses, dance club outfits with tights and loose blouses with large vents that offered flashes of nipples, and lingerie. "No way I was letting anyone else beat me to you tonight," Roxanne said, as more Club Members began to gather around the divan. "Oh baby, I just knew you were going to have a sweet little ass," Roxanne said as the head of the dildo passed Deana's muscles.



group Hercules_unleashed 2017-12-27

He walked over to me full of confidence; his hard cock still in his hand, but it was soon my hand that held this fat monster, I rubbed it up and down quickly, fascinated by the way the head turned purple just before he exploded all over my breasts. We began kissing without any preamble, proceeding to touch one another very quickly; I loved the heat and the silky feel of his hard and throbbing cock, but this time I needed more. The guy kissing me broke away, and Wichitaw turned my head towards his crotch; quickly turning my body I unzipped him, to draw out a very handsome piece of hot, and very hard cock meat; from a few inches away I could feel its heat against my face.


Twins Cum Best with Twins Ch. 07

group machiavelliwriter0 2017-12-27

A moan escaped Ewan's throat and Aiden looked over as Hallie engulfed the head of his cock in her moist mouth, gently sucking. Ewan leaned his head back and closed his eyes as Hallie encircled the base of his cock in a ring shape and started to draw it up his shaft till she reached her sucking lips and started again at the base, stroking in only one direction. Aiden began to thrust deeper into Hallie so Annie moved again back to a close up of his cock, capturing the thick shaft sinking into Hallie's pussy, coating his member in a sheen of her juices. Annie lay down on her stomach next to Hallie and began to lick the top of Ewan's cock, her tongue occasionally meeting with her sister's as they pleasured her boyfriend.


You Can Go Home Again

group danorth 2017-12-27

She rubbed it a few times before sliding her hand down her slit and I knew she was dipping her fingers inside, there was no doubt she was more than ready so I slipped into the bathroom, my hard cock pointing the way. I hesitated, I wanted to shout, “When did you get tits,” but thought better of it, as my mother would scold when I said inappropriate things, “you were raised better than that!” When I didn’t guess right away she slowly unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it open, “Look I have my first ever training bra!” She was beaming with pride, her blue eyes twinkled with delight, and she was smiling as she looked down at the new garment she was showing her best friend, a young boy entering puberty!

The Education of Jen Ch. 5

group JenJo 2017-12-27

"Not a problem Sis." I said, "Are you up for more Jes?" I asked while holding Jes in her arms. Jim started to gently kiss Jes. I took hold of his cock and gently placed him at the entrance to Jes's cunt. "I know I am tight just be gentle with me." Jes said, "Sis I feel so full Justin I think Jen is going to have to take care of you. With that Jim started to pound Jes for all that he was worth in and out as she her hips met him thrust for thrust. "That is fine Jes. I look forward to being with you at a later date." Justin said, "Jen are you up for me again?" Justin asked.

My First Time Was a Foursome

group Jimmela 2017-12-27

By the time we were seventeen, she had grown these cute little boobs and I got to feel them through her sweaters and once at the beach I reached inside her bathing suit and felt her crotch, but nothing more. I know it won't shock ol' Glen here." With that she leans way back in her chair and shucks off those long shorts of hers. "Now," she says, biting her lower lip," let's see if you are jockeys or boxers." With that she pulls at my jeans with both hands and they slip down my legs. She has this little red peach fuzz around her cunt and now my hard on damn near matches Glen's. Then I hear a little cry and Jennifer's voice saying "yes, Glen, yes!"


After Drinks

group fyathyrio 2017-12-27

Your husband kissed his way down your bare shoulder to your neck while my wife gently massaged between your legs. Your hair spilled over your shoulders, your breasts pressed into my chest and the hot lips of your pussy were grinding along my cock as I gripped your tight little ass. I had one arm around your waist and my hand on your ass, the other up your back holding the back of your neck which glistened with sweat, your hair bouncing on your shoulders as you rode me. Neither of us could resist stealing a look over at the bed and saw my wife, her eyes half-closed in ecstasy, watching us fuck madly on the loveseat.

biwi aur saali ki chudai

group 2017-12-27

MAine use gaali di aur fir se chata mara ''sali tu sahi me bhenchhod nikli...'' maine turand mere lund pe lubricating cream lagaya, thoda sa ungli pe bhi lagaya...mujhe uski chut dikh hi nahi rahi thi, dikh raha tha to sirf uska ass hole...maine turant meri bich ki ungli uske gaand me ghusaai aur wo aaaaahhhhhh karne lagi. me use pakad ke bed pe letgaya aur usko bola ''Darling maine tujhe maaf kiya....tereme meri jaan he...main tere bina nahi reh sakta''...usne turant uski nighty puri nikaal di aur wo puri nangi thi, fir usne mere soye hue lund ko pakda aur jor se dabake boli ''I love u too honey....aaj bahot majha aaya tumse gaand marake aaj se aap mujhe kabhi kahi bhi chod sakte ho'' hum dono lete aur kiss karne lage....

Naked mile

group gentelmenn 2017-12-27

I started to pull off her breeches, Marianne helped me get rid of the jeans with shorts, she pulled off her thong and flirty movement threw them on the table, then I sat down on his haunches, took my penis in his hand and licked the head. Marianne ran to a door, yanked it over and hopped into the room, I barely had time for her. At the end of the fourth year, I met on the Internet with a girl 27 years old by the name of Larissa - high very thin with brown hair shoulder-length hair and prominent cheekbones, very long legs and small breasts.

For billy69boy

group 2017-12-27

My girlfriend at the time, a 19-year old asked me if she could invite two girls upstairs to have a little fun with us in our hotel room. When we were done with the shower, one of the girls (the 18 year old) kinda chickened out and said she just wanted to sit on the bed and watch. So my girlfriend, the other young brunette, and I started to have some fun. Then my girl got on her hands and knees and went down on the young brunette, while I lay on my back and licked my girl's clit. We finished it off with me fucking my girl from behind while she went down on the other brunette.

At The Library

group Trumpet87 2017-12-27

She turned to Emily, “Take off your shirt” I was in shock, for the first time, I saw Emily look worried, but she took off her shirt. I took a deep breath, and the card said turn to the person on you left and take off their shirt. So, then, there stood Emily, only in a matching blue bra and panties, Sarah, standing there in her shirt and a purple panties, Alissa, in her matching flaming red bra and panties, Penny in her plain white panties and a shirt with no bra, and me standing there in my boxers, with a very noticeable tent in my boxers. She took a deep breath, and said, “Okay Ryan, bring it on!” I had never done anything like this before, so I slowly went to my knees, and looked at a neatly trimmed bush covering her tight pussy.

Parallel Lives

group aeakins2002 2017-12-27

Across town Mike's twin brother Matt, also an artist who went to the same school, has just come back from a last minute run to the deli not too far from where his brother lives for some items needed before guests arrive later in the evening for a "post-gallery party" with some friends after the opening of his one man show at a nearby gallery. He makes his way down the street and passes the deli, that unbeknownst to him his brother had been at a short time earlier, and looks in to see the cases of meat, fish and cheese all brightly lit up with cured meats and sausages hanging above them.


Unseen Pleasures Ch. 02

group jenyes 2017-12-27

Her ass still full, her own orgasm delayed, she wants to move the cock to finish her but the woman's weight and the strap holding her to the hard surface won't permit it. This time with the madness flooding her mind as the fingers disappear, pulled perhaps, leaving her to whimper again while listening to the woman upon reaching and enjoying another orgasm. When the head alone remains, she sucks hard as if not let it go which results in her claiming the last of his cum before it pops out of her mouth. But before the anticipated kiss, the buzzing changes tone and she almost spits out the cum as wet, slick, vibrating fingers touch her between the legs in her much neglected pussy.

Swinger's Spa

group nigeltallguy 2017-12-27

She asked me to move round so we could be in the 69 position and I went back to licking her pussy as she sucked on my cock. She got on all fours and her husband fucked her in doggy again cumming deep inside her, and as he fucked her she sucked on my cock and swallowed every last bit of my cum as my balls emptied. She looked at me and said she had enjoyed herself, and then leant forward and told me she knew that I hadn’t been able to pull my cock out of her in time and she had felt the first spurt inside her pussy.

trio MMF

group satyricon6969 2017-12-27

I shot a load so big in her mouth I just knew she was going to choke, but like a real pro she swallowed ever drop and even licked the last drop of cum off the end of my dick. I quickly pulled the blindfold off and to my amazement; it was Denise’s husband, Kevin not her with my cock in his mouth and my balls in his hand. Knowing that he liked it, when I took him in my mouth and started sucking but continued to massage his balls. Unable to contain himself, Kevin grabbed my head and started franticly working his hips forward and back, fucking my mouth with his hard cock. As soon as I pulled his cock out of my mouth, Kevin started shooting cum all over my face.

First Blowjob Ch. 02

group horntreeman 2017-12-27

He continued this for several minutes, then he stroked me while he sucked the head, and just as I was about to cum, he stopped and let my cock wave around, hard and slick and pulsing, while he looked at it and up at me. When I returned to the room, Bert was sitting on the bed awake, and asked me if I felt better since I had finally let someone suck my cock. It felt soo good, I couldn't hold out , and I started to shoot cum right woman had ever touched my cock until then, and it was unbelievable to have two hands working on me at once.